The Jealous

There was a boy named Nicholas living with his parents in a port town named Kransport
He had dreamed of becoming a hairdresser since childhood because of the influence of his uncle named Felix, who works as a hairdresser.
He spent all his time at Kevin’s beauty salon and gradually started to be asked to wash his customer’s hair.
And he took the entrance examination for a hairdressing school named Pulchritude hairdressing school without telling his parents and Felix.
One day when he received notice of the results of his exams, he called his parents to Felix’s hair salon.
His father asked “What’s wrong?”
Nicholas said ” I am sorry for taking the entrance examination for the hairdressing school in confidence”
His mother asked “How was it turn out?”
Nicholas said “I passed that entrance examination”
His parents and Felix said “Congratulations”
His father asked “Where is the hairdressing school?”
Nicholas said “Vreshensfield”
Felix asked “What is the name of the school?”
Nicholas said “Pulchritude hairdressing school”
“Do you know?”
Felix said ” It’s my alma mater”
His mother said “Be more than 500 kilometers away”
“You cannot go to school from here”
Nicholas said “Yes, I will move there”
His father asked “When will you move there?”
Nicholas said “After high school graduation”
Felix said “Practice cutting with this” and gave a female hairdressing mannequin head.
Nicholas said “Thank you”
His parents said ” You can always come back”
Nicholas said “Thank you”
Two weeks later, he moved to Vreshensfield after graduation ceremony, and he entered a hairdressing school.
He practiced haircutting until the hairdressing mannequin head lost its hair.
But he could not throw the hairdressing mannequin head away, and he named Fleur the hairdressing mannequin head and cherished it.
And he passed the hairdresser’s exams admirably and became formally a hairdresser.
He who graduated from a hairdressing school returned home to report to his parents and Felix that he had became a hairdresser.
Felix who was happened to outside the hair salon noticed him.
Felix said “Welcome home”
Nicholas said “I’m home”
Felix said “Your parents are in the hair salon”
Nicholas said “Ok”
He entered the hair salon.
His parents said “Welcome home”
Nicholas said “I’m home”
“I graduated Pulchritude hairdressing school”
His father asked “Are you coming back here?”
Nicholas said “I will work at a hair salon named Beauty bud in Vreshensfield”
His mother asked “When will you back here?”
Nicholas said “I cannot say when, but I will definitely come back”
His mother said “Ok, take care”
Nicholas said “Thank you”
Felix said “I give you this as a graduation gift” and gave hairdressing scissors.
Nicholas said “Thank you”
And he returned to Vreshensfield and started working at Beauty bud.
Soon after he started working at Beauty bud, a long-haired woman named Fleur became his customer.
He was surprised that the guests looked exactly like his hairdressing mannequin head but he thought it was a coincidence and did not mind
Near Beauty bud young women are often attacked by a long-haired women.
He did not care a bit about the incident.
He was attracted to a woman named Evelyn who worked with him at Beauty bud, and started dating her.
A long-haired woman appeared in front of Evelyn too, and persisted in coming after her.
She who felt uneasy talk to him about that at the end of work.
Evelyn said “I am being targeted by a long-haired woman”
Nicholas said “I am worried about you, so would you like to live with me?”
Evelyn said “Thank you, Nick” and kissed him.
They started living together in his apartment.
A long-haired woman appeared to them and he noticed that she was Fleur of his customer.
Fleur said “Only look at me”
Evelyn asked “Who are you?”
Fleur said “I had been spending time with him before you met Nick”
Nicholas asked ” You are my customer, right?”
Fleur said “Yes, but we have known each other since before that”
Nicholas asked “What does it mean?”
Fleur said “You named me Fleur and we spent long time”

Nicholas said “I named Fleur for a female hairdressing mannequin head only”
Fleur said “I am that hairdressing mannequin head”
“I am the only one who suits you”
Fleur’s hair growing at an abnormally high speed suddenly, Evelyn resisted frantically but was tied her hands and feet.
And her mouth was covered with hair.
Nicholas noticed that a hairdressing mannequin head he named Fleur was near him.
Fleur said “Love me only”
Nicholas said ” I cannot do that”
Fleur noticed that he was gripping a hairdressing mannequin head and stretched out his hair at him.
He knocked the hairdressing mannequin head against the floor and destroyed it.
Then Fleur has disappeared.
Peace has returned to them.
Having spent two years at the beauty salon, he married Evelyn.
And they started working together in his uncle’s hair salon.


The plastic love

Time is A.D. 2540.
Human entrusted all labor to androids and they lived peacefully.
Androids took the place of human and were doing all work.
Meanwhile, Yves who works as an android for guard fell in love at first sight the humanoid who works as a waitress at the restaurant.
He was a daily routine to go to his workplace after her state was seen in front of the restaurant at which she works.
One day when he went in front of the restaurant where she works like usual, the electricity was cut out at an area of about 10 kilometers of radius including the restaurant, and androids were not working.
He who became worried about her entered a restaurant, then many androids including her fell down.
He took a spare battery pack had by his body built-in out and put it in her body.
She rebooted immediately and asked him “Who are you?”
Yves said “I am an android called Yves-369 for guard”
“Are you ok?”
She said “I am an android called Ursula-238 for customer service”
Yves asked “What was wrong?”
Ursula said “Around us became dazzling suddenly, and I lost consciousness”
Yves said “It must be some abnormal circumstances occurred”
Ursula asked “What should I to do?”
Yves said “Because I investigate the cause of this situation, wait a moment here”
Ursula said “Ok”
He who left her at a restaurant and investigated knew a human group hostile to an android to cause a blackout.
He explained circumstances to her.
Yves said “Because I will protect you, turn on emergency electric power source”
Ursula asked “Where is an emergency electric power source?”
Yves said “There is the emergency electronic power source in underground of a paradise tower called Babylon”
Ursula said “I have never been near Babylon”
Yves said “I go together, so that is no problem”
Ursula said “Ok”
They who went to Babylon saw the men who wear the heavy equipment which is around the tower.
The men who noticed their existence aimed a gun at them and fired a gun.
Yves expanded a defense shield immediately.
Yves said “Do not leave me”
And he generated the supersonic and irradiated the men, then the men fell down.
Ursula asked “Did they pass away?”
Yves said “They just lose consciousness”
They stole into Babylon while expanding a defense shield, then the lasers was irradiated for them from everywhere.
The lasers was absorbed by a defense shield.
He destroyed the laser irradiation containers quickly.
They came down stairs which lead to underground carefully while he was lighting up their feet by light.
They who have gone out to an open place saw a huge machine.
He kneeled down in the ground suddenly.
Ursula asked “What is wrong?”
Yves said “My batter is dying”
Ursula said “Oh, no”
Yves said “Turn on emergency electric power source, and you escape from here quickly”
Ursula said “No”
She turned on emergency electric power source, and grasped his left hand.
Ursula said “I am here with you”
Because a system restored, the crime of a group opposing an android became evident and all the members of them were arrested.
He did not work any more.
When she feels sad, androids for his colleague’s guard has come to help them.
The android for his colleague’s guard said “It’s this for him” and handed a battery pack.
She put that battery pack in his body, then he has begun to again.
They lived happily together.
And they became a couple of the first android.

The elemental stones

There was the kingdom named the Kingdom of Vegrant where the digging of the jewel was prosperous.
A 15-year-old boy named Kayode lived in the village named Phelis on the back of the waterfall named Valis Falls 50 meters high and 300 meters in widthin the place approximately 800 kilometers away from the nation’s capital named Zyron with his grandparents.
When he was young, his parents were murdered by the robber who broke into his house, and thereafter he lives with his grandparents.
His grandmother talked him about a legend of Vegrant which often came from ancient time.
His grandmother said “There is the stone which can handle each element of the void, the wind, the fire, the water and the earth in this country and the person who obtained those all stones is said to be able to unify the world”
“The land where a stone disappeared is said to go to ruin in an instant”
But many people called the legend that his grandmother recited an idle talk of a old person including him.
Villagers were attacked by mysterious illness and died in sequence after one day.
His grandmother had a bad feeling and called Kayode and told him that she went to the town named Vagrabiza for him and bought medicine.
His grandfather handed a bag him and said “The necessary article is contained in the bag”
And he went from the Phelis to the 50 kilometers away Vagrabiza to save grandparents and villagers.
When he arrived at Vagrabiza for a few days and bought medicine, he heard the conversation with a peddler and the visitor whom there was near the shop where he entered.
The peddler said “The water of Valis Falls dried up, and all villagers of Phelis seemed to die by mysterious illness”
He left the shop and edged up to the peddler and asked “Is it a fact?”
The peddler said “I only heard the soldier of the kingdom forces it”
Kayode asked “The soldier of the kingdom forces is what doing there?”
The peddler said “I do not know, but a lot of soldiers of the kingdom forces went in and out of Phelis”
Kayode said “Ok”
When he is going to leave the place, soldiers of the kingdom forces seemed to be looking for something”
Kayode said “Thank you”
Kayode acted courageously, but when he went to the deserted place, he burst into tears.
When he burst into tears, the contents of the bag which he had rolled off a bag in the ground.
And an uncut stone of the sapphire of the fist size of the fist size rolled front of him.
There was a letter under the sapphire when he picked up the sapphire.
“When you read this letter, I will not be in the world.
I was the holder in an uncut stone of the sapphire which could handle water at will.
Therefore the village was annihilated by the stratagem of the person.
You have a reliable person polish an uncut stone of the sapphire.
You seem to be able to handle water more freely if you polish the sapphire.
Look for the owner of the stone which can handle power of the void, the wind, the fire and the earth.” written on the letter.
And when he picked up the contents of the bag and finished filling the bag with them, one boy who is slightly older than him appeared front of him.
The boy asked “What are you doing?”
Kayode said “Because I dropped the contents of the bag, I only picked it up”
The boy said “I have not seen your faces around here before”
“Where did you come from?”
Kayode said “I came from Phelis to save villagers having a disease”
“But, i heard that all the villagers of Phelis became dead from a peddler in this town”
The boy said “That was terrible”
“I am Gbenga of an abrasion engineer probationer of the jewels”
Kayode said “I am Kayode”
Gbenga said “I also expelled from the town where i lived in”
“Because I am the circumstance that was similar to you, if you have not place to go, come to my roost”
Kayode said “Thank you”
Gbenga said “I invited you to my roost, but come to the workshop with me because I must get its permission to my master”
Kayode said “Ok”
“What kind of person is your master?”
Gbenga said “He is strict with work in the abrasion engineers of the jewel with the abrasion technology at top of the country, but is a gentle person other than the work”
Kayode said “Ok”
And they went to the workshop of Gbenga.
When they arrive at the workshop of Gbenga, he said “Wait here” and left Kayode outside a workshop, and he went into the workshop alone.
Kayode heard a voice in a few minutes from the workshop after Gbenga went into the workshop.
The master of Gbenga asked “Where have you been all this time?”
Gbenga said “I met the boy of circumstances same as me and brought him”
The master of Gbenga asked “Where is the boy”
Gbenga said “He is outside this workshop”
“May I let the boy stay?”
The master of Gbenga said “Bring the boy here, then i begin the talk”
Gbenga said “Ok” and came back outside the workshop which Kayode waited for.
Gbenga said “Follow me”
And Kayode was in the workshop with Gbenga.
There was the man who seems to have a gentle around 40 years old there.
Kayode said “Nice to meet you”
“I am Kayode”
The master of Gbenga said “I am Emeka”
“You explain the process that arrived at this town to me”
Kayode told all the events in Phelis to Master Emeka.
Master Emeka said “Ok, lend the uncut stone of the sapphire”
Kayode handed Master Emeka an uncut stone of the sapphire.
Then Master Emeka began the abrasion of the uncut stone of the sapphire silently without saying anything.
When Master Emeka finishes abrasion of the sapphire, he said “Gbenga, bring the crystal which you own here”
Gbenga said “Ok” and went to his room.
And he came over with the crystal several minutes later.
Then the crystal of Gbenga and the sapphire of Kayode emitted the light that seemed to sympathize with each other.
Kayode asked “What is this?”
Master Emeka said “You own one of five stones controlling an element each”
Gbenga asked “Master Emeka, why did you understand it?”
Master Emeka said “I understand it if I look at the stone”
“Gbenga, tell the village where you lived in to him”
Gbenga said “The village named Borf where I lived in received the surprise attack of the soldier of the kingdom forces and became extinct.
Because I was sheltered in a basement by my parents, I was not murdered.
When I confirmed that an area became quiet, and I went out of the basement, the village became a blood bath.
I put the crystal and a little food in accord with a basement in a bag, and gave prayer to late villagers and came to this town”
“I heard the person owning this crystal handed down to my family from generation to generation can handle weather freely from my grandma”
Master Emeka said “If the element stone passes to the soldier of the kingdom forces, because Queen Chinyere rules over the world, you must find owners of the remaining elemental stone earlier than soldier of the kingdom force”
Gbenga asked “Why does Queen plan such a thing?”
Master Emeka said “I think that the man who took office as the staff officer of the kingdom newly may control Queen”
Kayode asked “Why can you assert that Queen is controlled?”
Master Emeka said “Because she is a woman gentle at heart”
Gbenga asked “What of the Queen do you know?”
Master Emeka said “I was an aide to her”
Kayode asked “Why do you who were an aide to Queen work as the abrasion engineer of the jewel?”
Gbenga said “I also want to know it”
Master Emeka said “People who did not feel relations with me and the Queen pleasant spread it around as if I really schemed assassination of the Queen.
And they brought a tool available for assassination into my room to keep reliability for the rumor.
Then i seemed to be imprisoned, but ran away from the royal palace and came to this town”
Gbenga and Kayode said “Ok”
Kayode asked “How do we find owners of the remaining elemental stone?”
Master Emeka said “Your the elemental stones informs it” and treated them to a dish.
Kayode asked “Why do you have a lot on the elemental stones?”
Master Emeka said “Because I served before in the royal palace, there is some knowledge”
Kayode said “Ok”
Master Emeka said “The elemental stone embodies what you imaged”
“You imagine something, and chant it”
Kayode chanted “Fontain”, then the fountain appeared from the floor suddenly.
Gbenga chanted “A eraser”, then the eraser appeared.
And he grasped an eraser and did the movement that rubbed against the sky for the huge tree which there was outside a window, then the huge tree disappeared.
And they ate dinner together and have gone on the trip to look for owners of the remaining elemental stone on next morning.
After having walked for several hours, they arrived at the village of the foot of the famous mountain named Mount Durin as an active volcano.
But the mountain which soars In front of their eyes did not seem to do volcanic activity.
Gbenga asked “Is it the foot of the Mount Durin here?”
Kayode said “It looks like it on the map” while seeing a map.
The village did not have a signs of life at all.
When Gbenga entered the single house, there were many dishes on the table there, and the steam stood from soup.
Kayode said “Villagers seemed to be kept in the kingdom forces”
Gbenga said “Because the soldier of the kingdom forces have not yet gone far from here, we chase it!”
Kayode said “Ok”
When they searched the outskirts of the village, Kayode found plural human footprints.
Kayode said “Gbenga, I found plural footprints”
Gbenga went to the place where Kayode was.
Gbenga said “We chase this footprint”
And they started the chase of the footprint.
On the other hand at that time, Emeka heard the rumor that he was exiled from the royal palace, and a suspicious man named Tunde took office as a consultant of the Queen immediately, the Queen has changed.
And he went to the castle town to check the truth by the wagon.
When Kayode and Gbenga were quick steps, and one hour passed in pursuit of a footprint, they saw the scene which advanced while a large number of people were treated as the captive in the soldier of the kingdom forces in front of them.
Kayode raised a sound on purpose and lured the soldier of the kingdom forces.
Gbenga chanted “Black hole”, then the black hole appeared, and soldiers of the kingdom forces were breathed in in the hole.
Kayode chanted “Bottomless swamp”, then let the bottomless swamp appear for the step of the soldier of the kingdom forces which there is around villagers.
The soldier of the kingdom forces was depressed, and the bottomless swamp disappeared.
When Kayode neared the row of villagers, his sapphire emitted light.
Gbenga said “You are free”
Then the face of villagers was filled with joy and embraced each other.
When he stepped to the direction that became strong in light of the sapphire, there was one girl of the age that is about the same as Kayode there.
Then the girl took the ruby which light glistened red with out of a pocket.
The girl asked “Are you also an owner of the elemental stones?”
Kayode said “Yes, I have the sapphire which can handle power of the water”
“I am Kayode”
Kayode pointed Gbenga and said “He is Gbenga”
The girl said “I am Alake”
Gbenga came over them.
Gbenga asked “Can you handle power of the fire?”
Alake said “No, i do not know how to handle that”
Gbenga said “Ok” and told her taught a method to handle the power of the stone by Emeka.
Alake chanted “Fire dancer”, then the fairy of the flame appeared and has begun to dance.
Kayode asked “Alake, would you accompany us?”
Alake said “Ok”
And they went through the land which went to ruin sat astride the horse of the soldier of the kingdom forces for several days, and a grassy plain arrived at the place that spread out.
Then Kayode saw Master Emeka carried on a wagon there.
Kayode asked “Emeka, where are you going?”
Master Emeka said “Because I was able to have to check it, I go to the castle town” and went away.
Alake asked “Who is that person?”
Gbenga said “He is my master”
The passing man said “The area of the wasteland was the land which was full of green until several months ago”
“If you came here a little earlier, you were able to see beautiful scenery”
Kayode said “Thank you for information”
Alake said “There seemed to be the owner of the elemental stone of the soil here”
Gbenga said “Probably the owner of the elemental stone would be taken away by the soldier of the kingdom forces”
Then they made night camping and left the place in early morning, the following day.
And approximately three days passed, and when they advanced in a forest, they noticed that there was a whirlpool of the wind under the cliff near the forest.
They went down under a cliff, then they noticed that a whirlpool of the wind blocked up the entrance of the cave.
When several pieces of leaves fell into the whirlpool from a cliff, the leaf was shattered in an instant.
Kayode said “I think there is the owner of the elemental stone of the wind in that cave”
Alake said “I think so too”
Gbenga chanted “Vanish”, then the whirlpool of the wind in front of the cave disappeared instantly.
They entered the cave before a vortex of the wind occurred again in front of a cave.
Then the vortex of the wind occurred immediately.
When they arrived at the place that opened out in the depths of the cave, there was one old woman with the stick there.
The old woman asked “Who are you?”
Gbenga said “We are owners of the elemental stones”
“I am Gbenga of an owner of the elemental stone which handles the void”
Kayode said “I am Kayode of an owner of the elemental stone which handles the water”
Alake said “I am Alake of an owner of the elemental stone which handles the fire”
The old woman said “I see, I am Abaobi of the head of this village”
Kayode said “We came to here looking for the owner of other elemental stones”
Abaobi said “There are only two people of me and my granddaughter named Bukola in this village”
“Because there is little my life, take Bukola”
Abaobi called “Bukola”
The girl of the age that is about the same as Gbenga came over.
Bukola asked “Grandma, who are they?”
Abaobi said “They are owners of the elemental stones”
“Bukola, you go with them”
Bukola asked “To where?”
Kayode said “To Zyron”
Abaobi handed the emerald to Bukola.
Then the emerald emitted dazzling light in consonance with a stone of Kayode and Gbenga and Alake.
Bukola asked “What is this?”
Abaobi said “This is the stone which handles wind”
Bukola asked “Why me?”
Abaobi said “There are only me and you in this village, and there is little my life”
“If my life runs out, the proprietary rights of the elemental stone move to you”
And they left the cave with Bukola and came back to the forest.
Bukola was abnormally cautious of them, but she rode the horse which Kayode grasped the reins in together and while she talked with them, she opened up to them.
When they left the forest, and a few days passed, the emerald of Bukola has begun to shine suddenly.
Bukola asked “What is this?”
Gbenga said “Probably it is signature to tell that your grandmother dies, and the proprietary rights of the elemental stone moved to you”
Then Bukola burst into tears.
Kayode hugged her quietly.
And she regained some presence of mind in a few minutes.
Bukola asked “How can I use the power of the stone?”
Gbenga told her taught a method to handle the power of the stone by Emeka.
Bukola chanted “Air gun”, then a gun appeared in her hand.
When she hit the tree approximately 50 centimeters in diameter, there was a big hole in a tree.
They have begun to advance to the castle town on a horse again.
When they arrived at the suburbs of castle town, there was the soldier of the a large number of kingdoms forces to wait for them.
And Emeka was in the center with a boy of the age that is about the same as Kayode.
A thorn climbed all over a body of Emeka.
Each stone emitted dazzling light and was tainted with all over the area bright color.
Gbenga asked “Why is there Master Emeka there?”
Emeka said “Sorry, i was captured”
Kayode asked “Is the boy whom there is next to you the owner of the stone, Emeka?”
Emeka said “Yes, be careful”
The boy said “No longer talk” and let a thorn cut into a body of Master Emeka more.
Then blood dripped from a body of Master Emeka which suffered.
Gbenga said “Release Master Emeka”
The boy said “If you come to the royal palace with me quietly, i will release this fellow”
Alake asked “Who are you?”
The boy said “I am Adisa of an owner of the elemental stones handling power of the earth”
Gbenga said “Because we do it as you say, release Master Emeka”
Adisa said “It is a wise judgment” and let ivy climb all over their body and blockaded their movement.
Gbenga said “Release Master Emeka”
Master Emeka was released from the restriction due to the thorn.
Master Emeka said “Be careful for Tunde”
Adisa said “Shut up!”
And they left Emeka in the place, and they were carried in the hall of the royal palace by soldiers of the kingdom forces which Adisa led.
Then there was a man past middle age there.
Bukola said “Release us”
Adisa said “Behave yourself for a short while”
Gbenga asked “Are you Tunde?” to a man past middle age.
The man past midle age said “Yes, i am”
Gbenga asked “What did you do in soldiers and Adisa?”
Tunde said “The tool for me to rule over the world as for them”
Gbenga asked “What do you mean?”
Kayode said “Alake, you suppress Adisa by your fire.
Gbenga, you transfer Adisa to the slightly safe place.
Bukola, you let occur the typhoon” in a low voice.
Alake and Gbenga said “Ok, what do you do?”
Kayode said nothing.
Kayode chanted “Water film” in a low voice, then the water film formed to his body.
Tunde said “You understand it directly” and he had a fearless smile.
“On the day of the next full moon the world becomes mine”
Kayode said “We do not let you do such a thing”
Tunde said “I am not stopped to you”
Kayode said “Well, control me!”
Then Tunde pushed a forefinger to the forehead of Kayode.
Tunde said “Adisa, release Kayode”
Bukola asked “What did you do in Kayode?”
Adisa said “Kayode became our comrade”
Adisa turned off the ivy which climbed all over a body of Kayode.
Alake chanted “Hellfire”, then the ivy which climbed all over her body burnt and became the ash.
Gbenga chanted “Vanish”, then the ivy which climbed all over his body disappeared.
Bukola chanted “Typhoon”, then 3 typhoon occurred.
And the typhoon became big while going around the hall.
Gbenga said “Kayode, good luck” and he transferred to the safe place with Adisa which are handled.
Tunde said “Kayode, attack those fellows!”
Kayode chanted “Water sword”, then the water sword appeared.
And he stabbed a chest of Tunde with a water sowrd.
People whom controlled by Tunde were restored by his having died.
Then they were conferred a decoration on by the Queen who recovered.
Peace returned to the kingdom.
Emeka returned to the royal palace.
Because they did not have a place to come back through, they were divided into some villages in the suburbs of Zyron and have begun to live.
Kayode and Bukola got married after the dating for several years, and they have begun to live together.

The saber

A childish hedgehog named Corbin lived with his parents in the national wildlife sanctuary of the country named Baroov where many wild animals live.
The armies of the country named the Republic Havrend which turns against Baroov has invaded Baroov.
The place where Corbin lives with his parents was near the border with Havrend in the end in a wildlife sanctuary.
Many animals were killed and wounded by an army of invaded Havrend.
His parents buried him in earth and hid it immediately.
The vicinity became quiet, so when he went out of the inside in earth, the vicinity aspect was changing into a terrible sight.
He saw that the dead body of his parents lay right above him.
He fell down on the ground and grieved.
The couple of a porcupine who noticed his state cradled him.
And they desired the place of rest and has begun to moved with the other animals which survived.
When it had passed for about 5 days since they moved, a party faced the area where various animals live.
He was brought up by a conjugal son of a porcupine.
While he was brought up by a married couple of a porcupine, Havrend has begun to govern a territory in Baroov.
When time had passed for about 3 months and government of Havrend became severe, Corbin said “I challenge Havrend to a fight” suddenly.
The married couple of a porcupine who is his foster parent and his friends tried in order to discourage him.
But that was just ineffective.
And he tried to make inroads into Havrend independently, so triplets named Justin, Sophie and Parker of the mole, a skunk named Beau and a weasel named Alfred who close with him worried about him.
Sophie said “Make us cooperate too”
Beau asked “Can I cooperate too?”
Corbin said “Thank you. If you cooperate with me, I am glad”
Alfred asked “Do you have any plans?”
Corbin said “Yes”
Alfred said “So we will follew your plan ”
They split up into 3 groups and went to the palacein Havrend.
Justin and Corbin went to the southern part of a palace.
Sophie and Beau went to the northern part of a palace.
Parker and Alfred went to the western part of a palace.
Justin, Sophie and Parker could sap the hole which connects to a palace from the respective places.
They stole into a palace through each hole.
Beau scattered a bad smell and Alfred tore an enemy by his proud nail.
And they made a palace surrender.
Calm has returned to Baroov.

The adventure of Zart

She was always laid on the bed, because she looks like frail.
She is beloved daughter of the village mayor of the elves.
Her father, who was the village mayor from thought to want to protect a frail daughter together to her called Zart named it.
She has 2 older brothers and 2 sisters.
Her older brothers and sisters go to the various world and they convey her and the villager what they saw and heard in there.
The elves have green eyes and blond hair and regular features and the technique of the bow and everlasting life, as for the height of the women are about 170cm, height of the men are about 180cm. and they can understand the words of every creature.
The family called the elves is known for a very beautiful thing, but she is particularly beautiful in that.
And her singing voice is fascinating so as to make all always creatures a captive.
Men always look into her room from the outside to watch her figure even a little.
She wanted to go to the outside world like her older brothers and sisters freely.
Suddenly, the dwarves attacked the village of the elves and she was taken away by the dwarves.
The dwarves attacked the village of the elves out of the dissatisfaction for the elves.
The dwarves have brown eyes and the red hair which the curled and the mustache which the length to a clavicle and carries the heavy ax which there is always about half of the stature.
The average life expectancy of the dwarves is about 120 years old.
Except for the dwarves cannot distinguish the dwarves of the men and women.
Height is about 140cm.
They wear clothes made of the pelt of the beast.
The offensive and defensive battle of the dwarves and the elves were developed, while the other dwarves leaved to room where Zart was.
She sang to calm an uneasy feeling. Then the dwarves surrounded her.
The dwarves said her “Please more sing” severally.
She sang in response to the demand of the dwarves and got away from the cave which was the dwarves den to caught the dwarves off guard.
When she heard the call of the big bird on a head and looked up when she ran, she understood that it approached her.
The size of the hawk is about 3m, and the hawk exceed well 5m when the hawk open the wing.
She thought that it was attacked, and she closed her eyes, but the hawk hung a head in showed respect for her.
Zart asked “do you know me?”
The hawk said “Yes, you are a daughter of my lord”
Zart asked “Ok, what your name?”
The hawk said “my name is Derb. Where do you want to go?”
Zart said “I want to view the various the world.”
Derb said “Certainly sir, I take you”
Derb said “Please ride on the my back”
She rode on him back, and he flew away.
And they leave for the marsh said that the mermaid and the merman lives.
They arrived at the marsh, but there weren’t the mermaid and the mermen, but there were the nymph.
The nymph is except for the wing which is glittering and bewitching, cannot distinguish with the human and the nymph.
They are always playing a harp at waterside.
Because the nymph played music accidentally was that knew of Zart, Zart has begun to sing.
The nymph have disappeared on the watch for Zart and Derb.
Zart wanted to sing to their musical performance more.
Derb said “I think you can meet them again sometime.”
She smiled at him.
Because the center of the marsh made the sound subtly, many air bubbles rose when she looked.
Then the mermem appeared from the center of the marsh.
The mermen have the human upper body who seems to be robust and the tail and fins.
They are bodyguards of the mermaid and always carry harpoon.
The mermen looked around in the circumference.
Zart and Derb was found in them.
The mermen asked “What are you doing at here?”
Derb said “this lady is…”
Then Zart said “Let me say to me” and shut out his talk.
Zart said “My name is Zart. I am a daughter of the village mayor of the elves.”
The mermen asked “What is this hawk?”
Zart said “He is a subordinate of my father and my guard”
Zart asked “ Can you show me the mermaid?”
The mermen said “Please wait a few minutes” and they disappeared into the marsh.
And they came back in a few minutes with the mermaid.
The mermaid have the upper body like the human woman and the tail and fins and accessories of many shellfish.
The mermen said “ Please do not bring him close to the mermaid.”
Zart said “Ok”
Derb leaved from Zart a little.
The mermaid asked “Shall we eat together?”
Zart asked “Can he also participate in this meal?” and she watched Derb.
The mermaid said “Of course”
The mermaid have already got ready for the meal.
They talked about various things, while ate the meal.
The mermaid said “Thank you for a happy time” and they disappeared into the marsh.
Then Zart rode on Derb’s back, and they flew away.

The pieces

There were a girl named Tabitha who lives with her parents in a town named Bransold.
She could not recognize person’s face from her childhood, so she was seemed to have a poor memory from people around her.
And she was working at a bakery though she worried about the thing.
She was too beautiful, so many customers visited the bakery where she works every day for meeting her.
She could not remember a face of regular customers, but she could recognize the bakery manager named Conall for whom she works and the youth named Torn who works for a pharmacy across the bakery by a uniform.
One man named Blaze of the customer who was feeling good will toward her knew she contacts friendly only Conall and Torn.
His kindness to her changed to hostility, and he came to stalk her.
But she did not worry it.
Torn who saw the scene that she is stalked by Blaze.
He sent Blaze away.
He who worried about her took her back home.
Blaze who stole in her apartment and put one letter.
When she who has finished working went home, and one letter was left.
<It is only I to understand you.
Thought why you do not try to see me?
Always I am at your side> was written on the letter.
She who feared consulted Conall.
Tabitha said “I think I was stalking by someone recently”
She showed him the letter.
Conall said “There seems to be a problem of security with the apartment where you live”
“If you would like, stay at a vacancy room on the 2nd floor of this bakery”
Tabitha said “Thank you”
And she came to live on the 2nd floor of the bakery.
The mysterious affairs occurred frequently around her since that.
And the weird letter has reached her room like every day.
When she says that she wants a big bear boll in the conversation with Conall, while she was not in her room on the next day, that was put.
She was afraid and threw away the stuffed animal.
Then the contents on a letter became radical.
She who felt anxiety consulted Conall.
She showed him the letter put in her room.
<Do not escape from me.
It is only I that you can be done happily.
Why did you throw away a doll I gifted to you? > was written on the letter.
Conall said “I have to strengthen the security”
When she is showing Conall the letter, Torn came to the bakery where she is working.
Torn asked “What is the matter?”
Tabitha said “Do not mind”
Torn asked “Did the man who was stalking you do anything?”
Conall asked “Did you see the figure of the man who stalks her?”
Torn said “Yes, but I sent that guy away only”
Conall said “Ok”
“It’s only you to know the figure of that guy , please cooperate with us to arrest that guy”
Torn saw that she who has anxious face and said “Ok, I will cooperate”
Tabitha said “Thank you”
Every time time was found, he went to the bakery where she is working.
Then he found the doubtful man wandering around the bakery.
He who approached the man noticed that the man was the man who stalks her.
When he catches Blaze, the man has begun to make noise.
The vicinage’s people who heard the tone of the trouble came to see the state of affairs.
Blaze who saw the figure of Tabitha screamed “A person suitable for you is not besides me”
Blaze was taken by the police Torn called.
Tabitha and Torn started dating as with that case.
The symptom of her prosopagnosia became good gradually.

The animaloid park

Time is 2530.
Global animals were extinct by influence of global warming and the solar flare.
Therefore the biologist who is a rich man named Finn Evans requested a expert named Madison Barnatt of the robot study and he produced an animal which existed formerly on the earth as an android based on ecology data of the animal he got from a document with her, and those were exhibited in the park which he made in the vast land he possesses.
It was exhibited at the place which was modeled on the environment that androids of a mammoth and a dinosaur and many creatures lived in the park named the animaloid park originally respectively.
The park was gathered attention immediately, and a tourist surged from all over the world.
But a ex-boyfriend named Bastian Crocket of Madison which thought of success of Finn and Madison enviably did a cracking to the animaloid and he rewrote a program so that visitors might be attacked.
When Finn and Madison which heard a scream ran in the park, the people were running around to escape from animaloids.
Finn asked “What does all this add up to?”
Madison said “This cannot happen”
Finn said “I go to do refuge lead of the visitors”
Madison said “I will go to a control room and confirm the situation”
Finn said “If you can grasp the situation, report it to me”
Madison said “Ok”
And they went to the respective places.
When Finn arrived at the place where animaloids are gathered, he directed lead of the visitors for the staff who was there, and attracts attention of animaloids, and he was a lure.
Madison which has arrived at a control room knew someone accessed a program of animaloids and was rewritten from outside.
She made a contact to him by a radio.
He operated an digital wireless headset and took a radio while escaping from animaloids.
She who was trying correction of a program noticed Bastian rewrote a program while she tells that to Finn.
Madison said “Cannot control animaloids from the control room”
Finn asked “Why?”
Madison said “Because Bastian overwrote a security program”
Finn asked “Is not there a way to make animaloids stop?”
Madison said “There is a way, but that is very dangerous” while hesitating.
Finn said “Say it!”
Madison said “When the emergency stop switch in the back of the androids is pressed, it stops”
“I cannot make only you do a dangerous thing, so I go there too”
Finn said “You do not come here”
Madison asked “Why?”
Finn said “You report a whereabouts of the androids to me from the control room”
“And check a whereabouts of Bastian”
Madison said “Do not die”
Finn said “Of course”
He was pressing the switch in the back of the animaloid with directions of Madison and was making them stop one after another.
When she searched a whereabouts of Bastian from a GPS of his cellular phone, she found out that he is at the airport.
She reported a whereabouts of Bastian to the police, so was arrested just before he escape overseas.
Finn which made all animaloids stop safely has been arrested.
But the visitors explained that he tried to protect a visitor desperately, and a crime of Bastian became evident one after another simultaneously with that.
Then he was released immediately.
Finn noticed that he needed Madison, and he proposed to her.
And they got married via an dating period in 2 years.

The living dead

There were a boy named Dustin who lives with his family in a quiet town named Fellantford.
One day his parents were killed by the robber who broke into his house in front of him.
And he was left at a children’s home.
His state changed completely since that.
The case before was active and he was a cheerful boy.
His friends worried about him and visited at children’s home, but he refused them, and became gloomy.
Therefore his friend was getting away from him gradually.
And he was isolated at the children’s home.
Such he was fostered by Mr. and Mrs. Hayes.
He who was fostered by Mr. and Mrs. Hayes watched a zombie movie carefully and started to visit a cemetery named Surbay memorial cemetery.
And he was possessed by death.
Therefore Mr. and Mrs. Hayes who fostered him had begun to feel him weirdly.
Meanwhile he has begun self-injury.
Mr. and Mrs. Hayes who felt that he is begining to get out of hand, and they consulted about his treatment to a staff of the children’s home where he was fostered.
When he visits a cemetery like usual at night of the day, a girl fell on an aisle in a cemetery.
The moment he saw the girl with white skin like a dead, he fell in love for her.
And he ran up to the girl.
Dustin asked “Are you ok?”
She showed no reaction.
He who felt exigency attended to take care of her all the time, then she woke up.
The girl asked “Who are you?” for him.
Dustin said “I found you who fell at a cemetery, and I took care you of you”
“I am Dustin, and you?”
The girl said “I am Scarlet”
“Thank you”
Dustin asked “What were you doing at the cemetery?”
Scarlet said “When I intended to finish a visit to a cemetery of my parents and return, I lost consciousness suddenly”
“I do not have a memory after I lose consciousness, so far”
Dustin said “I see”
Scarlet asked “Were you visiting someone’s grave too?”
Dustin said “I am thinking always how I can come to be a dead here”
Scarlet asked “Why would you like to die?”
Dustin said “I do not know”
“I have begun to have an interest in death after my parents pass away”
Scarlet said “I am sorry to hear that”
Dustin said “Do not mind”
Scarlet asked “Would you be my friend?”
Dustine said “It’s suddenly”
“But I would like have asked you about the same thing too”
Scarlet said “I am glad to hear that”
And they talked at a cemetery every night.
He who went to the place where he always meets her rather early saw she who went out from a grave.
Her name and a picture of her face were carved in the grave where she has appeared.
Scarlet who noticed him asked “Did you saw?”
Dustine asked “Yes, Are you a Ghost or a Zombie?”
Scarlet said “I just got my memory back”
“I fell in love to you, but already I am dead”
Dustine asked “Cannot we meet any more?”
Scarlet said “Sorry”
Dustine asked “Why cannot we meet?”
Scarlet said “If It’s known by other zombies that I fell in love to you, you are made a zombie by them”
Dustine said “It’s not problem”
“I fell in love you too”
Scarlet said “Ok”
He who became a zombie and became a dark resident lived by the dark world with her.

The story of Kon and Rin

She always caught the edge of her mother of clothes in the girls who were a person who gets lonely easily in spoilt children very much.
Her name is Rin.
She is only daughter of the Inari Shrine with the history more than 500 years.
The Inari Shrine enshrine the fox.
Her home women protected it’s Inari Shrine from generation to generation.
Her mother dead in a traffic accident when her age of 5 years.
When she cried on day of the funeral of her mother, a white beautiful little fox about 50 in length having 9 tails appeared to her.
She saw a little fox and she said “It’s a fox!”
Her father said “Where is a fox? I cannot see it.”
Then a fox said “It is only in your home women to see my figure”
Rin said “Ok”
Rin asked “What your name?”
A fox said “My name is Kon.”
She called “Aunt Reiko, aunt Reiko!”
Aunt Reiko came to her hastily.
Aunt Reiko is a twin younger sister of her mother and looks like her mother and beautiful and very kindy, but she is a scatterbrain.
Aunt Reiko asked “What’s happen?”
Rin asked “Aunt Reiko, can you also see this fox?”
Aunt Reiko said “Of course.”
Kon said “Do the work of the Inari Shrine until this grows big a little more.” to aunt Reiko.
Aunt Reiko said “I intended to do it.”
Her father said “Sorry, Reiko. My wife said me she wanted to let free you in outside world”
Aunt Reiko said “Do not mind it”
Kon said “I protected this ground by force of in your home women who inherited my force and force special from generation to generation of the medium”
Aunt Reiko lived in the distance, but will live in her house from next day.
Then she studied about the medium and special power from her aunt and Kon everyday.
Kon has the ability to transform oneself into and the ability that the appearance can shine by a will-o’- the-wisp.
The true figure of Kon is about 10 times of usual size.
In her home women have the ability of the force purify the devil by the sacred music and dance.
One day, she was taken to their second workplace.
And she watched the battle and Kon and the devil and the devil that was purified by a splendid dance of aunt Reiko.
Rin asked “Aunt Reiko,cool!”
Aunt Reiko said “Thank you”
Rin asked “Do not seen in a other person?”
Aunt Reiko said “Because I set up the prevention against that is against a person.”
And after 2 years later
Aunt Reiko said “Rin, show me your force.”
Rin said “It’s still impossible”
Kon said “It was awkward, but your mother danced at the age of 5 years!”
Rin said “Ok, I try to it.”
Kon blockaded the movement of the devil by the will-o’-the-wisp.
Rin danced while remembering the instruction of the sacred music and dance of aunt Reiko.
Then the devil was surrounded by dazzling light and disappeared.
Aunt Reiko said “Well done, Rin.”
She burst into tears and said “I was scared.”
Kon said “don’t cry.”
Aunt Reiko said ”Sorry, Rin. I should return to work.”
Rin asked “Do you come again?” and cired again.
Aunt Reiko said “Of course” and smiled.
Rin said “Ok” and wisped tears.
Aunt Reiko said “Kon, please transform to me and watch to Rin.”
Kon said “Entrust me!” and transformed to aunt Reiko.
When Kon went for the support of an athletic meet held at school of Rin, Kon watched the Inarizushi which entered the lunch box of her classmate and was about to come back to the figure of the fox.
Because the fried bean curd is a favorite dish of Kon.
A classmate of Rin asked “What is that tail?”
Kon said “Tail? ah, this is accessories.”
Then Rin went to the place not to arrive of the public eye with Kon.
Rin said “Your tails a little a ppeared. Be careful!”
Kon said “Ok” with the look that he reflected on.
When she did a test of a courage, Kon let the will-o’-the-wisp appeared and was afraid.
Then the devil appeared to them.
The classmate of Rin was made to sleep by the ability of the devil.
Kon said that it was now and handed clothes of the medium to her.
Then Kon returns to the true figure and fought with the devil.
She found a large place and set up the prevention against evil that was against a person and danced.
But, the devil was not purified.
Aunt Reiko and a girl appeared there.
A girl is a 9-years-old daughter of aunt Reiko.
Her name is Megumi and she is small and quiet.
Aunt Reiko said “Sorry, I should have had been able to come to you earlier.”
Aunt Reiko said “the devil is powerful enemy.”
Aunt Reiko said “She is my daughter” to Rin.
Aunt Reiko said “the Self-introduction is after it.”
Rin and a girl said “ok”
They make a big triangle so that the devil enters, and each will go to the triangular corner.
They arrived the triangular corner and danced.
Then the devil was surrounded by light and disappeared.
And they will live together.

The chosen people

There was a continent named the Grasspool Continent having a country of big things and small things 22 in a certain place.
22 people with the chosen special power in clues tarot is born one in one country in order to be opposed to a wicked demon waking up once in 100 years from ancient times on the continent and has been handed down that they sealed in the wicked demon.
One day the existence of 15-year-old boy named Marco with the special power in clue to the card of the Death was confirmed in the smallest country named Gasverd on a continent, concurrently with the existence of 15-year-old 21 children with the special power was confirmed in succession in each country of the continent.
Then 3 years later, 22 people who are chosen as by the decision of the country of 22 in the continent which came from ancient times left from each country for the foot of Mount Balgus in the continent center for a signal by the eruption of Mount Balgus.
Marco went for a trip towards Mount Balgus, and he met with a girl surrounded by the devil of the subordinates of the wicked demon in a few minutes.
He let a big sickle appear and swung down a sickle for devils, then the soul came out of the body of devils amd becomes a dust and disappeared.
The girl “Thank you”
“Do you have special power in clue to Death of tarot?”
Marco asked “Who are you?”
The girl said “I am Bianca”
“I have special power in clue to the Sun of tarot”
Marco said “Ok”
When they talked, a boy and a girl approached them.
The boy clapped him.
The boy said “It is excellent”
Bianca asked “Who are you?”
The boy said “We are two of 22 people who are chosen”
Marco said “I see”
Bianca asked “Ok, I am Bianca having special power in clue to the Sun of tarot”
The boy said “I am Kyle having special power in clue to the Hanged Man of tarot”
The girl said “I am Melissa having special power in clue to the Moon of tarot”
Marco said “I am Marco having special power in clue to Death of tarot”
Kyle said “When an enemy appeared front of us next, we show you our special power”
Marco said “Ok”
And they left for Mount Balgus, and they discovered an inn the front of them in a few minutes and they entered
the inn.
There were several boys and girls at the front desk of the inn.
One of several boys and girls talked to them.
The boy asked “Are you people with the chosen special power?”
Marco let a big sickle appear.
The boy said “I am not your enemy”
Kyle asked “Who is it?”
The boy said “I am Charley having special power in clue to the Hermit of tarot”
Charley muttered “Book of the knowledge”, then a thick book appeared.
Charley said “I knew about you by this book”
Marco said “Ok”
They stayed overnight in the inn, and they left the next day for Mount Balgus
When they arrived at Mount Balgus, there were several men and women there.
Then Charley stung Bianca with a knife in sequence suddenly.
Marco let a big sickle appear and cut a body of Charley.
Then the soul of Charley was absorbed by a big sickle .
Bianca said “Help me” to the girl whom there was near her.
Two girls and one boy came them.
And the girl muttered “Rewind”, then it was rewound other than the girl.
Then the girl muttered “Play”, then time rewound before Bianca was stabbed by Charley.
The boy restricted a body of Charley.
One of two girls said “I am Susanna having special power in clue to Wheel of Fortune of tarot”
The boys said “I am Eric having special power in clue to the Strength of tarot”
Susanna pointed to Charley and said “He is not Charley”
Melissa asked “Well, who is he?”
Charley of the impostor said “I am Mia having special power in clue to the High Priestess of tarot”
Bianca said “Thank you Susanna”
Susanna said “Show us your truth figure!” to Mia.
Mia became the girl with the pockmark in a face.
Mia said “Instead of having got this ability, as for me, I became the ugly figure”
“Only that gentleman originally loved me”
Kyle asked “Well, where is Charley?”
Mia said “I murered the guy who has special power in clue to the Hermit of tarot and the guy who has special power in clue to the Empror of tarot”
Melissa said “Oh, cruel”
Susanna said “Come here” to the girl.
“She is Roxanne having special power in clue to the Empress of tarot”
Roxanne asked “What?”
Susanna said “Confine her somewhere”
Roxanne said “Ok”
And she let Mia metastasize to the other space.
While four boys and a girl fought, they approached to Marco.
One boy of several boys said “Do not see the eye of the girl!”
“The person to see her eyes is at the mercy of her”
Marco asked “Who are you?”
One of several boys said “I am Hugo having special power in clue to Justice of tarot”
When Hugo cut the body of the girl with a sword, the boy controlled by a girl stopped movement.
Hugo said “She has special power in clue to the Lovers of tarot”
The boy who was controlled by her said “Thank you”
“I am Austin having special power in clue to the Fool of tarot”
Austin pointed to the boy who takes devils and said “He cannot control his special power”
Marco cut down devils with his big sickle.
Eric dispelled a body of devils.
And Melissa let the boy enter into the fantasy world that she created, then the boy stopped movement.
Because his expression became calm, Melissa took him back from the fantasy world.
The boy said “I am Tony having special power in clue to the Devil of tarot”
“I linked with a wicked demon, and, my body was ruled by him”
Austin asked “Were you freed from the rule of the wicked demon, Tony?”
Tony said “Yes, but she makes it happen”
Austin said “Ok”
Something innumerable shining flew at Marco suddenly.
Bianca stood in the front of him to protect him, and innumerable star was nailed over her body and ceased to breathe.
Marco asked “Can you not save her by your power, Susanna?”
Susanna said “Sorry, My special power is not yet usable now”
Marco kissed her forehead and he let her eyes close kindly.
Austin produced a big shield.
Kyle muttered “Inversion” to the innumerable stars who flew at them.
Then the innumerable stars changed the direction and came back and they heard boys scream.
And when they went to the place where they heard scream, there was the boy who is bloody, and lies in the ground there.
Marco said “Probably that guy has special power in clue to the Star of tarot”
The place where they stood suddenly became like slime, and their body has begun to sink into the ground.
Eric hit the ground which became slime, but his wallop has been absorbed to slime.
And thunder came off to slime and they got shocked and lost mind.
They regained consciousness immediately, but they continued that pretended to have lost mind.
The slime disappeared all too soon, and two boys approached them.
Melissa tempted two boys into the fantasy world.
Hugo and Marco cut down two boys.
Roxanne said “I think they have special power in clue to the Magician and the Temperance of tarot”
They have begun to climb Mount Balgus, then a girl came to them in a few minutes.
The girl said “Judgement, Judgement”
“The time of Judgement”
Susanna said “She is an enemy”
Hugo was going to cut down the girl, but was avoided quickly.
The girl said “Commit suicide!” to Hugo.
Then he stuck a sword into his chest without being able to go against an order.
The girl laughed loudly to see Hugo which stuck a sword into a chest, and fell down.
When the girl noticed that Hugo which fell down was a doll and looked around in the circumference, there was other space.
Eric covered the body of Hugo quickly and Austin produced a marionette and Roxanne let the marionette which modelled on Hugo metastasis to the other space with a girl so that it was not noticed by a girl.
And they have begun to climb Mount Balgus again towards the mountaintop.
When they arrived at the eight eyes of the mountain, there was a big rock to block up their ahead there, and a boy sat down on the rock.
Eric hit the rock and crushed it, but the rock was formed again.
And the rock became the golem.
The boy said “I am Joe having special power in clue to the Chariot of tarot”
The golem lifted a body of Kyle which there was near the golem and crushed it.
Marco stuck the grip of the sickle into golem, then golem contained the soul of the devil whom they cut with a sickle.
Marco said “Employ that golem, Tony!”
Joe said “You cannot employ the golem”
Tony said “I try it”
And Tony succeeded in employment of the golem.
The golem let a body of Joe sink into the ground.
They moved a dead body of Kyle to the safe place and they have begun to advance towards the mountaintop again.
When they arrive near the mountaintop, the body of the golem which went ahead through their top erupted suddenly and broke and was scattered.
When Eric went to the place where golem exploded to check the situation, one boy stood still there.
The boy said “I am Roger having special power in clue to the Tower of tarot”
Eric asked “What did you do?”
Roger said “I touched like this” and touched a body of Eric, then the body of Eric exploded.
The body of Austin which there was near Eric was exploded to successively.
Tony summoned the devil of the number same as the number of them.
Melissa took a black art to let Roger think devils to be themselves.
And Hugo came around behind Roger and cut down Roger.
Then one boy came them from the mountaintop.
The boy said “I am Morgan having special power in clue to the World of tarot”
Morgan let a miniature garden appear suddenly.
All things in a radius of 500 meters range were reproduced from the place where Morgan was by the miniature garden.
Morgan said “I cannot let you go any further than here”
Morgan which saw Hugo grasping a sword, and rushing for Morgan crushed one of the dolls which there was in the miniature garden, then it was in a condition that a body of Hugo was crushed instantly by something huge.
While Susanna stopped the time except them, Tony summoned devils.
Melissa took a black art to let Morgan think devils to be themselves.
They rounded it behind Morgan and Marco cut down Morgan by his big sickle, then the miniature garden disappeared.
And they came to the small shrine of the seal at the mountaintop.
The small shrine inside of the seal was filled with miasmas, and a devil seal stone cracked.
But they endured a miasma and entered the small shrine of the seal.
And hey concentrated each power on the devil seal stone in the small shrine of the seal, then the devil seal stone sank into the underground.
Marco asked “Did the seal succeed?”
Susanna said “Yes”
They hugged each other and were pleased with the success of the seal.
They returned to each hometown, and they told the whole story of the adventure to the King of each country, then they became a noble by order of the King of each country and lived happily.