The pieces

There were a girl named Tabitha who lives with her parents in a town named Bransold.
She could not recognize person’s face from her childhood, so she was seemed to have a poor memory from people around her.
And she was working at a bakery though she worried about the thing.
She was too beautiful, so many customers visited the bakery where she works every day for meeting her.
She could not remember a face of regular customers, but she could recognize the bakery manager named Conall for whom she works and the youth named Torn who works for a pharmacy across the bakery by a uniform.
One man named Blaze of the customer who was feeling good will toward her knew she contacts friendly only Conall and Torn.
His kindness to her changed to hostility, and he came to stalk her.
But she did not worry it.
Torn who saw the scene that she is stalked by Blaze.
He sent Blaze away.
He who worried about her took her back home.
Blaze who stole in her apartment and put one letter.
When she who has finished working went home, and one letter was left.
<It is only I to understand you.
Thought why you do not try to see me?
Always I am at your side> was written on the letter.
She who feared consulted Conall.
Tabitha said “I think I was stalking by someone recently”
She showed him the letter.
Conall said “There seems to be a problem of security with the apartment where you live”
“If you would like, stay at a vacancy room on the 2nd floor of this bakery”
Tabitha said “Thank you”
And she came to live on the 2nd floor of the bakery.
The mysterious affairs occurred frequently around her since that.
And the weird letter has reached her room like every day.
When she says that she wants a big bear boll in the conversation with Conall, while she was not in her room on the next day, that was put.
She was afraid and threw away the stuffed animal.
Then the contents on a letter became radical.
She who felt anxiety consulted Conall.
She showed him the letter put in her room.
<Do not escape from me.
It is only I that you can be done happily.
Why did you throw away a doll I gifted to you? > was written on the letter.
Conall said “I have to strengthen the security”
When she is showing Conall the letter, Torn came to the bakery where she is working.
Torn asked “What is the matter?”
Tabitha said “Do not mind”
Torn asked “Did the man who was stalking you do anything?”
Conall asked “Did you see the figure of the man who stalks her?”
Torn said “Yes, but I sent that guy away only”
Conall said “Ok”
“It’s only you to know the figure of that guy , please cooperate with us to arrest that guy”
Torn saw that she who has anxious face and said “Ok, I will cooperate”
Tabitha said “Thank you”
Every time time was found, he went to the bakery where she is working.
Then he found the doubtful man wandering around the bakery.
He who approached the man noticed that the man was the man who stalks her.
When he catches Blaze, the man has begun to make noise.
The vicinage’s people who heard the tone of the trouble came to see the state of affairs.
Blaze who saw the figure of Tabitha screamed “A person suitable for you is not besides me”
Blaze was taken by the police Torn called.
Tabitha and Torn started dating as with that case.
The symptom of her prosopagnosia became good gradually.


The figure

One package of sender obscurity was dropped into an apartment of the college student named Steve who lives in a college town named Darfyntes.
When he opened the package, a right leg and an envelope were included in the package.
<Chosen you receive parts of the figure every week, complete that figure> was written on the letter in that envelope.
He was going to consult with his girlfriend named Tricia about the package which reaches his apartment every week, but he could not get any more a contact at all with her.
He could not make a contact with Tricia for 3 days, so he asked her friend named Carrie which lives she her whereabouts.
Steve asked “I cannot make a contact with Tricia from the front for about 1 week, do you know where she is?”
Carrie said “She returned to her parents’ home for her to attend a funeral of her elder brother”
Steve asked “Why did not tell me that?”
Carrie said “Because she did not want to trouble you”
Steve said “Ok”
But she has not returned.
And the package has reached his apartment every week after the day.
While he waits for her who is not returning, he has begun to construct parts of the doll which reaches his apartment every week.
When 1 month had passed since he began to construct a figure, he received a face of a figure and he learned that the figure was Tricia.
He who thought it was known what Carrie was went to her apartment.
She served him coffee.
Steve showed the figure and asked “Did you know existence of this figure?”
Carrie said “You are dull”
Steve said “I did not notice that a figure was Tricia until I receive facial parts”
“About that?”
Carrie said “The figure is herself”
Steve asked “What does it mean?”
Carrie said “You are really dull”
“I killed her and made it a figure”
Steve asked “I heard you and Tricia are best friends,but why?”
Carrie said “Because I fell in love to you”
“I began to feel Tricia obstructively, and killed her”
“I would like to present a gift to you who like a figure, and I made her a figure”
Steve said “Tell me it is all lie”
Carrie said “No it is all true”
Steve asked “Why did you say that to me?”
Carrie said “I kill you and put it near me as a figure” and smiled weirdly.
Steve said “No”
Carrie said “The medicine should work by and by”
His body had a spasm, and he fell.
Steve asked “What did you do?” during the consciousness fading away.
Carrie said “I cannot be released you”
Because he hid and had his mobile phone done in the call state with his friend just in case, his friend who noticed doubtfully reported to the police.
And she was arrested.
A large number of pictures which sneaked a shot of Steve was found from the room of Carrie.


The matching site

There was a lady named Eliza Wellington working as a 25-year-old elementary school teacher at a small town named Bolm.
The murder case of the brown-haired and longhaired young lady occurred in plenty at the town where she lives and around the town.
But she thought of the news only like a fire on the opposite shore.
She registered with the site urged to her friend before.
Then she has received a message from the man who will introduce himself as Brandon Casey.
[Nice to meet you.
My name is Brandon Casey and am 26 years old.
And I am a architect.
I saw your profile and held interest, and I sent you this message.] was written on the message.
And she sent a reply to Brandon, and they have begun to exchange a message.
When she has begun to have a liking for him, she got the message that [Will you meet me?] was written from him.
She sent him the message that [Your proposal is wonderful, but where do we meet?]  was written.
Then she got the message that [Will you meet in the front of the clock tower of Bolm?] was written from him.
She sent him the message that [Sure] was written.
She went to the clock tower of Bolm and met him.
Brandon asked “Will you go to a coffee shop?”
And they went to a coffee shop together.
When they finish ordering, Brandon said “I pay money and take coffee to a table, so you wait a moment at the table”
Eliza said “Thank you” and sat at the table.
Brandon finished a bill and received coffee from a shop assistant, then he hung several drops of liquid in the half bottle to coffee so that she did not see and handed her coffee from which he hung liquid.
When she drank several mouths of coffee, she lost consciousness.
He held her and went out of the coffee shop, then he forced her into his car he parked near the coffee shop and brought to a closed factory.
When she recovers her consciousness, she was tied to a chair by a rope at a dim factory.
He who noticed her recovering the consciousness came to her.
Brandon asked “Did you wake up?”
Eliza asked “Why did you do this?”
Brandon cried “I do not like the woman who looks like you” and grasped her hair and pulled.
Eliza cried “Help someone”
Brandon said “No one comes to the help” while laughing.
Eliza asked “What would you like to do?”
She has begun to struggle in order to remove her arms from a rope while she distracted his attention.
Brandon said “I brought here to kill you”
Eliza asked “Why me?”
Brandon said “Because you are the same brown-haired long hair as my mother”
When he got away from her, she removed her arms from a rope quickly and took a stun gun out from her bag which was at her feet.
And the moment he entered a puddle, she stuffed a stun gun into a puddle.
Then he fell.
She escaped from a closure factory and called the police.
Brandon was arrested safely and also confessed tens of cases of murder he violated in the past.

The puzzle

There were a girl named Angelica who lives as well as my parents in a town named Gvefort. Her father made them use a barn for an artist named Ryan who does not become popular as an atelier. And the bizarre murder case by which the part of the body is cut off occurred frequently in Gvefort after it had passed for a while. There was a person taken out blood by the bizarre murder case too. One day she who worried about a work of Ryan stole into a barn, then there were many weird works there a portrait of the girl who shudders at fear. There was a puzzle in the depth in a barn, and parts of the body of the human was put in the puzzle. When she was seeing the puzzle, a sound was heard from the entrance neighborhood. Then she was looking for the place which can be in a fluster and close, but she hid herself under the desk. Ryan came into a barn. She was holding her breath and was taking notice of the trend of Ryan. And when 30 minutes passed, he went out of the barn. She who went home spoke to her father about the thing which she saw at a barn. Angelica said “I think that Ryan concerns the murder case which occurs frequently recently” Her father said “Besides there is not such nice young person” “It was somewhat well-founded, and did you say such thing?” Angelica said “There were parts of the body of the human put in a puzzle in a barn” Her father said “If you insist, I will go to a barn, but when nothing was found, think how you do!” Angelica said “I do not have to worry about such thing!” And She entered a barn with her father. But a puzzle was missing. Her father asked “Where is the evidence that k you were talking about concerns a murder case?” “Show me that evidence early!” Ryan came into a barn suddenly. Ryan asked “What happened?” Her father said “Because Angelica was saying that there was evidence that you concern a murder case persistently, I have come to check that” Ryan said “There is no such evidence” Angelica said “I saw that evidence” Ryan asked “Is it what kind of evidence?” He whispered “If you inquire me any more, I will kill you” in her ear. She became compliant for Ryan. But she often visited to a barn, and a hiding room in the barn and found a room. There were a puzzle in which parts of the body of the human was put and many parts of the body of before the human put in a puzzle there. She chose the time when Ryan is leaving a barn, and she threw a smoke bomb into a barn. The people who thought smoke of a smoke bomb was a fire gathered in a barn to put out the fire, and existence in the hiding room and the murder Ryan violated so far were exposed. He was arrested as a cerial killer, but the puzzle by which he put parts of the body of the human in and made was exhibited in an art museum.

The Cannibal

There was a quiet village named Pheynes in the foot of Mount Dwein. The boy named Gustav moved in to the village with his parents on account of the work of his father. He could make a friend immediately in the high school where he changed school and spent it happily every day. He got along well with the hoody boy named Edgar famous at school and the girl named Bridget of the bright person most in a class and the boy named Dwight who excels in all sports, and is popular regardless of man and woman and a younger sister named Susan of Dwight in particular. One day they went on a hike to Mount Dwein by a suggestion of Susan. And they discovered some kind of facilities which became the ruins in the halfway up a mountain area of the mountain. Gustav asked “What are those facilities?” Dwight said “I do not know about those facilities” Bridget said “It is creepy here” “Let’s return!” Edgar said “I will enter!” Dwight said “Wait Ed!” But Edgar went into the facilities. And they entered facilities in pursuit of Edgar. When they who caught up with Edgar advanced to the depths of the facilities with Edgar, there were many cages before them, and several skeletons lay in each cage. Bridget screamed because of too much fear. Gustav asked “Are these human beings?” Dwight said “Perhaps” They realized that a non-humanitarian experiment had been ever conducted there. They had a feeling that they heard the voice of the dim person from the cage in the depths. And they went toward the cage in the depths, then there was the boy who crouched down by the corner of the cage there. Gustav asked “Does he really live?” Susan said “He still lives” Bridget asked “Are you ok?” The boy did not answer. Susan said “Looking for the key to cage!” Dwight said “Sorry” Edgar said “Do not apologize” and looked for the key to cage. Bridget found the bunch of the key used on the wall and opened a cage with the key. When she was in the cage, she noticed that the floor of the cage was dyed with dry blood and she screamed. Bridget said “A floor is bloody!” Gustav cried “Go out of there early!”and got her ability and took you out from a cage. Susan said “I help him” and was in the cage. Edgar which worried about her was in the cage. Edgar said “You have me here Susie!” He clapped the shoulder of the boy lightly and said “You are free”, then the boy bit his scruff suddenly. Blood dripped from his scruff. Gustav took out Susan which stood petrified for fear from a cage. Dwight said “Escape from here early with Susie and Bridy” was in the cage to help Edgar. Susan cried “Dwight!” Dwight separated Edgar from a boy, but Edgar seemed to cease to breathe at any moment. Gustav was going to leave the facilities with Bridget and Susan, but Susan ran toward the cage which needed Edgar and Dwight suddenly. Gustav said “You call for help Bridy” Bridget descended a mountain alone and went to get help. And Gustav hurried toward the cage in pursuit of Susan. Dwight said “Get a hold your self Ed!” Susan knew that Edgar liked her when she arrived front of the cage. Edgar said “Because I cannot move anymore, escape only in you” “I regret that I cannot protect Susie all the time” Dwight said “Do not say such a thing, and live!” “You live, and confess it to Susie!” Susan said “I love you too Ed” When Dwight dragged Edgar  to out of a cage, Gustav said “Escape!” The boy coveted a body of Dwight and ate it. Gustav dragged a body of Edgar to out of a cage to see a chance. Gustav grasped the cosh which rolled near, and he stole up a boy slowly. But the boy noticed him and attacked him. He fought back with a cosh. After a battle, he was made to be wounded severely by a boy, but the boy fell down. And the boy did not move. Gustav dragged a body of Dwight to outside of the cage and locked the cage immediately. Because Dwight suffered a fatal injury, he died but Edgar escaped death somehow by the emergency services which Bridget caused. Edgar and Susan got married after graduation in a high school. And Gustav and Bridget also got married in the next year.

The hypnotic musical box

There was the boy named Damian in the calm country town named Raumont. He had hearing impairment naturally, but was playing actively with children in neighborhood. One day the itinerant entertainer came to Raumont. And the itinerant entertainer was manipulating a marionette and did marionette show in the public square of the town, then residents in the town gathered. He watched the marionette show of the itinerant entertainer with his friends The residents of Raumont were gentle, but a quarrel occurred at the various locations of the town at night of that day. But only Damian was as usual. A quarrel was continuing and was being escalated every night. And the residents have begun to scuffle. The daytime was gentle, but residents in the town became violent at night. Damian which thought doubtfully in residents becoming violent has begun to check the cause. And he saw the figure of the itinerant entertainer playing a melody from a big musical box. He thought that residents in the town became violent because of a melody of a musical box. He stole into a shed of the itinerant entertainer in order to destroy a musical box for him to return residents in the town in the previous state. But he was found by an itinerant entertainer and his body was tied by a rope, and was shut in a basement. He cut a rope using a stone which was at his feet and escaped from a basement, then he moved inside the shed and destroyed a musical box so as not to be found by the itinerant entertainer The itinerant entertainer who saw a broken musical box was disappearing into somewhere unsteadily. Calm like former days has returned to Raumont by breaking the musical box.


There was a man named Isaac working as a captain of the ship of the sightseeing liner who connects a solitary island named Greda Island and a port town named Borent. One day when he is putting a passenger on a sightseeing liner like usual and is sailing for Greda Island from Borent, men were sinking an abandoned boat into a sea as an underwater reef where fish live near the route of his ship. The countless huge tentacle which has developed from the bottom of the sea has been entangled in his ship at the same time as an abandoned boat reached a deep sea. Passengers mentioned a scream and were running around to escape. Isaac said “Everybody calm down, please” “We will bring everybody to Greda Island safely, so please follow our directions” He directed refuge lead of the visitor to crews, he and free crews engaged with several huge tentacles by a gun. Isaac which removed the tentacle which twined around a ship with free crews increased speed and went to Greda Island. When his ship approached Greda Island, the ship which sank an abandoned boat into a sea as an underwater reef where fish live stopped over at an countless tentacle and was drawn into the bottom of the sea. An countless huge tentacle ran after his ship and invaded Greda Island. When he arrived at Greda Island, he went to the inland area quickly with a passenger and crew. An countless huge tentacle surrounded an island, and a head of huge squid appeared. The crew asked “Captain, how should we do?” Isaac said “Carry dynamite to a beach from a mining place by the ore” The crew said “Certainty” When he finishes carrying dynamites to a beach with crews, Isaac said “I do later by myself, so you take refuge” He made crews take refuge compulsorily. And he put a great deal of dynamite on the motorboat which anchored in a beach, and he made him sail a motorboat at top speed for a head of huge squid. Then large explosion occurred, and the form of the huge squid became dispersive. When crews became worried about his safety and went to the beach, he was a plastic sheet of a tentacle of huge squid.


There were an 18-year old girl named Piroska György lived with her father named Nimród of the brilliant system engineer in a country named Harbysta. One day when she went to the workplace of her father to meet her father, her father was abducted by men who wore a suit in front of her. She entreated the police station for a dash, rescue of her father. When she came home all alone at the night of the day, the man who abducted her father waited for her. And when she was almost taken away by men, her boyfriend named László János visited her worrying about her. He rescued her from men, and they went to his house. She knew that there was her father by positional information of the GPS of the cell-phone of her father in the warehouse of the wharf. And she went to the warehouse of the wharf with László, but the tire trace of the car and a cell-phone of her father were left there. When she comes back to the house of László, she accessed the databases of the police of each country, and she looked for the information of men who abducted her father. Then the birth and parentage of two men became clear. One of two men is the man named Steve Banks who does fraud or blackmail, and leaves the prison, and enters. Remainder of two men is the man named Jeremy Passmore who commits a robbery, and is escaping. She researched them more, then she knew they owe a large amount of money from a man named Melville Macgregor. And she researched the birth and parentage of Melville Macgregor, then knew the man was the chief of the terrorist organization named Gvalt. She researched about Gvalt in succession, then she knew Gvalt has dozens of  association facilities in the world. Nimród was gathered in the warehouse of the wharf with engineers who had been abducted elsewhere by men of the suit at that time. And Nimród and abducted engineers were made to get on a ship, and they were carried in the solitary island named Wyoth approximately 1,000 kilometers away from Harbysta for a few days. They were taken down by a ship, then they were made to board the helicopter without putting interval hair and was carried in the heart of a mountain. When the helicopter which they got into arrived at the heart of a mountain, they entered facilities under the ground according to the instructions of men in a suit. When Nimród and engineers were carried by a helicopter for facilities under the ground, their children were kept in a warehouse of the distinction near the warehouse of the wharf where they were. There were innumerable PCs there. And the stout man emerged from the depths of facilities under the ground, then men in a suit faced to the man and stood straight. The stout man said “I am Melville Macgregor” “Learn it!” Nimród asked “Do you intend to let us do what?” Melville said “I have you make a certain program” “A certain program is a program named Typhon to put all mediums connecting with the Internet under the control” One of engineers said “I do not make such a program” The picture of their children was projected by the monitor of the PC . Because Piroska was not reflected in the picture projected by the monitor of the PC, Nimród was convinced of her safety. Melville said “Well, I have you and your children die” “Children of everybody dies if I defy us” Engineers who have been abducted “ Because you do it as you say, do not murder my child” Melville said “Ok, you sit down before each PC, and program it!” Nimród and engineers who have been abducted sat down before a PC according to instructions and has begun to program it. Nimród stole the eyes of the man in a suit, and he sent Piroska the picture of the place where children of engineers were captured and the coordinate of the place where they were. Piroska researched one place of dozens of associated facilities which Gvalt owned for one week at that time. And she narrowed down the place that the possibility that there was her father was the highest in to five places. She researched five places to see a satellite photo, but all points were not able to find a doubt point. She obtained the email that attached the coordinate of the place where her father was captured, and the picture of the place where children of engineers were captured. And she went to the place where children of engineers were captured with László. Then They won the fight with men of the suit which watched children, and they restricted the body of men in a suit. They went from her father to the place of the coordinate which had been sent. It was found Jeremy that the engineer whom there was near him was going to call for help outside, and the engineer was shot dead at that time. Jeremy said “Do not intend to escape” She confirmed a coordinate with a satellite photo with a PC while going to the place of the coordinate, but she was not able to find a doubt point. When they arrived at Wyoth, they noticed that a helicopter covered in the net which had dead twigs stopped. She found a transformer substation near the helicopter. Piroska said “I must destroy a transformer substation” László said “Because you are dangerous, do not go” But she entered the transformer substation, and she did the work that a transformer substation exploded. She came back, and the transformer substation exploded in a few minutes. And they went to the place where her father was captured. Then completion of Typhon was imminent in the facilities where engineers were captured under the ground, but all the data disappeared because a transformer substation exploded suddenly. Melville which got furiously angry fired a gun blindly. Several men in an engineer and a suit were hit in their body by a bullet of Melville. They went to the place where they heard a gunshot to hear a gunshot. A man in a suit was bleeding near the title page which led to facilities under the ground and fell down. They entered the facilities under the ground, then Melville rushed wildly there. László  restricted a body of Jeremy and restricted the body of men in a suit which there was near. Piroska looked for a figure of her father while letting engineers go outside from facilities under the ground. When she met Nimród again, and they were going to escape from facilities under the ground, Melville pointed the muzzle to them and approached. László which noticed it took the gun of the man in a suit, and he shot Melville. They got away from the facilities under the ground and called the police. The details of the case became clear by the testimony of engineers. And they came back to Harbysta and lived life that they did not change before.

The necrophilia

There was the port town named Wythmelk where a lot of various sea foods were unloaded The girl named Carla who lost mother early, and was a motherless family moved in to the town on account of the work of her father who worked in a food processing company. When she carried baggage to the house with her father, and they put it, an old woman came over to her. Carla asked “Who is this?” The old woman said “Monique where I live in the neighboring house” Monique asked “Do you know the case to be taking place around this town?” Carla asked “What kind of case is it?” Monique said “It is the disappearance case of the girl” Carla asked “Is it true?” Monique said “Yes, it is frequent from three years” Carla asked “Is there the person who came home?” Monique said “No, take care” Carla said “Thank you for being able to tell me it” And because Monique went home, she carried baggage to the house again and put it. When she made friends with the classmate of the high school of the transfer and got a boyfriend named Eliot, and she forgot to have been said in Monique, an announcement to tell about a thing when a girl disappearance case occurred again sounded through the downtown. According to the announcement, the girl who disappeared was one of the friends of Carla. Eliot which worried about her commuted to and from the high school with her every day from the day. And she who came home told it to her father. Her farther said “I am not left this town on account of the work, but you go out of this town” Carla said “I stay in this town with daddy” Her farther “Ok, but be careful” Carla said “Of course” One day there was one cafe there when she went to the hill which could look around the town. When she entered the cafe, a storekeeper sat on the counter and drank beer. And she took her place at the table and ordered coffee. Then when she looked around casually, the customer was only her in a shop and she noticed that there was the door which gave off a strange atmosphere in the depths of the counter. hen she felt fear, and coffee was carried, she drank it up immediately and was going to go out of the shop. But she lost mind suddenly and fell down. And she was carried in a dusky basement by the man of the storekeeper, and handcuffs were worn, and she could be connected with a fixed firm chair, and packing tape was put on the mouth. When she regained consciousness, she looked at the big freezer of her front, and the floor was dark red, and was dyed on the left side, and the body was in agony with fear. The corpse of her friend who disappeared on her right side lay. The man cut the corpse of her friend in front of her and has begun to eat. When she shed tears in fear, she heard a voice of Eliot which called her name from somewhere. Eliot where she saw the figure which went to the hill alone worried about her, and he ran after her and did it to a cafe. She made a sound by her feet desperately to have her existence notice Eliot. Eliot which noticed a sound went down the stairs and came over. Eliot asked “Are you ok, Carla?” Then the man who emerged from his rear suddenly struck him. He counterattacked a man while staggering and knocked down a man. They appeared from a cafe immediately and called the police. According to the investigation by police, the man was a manager named Cedric of the common cafe until three years ago, after having spent a few days with the corpse of his wife who became dead three years ago, as for him, he ate the corpse of his wife. And he abducted the woman similar to his wife and killed it, and he ate it after having spent a few days with the corpse.

The perfumer

There was a girl named Lindsey carrying on a manufacturing store of the perfume on an alley in the big town named Movral from the past with her parents. They were the family with they are on good terms very much, and because Lindsey has a good nose, she studied a perfumer while was helping her parents. One day she was the wedding anniversary of her parents, so she invited dinner for her parents. But just after having gone out of the restaurant, her parents were stuck by someone and they died. The man who appeared in the police in a morning the next day admitted killing of her parents. She who has finished a funeral of her parents closed the perfumery temporarily and, she concentrated on study of the perfumer. When she who acquired the qualification of the perfumer is going to make a store resume, one strange man appeared. The man said “I am an old friend of your parents” “Do you have the mind to approach a truth for your parents?” Lindsey asked “What does it mean?” “Is not an arrested man a real criminal?” The man said “There am not me in the viewpoint where you can say details to you, but I am not your enemy” and went away. She was skeptical about saying of the man, but she checked it about a mortal truth of her parents. Then the younger brother of her mother and more than one man found out that her parents are dead and concern. She produced the perfume which can have an influence on mind and the eye. She went to the house of younger brother of her mother, and she made a younger brother of her mother smell at the fragrance including the ingredient to which confession is suggested. Lindsey said “Please tell me a mortal truth of my parents” Younger brother of her mother said “I was in trouble about repayment of the debt I made with a gamble, and offered my older sister aid, but it was declined” “The gang named Ratel skull who knew that seems to aim at the perfumery and proceeds of life insurance of my older sister and killed my older sister and brother-in-law” Lindsey said “Ok” and made younger brother of her mother smell at the fragrance she picked out from the plant which puts out a memory. She looked for the hiding place of Ratel skull while doing work of the perfumer, and she discovered that Ratel skull makes the slum named Kvertos in the outskirts in the town a hiding place. She has finished advancing the business hours of the perfumery up. and went to Kvertos. And she threw the fragrance which causes a sleep and put a watch of a hiding place of Ratel skull to sleep, and stole into the hiding place. She made the fragrance which makes mind collapse be filled in a hiding place, and went away. Then she visited a grave of her parents, and she reported that revenge has been achieved.