The Tax inspector

There was two shrewd undercover tax inspectors named Denisa and Abdelkarim in the National Tax Agency Intelligence Division. They always paired and made full use of their many qualifications that they possessed and undercover inspected into the company with the doubt of the tax evasion. One day they were ordered the undercover inspection to the French restaurant named le Soleil where suspicion of the tax evasion was hung. le Soleil has 20 stores in the country and very popular French restaurant. There was the art object of the big sunflower in the center of le Soleil. He infiltrated as a chef about one week later after she infiltrated into le Soleil as a waitress. Because she had the qualification of the sommelier and he had a superior cooking technology, they were found to be useful very much by employee of le Soleil. They looked for evidence of the tax evasion while doing each work. He discovered that le Soleil stocked of high-quality foodstuffs and resold it and stocked of cheap foodstuffs. He heard the business connection named Fawke food industry of le Soleil which wholesaled cheap foodstuffs in le Soleil from a chef and she went to the business connection on an off day. Denisa said “Excuse me” Then a person of Fawke food industry who attached a name card written as Felix came to her. Felix said “May I have your name, please?” Denisa said “I am Lancater from le Soleil” Felix asked “Did you come to here to do what?” Denisa said “We are here to confirm the order for foodstuffs which a new face did” “May I confirm the order slips?” He handed her the order slips and pretended to prepare tea for her and called a friend. When she shot the photograph of the order slips, she felt a sign of somebody and stopped photography. She replaced the SD card of the camera and put it in her bag at once. And she was attacked suddenly from the rear by someone and was shut in in a freezer. She who regained consciousness cried and called for help, but nobody came. And when she was about to lose consciousness again, Abdelkarim came over that opened the freezer door and helped her. Denisa asked him “Why did you know here?” in waning consciousness. Abdelkarim asked “Did you forget to have attached a transmitter to your clothes?” Fawke was taken to the police for the imprisonment charge. And when they left Fawke food industry, he attached the photograph of the order slip to an email and sent it to National Tax Agency. He went to the hospital with her. Hospitalization was suggested to her by a doctor, but she was put on a drip and came home. And they performed the domiciliary search to the associated facilities of all stores of le Soleil and le Soleil with inspectors of the National Tax Agency Intelligence Department in morning of the next day. A large quantity of cash was discovered from the art object of the sunflower of the symbol of le Soleil. The under-the-counter accounting book and the hidden bankbook and the seal were found in the hidden room of the president’s house. le Soleil will pay a large amount of money collected in addition and was disclosed by food camouflage. The manager of le Soleil said “The manager of each store hid a part of the sales in the art object of the sunflower and the president collected it after hours and took it to go every week to the home” And when they came back to National Tax Agency, were ordered the undercover inspection to the major construction company named green hills construction corporation.


The whisper of the devil

There was a town named Durithea which coexists with nature. But murder and attack occurred successively from three years ago by young residents which were blood-shot eye. Caught residents which were blood-shot eye unanimously said that they had no memory after creepy voice of was heard. And their eye became ordinary. Therefore many residents have left the town, but a boy named Cyril managed his baker with his parents. One day his parents have been killed by the resident of the town. But after death of his parents he was managing the bakery. His girlfriend named Magdalene who worried about him stayed in the town. Magdalene asked “Will you go out of this town together?” Cyril said “I have to keep a bakery and because I would like to investigate a truth of the case which occurs at this town, I stay in this town” “You go out of this town early, Lena” Magdalene said “If you stay, I stay in this town together too” Cyril said “Ok” Magdalene asked “How will you investigate a truth?” Cyril said “I will go around the tunnel in the base of a mountain where many people heard creepy voice” Magdalene said “I go too” Cyril said “Ok” They went to there. When they approach just before several kilometers in a tunnel in the base of a mountain, Cyril said “Put this on your ear” and handed something over to her. Magdalene asked “What are these?” Cyril said “Those are ear plugs” “We have to put that because the tone with the hypnotic effect isn’t heard” Magdalene said “Ok” When they with ear plugs arrive near the tunnel, the young which were blood-shot eye have struck at them. Magdalene screamed and asked “What are these people?” Cyril said “Perhaps they hear the tone with the hypnotic effect, and are handled” They ran away from the young who are running after them and they hid in a shed near the tunnel and removed ear plugs. Many computers were put there. And there were hypnotic program was written on the label and the mosquito tone for teens, twenties were written on the disk. A man with a pale face came over from the inside in a shed suddenly. The man said “You knew existence in this shed, so I cannot return you safely” Cyril asked “Why did you handle the young and make them do murder and attack?” The man said “My daughter was killed by the young in this town” “When I complained, parents of the young who killed my daughter concealed everything using power” Cyril said “I think of that regrettably, but I cannot overlook your plan” The man asked “What can you do?” Cyril said “Put ear plugs and break computers., Lena” When a man signaled, the young came into a shed. They put ear plugs and broke computers which matches the shed, then the young fell. The man said “My revenge plan was made spoiled for you” and clenched a knife and has run to him. And Magdalene was shield for him, and was stuck into a man. When a deranged man goes out of the shed, the man strayed from a foot and fell from a cliff. Cyril stanched the blood which flows from her side by his shirt. When he shoulders her and goes out of the shed, the young have woken up. The eye of the young has ordinarily returned. They went to a hospital in the town together. Calm has returned to a town. There were no troubles in the life for her injury and left the hospital in two weeks. The man who fell in the foot of a cliff was found by the passerby force and was carried into the hospital. And when circumstances were revealed, policemen watched the male sickroom.

The hypnotic musical box

There was the boy named Damian in the calm country town named Raumont. He had hearing impairment naturally, but was playing actively with children in neighborhood. One day the itinerant entertainer came to Raumont. And the itinerant entertainer was manipulating a marionette and did marionette show in the public square of the town, then residents in the town gathered. He watched the marionette show of the itinerant entertainer with his friends The residents of Raumont were gentle, but a quarrel occurred at the various locations of the town at night of that day. But only Damian was as usual. A quarrel was continuing and was being escalated every night. And the residents have begun to scuffle. The daytime was gentle, but residents in the town became violent at night. Damian which thought doubtfully in residents becoming violent has begun to check the cause. And he saw the figure of the itinerant entertainer playing a melody from a big musical box. He thought that residents in the town became violent because of a melody of a musical box. He stole into a shed of the itinerant entertainer in order to destroy a musical box for him to return residents in the town in the previous state. But he was found by an itinerant entertainer and his body was tied by a rope, and was shut in a basement. He cut a rope using a stone which was at his feet and escaped from a basement, then he moved inside the shed and destroyed a musical box so as not to be found by the itinerant entertainer The itinerant entertainer who saw a broken musical box was disappearing into somewhere unsteadily. Calm like former days has returned to Raumont by breaking the musical box.

The transteleporter

A boy named Hector lived with his father in a village in the country where only five households are. He was making hear that his mother was sick and passed away when he was young, from his father. He found the picture in which he and his mother come out at a closet and made it important. One day when he who became 15 years old was looking at a picture like usual, he was in the location of the picture all too soon. And when he looked back, his mother who had her picture taken was there. Hector asked “Mummy?” His mother asked “Are you Hector?” Hector said “Yes” His mother hugged him. His moher said “I am happy because I can meet you again” “But How did you come here?” Hector said “When I touched this picture, I was here all too soon” and showed the picture in which he and his mother come out. His mother said “I think that ability awoke for you” Hector asked “Eh?” His mother said “Everyone has the teleport ability in my blood” “You cannot back to the place of your father any more” Hector asked “Why?” His mother said “Because your ability awoke” “But I am here with you” Hector said “Ok” His mother hugged him again. His mother pointed to pointed to the one of the big rock and said “Go there using the teleport ability like the time when you have come here” He concentrated an image, but it is not done. His mother handed over the paper on which the address was written to him and said “Well touch this” And when he touched the paper, he was in front of the house where he does not know His mother appeared in his back. Hector asked “Where am I?” His mother said “The house where I and you live” Hector said “I am glad” His mother said “I think that your ability is determinative” And he lived with his mother, and he took the special training which often improves the teleport ability from his mother. But his teleport ability did not improve so much. His mother said “You seem able to do a teleport to the location of the place name which touched, and the place where has its photo taken” One day become a transporter using his teleport ability occurred to him, and he told that to his mother. His mother said “That is good idea” “Try it” And he got cooperation of his mother and established a transport company. He touched the address of the destination which is recorded on the baggage received from a client and teleported there. His company is a delivery on the same day, it was arrival on the same day, so it was a popular transport company.

Shadow tag

There was a town named Shvenz where agriculture and dairy farming are popular. The boy named Clive who was playing shadow tag at a park in the town 50 years ago has been run over and killed by the truck stuffed into a park by driving under the influence of liquor, then the children who were playing shadow tag to died a miserable death successively, and shadow tag was prohibited since that. The rumor that the shadow of the person which was piled up the shadow of the boy only of the shadow is every time piles up something, receives damage spread. One day Two people named Mia and Terence of men and women who live in a town in a neighborhood heard a rumor and came to Shvenz to confirm the rumor. Mia has the ability to contact a soul, and the ability to make her body depend on a soul. Terence has the ability to shut and exorcise a soul in the boundary zone. They went to the park to play shadow tag. When they arrived the park, the resident in the town who found them going to play shadow tag said “Never play shadow play” Mia said “Because it is no problem, please do not worry” They have begun to play shadow tag for inspection. And the shadow of boy only of the shadow was piled up on her shadow soon. A boy was smiling innocently. Mia asked “What your name?” The boy “I am Clive, can you see me?” Mia said “I am Mia and he is Terence” “Because we have spiritual power, we can see you” Clive asked “Would you play with me?” Mia said “Before playing, please make me question about some” Clive said “What?” Mia asked “Are you somewhat concerned about the children who played shadow tag died successively?” Clive said “I tried to rescue everyone from a fellow, but I was not helped” Terence asked “Who is that fellow?” Clive said “The revengeful ghost named Keith in this town from more than one hundred years before” A weird man appeared from her shadow suddenly. She signaled him, then he formed a boundary zone around Keith. They saw the figure of the boy stepping on her shadow. Clive shrunk back and hid in her back. Mia asked “Are you Keith?” The weird man said “Yes” Keith attacked her suddenly. But its offensive was not effective in her. Terence shut Keith in a boundary zone and exorcised Keith. She played shadow tag with Clive, then he was satisfied and started a trip to heaven. And the children who play shadow tag could see now at a town.

The caleidoscope

There was a girl named Azza who lives in a small village named Glred. One day she found a street stall an old woman manages which is not got used to seeing at the village. And when she approached the street stall, she understood that that was a street stall of a kaleidoscope. The old woman asked “Would you like one?” Azza said “I am sorry, I am in a hurry now” and left the street stall. Then many people gathered in front of the old woman’s street stall. When she came along the place where she came across an old woman, no one was there. She heard that her friend named Mustafa and a lots of people who were in front of the street stall passed away. And when she goes to a house of Mustafa, she saw a kaleidoscope falling near his body which collapsed. She who took a kaleidoscope in her hand saw something which moves in the bottom. And she is surprised and has dropped a kaleidoscope. She has kicked and has broken the kaleidoscope, then the a kaleidoscope broke by an impact of a fall, and a light ball stuck out from the inside. And that light ball entered his body, then he has woke up. She understood that his soul was shut in a kaleidoscope. Azza asked “Are you ok?” Mustafa said “Yes” “Why are you here?” Azza said “Because I heard that you died, I came here” She visited to villagers’ house, and she who found the same kaleidoscope as the kaleidoscope which lay on his side broke those. And one day when several days have passed since she destroyed all kaleidoscopes, an old woman appeared in a village again. She drove an old woman out of a village with villagers. And peaceful every day has returned to the village.

The clapper board

There was a film director named Daniel Lambert who does not become popular in the ragged apartment in the outskirts in the town named Colvent. One day when he was taking a walk, He saw a clapper board decorated by a show window of the antique shop and, he stopped steps in front of the stop. Then he was charmed by the clapper board, and he spent all the money on hand and bought that. And he who went home entered a scene and the cut number in the clapper board, and clapped the clapper board. But nothing happend. He entered the title of the story imagined in his mind in the clapper board and clapped it. Then he was in the fairy world he imagined in his mind all too soon. Elegant fairies were flying so that they might dance in the sky there. Daniel asked himself “Is this a daydream?” He saw the title he entered in the clapper board, and he understood that he is in the fairy world imagined in his mind. A fairy has flown down to his shoulder suddenly. Without noticing the fairy who gets on his shoulder, he deleted the character he entered in the clapper board. When he returned to his room, a fairy flew from his shoulder and flapped in front of him. The fairy asked “Who are you?” “Where am i?” Daniel said “I am Daniel. And you?” “Here is not your world” The fairy said “I am Beatrice” Daniel pointed to the clapper board and said “I went to your world using this” Beatrice said “Please return me to the original world” Daniel took a video camera in his hand and said “Wait a moment” And he entered the title of the story he imagined in his mind in the clapper board again. Daniel said “Please cling to my form!” and clapped the clapper board. Then they have returned to the fairy world again. Beatrice said “You are fascinating” “Will you come to my home?” Daniel said “Sure” They went to her house. He liked by Beatrice that recorded the state of the fairy world on his video camera, and he submitted the film to a film festival. The film was in public attention worldwide, and he was called an up-and-coming movie director. He also visited in the fairy world and the other worlds and made a large number of films. And he has begun to dating with Beatrice

Another her in her mind

There was a girl named Nicole Kimbell who works for the publishing company named Mirage Publishers in the town as a reporter. She was ill-used from her parents and grew up. Several personality was born therefore to protect her in her mind. But she did not know about existence of her another personalities at all. One person of her another personality is a teenage boy named Jack of the kleptomaniac. When he is replaced with Nicole, was shoplifting by various places and was reselling that. Her another personality of another person is the female named Page of twenties of the offensive personality. When she was replaced with Nicole, she was often working as a call girl at the downtown area. Some strange occurrences had often happened around her. When she was a student, the girls who have harassed her became to fear her from one day. Page which was replaced with Nicole called the girls who were harassing her to a roof at school. The girls who appeared in a roof said “Do you want you to play?” Page gripped a butterfly knife taken out from a pocket and said “Play with me” and floated dauntless smile. She forced a knife on leader of girls. The girl said “Help” and fainted away. She cut long hair of the girl with a knife. And her bag contained something which has no remembrance she and some receipts of the secondhand shop sometimes bought. She thought those are tricks of someone and did not worry about it at all. But the strange occurrence which has occurred around her was being escalated after she got a job in a publishing company. Her boss named Zack who was avoiding  other eyes the staff and was doing the sexual harassment act which touches her body became missing suddenly. Page which was replaced with Nicole said “There is a place where I’d like to go with you, Zack” “Would you go there with me?” Zack said “Ok” And they enteted an abandoned building. Zack asked “What would you like to do here?” Page said “I wanted to kill you” and stuck a knife into a chest of Zack. She covered the one which was around her, and hid a corpse of Zack. And she went home, then she slipped into a bed and was replaced with Nicole. Then a murder case occurred successively at the town where she lives. While Nicole was sleeping, Page which was replaced with Nicole killed her customers disagreeable to her. Therefore when she woke up, her clothes were dyed deep red by blood. She felt fearfully and ran away from her apartment. But a corpse of Zack was found and because the figure of Nicole came out in a burglar camera near the site, she was arrested. And the police found a bag with big money from a closet in her room. Her hearing of circumstances arrested in the interrogation room has started. The police asked “How did you get money included in the bag?” Nicole said “I do not know” And when she is suffering, Page which was replaced with Nicole has begun to run wild suddenly. Five police nen held her down. The police said “Calm down!” Page said “Do not make Nicole cry” “Nicole does not know about existence of Jack and me” The police asked “Who is Jack?” Jack which was replaced with Page said “I am sorry. That is the money which sold the one I shoplifted” and cried. Page which was replaced with Jack said “When she was abused by her parents, I and Jack were born in her mind” She took a psychiatric exam, and she was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder She communicated with the personality of Page and Jack under guidance of the psychiatrist. She knew that she is a multiple personality disorder. Page which knew that Nicole is going to integrate personalities of Page and Jack said “I cannot permit to try to kill me in having protected Nicole so far” Page took a pen away from a psychiatrist and set that in her throat. Jack which was replaced with Page said “I do not want to die” She was carried into a hospital, but she passed away because she bled much. Ironically the case which Page committed and death of Nicole were reported to the magazine which was published from the publishing company where she was working.

The mysterious travel agency

There was a travel agency named Traumtür Reisen in the town named Elfenheim where the tradition which concerns a fairy is often left. Traumtür Reisen attracted attention as the travel agency which offers unique travel. There were solemn doors in an office of the company of Traumtür Reisen. The door was the mysterious door which is invited to the world which wishes for the person who grasped a doorknob. Only one person can use a door at the same time basically. When because a person opens the door, it was the mechanism that a door is locked until the person opened a door and appeared again. A boy named Jonas was doing the work to manage the door. He prepared for emergency, and had the key which opens a door. One day when he is sleeping at his house in a holiday, the telephone rang. The telephone was from Traumtür Reisen, and he was called because someone stole into Traumtür Reisen. He went to the office quickly. And when he arrived at the room where a door was installed, he noticed one door being locked. When he opened a door using a key, countless dragons were flying in the sky there. He set foot on the world of the dragon, then the dragons which were flying into the sky have flown down to him. The dragon asked “Why did you come here?” Jonas said “I have come here to look for the person who created this world unjustly” The dragon asked “Will you catch our creator?” Dragons have struck at him. He put up a key immediately, then a movement of dragons stopped. Jonas asked “Where is the person who created this world?” The dragon said “He went to the cave of the king to meet our king” Jonas asked “Where is there?” The dragon said “Get on my back!” And he got on the back of the dragon and went to the cave of the king. He who has arrived at the cave of king saw the man who sets a sword in a dragon. Jonas asked “What are you doing?” The man said “I drink his blood and get the special power” “Do not bother me” The king of the dragon said “Do not worry about me” “I follow our creator” The man said “Go away!” Jonas said “I am a keeper of the door” and put up a key. “I order, the king of the dragon soars!” Then the king of the dragon soared suddenly. The man grips a sword and has struck at him. He despoils a man of a sword, and he takes a man and has gone out from the world of a dragon. Traumtür Reisen has begun to run it as usual from the next day.

The Amazons

This is a story of ancient times. The hunting tribes named the Amazons only for women in chiton without a sleeve lived at the coast of the Black Sea. They were belligerent tribes, and because they cut their right breast to be easy to handle a bow and a spear when they were young, they had the name of “a mazos” which means without breast. Therefore the Black Sea has been called the Amazons Sea. When they had a child, they went to the man of other tribes, and they had sexual intercourse. When a boy is born, they kill the boy or they inflict a disorder on the boy and make a slave or they delivered it to father and brought up only the girl as a successor. The Amazons had a very beautiful girl named Aoide. She was a master hand of archery as she competed for the first place among the Amazons, but because the hunting tribes had a talent for the gentle heart and song so as to be unbecoming, she occasionally sang a song and encouraged countrymen going to the battle. Her grandmother named Ismeme with superior discernment was the matriarch of the Amazons. Because her mother named Kallistrate was good at archery and spearmanship and swordsmanship and she has ability to lead a person, bundled up the military unit of the Amazon. Her older sister named Adrasteia which was a valiant woman soldier and talked about would become the matriarch of the Amazons sometime. Her younger sister named Anemone which dances like wind and can exterminate an enemy without being noticed by an enemy. Adrasteia and Anemone and Aoide are supported. One day by an order of the king named Alkimos which dominates as a tyrant in Kingdom of Vistoph, soldiers of Kingdom of Vistoph invaded and attacked in the territory of the Amazons. And after the intense battle of soldiers of Vistoph and the Amazons, soldiers of Vistoph were exterminated. Therefore Vistoph sent new troops into the territory of the Amazons. Most of the sent troops were men of the farmer and the fisherman in the prime. There was the boy named Orion who succeeds father who became dead in an unexpected accident when fished in the Black Sea , and works as a fisherman, and supports the family budget gentle at heart in the troop. Troops of Vistoph had nothing more they can do for the power of the overwhelming Amazons, and the most of troops of Vistoph sent into the territory of the Amazons were killed. Orion was wounded severely, but was able to finish getting away from the surprise attack of the Amazons. However he lost consciousness and fell. When Aoide which came along to there accidentally found Orion who fell, she covered him in a shade. And she left the place, and she came over with the girl named Althaia of the healer that the mind could forgive her among Amazons. Aoide said “Help him” Althaia said “I do not know what kind of punishment you and I receive if found by your sisters and mother” But Althaia treated him, then left the place. Aoide said “Thank you” for her back which goes away. And she stole eyes of her sisters and mother and continued nursing Orion. Then on one day when three days passed after she found Orion which fell, he woke up. They were attracted each other and they got away from the territory of the Amazons together and have begun to live in his house in the outskirts of Vistoph. Kallistrate which noticed that she could not see a figure of Aoide let soldiers of the Amazons look for Aoide. Althaia told a lie “Aoide was taken away in Vistoph” to Kallistrate. Then Kallistrate invaded and attacked with soldiers of the Amazons in Vistoph. Kallistrate thrust a spear at a throat of Alkimos and asked “Where is Aoide?” Alkimos said “If you are going to kill me, murder me quickly” Kallistrate said “Answer my question!” Alkimos said “I do not know” She did the same question many times, but the answer of Alkimos was the same. And she stuck a spear into a throat of Alkimos Adrasteia and Anemone which got furiously angry like Kallistrate let a castle fall overnight at that time Aoide sometimes showed her singing voice to Orion, and they lived quietly.