The railroad track

When the girl named Tracy who lives in a town named Gylth was going to the university by train like usual, the train she took deviated.
She which was unconscious conveyed to a hospital with a large number of passengers.
One day when several months have passed from an accident, she recovered her consciousness.
She who recovered her consciousness saw an countless railroad track around the bed by which she is lying down.
Her mother who was visiting her every day tried to go to tell a doctor that she recovered her consciousness.
Tracy pointed to the railroad track which is around her and said “What is this railroad track?”
Her mother said “There is not a railroad track here”
“It may be the one by which you are judging a hallucination by influence of an accident”
She was not convincing, but she received a close examination.
And she also saw a railroad track in front of the person besides herself, but she did not decide to have seen.
But she who has passed for a while since she left a hospital saw a railroad track in front is the man cut off.
She was interested in the man, and she followed after the man.
When the man arrived at the place where a railroad track was cut off, he held his chest and fell suddenly.
She approached a man in order to nurse the man.
And she noticed that the man was not breathing.
Then she saw a railroad track in front is the person cut off again just after it.
When that female puts a foot at the place where a railroad track was cut off, a truck of driving under the influence of liquor crashes in to her and died.
Therefore Tracy understood that a railroad track links with person’s life.
She tried restoration of a railroad track, but she could not prevent the person’s death by which a railroad track was cut off.
Many people avoided a serious injury by her removing an obstacle from the railroad track top.
She removed the obstacle put in the railroad track in front like a daily routine.
One day she meets the boy named Ricky who avoided a serious injury again accidentally by her removing an obstacle from the railroad track top before, and they have begun dating.
She kept hiding existence of the railroad track she sees from him.
She was blessed with a daughter with him, but their daughter named Alice could see a railroad track like her too.
Alice was looking at a railroad track patiently from her badyhood.
She came to walk on the railroad track in infancy.
Tracy made up her mind and spoke to Ricky about the railroad track she sees.
Ricky said “I belive you” while being confused.
They moved to the country town, and they made sure that Alice will not have to see others’ railroad track.
And they lived happily there.


The glasses

There was a clan named Arbuthnot of an ancestor have spiritual power for generations in a town named Northea in a remote village.
The person who does not rarely have spiritual power in the clan was born.
The girl named Keen who does not have spiritual power lived in Northea with her mother.
She was teased constantly because she did not have spiritual power.
Keen asked her mother “Why do not I have spiritual power?”
Her mother could say nothing.
And the head named Elmira of the clan who found out that she did not have spiritual power gave one item which improves the spiritual power a clan possesses to her mother.
That item is the round glasses make the spiritual power be amplified which is the small amount which exists potentially, and it enables to contact a psychic reading and a soul.
Her mother said her “I thought these glasses were well-matched for you, and bought these for you” and gave the round glasses to her.
She who has received the round glasses wear that in front of the mirror in her room, then semitransparent ghosts in the various times appeared in front of her.
She screamed by surprise and fear.
The ghosts are surprised at her squeal and have disappeared.
Her parents heard her squeal and ran to her room.
Her mother asked “What happened?”
Keen said “The people I do not know suddenly in immediateness appeared in front of me”
Her mother said “They are the ghosts who have asked us for help”
As she was having guidance of how to use the spiritual power from her mother, her spiritual power was powering up gradually.
And she was executing request of many ghosts every day while living with ghosts.

The door that does not open

There was a couple of Levi and Hanna live in the small apartment in the town named Vlgan.
They have begun to look for the new address where they live together taking their marriage as an opportunity.
And they found an wonderful apartment corresponding to their budget.
But the real estate agent who took charge of them told them “Please never open the door which is inside the closet”
Hanna asked “Why?”
The real estate agent said “Because the door does not open and shut smoothly, has a possibility of the fall”
They could not be satisfied with the explanation, but it was the exceptional price, so they decided to live there in the apartment.
They have heard a mysterious sound every night from night of the day when they came to their new residence.
Hanna asked “What is this sound?”
Levi said “I do not know”
They who worried about sound went to the place where they hear mysterious sound clearly.
Then that place was in front of a closet.
When she opened a closet, a mysterious sound became louder.
Hanna said “I will open the door inside the closet ”
Levi asked “Were we tell an real estate agent “Do not to open a door”?”
Hanna said “But I am concerned about this sound”
“Are not you interested in this sound?”
Levi said “I am concerned about this sound”
“But because it is dangerous when a door collapses, do not get close to a door”
Hanna said “But because you are here, it is OK” and opened the door.
Then black smoke sprouted from a gap of the door.
The other side of the door was wrapped in darkness, and volcanic smoke was scattered and there was a mountain where a magma is flowing.
And a devil of the hateful figure appeared from the inside of a magma suddenly.
They were drew by the special power of the devil to the other side of the door.
The devil said “I am Tempest the devil of ruin”
“Did you open the annoying door which was sealing me up?”
Levi and Hanna said “Yes” while suffering.
Tempest said “Well, I will grant your hope everything in return”
Levi said “This place may be a familiar place for a devil like you, but the place where fear is given to us”
She poked him.
Tempest asked “What would you like to do?”
Levi said “I would like to talk at a different place”
Hanna asked “Is it useless to speak from the other side of the door?”
Tempest said “Ok”
They passed a door while keeping up appearances, and came back to the inside of a closet.
And he closed a door quickly.
They have moved to a small isolated house from the apartment immediately after that, and they lived together by a small isolated house.

With flame

An 8-year-old girl named Stefanie Auerswald lived in the town named Elfenheim where a lot of tradition of the fairy stayed with her parents.
Her parents were world-famous archeologists, and there was the thing which her parents collected all over the world much in her house.
Because her parents were often away from her home, she spent much time with a butler named Erich.
When she slept at midnight of one day her parents came home from an excavation trip after a long absence, Erich shook her suddenly and woke up.
Stefanie asked “What happened?” while rubbing eyes.
Erich said “Fire! This mansion burns”
Stefanie asked “Are mummy and daddy safe?”
Erich said “I do no know”
“I go to look for master and mistress after taking you to the safe place”
Stefanie said “Help daddy and mummy!”
Erich said “Your first”
They avoided the furniture which collapsed from the mansion where flame blazed like a brick and escaped.
Erich said “I am sorry, I cannot help master and mistress”
Stefanie asked “Why?”
Erich said “Sorry”
When she sobbed, the lizard having a body such as the flame which blazed appeared front of her suddenly.
Stefanie said “Do not come here” in spite of being a scare
The salamander said “Do not be afraid!, Stef”
“I am Barthel”
Stefanie asked “Why did you know my name?”
Barthel “Because I am salamander which makes this mansion the headquarters from the childhood of your great grandmother”
“And i contracted with a person in succession to this mansion from generation to generation”
Stefanie said “Ok”
Erich asked “Whom do you talk with?”
Barthel said “This fellow cannot see my figure and cannot hear my voice”
Stefanie said “Do not mind”
When they talk, several fire engines and ambulances came over.
Barthel asked “Do you contract with me, Stef?”
Stefanie asked “Contract?”
When the fireman carried out the corpse of her parents of the mansion, Erich went to the place where the corpse of her parents carried out with her was laid.
When she was going to hug her corpse of parents which was burnt, and festered, it was stopped by a fireman.
And Erich hugged her and took it toward the ambulance.
She was carried to the hospital and the fire of her mansion took five hours from a fire and died down.
Barthel appeared her sickroom suddenly.
Barthel said “This is not a mere fire”
Stefanie asked “What do you mean?”
Barthel said “It was contrived”
Stefanie asked “By whom?”
Barthel said “I do not know details now”
“But it thinks that it is convenient for you to contract with me”
Stefanie said “Ok, i contract with you”
Barthel climbed all over her left arm, then he became a tattoo on her left arm.
Barthel said “You can handle flame at will”
“And If you meet the person who set fire to a mansion, you also can distinguish that fellow”
When she who left the hospital a few days later buried her parents, let the rebuilding construction of the mansion start and they lived in a hotel until a mansion was rebuilt.
One and a half years later, they began the life in the mansion when a mansion was rebuilt.
She became a very beautiful woman ten years later, and she attended the university while she was urged by men attracted everywhere by her good looks.
One day the tattoo of her left arm ached suddenly when she did shopping with her friend.
When she confirmed the neighborhood, there was one unknown man there.
And She told her friend a lie that she was ill-conditioned and went to the man.
Stefanie said him “I have something to tell you” and invited him in the deserted back alley.
The man followed her without her noticing with the daughter of the Auerswalds.
The man attacked her suddenly.
Stefanie let flame appear around him and asked “Did you murder the Auerswalds?”
The man said “Do not murder me”
Stefanie said “Answer a question!”
The man said “Heinrich Trakl commanded me to set fire to a mansion of Professor Auerswald for the position of the professor and i set fire to a mansion”
Heinrich Trakl became a professor taking advantage of the death of her parents.
Stefanie said “Ok”
When she left the back alley, the man came out of the gap of the flame and attacked her.
Then she sounded her finger, then the body of the man was wrapped in flame.
She who came back to the mansion let Erich look for whereabouts of Heinrich.
And she knew that Heinrich teaches at the university where she attend.
When she went to the university the next day, she asked the professor of her acquaintance the place of the laboratory of Heinrich and went to there.
There was one man who sat in the desk there.
Stefanie asked “Are you Professor Trakl?”
Heinrich said “Yes, I am Heinrich Trakl”
Stefanie said “I have something to tell you”
Heinrich asked “What?”
Stefanie asked “Do you concerned in a fire of the Auerswald’s mansion ten years ago?”
Heinrich changed the complexion and said “Because I am busy, go away quickly!”
And she left the laboratory of Heinrich.
Heinrich called the director named Wagner Schmitt of this university.
Heinrich said “The person who said that I concerned in the fire of the mansion of Auerswald appeared”
“And I cannot contact the man concerned with a fire directly”
Wagner said “Well, kill that fellow!”
Heinrich said “Well” and hung up.
When Heinrich followed her who left the laboratory, and she walked the deserted place, Heinrich attacked her.
Heinrich asked “Who are you?”
“I employed a man and let set fire to a mansion of Auerswald”
Stefanie said “It was that after all”
“I am a daughter of Auerswald”
He sat astride her and strangled her with his near rope.
Then she let a body of oneself catch fire.
The flame was absorbed by Heinrich, and the body of he was wrapped in flame.
Stefanie gets up and said “I am immoral”
When she confirmed that he said “I was ordered it by the director of this university” and was burnt to death, she left the place.
And she left for the chief director room leaving a letter.
“Are you concerned to the death of Professor Auerswald?” was written on the letter.
Wagner with the gun invaded her mansion at the night of the day.
When Wagner found her figure, he poured innumerable bullets on her until a bullet disappeared.
When he approached her to confirm her death that fell down to the floor, she got up.
Stefanie said “Die in the same way as my parents” then, the body of Wagner was wrapped in flame.
And it completely disappeared.
It was found in her parents that Wegner misappropriated the money of the university personally, and he asked Heinrich for the killing of her parents to silence her parents.
She hid power of salamander and lived quietly.

The key

There was a witch named Cordelia who appears ubiquitously in a continent named Thydera.
Every time Cordelia appeared, she had played a trick and had disappeared to somewhere.
Therefore people did not like her.
One day when the girl named Susan who lives in a town named Fronderia returned from shopping, she found something to flash.
She checked that and found out that that was a gold key.
A devil with a scythe was designed in a part of the handle of the key.
And she lifted the key up into the sky somehow, then a door appeared in front of her suddenly.
She inserted a key in a keyhole of the door and opened a door, then the other side of the door was her room.
And she noticed forgetting to buy egg suddenly, and she opened a door while considering a supermarket, then the other side of the door was a supermarket.
She thought that when the door opens while considering the place where she would like to go, can go there.
She removed a key from a keyhole of a door, then a door disappeared.
When she finished shopping, she went home using a door.
The witnessing information on Cordelia was reported a lot in Fronderia where she lives since the day.
She who did not know such a thing had often went to some places in the world using a door.
When she lifts a key into the sky and makes a door appear, Cordelia has flown down from the sky.
Susan asked “Are you Cordelia?”
Cordelia said “Yes, I am Cordelia”
“And you?”
Susan said “I am Susan”
“Is this your key?”
“You had my key, right?” and has approached her.
Susan said “I am sorry to use it selfishly” and handed a key to Cordelia.
When Cordelia inserted a key in a keyhole of a door and opens a door, the mysterious world which has not been seen felt the other side of the door was wide there.
Cordelia said “Follow me” and went to the other side of the door.
She held worrying feeling, but she made up her mind and went to the other side of the door.
Susan asked “Where am i?”
Cordelia said “My country where I produced here”
Monsters have gathered around them suddenly.
When she is suffering, Cordelia said “They are the monster I produced, so worry is not necessary” and stroked the head of monsters gently.
One monster has rubbed a body into her.
And she screamed.
Cordelia said “I think that the monster took to you”
She stroked the monster.
Cordelia said “Because I could return here, I will not need this key any more”
“I give you this key”
She has received a key.
When she goes to the one of a door, the monster which took to her.
Cordelia said “The monster seems to want to go with you” and changed the monster to a dog.
She opens a door, and she has returned to her house with a dog.
Then she named the dog Theo and they were on good terms and lived together.

The new home

A single mother named Jayda has moved to a house with a garden in the town named Murvdel for her 5-year-old son named Tobias using the compensation of the divorce.
Jayda noticed Tobias was often talking to the place no one in after they moved to the new home.
Jayda asked “Whom are you talking with, Toby?”
Tobias said “With Katy”
Jayda asked “Who is Katy?”
Tobias pointed to inside the half opened closet and said “Katy is there”
Jayda asked “Eh?”
Tobias asked “Cannot you see Katy, mummy?”
She opened the door of a closet opening, but no one was there.
Jayda said “There is no one”
A door of the closet closed suddenly.
Jayda asked “What happened?”
Tobias said “Because you made Katy afraid, she shut herself in the closet”
Katy accepts her and their strange living life has started.
Katy sometimes threw things like a poltergeist, but that was not a malicious one at all, so they did not worry about it in particular.
When Jayda and Tobias are leaving her house, the gossipy old woman named Mrs. Molly who lives in the neighborhood of her house was always peeping into her house.
Katy noticed Mrs. Molly and closed a curtain.
But Mrs. Molly did not give up and stole in the house from the window you do not lock.
Katy  threw something of the degree which is not injured.
Mrs. Molly feared that, and went out from a house.
Jayda checked it about her house at a library and knew Katy to have died of neglect.
When Jayda went home, the rumor that her house is a haunted house spread.
The people who heard a rumor in a haunted house came in front of her house.
Jayda said “My house is not haunted house, get away”
People were overwhelmed by her force, and went away.
Jayda loved Katy which does not see the figure as sister of Tobias.
Then she came to see the figure of Katy gradually.
And they lived all the while at the house without moving.