The requiem

There was the boy named Tomas who lived in the town named Chygle with his parents. The people were massacred by devils who appeared in the world suddenly, and the world population largely decreased. And his parents were murdered cruelly in front of him by the devil. Then the angel appeared before some people who survived with him after devils left The angel told “This musical instrument is a weapon destroying the devil by your spiritual strength as a source of the power” and granted a special musical instrument to people and returned to the sky. And he was given a sax from an angel. When he buried his parents, devils appeared there. He was going to attack devils, but he remembered words said to an angel and controlled a feeling and blew on a sax. The sax played a requiem and devils did not get a motion. And when requiem was finished, devils became a particle and became extinct. People who were given a musical instrument to to an angel in all parts of the world have begun to fight against devils. The man named Anthology who was granted a musical instrument to first by an angel was given a trombone from an angel established an association named the association of the exorcist and gathered exorcists who were in all parts of the world. Exorcists who visited the association of the exorcist established the branch office of the association in each place. And when Tomas goes to the branch office of the association of the exorcist established in Chygle, there were many people there. The branch master named Ian of the association let he and three of men and women in gathered people make a team. Two men and women are a boy named Logan who was given a flute from an angel, and a girl named Nancy who was given a harp from an angel. And the people who were gathered in the association of the exorcist which included them were dispatched to each place to destroy the devil. The team of Tomas and Logan and Nancy went to the area where the appearance of the devil was reported in. When they played a musical instrument that they arrived and destroyed devils, exorcists confronted the army of the devil in the suburban town named Gresbiel. They arrived at the place where the appearance of the devil was reported in, and they played a musical instrument and destroyed devils. When exorcists finished playing a musical instrument at that time in Gresbiel, devils became extinct. And exorcists thought that they were able to destroy all the devils and was pleased, then two devils appeared from the underground and the sky. The devil who appeared from the underground threw exorcists the flames of hell, then the body of exorcists was wrapped in flame. The devil who appeared from the sky flew up in the sky and scattered an acid liquid, then the body of exorcists melted. When Tomas and Logan and Nancy happen to pass by Gresbiel, the dead body of exorcists of the horrible figure lay there. And they surrounded devils, and they played requiem with a musical instrument while avoiding the attack of devils, then the tone of their musical instrument played harmony and restricted the body of devils. The body of devils became a particle and became extinct. They came back to the branch office, after having buried the dead body of exorcists. And they went to various areas by instructions of association of exorcist and fought against devils.


The link

There was a country named Dugbros where economy develops remarkably. Various national people came to Dugbros to do study and work. The university student named Maurice who likes a figure very much lived in Mogdran where Dugbros is metropolitan. One day he who was looking for a 3D printer to make an original figure found a small 3D printer at the back alley which was passing somehow, and bought that. He brought it to his house, then he made the figure of the statue of the angel a famous sculptor named Bernard Chapman made by the 3D printer based on the picture on the internet. He displayed the figure in his room. And his girlfriend named Alison has come to his house to play the evening. When she was interested in the statue of the angel and she takes in her hands and seeing it, left wing of the angel came off. Alison said “I am sorry, left wing of this figure came off” Maurice said “Do not mind. Because you said that you liked the statue of the angel before, I made that with a 3D printer” “The picture data is on the internet, so a figure is made again” Alison said “Thank you” When they are watching television while relaxing by a sofa, the news that the statue of the angel was broken with someone was reported. Alison asked “Because I broke left wing of the figure, did left wing of the statue of the angel also break?” Maurice said “I do not think so” “That is accidental” Alison asked “What is made with a 3D printer next?” Maurice said “I have not been decided yet” “Do you want me to make something?” Alison asked “Can everything be made?” Maurice said “The surrounding picture is needed” Alison said “Ok” “Would you make me a figure of the old castle named Velfart castle in the Mogdran suburb?” Maurice said “Ok” He collected the picture of Velfart castle on the internet and made a figure by a 3D printer based on that. When a figure of Velfart castle will be completed, a sound has been heard from the castle interior. They peeped into a figure of Velfart castle, then a lot of people were walking along a hallway of the castle. Alison asked “What is going on here?” Maurice said “I do not know” Alison pointed to the people who were walking along a hallway of the castle and asked “Did not you make that?” Maurice said “I made a figure based on picture data only” Alison said “Perhaps the figure made by your 3D printer is linked with the real thing” “And I think it is the tourist moving on the hallway”  Maurice said “The one I bought seems a special 3D printer” Alison asked “Where did you buy that?” Maurice said “At a shop on a back alley” Alison asked “Will you go to there?” And they went to the place where the store where he bought a 3D printer at a back alley was, then it was a vacant lot there. Maurice said “A shop should be here” Alison said “I believe you” They have returned to his house. Maurice said “For do not break” and covered a figure of a castle with acryl case. Then the voice has been heard from a figure. [There is a clear wall] The sound with which acryl case is hit was heard. He was surprised and removed acryl case from a figure of Velfart castle. He founded security firm with her and he made and managed a figure of a guard target by a 3D printer. Their security firm got contract from many people immediately, and a leap was famous security firm.


There were three sisters who were called the matchless beautiful women by the certain town The three sisters named three Gorgon sisters and the name of the eldest daughter is Euryale, the name of the second daughter is Stheno, the name of the third daughter is Medusa. Their beauty was only appearance. But many men attracted by their beauty gave it many presents to marry them. Medusa swindled Poseidon to obtain power of God. Poseidon had a wife, but Poseidon who fell into a stratagem of Medusa and her sisters came to like her. And she became a lover of Poseidon. Athena which noticed immorality of Poseidon said “Separate with Poseidon!” to Medusa. But Medusa boasted of her beauty in Athena and fooled Athena.. Then angry Athena changed Medusa into the figure of the monster who has the hair of the poisonous snake, and eyes shining like a jewel with horrifying face with, and has the golden wings on the back, and has the hands of the bronze. Her older sisters who thought of Medusa miserably protested Athena. Athena which cannot contain her anger changed Euryale and Stheno where she protested into the figure of the monster same as Medusa. Euryale and Stheno became the indomitable body. Therefore, they who roughened character more and more attacked a certain town. Then they noticed that they and people whom eyes matched turned into a stone. They who snatched money and valuable articles in the town attacked many towns and villages, and they changed the person who resisted them in sequence to the stone. And the rumor that the monster who changed the person to the stone attacked a town spread out immediately. The son named Perseus with Zeus and the human being to hear the rumor has begun to look for their whereabouts. Then he was equipped with the helmet named Helm of Hades which a figure does not look like when put it on, and The shield named Aigis of the bronze mirror which rids the disaster, and Immortal Slaying Scythe named Harpe, and the golden sandals named Talaria which the wing which could fly in the sky grew, and the bag named Kibisis of Barrier Inversion given from gods. And Perseus which finds a place to stay of the three Gorgon sisters covered his figure with Helm of Hades and he ran the sky in Talaria and appeared in the hideout of the three Gorgon sisters. The poisonous snake of the hair of Medusa and Stheno and  Euryale noticed a sign of Perseus and attacked Perseus. The poisonous snake of the hair of Stheno and Euryale snatched Helm of Hades. Perseus cut down a poisonous snake of the hair of Medusa and Stheno and Euryale with Harpe. And Stheno and Euryale flapped and attacked Perseus, then Euryale reflected in the mirror of Aigis became a stone and Stheno reflected in the mirror of Aigis became a stone in succession. Then Perseus cut a neck of Medusa off and he put a neck of Medusa in Kibisis and took it to go. Perseus gave a neck of Medusa for Athena. Athena fitted a neck of Medusa in Aigis. The present after time of several thousand years. Euryale Stheno which became a stone and Aigis which a neck of Medusa was fitted in were displayed through the hand of various people at separate museums. One day when a red full moon dyed a night sky red weirdly, a body of Euryale and Stheno which became a stone cracked, and they achieved revival. Euryale and Stheno damaged the museum where each was displayed and went out of there, and they joined. Then they flew around various places and looked for Medusa. And they found Aigis which a neck of Medusa was fitted in displayed at a certain museum. They destroyed a showcase, and they took out Aigis which a neck of Medusa was fitted in and grieved. When they left the museum, they have begun to look for blood relationship of Perseus to retaliate. And they found that the boy named Garret who was a descendant of Perseus lived in the town named Buchet. Athena which knew that Gorgon revived gave Garret Harpe and commanded it to cut off their neck in Harpe at that time. Garret succeeded in cutting their neck off with Harpe, and dropping it after fought against Euryale and Stheno which appeared before him. And the body of Euryale and Stheno and Aigis which a neck of Medusa was fitted in became extinct by power of Zeus. The memory that he fought against the three Gorgon sisters was deleted by Athena and he returned to everyday life immediately.

The Dive

There was the town named Deckinswill where many commercial buildings stood and much many people came and went. A detective office named Statham detective office was on the fifth floor of the 6-story multi-tenant building built in the deserted back alley of the town. The young director named Oren of the detective office made full use of specific ability and led various cases to the solution. And he used the sixth floor as his house. He dives in deep into the mind of the person whom eyes matched and obtain information to want to know from there and can give a change to a mind and the memory of the person. One day a girl visited his detective office. The girl said “Excuse me” Then Oren came over. The girl asked “Is this Statham detective office” Oren said “Yes. How may i help you?” The girl said “I am Margot Henderson” “Please investigate a man named Kit Oakley” Oren pointed to a the sofa and said “Please tell me your talk there”  They moved to there. Margot said “My grandmother who brought up me who lost my parents when i was young, as a substitute for a parent died one week ago, but the man named Kit Oakley who gave his fiance of the grandmother came over to my house with a lawyer suddenly” “The lawyer showed me the notary deed will of my grandmother and thereby told that man succeeded to all of inheritances of my grandmother” “And the house where I lived with my grandmother was sent” He dived in deep into her mind to see her eyes and checked the truth of her remark. Oren said “Ok, i accept the request” Margot took out an envelope from a bag and put it on the table and said “Thank you. This is all of money that my grandmother gave to me during the lifetime” “I do not know whether this will do, but this is retainer fees” Oren asked “How do you live if you hand all this money to me?” Margot said “Please do not mind” and smiled. And he was steamrollered by her and received an envelope. Margot said “Thank you” and bowed to him, then she left the detective office. He found the cafe which Kit often drops in at, and Kit appeared with a lawyer named Abigail Sutherland of Kit when he drank coffee there. He saw the eye of Abigail and dived into the mind of Abigail. And he knew that Kit and Abigail always dated, and Abigail sat on some doubt in where the notary deed will    that Kit let a grandmother of Margot write it, but love to Kit beat it and kept quiet, and he erased love for Kit of Abigail. Abigail said “I break off the contract with you” and  stood up suddenly and left the place. When Kit was upset, Oren saw the eye of Kit and dived in deep into a mind of Kit successively. Oren knew that Kit has the ability that can control the person who touched it, and erased memory of Kit. And Kit which lost memory disappeared Abigail released from spellbinding of Kit talked about all in a court by Kit having lost memory. Therefore Margot was able to succeed to the inheritance of her grandmother. When because she paid him contingency fees, she visited his office, her hair stood on end without any sign suddenly, and her body discharged electricity. He saw her eyes and dived into her mind and let her sleep. And he was impressed deeply with her special ability, and he employed her in his office. The request for people with have the special ability that committed an evil deed came to him in sequence. He accomplished those requests with Margot.

The puppeteer

There was Landor doll shop in the main thoroughfare of the town named Fols. The late storekeeper named Fabian of the doll shop was a doll craftsman with the superior technique, but he did not accept a technique of his son named Graham. And Fabian died 3 years ago and Graham became heir storekeeper and he was alone and managed it. There was the person to talk about Graham killed Fabian. And there was the person who was missing in the town of Fols and the neighborhood immediately after Fabian died. People who became missing were killed by Graham, and they were hung like a marionette in the basement of the doll shop and Fabian also was hung like a marionette near people. He went to the basement occasionally, and looked at the corpse which were hung like a marionette and he had an inappropriate smile. And he burnt the corpse which decayed in an incinerator behind the doll shop at midnight. When it was the night of the full moon, Graham killed several people, and he dragged a corpse while avoiding the public eye and carried it in the basement of the doll shop and did a corpse for a marionette. One day he went to the bookstore which opened is across the main throughfare of Fols from his doll shop, and he fell in love with the beautiful woman storekeeper named Monica of the bookstore at first sight and always saw states of her bookstore from his doll shop. He made up his mind and invited Monica to a meal. Graham asked “Would you eat dinner with me?” Monica said “Ok” and they ate dinner at the restaurant. Then they have begun to dating. When he was the night of the full moon even after beginning to dating with Monica, he killed several people. Monica which thought of his action questioningly for a long time and, when she looks in his doll shop from the window of the second-floor bedroom of her bookstore at the night of a certain full moon, she looked at him who went out to avoid the public eye. And she began his chase but, lost sight of him immediately. When she wandered looking for his figure, she saw he stole up one woman from the rear, and he strangled a woman to death by the rope which he pocketed of his coat. He who noticed her and walked to her slowly. Graham said “I did not want to be known to you” When he was going to tighten her neck with a rope, she stuck his chest with the knife which she carried for self-protection and he died. When, after his death, the police entered his doll shop, the police detected the innumerable corpses which were able to hang like a marionette  in a basement of his doll shop.

The pedorthist

There was a shoe shop named Beckett shoe shop in a long-established store in a town named Felvynx. A boy named Gilbert of next 16th shoe shop owner gets training of shoemaking by his father of 15th shoe shop owner while, he was managing a shop with his father. The shoe shop owner had been a shoemaker and a pedorthist for generations. But when he became grown-up as a shoemaker, his father had trouble with the heavy disease and became bedridden. And he was managing a shop while nursing his father. One day his father gave him something wrapped in cloth from a sickbed of his father. There were the old shoes. His father said “Touch the shoes” When he touched shoes, a fairy appeared from shoes. Gilbert asked “Daddy, is this a fairy?” His fairy said “She is a fairy od the shoes” “Because I die soon, Thipi please contract my son” Gilbert said “Do not say such thing, daddy” His father said “Gil, make a contract with directions of Thipi” Gilbert said “Ok” Thipi said “Open a palm of a right hand and turn to me” Thipi put a small bruise on its palm he opened, and she dabbed his palm with a palm, then their bodies were wrapped in light. When they look at a bed, his father died. He grieved and fell. Thipi supported he which is distraught with grief, and they held a funeral of his father. When he cooled down, Thipi said “Your father and your family have made special shoes with the contract formed with me” “You make the special shoes with me too” Gilbert asked “What should I do?” Thipi said “You make the shoes which fit each customer as a pedorthist using my power” He ascertained a bad part of the body of the customer using the power he has got by contract with Thipi, and he made the shoes which fitted the respective customers. Thipi gave the special power to the shoes, and made sure that the visitor can use it comfortably. And they managed a shop together.

Virtual soldiers

There were the country named Wirfgart. Southern residents of Wirfgart caused independence movement in order to become independent from effective control of Wirfgart of the northern part, but their body was restricted by the northern public peace authorities. Because Wirfgart of the southern part was good at technology, southern residents thought offer technology to the big country named Ignesia and have Ignesia support independence from Wirfgart. A particularly superior scientist named Ioanna played a key role in the southern part and performed various studies. The northern part noticed their plan, and northern people sent the computer virus to their research institution named Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology and produced an electromagnetic wave pulse by an electromagnetic wave pulse irradiation device and it prevented electronic equipment from being usable. When northern part produced an electromagnetic wave pulse to the southern part, the substation in the site of Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology was struck by lightning. And the southern part was wrapped in an electromagnetic wave and the big hole appeared at the research room in Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology where Ioanna was suddenly. When she hid herself under the desk, people who made the figure like the soldiers emerged from the other side of the hole and they poured innumerable bullets for scientists. The person like the commander of soldiers said “We were only virtual characters created by you, but the gate which connected the virtual world and your world where we lived appeared” “We rule over this world on behalf of you using this gate” Ioanna prevented from expressing a voice with a hand over a mouth not to be found by them in spite of being a scare. They left the research room without noticing in Ioanna. When virtual soldiers left the research room, and she was relieved, different virtual soldiers emerged from the other side of the hole. Northern residents thought northern part produced an electromagnetic wave pulse in southern part and southern residents have dissatisfaction for it and invade the northern part. And the northern part sent soldiers into the southern part under the peace in nominal and order maintenance. But because the northern part did not get communication with soldiers which sent into the southern part, summoned a special combat troop named Cerberus of five members and sent them into the southern part. Members of Cerberus are Joseph of the commander and Gerald of of the power pride and Wilhelmina which can fire through the mark in the 2km away place and Aloysius which is familiar with every martial arts and Sean of the specialist about the explosive. When they arrived the center of the southern part, they saw virtual soldiers were destroying the building of the area. Soldiers of the northern part sent into the southern part near virtual soldiers ceased to breathe. And a battle began. Ioanna waited for virtual soldiers to go out of the research room, and she put the equipment which research room included front the big hole that led to the virtual world and blocked up the hole. And because she heard the gunshot from the outside when she left the research room and walked while looking around, virtual soldiers and a special combat troop of the northern part when she saw the outside of the window fought. Virtual soldiers who came out of the big hole connected to virtual world first were invaded and attacked to the northern part without meeting with Cerberus which Joseph commanded at that time. And they murdered nothern soldiers one after another and went to the capital naned Byron with the Executive Office of the President. They murdered the President and made the Executive Office of the President their hiding place. When Ioanna walked looking for a place to hide in while looking around, heard the big sound from the research room where she was. And she went down to the first floor using nearby stairs and hid herself in the cabinet in the depths of the office. Virtual soldiers destroyed the equipment which she put in front of a hole in the research room and emerged from the virtual world of the other side of the hole. Cerberus which commanded Joseph overthrew virtual soldiers and decided to be divided into the two groups. Joseph and Wilhelmina and Sean went into the research institute and Gerald and Aloysius went to the outskirts for reconnaissance. Joseph and Wilhelmina and Sean have begun to investigate all rooms of the research institute. Wilhelmina cried “Whom is there?” Ioanna thought that somebody who was not virtual soldiers came to the rescue and went out of a cabinet. Sean asked “Who are you?” Ioanna said “I am Ioanna of the scientist working for this research institute” “and you?” Joseph said “We are special combat troop dispatched from the northern part” “Do you know what there was?” Ioanna said “A big hole appeared in the research room where i was suddenly, and soldiers emerged from the other side of the hole” “And soldiers poured innumerable bullets on scientists” Joseph said “Ok, do not be separate from us!” When Ioanna went up the stairs with them, virtual soldiers waited for them. And it became the gun battle. Gerald and Aloysius which spied upon the outskirts heard the gunshot and rushed to them. Wilhelmina overthrew most virtual soldiers alone and Sean threw out a bomb homemade to virtual soldiers, and virtual soldiers died from blasting and Joseph overthrew several virtual soldiers while guarding Ioanna. When Gerald and Aloysius came to them, they have finished overthrowing virtual soldiers. And they went to the research room where she was. When they arrived at the research room, she had a surprised look. Aloysius asked “What happen?” Ioanna said “A hole grew big from time when i left the room” “Please look for an electromagnetic wave pulse irradiation device” “This hole might appear under the influence of it” Joseph said “Ok” They threw in a grenade in the other side of the hole and shot the rocket launcher. And Joseph divided Cerberus into the two group again. Joseph and Ioanna and Gerald went to the southern part and the northern border which irradiated the southern part with an electromagnetic wave pulse. Wilhelmina and Aloysius and Sean were left the watch of the hole to. Joseph heard “The Executive Office of the President was occupied by someone” from a soldier of the northern part that watched around the northern part and around southern border. They found an electromagnetic wave pulse generator and switched it off, then the electromagnetic wave which surrounded the southern part disappeared. However, they came back to the research institute, and they joined remaining members. A hole connected to the virtual world disappeared. Joseph said “The Executive Office of the President was occupied by someone” Aloysius said “Probably it is the guy who came out of the hole” And they went to the Executive Office of the President. Joseph said “You go to the safe place, and hide yourself” to Ioanna. Ioanna said “Ok” and hid in the private house. When they arrived at the Executive Office of the President, virtual soldiers waited for them. They heard the voice of the person like the commander of virtual soldiers from a near speaker. The person like the commander of virtual soldiers said “I am a general of virtual soldiers” “When other virtual soldiers were overthrown, is it a thing that there are you here?” “My subordinates whom there is here are stronger than people whom you overthrew” “Can you overthrow me?” and sneered. Gerald said “Well  we check it” The general of virtual soldiers stopped ridicule and said “Try it if you can do it!” And they were able to overthrow virtual soldiers after a fierce battle, but Sean lost its life, and Gerald suffered a serious case. The general of virtual soldiers escaped from them and escaped into the private house where Ioanna was covered. And the general of virtual soldier held Ioanna hostage and shut oneself up in the private house. Wilhelmina fired through the chest of the general of virtual soldiers. Because most of the President and the people concerned with government of Wirfgart were killed by virtual soldiers, there were a lot of people who ordered him to the leader of interim government in acknowledgment of an achievement of Joseph. But Joseph said “Aloysius deserves to be the leader of interim government” Aloysius became the leader of interim government by recommendation of Joseph. Aloysius married with Wilhelmina, and Wilhelmina became the wife of the leader of interim government. Joseph and Ioanna got married, and they moved to the seaside small house. Gerald opened the classroom of the martial art and taught a child a martial art.

The converter

There were a boy baby named Tristan who lives with his parents in a big town named Verfesta. His parents gave him a teddy bear on his birthday of five years old. When he touches a teddy bear on his left hand, it has begun to move. Tristan said “Hello, I am Tristan” “You are name is Mick” Mick said “Hello, Tristan” His parents were surprised and froze. Tristan said “Thank you daddy, mammy” His mother asked “Why can Mick move?” Tristan said “When I touched Mick on my right hand, he has begun to move” His father said “Well, touch Mick on your left hand” When he touched Mick, Mick stopped a movement. And his parents understood that he can change the organic matter which touched on his right hand to the inorganic matter, and it is possible to change the inorganic matter which touched on his left hand to the organic matter. His father said “Wear gloves so as not to move anything else” Tristan asked “May I make sure that Mick can move?” His parents stared at each other and said “Ok” Tristan said “Thank you” When he touched Mick on his right hand, he wore gloves on his both hands. Tristan asked “Will you be my friend, Mick?” Mick said “Of course” And he played with Mick. Then he has moved to the country town named Granbell to hide his ability with his parents. Therefore he always wore gloves on his both hands and hid its ability. But one day which have passed for a while since he entered an elementary school the bad child named Jeremy famous at the town which thought of his always wearing gloves unpleasantly made them take off his gloves by force. And the boy who touched his right hand changed to a doll. Before noticing other people, he touched Jeremy on his left hand quickly. Then Jeremy changed to the original figure. He wore gloves quickly. But he confessed his ability to residents resolutely  the several days later. He thought was disliked by residents, but residents accepted him. And he lived with the various things which changed with the special ability of his both hands and residents. And Mick became an idol in the town.

The book of seals

There was a national library which possess well over fifty million books in a town named Durvel. A girl named Noemi was working as a librarian in the national library. One day when she is building a database of the book a national library possess with her colleagues, strange voice has been heard from the direction in the stacks prohibited. She entered the stacks prohibited to make sure of the true character of the voice. And she patrolled around the stacks prohibited cautiously while saying “Is there anyone? Do not hide and come out”, but there was no one. One thick book fell suddenly at her feet. <The book of seals> was recorded by a form like Fraktur on a cover of the book.  She opened the book, much black shadows were released from a book. And a big dog with three heads emerged from a book and boarded a bookshelf. She was surprised and screamed. Then her colleague named Vihar worries about her and has run. Vihar asked “What happened?” “Here is restricted” Noemi pointed to the bookshelf on which the big dog with three heads gets to the top. The big dog with three heads said “Only you see my figure” Vihar said “There is norhing” Noemi said “It was my imagination” Noemi pointed to a book and said “Strange voice has been heard from the stacks prohibited, so when I come to the stacks prohibited, this book has fallen suddenly” Vihar said “This book is not the book possess in a stacks prohibited” Noemi asked “Eh?” “May I take this book?” Vihar said “I think that is no problem because that is not a book here” She has picked the book up and has gone out of the stacks prohibited with Vihar. The big dog with three heads has followed behind her and has gone out of the stacks prohibited. And when she is building a database of a book again, a scream has been heard from the neighbourhood of the national library. Noemi asked “Who are you?” The big dog with three heads said “I am a watchdog named Cerberus of <The book of seals> you have now” Cerberus said “Devils are sowing the seeds of discord on all part because you broke seals” “You have no choice but to seal devils into this book up” Noemi asked “What should I do?” Cerberus said “Because I make a devil weaken, you intone the incantation recorded on the book” Noemi said “Ok” When she opened the book, <Deabruak nor lo ibiltzen liburu honetan!> was recorded on a book as sealing method. Cerberus said “Get on my back!” She held a book and sat astride a back of Cerberus and they went to the devil. A flame, a chill and thunder were thrown for a devil from the respective mouths of three heads of Cerberus. She opened a book and intoned “Deabruak nor lo ibiltzen liburu honetan!” Then the devil was swallowed up in the book. And they sealed devils up one after another. When they finish sealing all devils up, Cerberus said “I get to sleep in the book” and  disappeared. Cerberus which entered in the book appeared in a cover. She hid the book in the place found by no one in a stacks prohibited.

The metamorphosis

Medicines unlike the medicine which was usually produced were produced as a result that many chance piled up in a certain medicine company in the town named Mernos. When the medicine company transported it to the research institute to judge the medicine at the chemistry laboratory, it collided with the truck which carried liquid sugar. And liquid sugar and the medicine which were in the tank by the shock protruded from cars, and the driver of two cars sent baggage to each import ahead without noticing that baggage had been replaced. The chemistry laboratory inspected carried liquid sugar and sent a test result to the medicine company by an email on the day. The person concerned of the medicine company wondered, but did not take any action. The medicine carried to the small sweets factory named Cather sweets factory in the edge of Mernos was used as liquid sugar and became the jelly beans. The 10-year- old girl named Anastasia of the regular customer purchased the jelly beans which was sold at a store adjacent to a factory, and there was in large quantities. The girl purchased the jelly beans which was sold at a store adjacent to a factory, and there was in large quantities. She was a regular customer, and she purchased jelly beans in large quantities whenever she visited the store. When she classified one jelly beans into her mouth on the way to a house, and she walked, one cat appeared before her. And she patted the cat, then her body metamorphosed into a cat. She was surprised at her body having metamorphosed into a cat, but she played with the cat for a while. She came to her senses suddenly, and thought she want to return to a human body. Then her body returned to a human body, and she came home. When she who came home put jelly beans in the drawer in desk of her room, and she opened the cage in the corner of her room, a ferret named Markus jumped at her from a cage. Then her body metamorphosed into a ferret. Markus was surprised at she who metamorphosed into a ferret, but he was playful to her. When she played with Markus, her mother knocked at her room door. And she thought she must back to the original state early.,then her body returned to a human body. Her mother entered her room and said “the dinner was ready” Anastasia said “Ok, i go soon” And she put Markus in a cage and went to the living room and ate dinner. She ate one jelly beans on the next morning, and touched the hawk named Henry which her father kept before she went to the school, then her body metamorphose into a hawk. She who metamorphosed into a hawk put several jelly beans in a locket and wore it, and flapped for approximately ten minutes, then went down sky in the forest of the back of the school. And the squirrel was in her step and the squirrel looked at her and became stiff. She stared at the squirrel anxiously and touched it by a wing lightly, then her body metamorphosed into a squirrel. The squirrel turned the look that seem to want to play with her to her. Anastasia said “I must go to school” and she returned to a human body. Then the squirrel stole in her bag. She who did not know that a squirrel entered her bag went to school with the bag on foot. When she arrived at the classroom and opened the bag, a squirrel jumped out from her bag. Her classmate who noticed to a squirrel approached to touch a squirrel. Then the squirrel ran around in the classroom among. Her teacher said “Anastasia. do not bring an animal in a school” “Capture a squirrel early!” Anastasia said “Sorry” She said “Because I play with you later, come on” while running after a squirrel. Then the squirrel ran up her body and got on her left shoulder. She took a class with putting a squirrel on the left shoulder and when a class was over, she went to the forest of the back of the school and played with the squirrel. When she left the squirrel in the forest and was going to leave the place, the squirrel ran up her body again and got on her left shoulder. Anastasia asked “Do you come to my house?” The squirrel seemed to smile at her. Anastasia said “Well, the name is necessary for you” And she thought about the name of the squirrel. She came up with the name and said “Your name is Christelle” When she looked at the squirrel, the squirrel seemed to be joyful. And she metamorphosed into a hawk, and she put a squirrel on her back, and flew away for home. She who metamorphosed into a hawk entered in from the window of her open room and she returned to a human body. Then Markus went out of the cage by oneself and came over to her step. Markus which noticed existence of Christelle seemed to want to play with her. Because she played with him happily, Anastasia left them in the room and ate dinner. When she finished eating dinner and came back to her room, she felt some kind of signs and opened the window of the room then the innumerable eyes which shined in darkness looked into her room from the outside of the window. She edged back, then the owl entered her room at the window. And the tip of the wing of the owl touched with her body, and she metamorphosed into an owl. Anastasia asked “What can i do for you?” The owl said “I am Morgan” “I heard the human rumor that can metamorphose into an animal and came here from Vernal zoo” Anastasia asked “Where did you hear the rumor?” Markus said “Sorry, I told about you to animals” Anastasia said “Ok” “Did you run away from the zoo?” Morgan said “Yes. The zoo gives animals feed for cost reduction only once in three days, and  because the place that a visitor cannot see becomes insanitary, there is the animal dying having a disease” “Please save animals of the zoo by your power” Anastasia said “Guide me to the zoo!” Morgan said “Thank you” Christelle said “We also go together” Anastasia said Ok. Well, ride on my back!” Markus and Christelle jumped onto her back. They followed after Morgan and took off for Vernal zoo. She who arrived the zoo followed it after Morgan and went the animals which objects to a revolt. And she metamorphosed into various animals and persuaded  animals with Morgan, then the animals accepted her persuasion. She fed animals jelly beans and let birds touch it, then large animals metamorphosed into a bird. She carried animals to the place surrounded by rich nature from the zoo with Morgan. When she who came home after it dawns went to school, it was thrown into an uproar that animals of the zoo disappeared overnight. She became kind for animals. A decade later, she who graduated from a high school took to live with animals at the place where animals which she carried before lived in.