the celestial maiden

There was the very beautiful celestial maiden named Koh in the celestial world. She always looked in the human world using a glassy surface of water which could always look at the state of the human world. One day she was charmed by the boy named Sosuke who saw it in the glassy surface of water and went her down into the human world while letting the celestial robe flutter to be found by nobody. And she took off the celestial robe which she put on and covered it in her bosom quickly. Then when she turned around, there was him there. Sosuke asked “Are you a celestial maiden?” Koh  said “Yes, I fell in love with you at first sight and went down from the celestial world” “My name is Koh” He also fell in love with her at first sight Sosuke said “My name is Sosuke” “Because here has the public eye, do you not come to my house?” Koh said “Ok” They entered his house. And they have begun to live together. She hid her celestial robe in the depths of the storeroom Her mother and her older sister who knew that she lived with a human being in the human world came over to her a few days later. Her mother and her older sister persuaded her to take her back to the celestial world, but she did not come back to the celestial world and her mother and her older sister returned to the celestial world. And they married, and she became pregnant. He worked for the child who is born soon with her more than before. She fell sick, but she continued enduring it for the child who is born. One day, because she went into labor, he called the midwife who lived near. The midwife had to compare the life of the baby and her life. And when a midwife was going to give priority to her life, she said “Help my baby” while suffering. When a midwife was at a loss by a judgment, He said “Please do as her wish” The midwife said “Ok” The midwife let you prepare a thing necessary for him and indicated the breathing method to her. She delivered a girl few minutes later. And she lost consciousness and died for several hours. He named Hana to the girl who was born and he brought up Hana was the girl of the late her all by himself. She became exactly like Koh 18 years later. One day Hana found a celestial robe of Koh hid in the depths of the storeroom and wore it. Then she became the figure of the celestial maiden. He looked at her who put on a celestial robe of Koh and said “Where did you go Koh?” Hana said “Daddy, i am Hana” Sosuke said “Sorry, you are beautiful Hana” “The celestial robe is a celestial robe of your mother” Hana asked “May I get the clothes?” Sosuke said “Of course” and He gave her a celestial robe of Koh. When she wore a celestial robe, an aunt of existing her emerged from the celestial world. And she disappeared to the celestial world with her aunt.