The sharp

There was the boy named Peter who lived in the certain quiet residential area with his parents. One day, when he celebrates his 7-year-old birthday with his parents at a restaurant, then the woman who makes stalking of his father grasped a knife and did it on their table. The woman thrust a knife at neck him and said “I loved you all the time” “Why will you love me?” His mother screamed. Peter cried “Mammy, daddy  help me” His father said “Please, release Peter” The woman said “There is not the person loving you than me” “If you promise you divorce your wife and marry me, i will release your son” His father said “I cannot do such a thing” Then the woman put a knife on his neck and asked “Don’t you care what happen to your son?” His mother said “Because I sign a divorce paper, release Peter” The woman took 2 pieces of paper out of a bag and put it on the table and said “Well, sign this divorce paper now here” “And sign this registration of a marriage!” His mother signed a divorce paper while crying. The woman said “You also sign” to his father. His father signed a divorce paper and the registration of a marriage. And when the woman took the registration of a marriage as a divorce paper, the woman pushed him away toward his mother and said “I will have nothing more to do with your son” Then the police officer who rushed by the report of the employee of the restaurant surged into a restaurant. The woman said “I die if I am caught” and stuck a knife into her chest. She died with grasping the registration of a marriage to her left hand. He was released safely, but this case was an opportunity, and he suffered from belonephobia and his parents got a divorce. His mother concerned about belonephobia that he suffered from removed a sharp thing from their house. He hid belonephobia outside the house and lived. He could not use a mechanical pencil, a ball-point pen, and he always used the pencil that the tip round at school. And he was made fun of for it. But he might come to feel sick in an elementary school, a junior high school, a high school, but kept on enduring it. He took an entrance examination for it in spite of objection of his mother distantly in University of Wybros in the remote town from the town where his and his mother lived in. And he passed the university and began a single life in the apartment near the university. When he walked the corridor of the school building on the day of the entrance ceremony, he collided with the very pretty girl. He fell in love with her at first sight. A few days later, when he took the first class in a classroom, the girl whom he met on the day of the entrance ceremony entered the classroom. Professor Craig asked “Are you tardy from the first day of the class Ms. Collins?” The girl said “I am sorry, professor…” Professor Craig said “I am Craig” The girl said “I am sorry, professor Craig” “I overslept” Professor Craig said “Sit at the seat” She sat at the seat next to him. Peter said “I met you on the day of the entrance ceremony” The girl “I remember you” “I am Tiffany” Peter said “I am Peter” Professor Craig said “Be quiet!” Peter and Tiffany said “Sorry” When a class was over, they began a talk again. Tiffany asked “Why did you use the pencil that the tip round?” Peter said “Because i am a belonephobiac” Tiffany asked “What is it?” Peter said “It is fear of needles” “I suffered from belonephobia after a knife was thrust at a strange woman when I was young” “I do not know why I told such a thing to you whom there was for the first time” Tiffany said “Do not mind” “Do you not go to meet a professor, because there seems to be a famous psychological professor in this university?” Peter said “Thank you” She made an appointment with psychological professor Harrison, and they went to the laboratory of the professor a few day later. they visited professor Harrison several times together, and they were attracted each other and began dating. They got married when she graduated from a university, and she supported him.


The time

There was the dowdy university student named Daniel who attends the university of the town named Permilla. His only friend is Giselle of his childhood friend. Because it was a beautiful woman, and Giselle was a popular person, famous good-looking man named Adam and the man led at his university which envied him often made fun of him. One day when he left school, he saw the figure of Adam and four boys in his frontward and entered the sideway at once. He who walked the alley fearfully was drawn to one antique shop which there was in the depths of the alley and entered the antique shop. There was the old shopkeeper who grew a long white beard to long white hair in a shop. And various antique miscellaneous goods were exhibited in the shop. But all exhibited antique miscellaneous goods did not have a price tag. The old shopkeeper “Welcome” He liked an exhibited pocket watch at first sight and called a old shopkeeper. Daniel pointed to the pocket watch and asked “How much is it?” The old shopkeeper said “I sell you it at your asking price” He took a wallet out of his bag, and confirmed the contents of the wallet, and he handed a old shopkeeper 200 euros included in his wallet. The old shopkeeper handed him the pocket watch and said “Please use it carefully” Daniel said “Sure” and left the shop. When he looked back casually, the shop disappeared. And he felt weird and he got away from the alley immediately and came home. His room faced the track, and sounds of the trains were always too loud. When he looked at the pocket watch in his room and touched it in the stem of the pocket watch and turned off a hand on the watch to put time together, the sound that he heard from the outside of his house stopped suddenly. And he touched in the stem of the pocket watch and worked a hand on the watch, then he heard a sound again and noticed that time stopped. Then he put the pocket watch in a pocket of his jacket. He went to the university in the jacket that the pocket watch was in the pocket the next day. When he who finished a class eats a lunch in a campus, four boys whom Adam and Adam led appeared and has begun to make fun of him as always. He took a pocket watch out of the pocket of the jacket and touched in the stem of the pocket watch and turned off a hand on the watch, then the time stopped. And he took off the belt of Adam and let one of four boys whom Adam led grasp the belt, and came back to the seat and worked a hand on the watch. Then the pants Adam in front of many students wore slipped down. Many students roared with laughter to see a figure of Adam. Then Adam blushed and ran off from the place, and four boys whom Adam led ran after Adam. He chuckled to himself to see the scene, put a pocket watch in the pocket of his jacket and left the university. Thereafter Adam did not make fun of him. And he who left the university, and walked aimlessly stopped suddenly in front of a bank. He took a pocket watch out of the pocket of his jacket and stopped time and entered the bank. He who entered the bank stole the cash which a bank clerk had in the hand and filled the bag and left the bank. When he arrives at the grove of miscellaneous trees approximately 2 kilometers away from the bank, he worked a hand on the watch. Then it was made a fuss in the bank. He who came home hid the bag which he filled with the cash which he stole in a bank to the closet of his room, then he felt emptiness so badly and felt emptiness so badly. And he contributed all the cash which he stole to a church. Giselle which noticed that his state was unusual beat his back. Daniel asked “What do you do suddenly?” Giselle said “Because you did not seem to have spirit” “Will you go to the museum with me this Saturday?” Daniel said “Ok” He was too reluctant, but he went to the museum of the neighboring town by the bus with her Saturday. They entered the museum, then two men who pretended to be the guard restricted the body of the guard and locked the doorway of the museum. And the men who pretended to be the visitor, and entered a museum took out a machine gun from a coat suddenly. The people whom there was near the entrance gave scream and ran around this way and that trying to escape. Then armed men fired a machine gun blindly at the muzzle toward the top. The man like the leader of the terrorist said “Obey our order quietly if you do not want to die!” While the muzzle was thrust at terrorist, them and other visitors were gathered in the hall in the center of the museum. The man like the leader of the terrorist said “Install a bomb!” Then two men who pretended to be the guard went to each place of the museum with a Boston bag and installed a bomb. Daniel put a hand in the pocket of his jacket as if not being noticed by people, and he touched the stem of the pocket watch, and stopped time. And he removed the bomb which two terrorists posing as the guard installed and took a gun away from terrorists, and he restricted the body of the terrorist in the unity band which a terrorist possessed. When he was going to restrict the body of the man like the leader of the terrorist in a unity band, he fell down, and a pocket watch fell down from the pocket of his jacket, and a hand on the watch has begun to move by the shock. Giselle picked up the clock which fell down from the pocket of his jacket. And the man like the leader of the terrorist attacked him. She to see the scene that he was attacked by the man like the leader of the terrorist, strongly caught a pocket watch which fell down from his jacket  and screamed, then a hand on the watch stopped and thereby time also stopped. She pushed away the man like the leader of the terrorist and tied up the hands and feet of the man with a unity belt, and when she touched the stem of the pocket watch again, a hand on the watch has begun to work. They and other customers who were taken hostage were freed safely, and terrorists were arrested. And the incident was an opportunity, and Daniel and Giselle began dating. They made the pocket watch their secret.

The necrophilia

There was the port town named Wythmelk where a lot of various sea foods were unloaded The girl named Carla who lost mother early, and was a motherless family moved in to the town on account of the work of her father who worked in a food processing company. When she carried baggage to the house with her father, and they put it, an old woman came over to her. Carla asked “Who is this?” The old woman said “Monique where I live in the neighboring house” Monique asked “Do you know the case to be taking place around this town?” Carla asked “What kind of case is it?” Monique said “It is the disappearance case of the girl” Carla asked “Is it true?” Monique said “Yes, it is frequent from three years” Carla asked “Is there the person who came home?” Monique said “No, take care” Carla said “Thank you for being able to tell me it” And because Monique went home, she carried baggage to the house again and put it. When she made friends with the classmate of the high school of the transfer and got a boyfriend named Eliot, and she forgot to have been said in Monique, an announcement to tell about a thing when a girl disappearance case occurred again sounded through the downtown. According to the announcement, the girl who disappeared was one of the friends of Carla. Eliot which worried about her commuted to and from the high school with her every day from the day. And she who came home told it to her father. Her farther said “I am not left this town on account of the work, but you go out of this town” Carla said “I stay in this town with daddy” Her farther “Ok, but be careful” Carla said “Of course” One day there was one cafe there when she went to the hill which could look around the town. When she entered the cafe, a storekeeper sat on the counter and drank beer. And she took her place at the table and ordered coffee. Then when she looked around casually, the customer was only her in a shop and she noticed that there was the door which gave off a strange atmosphere in the depths of the counter. hen she felt fear, and coffee was carried, she drank it up immediately and was going to go out of the shop. But she lost mind suddenly and fell down. And she was carried in a dusky basement by the man of the storekeeper, and handcuffs were worn, and she could be connected with a fixed firm chair, and packing tape was put on the mouth. When she regained consciousness, she looked at the big freezer of her front, and the floor was dark red, and was dyed on the left side, and the body was in agony with fear. The corpse of her friend who disappeared on her right side lay. The man cut the corpse of her friend in front of her and has begun to eat. When she shed tears in fear, she heard a voice of Eliot which called her name from somewhere. Eliot where she saw the figure which went to the hill alone worried about her, and he ran after her and did it to a cafe. She made a sound by her feet desperately to have her existence notice Eliot. Eliot which noticed a sound went down the stairs and came over. Eliot asked “Are you ok, Carla?” Then the man who emerged from his rear suddenly struck him. He counterattacked a man while staggering and knocked down a man. They appeared from a cafe immediately and called the police. According to the investigation by police, the man was a manager named Cedric of the common cafe until three years ago, after having spent a few days with the corpse of his wife who became dead three years ago, as for him, he ate the corpse of his wife. And he abducted the woman similar to his wife and killed it, and he ate it after having spent a few days with the corpse.

The perfumer

There was a girl named Lindsey carrying on a manufacturing store of the perfume on an alley in the big town named Movral from the past with her parents. They were the family with they are on good terms very much, and because Lindsey has a good nose, she studied a perfumer while was helping her parents. One day she was the wedding anniversary of her parents, so she invited dinner for her parents. But just after having gone out of the restaurant, her parents were stuck by someone and they died. The man who appeared in the police in a morning the next day admitted killing of her parents. She who has finished a funeral of her parents closed the perfumery temporarily and, she concentrated on study of the perfumer. When she who acquired the qualification of the perfumer is going to make a store resume, one strange man appeared. The man said “I am an old friend of your parents” “Do you have the mind to approach a truth for your parents?” Lindsey asked “What does it mean?” “Is not an arrested man a real criminal?” The man said “There am not me in the viewpoint where you can say details to you, but I am not your enemy” and went away. She was skeptical about saying of the man, but she checked it about a mortal truth of her parents. Then the younger brother of her mother and more than one man found out that her parents are dead and concern. She produced the perfume which can have an influence on mind and the eye. She went to the house of younger brother of her mother, and she made a younger brother of her mother smell at the fragrance including the ingredient to which confession is suggested. Lindsey said “Please tell me a mortal truth of my parents” Younger brother of her mother said “I was in trouble about repayment of the debt I made with a gamble, and offered my older sister aid, but it was declined” “The gang named Ratel skull who knew that seems to aim at the perfumery and proceeds of life insurance of my older sister and killed my older sister and brother-in-law” Lindsey said “Ok” and made younger brother of her mother smell at the fragrance she picked out from the plant which puts out a memory. She looked for the hiding place of Ratel skull while doing work of the perfumer, and she discovered that Ratel skull makes the slum named Kvertos in the outskirts in the town a hiding place. She has finished advancing the business hours of the perfumery up. and went to Kvertos. And she threw the fragrance which causes a sleep and put a watch of a hiding place of Ratel skull to sleep, and stole into the hiding place. She made the fragrance which makes mind collapse be filled in a hiding place, and went away. Then she visited a grave of her parents, and she reported that revenge has been achieved.

The information leakage

There was a world-famous IT company named Stardust corporation  in the town named Gystris. A thick excellent employee named Eugene of the trust from the boss and the colleague worked in the IT company. One day he and the man named Anthony who works in the sales department which is on very good terms which entered synchronization visited the office where he was. Anthony said “There is the thing which I want to show you” Eugene asked “What?” Anthony said “See this” and handed Eugene a USB memory. And Anthony inserted USB memory in his PC, then there were a lot of photos of the animal which liked his in the USB memory. Anthony said “It is the photo which I took on a journey” Eugene said “Thank you” Anthony said “You are welcome” and left the office where he was. Then a few days later, the boss came at time when he went to his office in the morning and was going to work towards a PC as usual. The boss said “Information might leak out” “Investigate it immediately!” Employees who were in the office same as him and he have begun to investigate it, then it was recognized that information leaked out from his PC. The boss said “Explain!” Eugene said “I do not know it either” The boss said “I did not think that you did something like this possibly” Eugene said “I promise and am not me” The boss “You confine yourself to your house at home until official disposal falls” And he who was thrust the fact that did not have the memorizing at in the body discovered the truth desperately. It was recognized that information leaked out through USB memory of Anthony. He went to the house of Anthony. When he arrived the house of Anthony, Anthony was packing. Eugene asked “Where are you going?” Anthony said “It has nothing to do with you” Eugene said “Explain!” “Why did you let information leak out through my PC?” Anthony said “I disliked you after I entered the company” Eugene asked “Why?” Anthony said “Only you attracted attention, and nobody was interested in me” Eugene asked “Is it all a lie?” Anthony said “I cannot tell you a lie” “My daughter was kidnapped, and it was said that I released a daughter in exchange for the confidential information of the company by the communication from a criminal and I pulled out information from your PC.” Eugene asked “Did you hand information?” Anthony said “Not yet”  Eugene said “I borrow your PC” He let some viruses steal into the USB memory where the information that Anthony pulled out entered. Eugene said “Take this!” Anthony went to the place appointed by a kidnapper and handed a man USB memory. The man let the different man whom there was in a car confirm it. Anthony said “Release my daughter” The man said “After finishing confirmation” The different man whom there was in a car said “It is genuine”  then pushed a girl out of the car. The man escaped on a car. When he confirmed that a daughter of Anthony was released, let the data of the PC of the kidnapper and data of the USB memory removed. Anthony thanked him, and went to the company and told the boss the whole story of the thing. He avoided disposal thanks to confession of Anthony. As a result, the information did not leak out outside, but Anthony became the voluntary retirement. The evil deed that men of the kidnapper committed by the virus which Eugene had in USB memory came to light, then the kidnapper was arrested. Anthony made friends with him more than before.

The succession of the witchcraft

There was a town named Wysthel where the building with history remains much. The tradition which concerns a witch in the town existed much and many people who lived in the town according to a document have been hung on a witch trial and executed. But the resident of most part of present Wysthel is an immigrant from elsewhere, so the resident who knows about a witch trial in the past is hardly here. There was a girl named Deborah who emigrated in Wysthel by convenience of her father employed as a professor at a university in the town. Since she lost her mother several years ago, she lived with her father. And she who likes a book frequently went to the library built in around seventeenth century in the town. One day she goes to a library as usual, she saw the girl who wears a black robe touches a wall in the corner of the library from a gap of the bookshelf. Then the girl has disappeared suddenly. And when she went to the place a girl was until just now touches a sculpture of the strange animal given to a wallcasually, she was in the center of the magic square was lit up by dim light of lanthanum all too soon. The girl who wears a black robe appeared suddenly from the darkness and said “Wellcome to the Wizarding world” Deborah asked “Who are you?” “The Wizardingworld?” The girl said “I am Chloe of your guide” “You was found the aptitude of the witch by the sculpture which you touched, so you was transported here” Deborah said “Please attribute me early” Chloe said “We have defended the human world against the witches who has descended into darkness for a long time, much of our comrades seriously wounded by them, and was battle impossibility” “We were waiting for the person who has the aptitude for the witch who fights with the witches who has descended into darkness  together” “If you will not be a witch, and return to the human world, I have to put out your memory” Deborah asked “Eh?” “If I choose to become a witch, can I never return to the human world ?” “And do I have to fight with the witches who has descended into darkness?” Chloe said “You can return to the human world once a year” ‘”First you need a lesson of the witchcraft” Deborah asked “Only once a year?” Chloe said “The flow when being the Wizarding world is different from the human world, and even if you have time for one year at the Wizarding world, when you return to the human world, only one day has passed” Deborah said “If I have the aptitude for a witch, please teach me the witchcraft” Chloe said “Ok, If you was knew that you are a witch by the human, you cannot return any more to the human world from the Wizarding world, and we have to erase a memory about you from all man who knows your existence” “What is your name?” Deborah said “Ok, I am Deborah” Chloe said “Follow me, Deborah” and opened the door from which emerged all too soon and she went to the other side of the door. And when Deborah went after Chloe and went to the other side of the door, two women were there. One of two women came to their one  and said “We were looking for you, Chloe” “Who is she?” When Chloe uttered “kemmañ to the original figure” and waved a wand for her body, her figure changed from a girl to an old woman. Deborah said “Oh” Chloe said “She was found the aptitude of the witch by the crest, and came here” Deborah said  “I am Deborah” Chloe pointed to one of two women and said “She is Irine of my daughter” Chloe pointed to other one of two women said “She is Theresa and was also found the aptitude of the witch by the crest, and came here” Deborah saw the figure of Theresa, and understood that the girl she saw at a library was Theresa. Irene said “I lecture you witchcraft” Chloe said “This is given to you” and handed a wand to Deborah. Deborah said “Thank you” Irene said “Make the relationship between the probationary witch fine for you” Theresa said “Of  course” And Deborah took lessons of the witchcraft and the wizardry by Irene with Theresa. Then Deborah and Theresa acquired much the witchcraft during one year.. Irene said “If you saw a weird person in the human world, report it to me” Deborah and Theresa said “Ok” and returned to the human world. Deborah who has returned to the human world would like to use remembered the witchcraft, and went to the forest where a person does not come so much. When she uttered “smáil” and wave a wand to the huge rock which was in a forest, the huge rock disappeared without trace suddenly. And the wild boar appeared from a bush. When she was surprised at a wild boar, the woman in a robe from the shade of a tree uttered “seintiñ” and waved a wand to the wild boar. The woman said “Catch her”, then the wild boar has struck at her. Deborah uttered “kavout for his burrow” and waved a wand for the wild boar, the wild boar disappeared from the place. Deborah asked “Who are you?” The woman said “You do  not have to know that” Deborah asked “You are a witch who has descended into darkness, right?” The woman uttered “keinañ” and waved a wand for her, then the branch of the trees near her tied her body up and restricted her body. Deborah uttered “devi” and waved a wand for the branch, then the branch tying her body up is burned. The woman uttered “dont the dragon” and waved a wand for the sky, then the dragon appeared from the sky. The woman said “Burn her to death” When the dragon tried to breathe the fire for her, she uttered “chom” and waved a wand for the dragon, then the dragon was frozen. The woman uttered “disolvañ” and waved a wand for the dragon, then the body of the frozen dragon melted. Theresa called Deborah by the witchcraft at the time, but Deborah could not answer the telephone, so she became worried about Deborah and uttered “mond to Deborah” and waved a wand for her body, then she appeared in front of Deborah suddenly. Theresa asked “What happend, Deborah?” Deborah said “She seems the witch who has descended into darkness, and she attacked me suddenly” The dragon which restored attacked them. Deborah uttered “kurun” and waved a wand for the dragon, then the dragon was struck by lightning, and the dragon died. Theresa uttered “kausket” and waved a wand for the woman, then the woman fell in a deep sleep suddenly. Deborah uttered “keinañ” and waved a wand for the woman who fell in a deep sleep, then the body of the woman was tied. Deborah said “Thank you, Theresa” Theresa uttered “pellgomz to Chloe” and waved a wand, then the voice of Chloe was heard. Chloe asked “What happend, Theresa?” Deborah said “I was attacked by the witch who has descended into darkness, but I could catch the witch by support of Theresa” Chloe said “Ok, take the witch and return to the Wizarding world” Deborah and Theresa said “Ok” and have finished calling with Chloe, then return to the Wizarding world with the woman. When they arrive at the Wizarding world, Chloe uttered “isfont the memory as the witch who has descended into darkness” and waved a wand for the woman, then the memory as a witch of the woman melted away. And they made the woman their comrade and fought against the witches who has descended into darkness together.