the architecture design engineer

There was the student named Tea Jeong who studied the architecture design at the Department of architecture of the Kijea University. He liked the girl named Hea Ryong of the department same as him from the beginning of entrance to school, but he was not able to readily tell the feeling to her. His childhood friend named Seung Min dated with her younger brother named Kyong Soo and she was unable to remain indifferent to him acted as go-between in relation between him and her. And two people will go together. She was a daughter of the presidents of Cho Won architectural office where the famous architect and the architecture design engineer belong to. When she relaxed in her house, she was asked “Because you became a university student, won’t you make a boyfriend?” from her mother. Her father said “Bring your boyfriend in the home and introduce your boyfriend to me” Hea Ryong said “Ok” One day she went to her house with him to introduce him to her father. Tea Jeong said “I am Tea Jeong dating with your daughter” with a tense look. Hea Ryong said “He studies the architecture design” Her father said “I see” “Show me your designed architecture design image” He showed her father his architecture design image which was in his bag made by the class of the University. Her father said “Your design is not bad and not good” “Your design fits in into the model too much” “You should do an original design” Hea Ryong said “Daddy, stop it” and caught his arm. “Let’s leave the house” to him and they went out of her house. They entered the park near her house and sat on the bench there. Hea Ryong said “Do not mind what my father said” Tea Jeong said “I try so hard that I have your father recognize me” “You do not quarrel with your father for me” Hea Ryong said “Ok, If I may do it, say anything to me” Tea Jeong said “Thank you” He tried the study of the design hard more than before. He heard administrative organ  invited public participation for a design of the children’s house from Seung Min. Her mother who heard the report that his design was adopted asked “May you accept Tea Jeong soon?” Her father said “Ok” The design which he subscribed for was adopted and her father invited him to her house again. Her father said “Congratulations, Come to my architectural office if you graduate from a university” Tea Jeong said “Thank you” “Is it really all right?” Her mother said “Of course” And he has begun to work with her after graduation in architectural office of her father.


the vain king

There was the small kingdom named the Kingdom of Reakowt among large countries in the certain place. The king named George Ⅲ display one’s uncommon shrewdness and governed the kingdom. And wise Queen named Eleanor and a brave prince named Jake with the first succession to the throne and a very pretty princess named Pauline with the second succession to the throne supported the king. One day a prince named Benedict with the third succession to the throne which aimed at the throne secretly let the person of subordinates assassinate the king George Ⅲand Queen Eleanor and prince Jack and princess Pauline. And he who survived governed the kingdom. He ignored the financial position of the Kingdom of Reakowt, then he performed the diplomacy with large countries of the neighborhood positively and he offered various supplies to the large countries. The group which had the dissatisfaction for him appeared, but he suppressed them using power. And The person who planned a revolt for him disappeared and he came to throne and became the king. He invited a the superior architect named Leonard in Reakowt to the royal capital named Vichl to appeal to the neighboring countries for development of Reakowt, then he sent commoners who lived in Vichl all the time to convert Vichl, and  converted a  into the modern artistic town. Other than the sentry and the noble and their family were made to move to the suburbs of Vichl forcibly. Commoners driven to the suburbs of Vichl were forced to poor life. One day he invited the politician of surrounding nations and people concerned with overseas media to Vichl, because he appeals to the world for power of Vichl and Reakowt which were reborn. The politician of invited neighboring nations and people concerned with overseas media, actions were always watched by the soldier. One of the people concerned with overseas media named Drake hid from the soldier and got away from Vichl and he investigated around Vichl. Then he discovered the area where commoners driven to the suburbs earn a bare living. He called for coverage to the people, but the people who were afraid of King ignored him But because he called for coverage too eagerly, one middle-aged woman unable to remain indifferent invited him to the shack which she lives. the middle-aged woman asked “If you was found by the soldier, Though you may be executed, why do you do something like this?” Drake said “Because it is my work to introduce the truth into the world” “Please tell me the fact of this country” A middle-aged man came over suddenly from the back room. The middle-aged man said “It is your freedom that pursue the truth, but do not involve my wife” The middle-aged woman said “Sorry, he is my husband” “This person is my guest” to her husband. Then her husband Her husband went into the back room as silence. The middle-aged woman said “Do not mind” She told part of conventional event to him all the time. He wrote in it at a notebook. When he finishes the talk in her house and leaves her house and photographs neighboring states, she said “If my son lived, he might become like you” and burst into tears. Her husband came out of her house and said “The soldier comes when you do not come back to Vichl quickly!” Her husband went home while carrying her. He came back to Vichl as if not being found by the soldier. And he left Reakowt with people concerned with other overeas media and the politician of neighboring nations. He returned home, then he reported the fact that he saw and heard in Reakowt for inside and outside his country. The thing was an opportunity, and Benedict was criticized from the global community. And Benedict was restricted by the association of volunteer of neighboring countries. The kingdom system was abolished, and the nation of Reakowt became free.

the parallel world

There was the amusement park which became the ruins after it was closed several years ago in the town named Wilfgard. The amusement park became the famous place that did the test of a courage of local youths. The student of the university in Wilfgard was invited her boyfriend named Joshua who attend to the same university with her and they went to the amusement park which the ruins. And they arrived at the amusement park, they climbed up the wall of the amusement park and entered inside that. The scene that it could be said that there was weird opened. Mascots of the amusement park which would be pretty before looked terrible and seemed to have a weird smile. She strongly caught his arm. Joshua asked “What’s happen? ” Veronica said “I am feeling scare” Joshua said “Because there is me near you, it is all right” Veronica said “Ok” Joshua pointed to nearby the Mirror house from the place where they were and asked “Would you go to there?” She agreed reluctantly and they entered the Mirror house. When while they touch it in a mirror, they are looking for an exit of the mirror house, they came in the hexagonal space like the center of the mirror house. And when she touched one piece of mirror, a ripple occurred to a mirror, and she felt that her hand was pulled out by someone, and she gave a scream. He was going to catch her arm, but her body was gradually swallowed to a mirror. Joshua cried “Nicky!” and when he touched the mirror that she was swallowed in, a ripple occurred to a mirror again, and his body also was swallowed in a mirror. The ripple of the mirror that they were swallowed disappeared, and a difference did not come to be identified as other mirrors. And they lost consciousness. When they regained consciousness, they fell down in the edge of the pond and a young Centaurus looked into her face. She was surprised very much and screamed, then the Centaurus was surprised at her scream and jumped into the bush. Joshua woke up to hear her scream. Joshua asked “What’s happen?” Veronica approached the bush where a young Centaurus jumped into and said “I am sorry to surprise you” “Did you help us?” The young Centaurus came out from a bush and said “Yes” Joshua asked “What is that fellow?” in a loud voice. Veronica said “Do not speak loudly” Joshua said “Ok” Veronica said “We were helped by him” Veronica and Joshua said “Thank you” Veronica said “I am Veronica and he is Joshua” The young Centaurus said “I am Tristan” Veronica asked “Where are we?” Tristan said “Here is Egrasia” “Would you come to my home?” Veronica and Joshua were led to Tristan and went to the house of Tristan. When they arrived at the house of Tristan, there was a small and hairy man in a house of Tristan. Tristan asked “Why you are here?  Burlon” Burlon said “I had to talk to you and came here” Tristan asked “What ?” Burlon asked “What are those fellows?” Tristan said “Because they were in the pond close to the dark forest, I brought them” Burlon asked “What were you doing in a pond?” Tristan said “He is a dwarf named Burlon of my friend” “Though he has a slightly coarse character, he is not a bad guy” Joshua said “Ok” Veronica said “I do not know. We were in the pond when we noticed” Burlon said “I see” Tristan asked “I intended to tell Egrasia to them” Burlon said “Ok” and Tristan has begun to talk about Egrasia. “King Sraine governed Egrasia for many years, but King Sraine was poisoned by his soldier controlled by a wicked wizard named Gaul and lies down in the sickbed” “Gaul had been an attendant of King Sraine, but King Sraine gave a wizard named Moris of the attendant an order and let the wasteland imprison Gaul by the crime that used a crime and the nation who planned kingdom overturn in experiment on a human body” “Morris set a barrier against evil in the wasteland in the depths in the dark forest adjacent to Egrasia and imprisoned Gaul there. Gaul tore the prevention against evil that Moris set up and Gaul built the huge fortress in the wasteland and lived there” “Three weeks ago King Sraine heard from Moris that the power of the barrier against evil set in the wasteland weakened” “The soldier was arrested by the goblin whom Gaul produced and was taken to Gafald which Gaul built in the wasteland” “And the soldier who was in a state controlled by Gaul came back to the royal palace, and the soldier poisoned King” Burlon said “Present Egrasia became the place where it was hard to tell to be safe” “Return to the world where you should be because here is not the place where you should be!” Joshua said “We do not know how to go back to our world” Burlon said “I see. Let those fellows meet Moris” Tristan said “Ok” and took Veronica and Joshua to Moris. When they arrived at the house of Moris, Veronica noticed Moris looked at the boy who drew a picture on the ground in front of his house over a window. And when he waved a wand for the painting which a boy drew, a picture began to work, and the boy ran away. Moris noticed Veronica and smiled. Tristan said “I took the people that I want you to meet, Moris” Moris said “Welcome, thank you for coming from the parallel world” Tristan asked “Do you know about them?” Moris smiled. Veronica said “I do not know you” Joshua said “Me too” Veronica asked “Why do you know us?” Tristan said “I also want to know it” Moris  said “Because i invited you” Joshua asked “Why? for what?” Moris asked “Did you tell them about Egrasia, Tristan?” Tristan said “Yes” Moris said “The world resident unlike here where they lived in invited to Egrasia by the fairy of the mirror named Lara before” “However, the facilities which connected Egrasia and their world were closed and prevented a person from approaching by the spell of Gaul” Veronica asked “Why were we invited?” Moris said “You can contract with a fairy” Joshua asked “Contract with a fairy?” Moris said “Yes” Veronica asked “Cannot we back to our world?” Moris said “It cannot until we defeat Gaul” “Fight against Gaul together!” Veronica said “Ok” Moris said “I begin a ritual in a hall” “Follow me” Joshua said “I do not do it” Veronica said “Ok” Moris took Veronica to the hall. Tristan asked “Do you not go with them?” Joshua asked “Why i should hold a ritual” Tristan asked “Is she your girl friend?” Joshua said “Yes” Tristan said “Well, go!” Moris pointed Veronica and said “You stand in the center of the magic square drawn on the floor!” Veronica said “Ok” When she stood in the center of the magic square, Joshua came over the hall. Veronica said “After all you also came” Joshua asked “What should i do?” Moris said “You wait there” Moris has begun to utter an incantation, then magic square shined and the whole magic square was wrapped up to smoke. Joshua asked “Nicky, are you ok?” Moris said “Be quiet!” and has begun to an incantation again. When she noticed, she was in the cocoon which emitted dazzling light. The fairy surrounded by light appeared in her front suddenly. The fairy surrounded by right said “Welcome to Egrasia” “I am Soniaof a fairy of the light” Veronica said “I am Veronica” “Where am i?” Sonia said “In a cocoon of the light that I created” Veronica said “Ok” Sonia asked “Will you fight with our?” Veronica said “Sure” Sonia said “Thank you” and became the pendant with the stone such as the crystal and went down in her palm. Sonia said “Wear me!” She wore the pendant of the crystal. Sonia said “You can handle a plant in this freely” Veronica asked “How can I use the power of your light?” Sonia said “I embody the thing which you thought about and support you” “Imagine anything weapon!” She imagined a bow and arrow, then a bow and arrow of the light appeared. And she came back on the magic square drawn on the floor of the hall. Joshua asked “Are you ok?” Veronica said “I am ok” Joshua asked “Where did you obtain the bow and arrow?” Veronica said “This is power of Sonia of the fairy whom I contracted” The bow and arrow became the particle of the careful light and disappeared. She came out of the magic square. Moris pointed to Joshua and said “Next is you” “Stand in the center of the magic square!” He went to the place with the center of the magic square where she stood, and he stood there. Moris has begun to utter an incantation again, then magic square shined and the whole magic square was wrapped up to smoke. And when he noticed, he stood on the open water as far as the eye can reach around. The beautiful fairy  like the mermaid jumped out of water. The beautiful fairy said “Welcome to Egrasia” “I am Philia” Joshua asked “Are you a mermaid?” Philia said “No. I am a fairy of water” Joshua said “I am Joshua” Joshua asked “Where am i?” Philia said “Here is my world” “Will you fight with me?” Joshua said “I seem to should cooperate with you” Philia said “Thank you” and became a ring with the stone such as the turquoise and went down in her palm. Philia said “Wear me!” He wore the ring. Philia said “You can handle water in this freely” Joshua asked “How can i handle water freely?” Philia said “If you think anything in your heart, water will grant it” Joshua said “Ok” He thought about a sword, then the sword made of water appeared. Joshua asked “How does this disappear?” Philia said “Because this is the thing which you created, you do not need to be afraid” When he calmed down, the water sword gradually disappeared. And he came out of the magic square. Veronica said “Welcome back” Moris said “I gather travelling companions” “Tristan, Call Burlon here” Tristan said “Ok” and went out of the mansion of Moris. Moris said “Follow me” and went to the top floor of his mansion and hit a bell. Then a big dragon came over. Joshua said “Oh, a big dragon” Moris said “He is Bard of my son” Bard asked “Did you call me Daddy?” Moris said “Yes, wait a little in front of the entrance” Bard said “Ok” and made a landing in front of the entrance of the mansion. “I brought up him who was the baby dragon which survived by the fight between the dragons which Gaul contrived several decades ago alone” When they arrived in front of the mansion, Tristan came over with Burlon. Moris said “Let’s face a war with Gaul” And they went for a trip. They entered the dark forest and few minutes later, lots of goblins attacked them. Burlon cut down the goblin using an ax. Veronica shot a goblin using a bow and arrow of the light. Tristan and Joshua cut down the goblin with a sword. Moris cast thunder to the goblin by witchcraft. Bard flapped like a brick and blew off the goblin. And when they passed through the dark forest, they saw that there was innumerable Troll around Gafald. Veronica said “Close your eyes, everybody!” When they closed eyes, she threw a flash bomb to Troll. Then the area was surrounded by very dazzling light. Veronica said “Open your eyes, everybody” Veronica shot head of Troll using a bow and arrow of the light. Bard breathed flame to Troll. Tristan and Joshua cut off feet of Troll. They arrived at Gafald after they developed Troll and an intense battle. Moris said “Because you do not put it inside, wait here Bard” Bard said “Ok” When they entered Gafald, Gaul appeared with smoke their front suddenly. Gaul has a weird smile and said “Welcome to my mansion” Moris said “Be careful!” Gaul uttered an incantation, then their foot has begun to sink into the ground. Joshua formed a barrier of the water and prepared for an attack of Gaul. Moris solved magic of Gaul which uttered an incantation. Veronica hit the arrow of the light to Gaul, but the arrow passed through a body of Gaul. Bard noticed that inside of Gafald became noisy, and  he breathed flame and destroyed Gafald. Bard asked “Are you ok, everybody?” Moris said “We are ok” Gaul uttered an incantation and weaved a wand for Bard, then Bard breathed flame to his comrades. Tristan asked “What happened Bard?” Moris said “He seems he was handled” Joshua said “Sorry” and formed a cage of the water and shut in Bard. Veronica pointed Gaul and said “I think that that is not the main body of Gaul” Moris said “Do not be rash” Veronica said “Ok” Veronica formed her and the other self of Tristan by light. And they went to the depths of Gafald to look for the main body of Gaul, then they found the secret door which led to the basement. When they opened a door of the basement, they saw a figure of Gaul which murmured something towards a glassy surface of water in the center of the room. She threw an arrow of mass light at Gaul, then Gaul fell down. The thing reflected in the glassy surface of water disappeared at the same time as Gaul fell down. When they return to their allies, the brainwashing of Bard was removed. And when they return to their allies, the King that physical condition was restored invited them to the palace by Gaul having fallen down. After a dinner was over, Veronica and Joshua which heard how to go back to their world entered the pond of the dark forest. When they noticed, they were at mirror house. And there was a couple several sets around. They decided to make their adventure in Egrasia the secret only for them.

the Ghost ship

There was the cargo ship named Melusine which the picture of the head and the trunk did the figure of the beautiful woman and wore clothes of the Middle Ages in the body, and a lower part of the body was the figure of the water snake, and the back had the wing of the dragon which carried freight to various countries and various areas was drawn on fore. There was the young man named Miłosz who worked as a sailor by the cargo ship, and was the second year. When he was 7 years old, his father who worked as a captain of the sailing ship was missing by a sea disaster accident. Then 10 years later, he heard the rumor that a person dead in the sea gets on a ghost ship named Rusalka. And he stole into the cargo ship which anchored in the port town where he lived in with his mother because he wanted to meet his father once again. But he was found by a sailor immediately. The sailor asked “Did you steal into this ship to enter it illegally or for the purpose of theft?” Miłosz said “Neither the former or the latter” “I want to see Rusalka” The sailor said “There cannot be such a ghost ship” The captain of Melusine came over them. The captain said “My grandfather said when he was twentieth age, has saw Rusalka” “I also want to see Rusalka” “You intended to do what to the boy?” The sailor said “If you permit it, i let this ship return to the port and intend to take down this boy from this ship” Miłosz said “Let this ship remain because i do anything” The captain said “In traveling what one wants is a companion” Miłosz said “Thank you so much” And Miłosz has begun to work at Melusine. One day 2 years later, when Melusine navigates it, the sailing ship which added a skeleton to fore appeared in front of Melusine. Sailors were afraid. But he and a captain went to the deck and saw the ghost ship slowly and carefully. The captain said “Rusalka which my grandfather talked about to me is that ship” “I am glad to be able to look at me” When Miłosz was going to transfer to Rusalka, his father appeared on the deck of Rusalka. His father said “You must not come here!” Miłosz asked “Why?” His father said “Because when a living person gets on this ship, the person becomes a dead person” He said “I wanted meet you daddy” His father said “Me too” “How you’ve grown!” “Please look after your mammy” Miłosz said “Entrust me” Then Rusalka disappeared in front of them. He came back to the hometown by all means on a holiday and came to spend it with his mother. He dreamed of a day to be able to meet his father again, then he worked as a sailor.