The person who attracts attention

There was the woman named Cindy who worked as a nurse in the affiliated clinic of St. Clement Hospital. She works for the clinic and is the fifth year, and because she was beautiful and gentle and smart, she was popular from the patient and the trust from the nurse of the colleague and the doctor, were highly excellent nurse. She has a boyfriend named Mohamed who works as a physician in same clinic from 2 years ago. Because he was gentle and hear the talk of the patient affectionately, he was very popular from the patient. One day the man named Benjamin who suffered a burn in the left hand in the clinic where they worked came for treatment. The doctor asked “What’s wrong with you?” Benjamin said “I have stepped on a rust nail when I carried baggage of the moving to my new home” Cindy said “You moved to this town, and was a misfortune at the very beginning, but welcome to our town” “All the people living in this town are good peopledy, if you want to be guided to this town i will guide you” Benjamin said “Thank you” The doctor treated his foot. She guided him the town on her off day. And he went to the clinic for a few days He appeared in the clinic again one week later. Cindy asked “What’s wrong with you?” Benjamin explained that he suffered a burn in the left hand by an iron. While she treating him as support of the doctor, she asked “Do you do housework by yourself? The left hand is not usable for a while and is inconvenient” Benjamin said “Thank you” and smiled. Cindy said “Take care of yourself” Then he went to the clinic until a burn healed. The day when he appeared in the clinic was always the day when she worked. He liked her since he looked at her for the first time at a clinic. But one day she and he who saw it when Mohamed made it close witnessed it. One day when she went to get mail from the mail box of her house, an envelope of the sender non-entry was contained among a newspaper and the letters from the friend. And she confirmed them in living, then the nail of the person with the blood came out of an envelope of the sender non-entry and she screamed. Then Mohamed came over to hear her scream. Mohamed asked “What happened?” Cindy pointed to an envelope and said “Please see the envelope” When he confirmed the envelope, a letter came out other than the nail of the person with the blood. It was written in the letter that <look at more me.  from Benjamin> Mohamed asked “Who is Benjamin?” Cindy said “He is a patient of the clinic” Mohamed said “I complain to a fellow directly” Cindy said “You never saw the envelope which has been sent from Benjamin that. OK?” Mohamed asked “Why?” Cindy said “Because the trouble does not want to cause it” Mohamed said “Ok” A little finger of Benjamin was in the mail box of her house the next day. When she went to the clinic, he looked have nothing and was in the waiting room. He was summoned to the consulting room and was asked “What wrong with you?” by a doctor. Benjamin said “Of the saw was too sharp, and I cut a finger” The doctor asked “Do you have the finger cut off?” Benjamin said “No” Doctor said “Cannot restore a finger, but sew up the wound” Benjamin said “Ok” The doctor sewed up the wound of his little finger. Cindy said “Take care of yourself” When she slept in the second-floor bedroom of her house at the night of the day, she heard a sound. And when she went to where she heard the sound fearfully, there was bloody Benjamin which grasped a kitchen knife in a hand in the kitchen. She was not able to move for excessive fear. Then Mohamed which stayed at her house worrying about her appeared and was made a confused fight with Benjamin. She called the police. When Mohamed snatched a kitchen knife from Benjamin and blockaded the motion of Benjamin, several police cars appeared. They regained a peaceful living. It was to have become clear later, but caused a similar case even if Benjamin was living before.


The assasin

There was Tetherow children’s home which a man named Jarrett Tetherow in the town named Mynshir. Officially Tetherow children’s home was ran a wholesome children’s home, but it was just a cover to bring up more assassins quickly. Another name of the children’s home is Zushakon assassination training school. There was the girl named Victoria who received training for the assassination at there. She lived with her parents in the certain farm village. One day she became 5 years old at the beginning when she ate dinner with her parents at her house,  subordinates of a large number of Tetherow with the gun came over to the village where she lived in. Because a gunshot resounded in various places, her father opened a door to see a state. Then her father was hit by innumerable bullets to a body and fell down. And her mother hugged her who cried and was going to protect her, but her mother was taken away by men and she was taken away by different men. Men of the village were murdered, and women were sold off, and children were taken to the children’s home. When children were taken away, they cried out but they were used violence on men and they came to obey an order of men while shaking. Victoria continued training of the assassination for bread for hatred for Tetherow. And on one day when she was to 18 years old, she was called by Tetherow. Tetherow said “I give you a duty of the assassination” She puts on a black helmet in a black leather riders jacket and went to the target of the assassination on the black motorcycle which a picture of the god of death was drawn on. And she pretended to have assassinated a target of the assassination and missed a target to the safe place. She watched the trend of Tetherow while she pretended to have assassinated a target of the assassination and continued missing it. On one day three years later, she was called by Tetherow. Tetherow said “I give you a duty of the assassination” “I have you assassinate a man named Zach Paxton and discard the data which he holds” and handed a photograph of Zach. Victoria asked “Who is he?” Tetherow said “The journalist that he snooping around me” Victoria said “Ok” She puts on a black helmet in a black leather riders jacket and went to the place where Zach appeared frequently on the black motorcycle which a picture of the god of death was drawn on. And when she confirmed his face, Zach which noticed her ran away from her. Victoria ran after him and said “I am not your enemy” “Please listen to me” “Your life is aimed at in Tetherow” Zach asked “Who are you?” “Are you a subordinate of Tetherow?” Victoria said “You should not know the details for you” “I have you pretend to have been murdered by me and escape” Zach said “Such a thing be said suddenly even i cannot be believed” Victoria said “give me the result that you investigated Tetherow so far” “I guarantee your personal security if I give findings to me” Zach asked “What do you use the findings for?” Victoria said “I use the findings to ruin Tetherow” Zach looked dubious, but said “Ok” Victoria said “You have two choices” “I pretend that you believe me, and was murdered and escape or was murdered by Tetherow” Zach said “I entrust you” and handed findings to her, and she handed forged ID to him. She pretended that she assassinated Zach, helped his escape. She sneaked into the village where Tetherow listed in the findings that obtained by Zach planned a surprise attack, and she made a surprise attack to subordinates of Tetherow where she came over to to attack the village. She fought against dozens of men, and she murdered them without being noticed by a villager. And she put on a helmet, and sat astride a black motorcycle and went to the children’s home. She murdered subordinates of Tetherow which let children train the assassination in the children’s home and tied tem up, then she released children. But children whom she released attacked her. She avoided the attack of children and stunned one children. And she went to the office of Tetherow to put an end to all. When she arrived at the building where an office of Tetherow was in, subordinates of t which noticed her by a surveillance camera surrounded her. She murdered subordinates of Tetherow which surrounded her. And she went to the floor with the office of Tetherow. But the girl named Mary whom she treated like her younger sister. Victoria asked “Why is there you here?” “I do not want to fight against you” Mary attacked her without meeting her question. Tetherow came from the depths of the room. Victoria asked “What did you do in Mary?” Tetherow said “The doll that she cannot go against my order” “Can you murder her?” and laughed. Victoria said “I never forgive you” Victoria and a battle of Mary were developed. But she remembered Mary and the pleasant memory that she spent and stopped movement. Mary shed a trickle of tears and said “Kil me!” Tetherow said “Kill Victoria quickly!” She gave damage of the degree not to murder Mary and could not fight and did Mary. Then Tetherow kneel and begged for his life to her. She stuck a knife into a chest of Tetherow. And she moved to the village where a person was not which knew them with Mary and lived in detail.

The conductor

There was a 11-year-old boy named Van who lived in the residential area in the suburbs of the metropolis named Colnich with his parents and his grandmother. Because his parents worked in double harness in Colnich, he was brought up as a substitute for a parent by his grandmother. He could not be familiar with a school, and there was not a friend, but the girl named Monique of his prettiest childhood friend took care of him in the school year that worried about him. Therefore his classmates were jealous of him and tormented him, but he spent it without saying it in Monique. One day the boy named Lyman who controlled the group which tormented Van at school proposed to Monique. She did not the rumor about Lyman and accepted Dane with pleasure. The rumor is Lyman is a son of the rich man, and the evil deed that he committed was stubbed out so far by the big pipe which his father had, and it was not for public knowledge. And his grandmother who noticed it when Van which went home did it sadly in a house took him out to the flea market. Then when he was taken to the flea market by his grandmother and he looks at neighboring shops while he waits for the shopping of his grandmother, he found a baton which is in a box, and he started at the baton. His grandmother who finished shopping came over him. His grandmother which saw his figure who looked at the baton with wistful eyes paid the price of the baton to a old man of the storekeeper. Then the old man of the storekeeper said “Handle it well” and handed him the baton which was in the box. Then he and his grandmother came their home. When he who came his home took the baton out of a box, he left his home immediately. And he went to the avenue lined with poplar trees which was his favorite place. He sat on the bench near the avenue lined with poplar trees and looked at the trees of poplar, then one named Duncan of the groups tormenting him at school and four boys of the subordinate which tormented him suddenly appeared in the front of him. He hid a b aton at once. Duncan asked “What do you have?” Van said “It does not matter what” The subordinate of Duncan said “We prevent you from saying such an impertinent thing again” Duncan said “Give me it quickly” “Snatch the thing which Van hides” The subordinate of Duncan faced him and threw themselves. Because he strongly grasped a baton and was not robbed of it, he swung it around desperately, then four boys who threw themselves on him stopped movement suddenly. Van did not notice, but boys stopped movement at the same time as the tip of the baton was suitable for boys. Duncan asked “What are you doing?” “Snatch the thing which Van has quickly!” The subordinate of Duncan said “My body does not move” Duncan said “What a nonsense you talk” “Arrest Van quickly!” The subordinate of Duncan said “We do not joke” Duncan asked “What did you do to those fellows Van?” Van said “I do not know”, but he thought that there was special power to the baton and four boys stopped by the power. Duncan said “It is hard to believe that” Van said “Do not come here” and waved a baton and turned the tip to Duncan. Then the body of Duncan did not move. Duncan asked “What did you do to me Van?” Van took a swing of a baton in silence. Duncan and his subordinates became subdued  and they kneeled to Van. Duncan and k obeyed him by Van having taken a swing of a baton. He went to an office of father of Lyman, and people that a relation is close with father of Lyman. He took a swing of a baton after turning the tip of the baton to people and said “Repent of evil deed that you committed so far!”. Father of Lyman and people that a relation is close with father of Lyman told all the evil deeds that oneself committed in communication with a newspaper publisher and the TV station in the past. Therefore people that a relation is close with father of Lyman arrested with father of Lyman. The evil deed of Lyman oneself was found out, and he also was taken to the police. The distance of Van and Monique suddenly came close from the event, and they started dating. And because he does not let anyone touch the baton which can control a person, he entrusted its management to his trustworthy clergyman.