This is a story in the antiquity when the human coexisted with the dragon. The human built a partner relation with dragons in the world, and they cooperated each other and lived together by the pledge tied between a king named Leonidas of the dragon and a king named Seamas Ⅵ of the Kingdom of Ruves of the human representative. But when Leonidas died of a disease, the son named Adolfus of Leonidas who succeeded to a regality broke pledge with the human one-sidedly. Adolfus destroyed something various and killed people at the place different from dragons of his subordinate respectively. The swordsman named Jeris who is poor and does not have respectable arms which is going to make the abandoned church an inn of a night, then the voice has been heard from the sky. [Do you fight against dragons?] Jeris said “I am feeling that I would like to fight, but I have no respectable accessories” [Well, arms and a sword are given to you] When he looked back, arms and a sword were put in his back. [Good luck] People asked a god for help and hoped, then Jeris was cutting and knocked down in succession the dragons doing a destruction act at world all part. And he appeared in front of Adolfus. When the offensive of Adolfus was avoided quickly, Jeris minced the body of Adolfus. And Jeris cut a neck of Adolfus off. Then the body of Adolfus changed the figure to Dracena. Dragons of the subordinate of Adolfus changed the figure to Agave and Yucca. Jeris became a monk and the arms and the sword he used were kept at a monastery importantly.

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