Bajazzo the phantom thief

The 18-year-old boy named Harald who lived in the mansion called the clown palace with his father named Wagner and his mother named Marlisa. His father played an active part as a world-famous clown. There was the collection of precious artworks which his father collected from all over the world in the mansion. He had his father attach the special training of the clown every day. One day when he goes out with a butler named Ferd, the robber entered the mansion where they lived in, and his parents were murdered and was robbed of precious artworks in accord with his mansion. And his mansion was set fire to by the robbery. When he back home with Ferd, his mansion was a sea of flames. And Ferd took him to the house of Ferd. He continued training the clown intensively while living with Ferd. And Ferd looked for the robber who murdered parents of Harald behind the back of Harald. When he began to live with Ferd, and time of 2 years passed, Ferd found the robber that murdered his parents and previous artworks in accord with his mansion which he had stolen by the robber. He noticed Ferd is different than usual. Harald asked “What’s happen?” Ferd said “I found the robber who murdered the master and a wife and stole previous artworks, and set fire to the mansion” Harald asked “Who is that fellow?” Ferd said “Please do not do the revenge murder” Harald said “I do not do such a thing. I take the precious artworks back which was robbed of by that fellow” Ferd said “Ok” “That fellow named Oskar lives in the mansion of the edge of a town” “Oskar was the director of former museum, but has been life be out of order by a debt” “Another one is artworks broker named Rald” “There is not the person who does not know the name of Rald in the underworld” Harald asked “Where is Rald?” Ferd said “Rald lives in the mansion built on the hill which can look around the whole town” He saw the photo of his father dressed in the clown whom he always carried, then he wore the clothes of the clown and did the makeup of the clown same as his father and went to the mansion of Oskar. Oskar was troubled with the return of the debt 10 years ago. And he replaced it secretly with an imitation and stole artworks displayed at the museum which worked as the director, and sold it illegally in the black market. The artworks broker named Rald knew that he sold the artworks of the museum illegally in the black market and Rald drew him into a plan to steal artworks from a mansion of Harald. When he stole into a mansion of Oskar, he found Oskar. Alarm resounded in a mansion. And guards who heard alarm rushed. Oskar said “Restrict this playful fellow early?” He did a gesture in derision of guards, then guards got angry at it and faced him. He did a joke gesture while avoided the attack of guards, then knocked out guards. Oskar asked “What is a purpose?” Harald said “Behave yourself!” and tied up Oskar. “I came to have the artworks which you stole” He stole artworks and escaped from a mansion of Oskar. He invaded the mansion of Rald taking advantage of a dark night on the next day. And he knocked out robust men whom Rald employed and tied up Rald. He scattered the artworks which Rald covered around Rald, because there were not artworks stolen from his mansion and he left the mansion. And he will steal artworks from the many art museums where Rald sold artworks illegally. He came to be called Bajazzo the phantom thief gradually.


The flight

There was airlines named Twinkle star Airlines which uses the fashionable costume a famous fashion designer named Desmond Abbott handled worldwide as the uniform of the flight attendant. That airlines was famous enriched services and, with routes to the world. There was an excellent flight attendant named Yuritziry Fernandez of continuous service for the 5th year by Twinkle star Airlines in the country named the Republic of Gyrvell. Her mother was a flight attendant too, but when she was a high school student, the airplane her mother took lost contact at Vithel area of sea. An army searched for an airplane at Vithel area of sea, but it was not possible to find it. She was stricken in the grief deprived of her mother, but she promised a heart that she was a flight attendant like her mother she liked very much, and was a flight attendant. One day the tornado occurred suddenly in the course of the airplane to a resort named Selzea of the tropics she took. The chief pilot announced “I am Ronald Bryce of a chief pilot of this airplane” “I detour to bring in the course of this airplane and avoid an added tornado” They were anxious for the passengers who heard the announcement of the chief pilot, so flight attendants of Yuritziry and her colleague told “no problem” to the passengers holding anxiety. The chief pilot pointed course of an airplane to Vithel area of sea to avoid a tornado. Then a curtain of light appeared in front of the airplane. When an airplane passed through the curtain, crewmembers and passengers lost consciousness simultaneously. They became conscious after a while later. And the airplane they took stopped at the place filled with fog. The boy of the passenger asked his mother “Did we die?” “Is here heaven?” The boy’s mother said “I do not know” Yuritziry said “Please wait a moment, I will confirm the situation for a chief pilot” And she called to confirm the situation for Ronald and a sub pilot named Timothy Olsen in the cockpit. Ronald and Timothy tried a contact in outside many times, but a radio did not connect. Suddenly, a aircraft radio received a message. [Mayday, Mayday This is TSA37] [I lost sight of a present location at a place filled with fog] Ronald and Timothy which heard the flight number understood that the airplane was the airplane which lost contact seven years ago. Ronald said “This is TSA138” “This also loses sight of a present location at a place filled with fog” “Is yor flight number TSA37?” [Yes] Ronald said “If my memory is right, your airplane loses contact seven years before” Timothy and Yuritziry are dating, and he who heard about her mother from her before said “Is a flight attendant Lumina Fernandez in the airplane?” [She is a chief purser of this airplane] Timothy called Yuritziry. Yuritziry which heard circumstances entered a cockpit. And she talked with her mother by a aircraft radio while crying. When they have finished communicating, the huge typhoon which developed rapidly was close to Vithel area of sea. The huge typhoon collided with a curtain of light, then a curtain of light and a typhoon became extinct. TSA37 and TSA138 are in the sea in Vithel area of sea all too soon. Ronald and the chief pilot of TSA37 succeeded in a contact of a aircraft radio, and they were rescued safely. And Yuritziry and Lumina lived together.

The evidence that i was

There was the girl named Christina who cohabited with the boyfriend named Dean who continued dating since the days of a high school student in the town named Lybre for 6 years. Morning of one day Dean said “Today’s dinner reserved the special place” went for work. And when they ate, he dropped a knife on the floor on purpose. Then he put a ring in her glass when she had her attention caught with the knife which fell into the floor. She who noticed a ring said “Wow” Dean asked “Will you marry me?” Christina said “Sure” Then he took a ring out of her glass and had it on her finger. She hugged him. Christina said “I became pregnant” Dean asked “Really?” Christina said “Yes, It became clear this morning” He kissed her. And people who were in the restaurant clapped their hand and blessed Christina and Dean. Then they got married happily a half year later. On the next day of the wedding ceremony, she went to the supermarket for shopping and lost a way home, and she called Dean. Christina said “I lost a way home, Dean” Dean asked “Where are you?” Christina said “I do no know” Dean said “Ok. Do not move from there!” Christina said “Ok” He found her place to stay by the GPS of her cell-phone, and he went there. He arrived to her several minutes later. Dean asked “What happened?” Christina said “Sorry, i do not know” Dean said “Ok. Because you may be tired, take a rest slowly today” Christina said “Ok” And they came back to their home. She was not able to come home from the place where she has gone a few days later, and called Dean. Christina said “Sorry, i lost a way home again, Dean” Dean said “Do not move from there” and went to her. When Dean arrived to her, he said “When you are with me, do that you go out” Christina asked “Why?” Dean said “Because I am anxious about you” Christina said “Ok” When they ate dinner, and about one hour passed, she has begun cooking something in the kitchen. Dean asked “What are you doing?” Christina said “I am cooking dinner” Dean said “We just ate dinner” Christina asked “So?” Dean said “Let’s go to the hospital!” Christina asked “Why?” “I am healthy” Dean said “I do not think so” “I will have you inspect it at a hospital” Christina said “Ok” And they went to the hospital where there was their family doctor. Their family doctor diagnose than, said him “Probably she suffer from amnesia” “Receive exact inspection in a general hospital” They received the letter of introduction of the general hospital from their family doctor and went to the general hospital. She received some inspection that was received in the pregnant women than, it was recognized that she suffered from dementia. The doctor said  “Your wife suffers from premature dementia, but treatment is difficult because she becomes pregnant” Dean said “Cure her!” The doctor said “It adversely affects the baby of her stomach when I make medication treatment her” Christina said “I do not want to forget about you” Dean hugged her. The doctor said “I want you to hospitalize” Christina said “I am not hospitalized” The doctor “If anything occurred, please come to the hospital immediately” “I recommend that she write a diary every day” Dean said “Ok” And they came back to their home and she came to write a diary from the day. However, her memory was gradually lost. Dean continued supporting her, but she delivered their daughter named Samantha and died soon. When he finished her funeral service and he arranged her memento, he found the letter which she addressed to his and their daughter. When he opens the envelope written as Dear Dean, a letter to him was enclosed. “I am very sorry that I cannot watch growth of Samantha with you. Though it was a short interval, I could spend it with you and was happy. Because there is me in your heart anytime. PS. Hand a letter on a birthday of Samantha” was written on the letter to him. And he put the bunch of the letter in a safe. He said “Because Sam behaved itself, a letter arrived from mom of heaven” and handed her a letter every year on a birthday of Samantha. When he handed her the last letter on an 18-year-old birthday of Samantha, he said “This is the last letter which wrote before your mom dies” “18-year-old happy birthday Sam. I am sorry not to be able to celebrate a birthday together. I suffer from premature dementia patient. I leave a letter before leaving all, but this letter seems to become the last letter” Samantha said “I thought that daddy wrote a letter” He showed showed a letter to him. The letter was blurred by tears. Dean said “Your mom died on the next day when wrote the last letter” And they assisted each other and lived.

Seven deadly sins

The story is date back more than 2,000 years before from the present. The human reached a crisis of the life and death by the Satan which covered the whole body with a black mantle, and gave off an abominable aura and devils whom he led emerged from the door which appeared in the country named Geonista suddenly. Satan and six devil whom he led called “Seven deadly sins” Dragon sin; Satan Serpent sin; the devil named Leviathan who did the figure of the huge sea snake. Goat sin; the devil named Asmodeus who has three heads of a cow and a human and the sheep, and feet of the goose, and tail of the poisonous snake, and sat astride a dragon of the hell with the regimental colors and a spear in a hand. Boar sin; the devil named Beelzebub who has the ugly face and the feather with the mark of the skeleton at the back, and has the human body. Fox sin; the black devil named Mammon who has the head of birds and the human body Grizzly sin; the devil named Belphegor who did the ugly figure which grew a mustache to two corners and chins twisted to an oxtail. Lion sin; the devil named Lucifer who has three face and 12 black wings. Seven archangels named Gabriel and Michael and Raphael and Uriel and Raguel and Remiel and Saraqael with white six wings which emitted dazzling light in front of seven men and women appeared. Seven Archangels granted the grimoire to seven men and women and taught the incantation of the seal. Seven men and women were granted sacred weapons. When seven men and women blockaded each devil in seven grimoires, four angels kept those grimoires in the basement of the church of all parts of the world so that nobody touched it. The present. The church of all parts of the world where the grimoire which blockaded the devil was kept became the ruins except one place. And the grimoire were robbed from the church and fell into the hands of thieves. When thieves opened the grimoire, something like black haze came out of a grimoire, and something like black haze gradually changed a figure into the devil. The devil ate the soul of the person who opened the grimoire. And those devils became Leviathan and Asmodeus and Belphegor and Beelzebub and Mammon and, they went to  town in the country named Crevial so that they were drawn to something They appeared in the sky of the town of Crevial, then the town was surrounded in darkness. When the man of a couple noticed some kind of signs and looked up at the sky, he noticed devils who floated in the sky, and he strongly grasped her hand. And the woman of the couple noticed devils and screamed. then the place became the panic. Asmodeus breathed fire to her, then her body and his body were wrapped in flame, and their body became the ash in no time. Then Asmodeus caught the soul of the couple who was going to rise to the sky and ate. And the police whom there was near shot a gun to Asmodeus, but the bullet bounced onto the strong body of Leviathan and sank into the ground. The police asked “Who are you?” Asmodeus was going to breath fire to the man, but Beelzebub prevented it. Asmodeus asked “Why do you stop me, Beelzebub?” Leviathan asked “Did you forget our purpose, Asmodeus?” Asmodeus said “I do not forget it” Beelzebub said “Then do not cause an unnecessary uproar” Asmodeus said “Ok” Leviathan asked “Where is the grimoire, Mammon?” Mammon said “It is near” Beelzebub said “Devils that we are called Seven deadly sins” “The owner of the grimoire which there is here come forward immediately!” Asmodeus controlled the mind of neighborhood people and threw out all the baggage which they possessed. Then the grimoire came out of the bag of the boy. Asmodeus noticed the grimoire and let the boy open the grimoire. And when the boy opened the grimoire, something like black haze came out of a grimoire, and something like black haze gradually changed a figure into Lucifer. Then Lucifer ate the soul of the boy and let 12 black wings flap and rose. A black wing fluttered down in the ground. And devils ate all the human souls that were in the place and disappeared under cover of darkness, then the light returned to the town. The rock band named Your Favorite Enemies visited the town named Neaz of Geonista on a tour at that time. The member of Your Favorite Enamies is Alex of the lead singer and Miss Isabel of the keyboard and Jeff of the rhythm guitar and Sef of the lead guitar and Ben of the base and Moose of the drum. When they performed a live in a concert hall, archangel Michael and Gabriel and Raphael and Uriel which emitted dazzling light in front of Alex and Jeff and Miss Isabel and Sef and Ben and Moose and a crew named Stephanie appeared. Miss Isabel asked “Are you angels?” Michael said “Yes, i am Michael” Michael introduced Gabriel and Raphael and Uriel and Raguel and Remiel and Saraqael to them. Jeff asked “Do you have some business for us?” Raguel said “You were chosen by God” Stephanie asked “Why us?” Raguel said “We have nothing to do with it” “It is the decision that God gave” Alex asked “Why do you not fight against devils?” Uriel said “Because activity in our human world includes a limit, seal the book of seal in the devils by a hand of thou” Seven archangels granted them the sacred weapon and the grimoire. Gabriel said “The incantation of the seal is <Give the devil everlasting spellbinding>” Alex was granted a sword named Claíomh Solais to Gabriel, and Jeff was granted a trident named Brionac to Raphael, and Miss Isabel was granted a bow and arrow named Ukko’s bow and arrow to Michael, and Sef was granted the double bit axe which wore thunder named the Labrys to Uriel, and Ben was granted a sword named Littwu to Raguel, and Moose was granted a sickle sword named Harpe to Remiel, and Stephanie was granted a spear named Gungnir to Saraquel. Gabriel said “Fight against devils using the weapon and the grimoire” “We let you transport to the church where the grimoire which sealed in Satan is kept” Alex said “Ok” And seven archangels wrapped their body by sacred light, and transported them to the church where the grimoire which sealed in Satan is kept. Then they arrived at the church, and devils appeared immediately. Beelzebub summoned vindictive spirits and let vindictive spirits attack them. But when Alex took one swing Claíomh Solais, vindictive spirits were wrapped in flame and became extinct. Asmodeus controlled the mind of the man whom there was near and let the man look for the grimoire kept at a church. The man went to the basement of the church and opened the grimoire, Satan emerged from the grimoire. Satan destroyed a church and surfaced after ate a soul of the man. And they let devils come near each and decentralized the forces of devils, and they have begun to fight against devils. Alex confronted Satan, and Miss Isabel confronted Beelzebub, and Jeff confronted Lucifer, and Sef confronted Leviathan, and Ben confronted Belphegor, and Moose confronted Asmodeus, and Stephanie confronted Mammon. Mammon was going to tempt Stephanie, but it was disturbed by the sacred light that gave her body. And when she was going to throw Gungnir to Mammon, Mammon chanted “Come a spear”, then Gungnir added to force and pierced a body of Mammon and Gungnir returned to her hand again. She throw Gungnir to Mammon again. It was repeated several times. And there were many holes in a body of Mammon. Stephanie chanted “Give the devil everlasting spellbinding” Then the body of Mammon was breathed in a grimoire and sealed. Belphegor let a dark hole appear and entered there, the hole was closed. Belphegor appeared behind Ben and attacked it to him, then Belphegor disappeared into a hole. It was repeated many times. He became able to sense a sign of Belphegor in a few minutes. He swung Littwu on the direction that felt a sign with all his might. The body of wrapped in flame. Ben chanted “Give the devil everlasting spellbinding” Then the body of Belphegor was breathed in a grimoire and sealed. Asmodeus breathed fire Moose and was going to control his mind. But the mind control of Asmodeus was disturbed by the sacred light that gave his body. He cut the tail of the poisonous snake which Asmodeus had with Harpe while keeping off flame of Asmodeus, and he inflicted many wounds on a body of Asmodeus. Because Asmodeus was made to suffer the wound and the wound did not heal at all, Asmodeus was irritated with him. And Asmodeus added to force of the flame and began an attack to him. He let Asmodeus wound severely with Harpe while suffering a burn. Moose chanted “Give the devil everlasting spellbinding” Then the body of Asmodeus was breathed in a grimoire and sealed. Beelzebub summoned vindictive spirits and let Miss Isabel attack vindictive spirits. But she threw arrows for all vindictive spirits with Ukko’s bow and arrow. And arrows shot vindictive spirits on thunder. Beelzebub breathed fire to her. She kept off flame of Beelzebub and put an arrow to a bow and threw an arrow for Beelzebub. And the bow hit Beelzebub on thunder without putting up a bow sound, then the cage of the thunderstorm surrounded it around Beelzebub and she put arrows to a bow and threw arrows for Beelzebub in succession. Beelzebub breathed fire to her, but the fire went out immediately. Miss Isabel chanted “Give the devil everlasting spellbinding” Then the body of Beelzebub was breathed in a grimoire and sealed. Lucifer summoned three devils suddenly. One of three devils is the devil named Bael who has a frog and a cat and a human head, and has the body of the spider. One of remainder two of three devils is the devil named Agares who did the figure of the blond old man who sat astride a crocodile. Remainder one is the devil named Vassago who did the figure of the old man who sat astride a crocodile. Agares produced an earthquake at feet of Jeff, then there was a crack in the ground at his feet. Vassago foresaw his attack and attacked him with Bael which became transparent while avoiding his attack. He threw Brionac for Agares, then Brionac pierced a body of Agares on lightning and came back to his hand. Agares became extinct. He felt a sign of Bael which became transparent and threw Brionac for Bael and Vassago, then Brionac on thunder stuck in a body of Bael and Vassago and Bael and Vassago became ash. And he threw Brionac for Lucifer, then Brionac given lightning pierced a body of Lucifer. And Lucifer was blockaded movement by lightning of Brionac. Jeff chanted “Give the devil everlasting spellbinding” Then the body of Lucifer was breathed in a grimoire and sealed. Leviathan breathed fire for Sef. He swung down Labrys to a body of Leviathan while avoiding an attack of Leviathan. But it was not damaged a body of Leviathan. He nailed Labrys over the body of Leviathan many times while avoiding an attack of Leviathan, then the scale which covers up a body of Leviathan cracked. And he nailed Labrys over the body of Leviathan again, the scale of Leviathan was broken. Sef chanted “Give the devil everlasting spellbinding” Then the body of Leviathan was breathed in a grimoire and sealed. Satan threw flame of the six realms for Alex in succession. He cut all flame in Claíomh Solais and cut a body of Satan successively. Alex chanted “Give the devil everlasting spellbinding” Then the body of Satan was breathed in a grimoire and sealed. When they had finished sealing it in devils, seven archangels appeared to them. And they handed sacred weapons and grimoires which angels were given from seven archangels. Then they were transported to a concert hall of Neaz by seven archangels. And they returned to their daily life.

The revenge agency

The existence of the agency to revenge for on behalf of a victim on the Internet as if it were true was talked about. The man named Jaka who manages the agency named Revenge agency which clears himself/herself from a grudge on behalf of a victim. And because agent did not collect a request expense from a client and collected it from people who became their target, many requests were always sent to the agency. The request reaches Jaka without a doubt to a client. People working in the agency have experience oppressed by the person who is familiar to the past. Therefore an office worker named Petra investigates request contents and a client thoroughly, and the request reaches Jaka without a doubt in both request contents and client. And Jaka assigned a request to five agents and accomplished a request. Jaka was carrying out a request by the request that he undertook approximately ten years ago, then a client was shot to death in front of the child named Aljaž of the client by a target. Aljaž of the client lost memory from the shock. And Jaka brought up Aljaž as his son. The time went by and became Aljaž 18 years old. One day one agent bore a serious injury by an unexpected accident. Aljaž which knew it said “I want to help with work” to Jaka. Because Jaka did not want to remind Aljaž of a past, he said “No”. But Aljaž told an office worker that he got permission from Jaka. And he has begun to work as an assistant of the agent Bojan in secret to Jaka. When Aljaž just became an assistant of Bojan, he did only failure, and he was hit many times in Bojan. One day the request reached Bojan. [I was used violence on the man of the date, and was hospitalized. The man gets engaged to the daughter of the director of the company where the man works for. Please give the man social sanctions.] was written on the request. Aljaž some failed, but because they have begun to question all the evil deeds that the target committed so far and sent it to various places, the target was assigned to penal servitude as well as social sanctions. Aljaž became an assistant of Bojan, and it was the first request. And Aljaž remembered the day when a memory with his mother and his mother were murdered little by little fragmentarily since he began an assistant of Bojan and passed for a while. He came to be recognized by Bojan and other agents when he began to work as an assistant, and several months passed. Aljaž asked “Are you not my true daddy?” Jaka asked “Did you remember it?” “Yes, i am not your true daddy” Aljaž said “Explain!” Jaka said “When your mother was my client, and I carried out a request, your mother was killed by a target” Aljaž said “Ok” And he became the agent formally. One request reached him who became the agent formally. The client was an only daughter of the companies which followed from generation to generation for more than 80 years. [My daddy was seduced by his close man named Miha, and he purchased an apartment. The apartment was the article which a gang made the haunt. My daddy expected a rent income, but the management of the company declined without being able to get rent and went bankrupt. And my daddy committed suicide to pay a left debt in the life insurance. I thought questioningly and checked Miha which disappeared immediately posthumously of my daddy. Then i knew that a large amount of money crossed it in Miha from the company which sold an apartment to my father. Please give sanctions in Miha] was written on the request. According to the information of Petra, in Miha, he made a company with the money which he cheated father of the client out of and understood that he employed the foreigner who stayed illegally, and he let foreigners do illegal work, and he became a millionaire and put a part in the gang as money paid to the authorities. Aljaž sneaked into the company of m, and he sent the thing which could prove the illegality of the company of Miha to District Public Prosecutor’s Office. Then District Public Prosecutor’s Office Intelligence Department began an inspection in the company of Miha on the day. And various evil deeds became clear, and Miha was arrested. Thereafter various requests reached Aljaž.

The night when the star falls

There was the girl named Klea whom stars loved. She entered the university of the town named Colvert with the astronomy department and began a single life. She took the astronomical telescope which she got from her parents by birthday present to the grassy plain behind her house and did astronomical observation on the night of the fine day. One day when she does astronomical observation at a grassy plain behind her house as always, the meteor fell near the place where she was with a loud sound. Then she ran to the place where a meteor fell into. When she arrived at the place where the meteor fell into, one boy stood in the center of the ground which became hollow there. Klea asked “What are you doing?” The boy said “I am looking at the star” Klea asked “Did a meteor not fall here?” The boy said “I do not know. I just came here” Klea said “Ok” “May I look at a star in the next to you?” The boy said “Sure” Klea said  “Thank you. I am Klea” The boy said “I am Paul” She went to the place where she did astronomical observation, and she took her astronomical telescope and came back to the place where he was. And she did astronomical observation then she noticed that Pegasus disappeared. Klea said “Pegasus disappeared” Paul said “Huh” Klea said “See it with this astronomical telescope!” He looked in the scope of her astronomical telescope. Paul said “Oh” Klea asked “What happened to Pegasus?” Paul said “I do not know” “But i think you can see it again soon” Klea asked “So?” They looked at a night sky without Pegasus seat together every night. Then she was gradually charmed by him, and they began cohabitation in her house. One day that they began cohabitation, and passed for a while the people who did the figure which reminded of the signs of the zodiac appeared in her house. Klea asked “Who are you?” Paul asked “Why did you know here?” Paul said “They are the constellation of the signs of the zodiac” Leo asked “Did you think that you were not found to us?” “Return to an original figure!” Then Paul became the figure of Pegasus. Klea said “Explain it!” Paul said “I was in love with you and appeared you with a human figure” Leo said “Paul was taken with them by Taurus and Scorpio and Capricorn” Klea cried “Do not take him” Virgo asked “Do you have the intention to become the constellation?” Klea said “If it is next to him” The Virgo said “Ok” Virgo persuaded Leo with Aries and Sagittarius. And Leo changed her to Cygnus and located it next to Paul.

The false life

The man named Bradley lived in the quiet residential area of the town named Koewen with his wife named Michaela and his a daughter named Louisa of the university student. He worked in a government office and was away from home frequently. On the day when he was away from home, Louisa invited her boyfriend named Mark who study at the university same as herto home and she ate dinner with Michaela and Mark. The home had a telephone from Koewen central hospital and Michaela knew Louisa had a traffic accident and was conveyed to the hospital. She called cell-phone and the office of Bradley, but was not connected. She contacted Mark and they went to the hospital where Louisa was conveyed. When they arrived at the sickroom of Louisa, she sat up on a bed. Louisa said “I am sorry for worry mummy” “Thank you for coming Mark” Michaela said “I am glad that you are safe” and hugged Louisa. “I called father, but was not connected, and because Mark came when I prepared that I was alone and went to the hospital, I explained circumstances and came to him with him together” “I talk with a doctor” and went out of the sickroom. Then he hugged Louisa. Mark said “I worried you Lou” Louisa said “Sorry” Mark asked “You said you go to buy the wedding anniversary gift of your parents yesterday, but were you able to buy it?” Louisa said “I bought the gift, but it was broken by traffic accident” and looked sorrowful. Mark said “If you leave the hospital, I go to buy the wedding anniversary gift of your parents with you Lou” Louisa said “Thank you” and kissed his lip. When they are embarrassed each other, Michaela came into the sickroom. Michaela said “I was said a doctor that you needed 3-weeks hospitalization  from a doctor” Louisa said “It is so long” Mark said “I come for your visit every day” Michaela said “I am sorry to bother you Mark” Mark said “Because i am doing it willingly, please do not mind” Michaela and Louisa said “Thank you” One day when one week passed after Michaela and Mark visited Louisa in the hospital, Bradley came home. Bradley said “I am home” Michaela asked “What were you doing where all this time?” Bradley said “Work!” Michaela “I made a call to your cell-phone and office, but was not connected” “Explain it!” Bradley said “My office was lost power, and a call was not only connected” “Was there anything?” Michaela said “Louisa had a traffic accident and was hospitalized” Bradley asked “Is Lou safe?” “Which hospital was Louisa admitted to?” She thought of his behavior questioningly, but did not investigate him so deeply. Michaela said “You should confirm it by oneself” “Lou is in Koewen central hospital” Bradley said “Ok” Then they visited Louisa in the hospital. When they entered into the sickroom, there was already Mark there. Mark asked “Why is there daddy here?” Louisa said “Mark, he is my daddy” Mark said “It is impossible that i can mistake daddy for a other person” “Though you told me and mummy to work as a system engineer in a major company daddy” Michaela asked “Really?” Bradley said “Yes, I am sorry” Michaela left the sickroom on the run. Bradley said “Wait!” and left the sickroom after her. Louisa said “The love for you of me does not change even if you and I were brother” Mark said “Me too” Michaela and Bradley came back to a sickroom. Bradley said “Do not tell this thing until they graduate from a university” They lived posing as a harmonious family for two months from the day. Then Bradley was taken by the police which Michaela caused when the graduation ceremony of the university two months later finishes it. When finished a graduation ceremony, Louisa and Mark eloped.

The automation

The time is in 2030 A.D. Almost all work that a person has ever done was shifted to an automation program and an android by rapid progress of the technology. All the guards were substituted by a guard android, and guard androids always patrolled around the town. Even young child alone can go there if can register a destination with a automatic driving car by sound operation, therefore the automatic driving car was utilized as a foot of people. But the reckless driving accident of the vehicle occurred in succession at various places. And there were a large number of inquiries in the information Administration Bureau, and a chief examiner named Andrew of the system management center of the vehicle started fact-finding. The robbery occurred near the vehicle reckless driving scene of the accident, but they who judged it if two cases do not have connection in the local police did not investigate those correlations. According to the eyewitness, the guard android supported robbers in the case spot of the robbery. He thought the guard android is remote-controled. He discovered that a terrorist organization named Nidhogg was connected with a vehicle reckless driving accident. When he pushed forward an investigation more, it was recognized that a woman named Shirley who works in the information Administration Bureau contacted Nidhogg many times. And he went to the office of Shirley. He arrived at the office of Shirley, and he had her boss guide him to her desk, then she noticed it and got away from the office in secret. When he came on her desk, she went to the lower floor by a lift. He checked the documents on the desk, and the drawer of the desk, and her PC, then he found the exchanges of the email with her and Nidhogg, and the record that accessed the information of the owner of the car which caused an accident remained to her PC. It was revealed that Shirley was the lover of the chief named Howard of Nidhogg. And he put her on the wanted list in communication with the National Public Safety Commission. She noticed that she was put on the wanted list and hid herself. Nidhogg which obtained the information of the owner of the car from her continued producing a vehicle reckless driving accident, and pushed forward a Joining plan with her behind closed doors. When the National Public Safety Commission located her location somehow and was going to step into her lair, she joined Nidhogg under cover of the uproar of the vehicle reckless driving accident that Nidhogg caused. The National Public Safety Commission came to a deadlock in the search of the lair of her and Nidhogg and asked cooperation of the local police with him. He felt the lair of her and Nidhogg from data left to her PC. And the local police investigated a lair of her and Nidhogg from destination records set to her car. He invaded the PC which she used in a lair and he tampered with the list of the owner of the car which she made and listed the data of his car. And they located the lair of her and Nidhogg and they continued watching it. He noticed an invasion to the security system of his car and he contacted the National Public Safety Commission and the local Police and let them strengthen the guard to the bank. He put the doll which looked just like him on his car, and set a destination in the beach park, and he clothed a door of his car, then the car departed. He located the location of the device which invaded the security system of his car, he went to the owner of the device  with people of the National Public Safety Commission. His car advanced for a beach park, but changed the direction suddenly and collided the building close to the intersection. Five men who put a mask on the bank close to the building where his car collided came over. Because he prevented from being able to remote-control a guard android beforehand, the local police arrested five men who put on a mask with the guard android. He located the building where Shirley and Howard hid, he will wait by the instructions of people of the National Public Safety Commission in an opposite building. And he let a guard android accompany people of the National Public Safety Commission which was going to step into the lair of Shirley and Howard. After several gunshots resounded, people of the National Public Safety Commission and the guard android came out of a building with Shirley and Howard and members of  Nidhogg where handcuffs were attached to. And Nidhogg was dissolved, and peace visited the town.