The Kindergarten

The girl named Evelyn Clerk who lives in a town was held all responsible of the disgraceful affair which has occurred at the kindergarten where she was working, and retired the kindergarten.
She could not place her at the place by the child education where it was felt that it was a calling since that.
One day she received a letter from the kindergarten named Astoria kindergarten of the name she did not get used to hearing.
The letter was getting a job request to her.
She held distrust, but went to the kindergarten.
One elderly lady who seems gentle met her who has arrived at a kindergarten.
Evelyn said “I am Clerk”
“Are you the person concerned of this kindergarten?”
The lady said “Yes, I am Quincy of a director of this kindergarten”
“We were waiting for you, Ms. Clerk”
Evelyn asked “Why me?”
Quincy said “Because I heard that you were a good teacher from Mr. H”
Evelyn asked “Why do you know his name?”
“He is a former director of the kindergarten where I was working”
Quincy said “I established this kindergarten with him”
Evelyn asked “Where is he?”
Quincy said “He passed away suddenly two months ago”
“I heard about you from him already, so I wanted you to work for this kindergarten as a teacher, and I invited you”
Evelyn said “Though I wanted to meet him again, it is regrettable”
Quincy said “Well I produce our kindergarten”
“All persons concerned of this kindergarten are from the other world, and kindergarten children are person’s child from the other world”
Evelyn asked “Are you from the other world too?”
Quincy said “Yes” and showed Evelyn her 4 arms from the inside in her coat.
Evelyn was surprised and moved backward.
Quincy said “Please do not be afraid”
Evelyn said “Sorry”
Quincy asked “There are various types of children, but could you work here?”
Evelyn said “Yes, If I can work as a kindergarten teacher, I do not mind other things”
Quincy said “I am very grateful”
“Well, children react to the attitude of the adult sensitively, so please be careful”
Evelyn said “No problem for that”
Quincy said “Ok”
“Then will you go to the classroom where children are?”
Evelyn said “Yes”
She followed after Quincy and went to a classroom.
There were 20 children there.
The girl with wings has flown to her, and the liquid near her feet changed into the figure of the boy suddenly.
The girl with wings in her back asked “Who are you?”
Quincy said “Ms. Hawks and Mr. Bingham will greet, right?”
Hawlks said “I am sorry to surprise you”
“My name is Ria”
Bingham said “I am Veil”
Evelyn said “Nice to meet you”
“I am Evelyn which will become your teacher now”
Evelyn has begun to work in the kindergarten.
She was on good terms with children gradually.


The sound magician

A boy named Duncan lived with his musical family in a town named Brefys.
His grandfather is a famous conductor worldwide, his mother is a pianist, his father is a composer, his older sister is an opera singer.
But he was not blessed with the ability of the performance and the composition.
One day he was invited to his friend and went to watch a film.
And he took that opportunity and came to like a film.
He was being charmed by a sound effect of a film gradually.
He who knew occupation as a sound effect artist through a film told his family that he would like to do the work.
Duncan said “I want to be a sound effect artist”
His grandmother asked “What is that?”
Duncan said “That is the work to make a sound effect of a film”
His older sister said “It seems interesting”
His grandfather said “I do not permit such thing”
His father said “If you would like to do the work at any cost, get out of this house!”
Duncan said “Ok”
His older sister said “That is going too far”
His father said “If you are dissatisfied for my judgment, you get out of this house too”
And when he is going to pack and leave the house, his mother said “Take this!” and handed the memo on which the phone number of the movie person concerned of her acquaintance was written to him.
Duncan said “Thank you”
He who left the house has landed on his friend’s room.
Then he went to the memorandum he got from his mother to meet a film director named Shawn Miller.
When he showed the memo he got from his mother to Shawn, Shawn said “You resemble your mother”
After Shawn did a reminiscence with his mother for a while, Shawn said “introduce a sound effect artist of my acquaintance to you, but he is an odd fellow a little”
“His name is Magnus ”
Duncan said “No problem”
Shawn said “He lives in a studio combined with home near Mountain Dympton”
Duncan said “Thank you” and went to Mountain Dympton hastily.
Because Mount Dympton was the severe mountain where it s beyond his imagination, he lost his way, but he arrived at a studio of Magnus.
When he knocks at a door of the studio, an old man has come out from a studio.
Duncan asked “Is this a studio of Mr. Magnus?”
The old man “Yes, I am Magnus”
“But who are you?”
Duncan said “I am Duncan”
“Please make me your pupil”
Magnus asked “Why do you know the location of the studio?”
Duncan said “I heard that from director Shawn Miller”
Magnus said “I see, He is my old friend”
“If you are his introduction, I cannot do that bluntly”
Duncan asked “What should I do?”
Magnus seemed dissatisfied and said “Well, clean a studio and prepare a meal!”
Duncan said “Certainly” and cleaned a dirty studio silently and cooked dishes.
He who saw the place where Magnus is recording a sound effect studied sound every time he finds time.
While he was spending such every day, he could be admitted by Magnus as a pupil and could receive guidance of acoustics formally from Magnus.
He could produce all sound gradually.
And since some time ago, people came to call him the sound magician.
Therefore his family admits him, and they have begun to live together again.

The eclipse

Devils and angels developed an intense battle formerly, and there was a town named Kelyfos at the place many defeated devils sealed up by angels.
But devils increased the power in case of the total eclipse by which a seal weakens once per tens of years.
There was a boy named Trent who attends a high school in such town.
One day when he is going to the high school like usual, the total eclipse of sun has begun.
He who felt danger of a body ran into a church near the place where he was.
Then the sun did not look perfect any more, and a hill at the back at high school erupted suddenly, and black fog covered the whole town.
When he saw outside from a window of the cathedral named St. Nathaniel cathedral cautiously, people were becoming a stone.
Voice sounded in the cathedral at the same time as the line of the light showed in front of the altar from stained glass.
[666 devils were emancipated from a seal and residents in this town besides you were stone-ized by devils]
Trent asked “Is there anyone?”
An angel makes six wings flutter, and has flown down in front of the altar.
The angel said “I am an angel which serves a god”
“Trent, If you wish, I give you the power to rescue this town”
Trent asked “Can I return all stone-ized body to the beginning?”
The angel said “If you can seal devils, the people who became a stone can return it to the beginning”
Trent said “Please give me the power for which I can fight against with devils”
The angel asked “Your life is risked, but do not you mind?”
Trent said “I would like to try my best rather than I do nothing and am killed by devils”
The angel said “I give this to you”, then a ball which shines appeared and came to that in front of him.
Trent asked “What is this ball?”
Then a ball changed to armor, a shield and a sword.
The angel said “Those equipments receives protection by a god, and takes on the holy power”
Trent said “I think this armor is too big for me”
The angel said “Be armored”
He did not feel inclined so much, but he has been armored.
Then armor fitted his body.
The angel said “I have to go to some other places to seal devils of a party who appeared”
“Good luck”and flapped and disappeared.
Only one feather was left there.
And when he went out of the cathedral, he did one swing of a sword for scored of devils floating in the sky.
Then the devils changed into ash in a moment.
Other devils which saw that attacked him.
But he kept a shield, then the offensive of the devils was bounced by a shield.
He was knocking down a devil one after another, and he was half day and knocked down 666 devils, then the sun appeared.
And it rifted the surface of the people in the town which became a stone, and stone-ized part fell in.
The people who turned back had lost their memories of stone-ized time.
He offered armor, a shield and a sword up to a cathedral.
And calm daily life has returned to a town again.

Tork the small friend

One day a boy who named Leighton which attends to a university in the city has had the telephone call from his mother.
He was told his mother come to home, because his father is in critical condition.
And he rushed and came home to his parents’ home where his father is in the upper part in the garden designing company which runs the business.
When he went home, his mother has run up to him.
His mother said “Your father died a short while ago”
Leighton asked “Where is daddy?”
His mother said “He is in his room”
He went to a room of his father where with his mother a corpse of his father lies.
A palm size girl appeared in front of him who sees a corpse of his father and is struck dumb.
Leighton asked “Who are you?”
The palm size girl said “The plant fairy named Tork by which I was signing a contract with your father”
“A contract with me was transferred for you by a death of your father”
Tork said “When you was child, we have met”
“Put the left hand out”
When Tork touched his left hand he took out, the figure of Tork was wrapped in light green light with him.
His mother asked “Is there anyone, Leigh?” and has come to the room of his father.
Tork said “She does not see my figure”
His mother does not notice her and has gone out of the room as Tork said.
Leighton asked “What did you do?”
Tork said “I made a contract with you formally”
Leighton asked “What is the contract?”
Tork said “I will make you use my power instead of your becoming object representative of a divine spirit”
Leighton asked “Is not there a burden in my body by becoming object representative of a divine spirit?”
Tork said “I want to sunbathe once a week”
Leighton said “Ok”
He used the power of Tork and became a landscape architect.