The Death

There was a boy named Arthur full of curiosity in a university town named Dykle. One day he drew the magic square he watched on television before. Then the skeleton in a black mantle with a scythe appeared from the magic square suddenly. He screamed. The skeleton said “I am Glen of a Death, but because your name is not on a list, I do not kill you” He bit fear back desperately. Glen asked “Did you summon me?” Arthur said “Yes” timidly. Glen said “I will grant 3 of your wish but, you sign a contract with me” Arthur asked “Contract?” “I wish you for nothing” Glen said “If you thought something, tell me” Arthur said “Ok” Glen said “You are the contract to become my assistant” Arthur asked “Until when is that?” Glen said “If we have finished collecting the evil spirit with which this town is infested, contract with you ends” Arthur said “So, I sign a contract with you” Glen said “Lift up your right arm” When Arthur lifted up his right arm, Glen damaged his palm and Glen piled a palm of Glen on his palm. A bracelet was wore his right wrist with all too soon. And Glen changed to the figure of the black puppy. Arthur pointed the bracelet and asked “What is this bracelet?” Glen said “It is a proof of contract” Arthur said “Ok” though she was surprised to see Glen which changed to the figure of the black puppy. Arthur asked “Why did you change to its figure?” Glen said “Because there are a lot of persons who fear my original figure” Arthur said “Ok” And they went to the hospital where the evil spirit Glen sensed. When he arrived at a hospital, a bracelet turned red. Glen created a boundary zone on a hospital. Glen said “Touch a bracelet!” When he touched the bracelet, the bracelet changed to a gun. Glen has returned to the original figure. Glen said “Use the gun!” Arthur said “I have not used a gun” Glen said “The gun does not injure a human body” Arthur said “Ok” They got rid of the evil spirit which possessed the people in the hospital. When Glen releases a boundary zone on a hospital, and he changes to the figure of the black puppy, they disappeared from the memory of people shot by him and the memory of the people cut by Glen.

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