the nightmare of the marionette

There was street named Banther street in the suburbs of the big town named Ronserim, and there was the the antique shop named Hodgins’s antique shop which old man ran on the street. The marionette with the sickle was displayed in the shopwindow of the antique shop. If person who matched eyes with a marionette displayed in the antique shop, the rumor cursed to death by a marionette was whispered as if it were true on around Banther street after death of the master of the antique shop. One day the girl named Sarah who did not know such a rumor at all came over for shopping to Banther street. When she finished shopping, and she was going to come home, she caught sight of a marionette displayed in the shopwindow of the antique shop stayed then her body was drawn toward the marionette. And she matched eyes with a marionette. After having looked at a marionette for several minutes, she came home. When she fell asleep at the night of the day, the marionette with the sickle appeared in her dream. When the marionette brought a sickle down at her, she tripped and fell down and the sickle pierced the ground of the place 30 centimeters away from her. And she ran away from the attack of the marionette. However, the marionette caught up with her. When the marionette brought a sickle down at her again and she suffered a deep wound in her back and screamed, her mother shook her body to hear her scream and woke her up. She woke up before the sickle of the marionette hit her body. Her mother asked “I heard your screamed. what happened?” Sarah said “I seemed to have a bad dream ” She did not remember that she was attacked by a marionette. Her mother said “So” and left her room while doing a worried face. When she felt a pain to her back, and she confirmed her back in front of a mirror, there was a deep wound touched with the knife which was sharp to her back. And she sewed up the wound that was due to her back at a hospital. She was told to rest quietly in bed by a doctor. It was night, and when she fell asleep, the marionette with the sickle appeared to her in her dream again. When the marionette brought a sickle down at her, her mother who worried about her hung the dream catcher at her room. Then the marionette disappeared from her dream.


the three-way fight that was contrived

There was a kingdom named the Kingdom of Qyrmosk in a certain place. The bewitching witch named Deborah wanted power, and, using a love potion, she gained the favor of King. And she studied the philosopher’s stone in a secret in the kingdom and produced it, and she obtained a body of the agelessness and deathlessness. One day leader royal palace knight named Nicholas visited her. Nicholas said “The vampire which lives in the desolateness zone in the west of the kingdom and the lycan which lives in the forest of the popular name hesitation in the north of the kingdom are going to attack the kingdom to expand a territory each other” “Will you lend the power to us?” Deborah said “Ok” She opened whole kingdom and the neighboring maps on a table on the floor. And she waved her wand on the forest of the popular name hesitation in the north of the kingdom in the map and uttered an incantation in succession waved her wand on the desolateness zone in the west of the kingdom in the map. When the son named Zachary of the King of the vampire was going to invade the kingdom with the army of the vampire whom he led, a zombie emerged from the ground front of them in sequence. When the daughter named Lily of the King of Lycan forced it to invade the kingdom with an army of lycan which she led, a zombie emerged from the ground front of them  in sequence. Nicholas said “The life of the nation, please do not jeopardize it” Deborah said “I cannot promise it” Nicholas asked “Why?” “Your act may be regarded as the betrayal to the kingdom, is it all right?” Deborah said “It is all over. I do not work for a kingdom, because I am a whimsical witch” Nicholas said “Well, i back to the royal palace and think about the measures” and left for the royal palace. She gathered up baggage and left the kingdom. Zombies appeared front of each army of vampires and lycans. The each army of the vampire and the lycan attacked the zombie, and they thought that an attack worked, and the vampire and the lycan continued attacking zombies. However, zombies which thought that they defeated got up and bit a vampire in sequence. The bitten vampire and the bitten lycan have begun to attack the each army of the vampire and the lycan with zombies. Zachary and Lily were going to let each army retreat to rebuild preparations, but they were surrounded around them by zombies. Lily said “Because I open up a breakthrough, you report the whole story to father” One of the army of the lycan which she led said “It is not made” And the army of the lycan which she led plunged into zombies. The army of the lycan said “Escape!” She bore tears and ran to the desolateness zone. Zachary plunged into zombies with an army of the vampire which he led. They hit the chance of zombies and they escaped from zombies somehow and left for the forest of the hesitation. He gave an interview with his father and reported the whole story. His father said “I dispatch a reconnaissance corps in the kingdom” Zachary said “Let me go!” His father said “Ok” and went to the kingdom. He who arrived at the kingdom went posing as the nation to the royal palace neighborhood and therefore he attacked the Household troops and took clothes and the armor of Household troops away and sneaked into the royal palace. Zombies that Lily fought against him flowed into the kingdom. When Lily reported the whole story to her father, she left for the kingdom immediately. When she arrived at the kingdom, the trace that the nation was attacked around her by a zombie only remained. And she went to the royal palace hastily and infiltrated posing as the servant of the royal palace in the royal palace. When she walked the royal palace, she noticed the smell of the vampire and looked around, then there were Household troops in armor there. Lily asked  “Are you not a human?” “Who is it?” Zachary said “Are you also not a human?” She turned into a figure of lycan and showed a tusk and threatened him. He threw off armor and said “Wait!” “Did you come to here to research the surprise attack by the zombie?” Lily asked “Why do you know it?” “Did you let attack us using the zombie?” Zachary said “We also were attacked by zombies” Lily said “I cannot trust you ” Zachary said “Please trust me, i do not attack you” Lily said “If you take a suspicious action, I tear you apart” while looking dubious. They have begun to search the royal palace together. When they discovered a leader royal palace knight work room, and they entered the work room, there was Nicholas there. Zachary threw himself on Nicholas, and he sat astride it on Nicholas and said “Talk about your knowing the surprise attack of the zombie!” Zachary and Lily showed a tusk and threatened Nicholas. Nicholas said “Deborah the witch did it” Lily asked “Where is the witch?” Nicholas said “I do not know” “She went to somewhere” Lily asked “Are there any things which she used?” Nicholas said “A quill on the desks is her thing” She has begun to smell the quill. Zachary asked “Do you know what it is?” Lily said “I may chase a witch for a smell” She left the work room on the run suddenly. Zachary chased her trace. Zachary asked “What happened?” Lily said “I chase the smell of the witch” Zachary said “Ok” They started a chase of Deborah together. And they located that Deborah was in the mountain hut which was near the summit of Mount Craid adjacent to the kingdom. They picked a surprise attack with the mountain hut where Deborah was. And they killed Deborah when they were puzzled over their visit that Deborah was unanticipated. Zombies became the ash and disappeared. They came to like each other gradually.  And when they confirm the safety of each other’s villages, they moved to the place where there was none of the people who knew them and lived together.

the childfood friend

There was the town named Lufthauch which a modern building was mixed with a historical building of the Gothic architecture, and harmonized wonderfully. The comfortable soft breeze was occasionally carried from the gap of the building of the town. A young man named Alejandro worked in the old well-established bookstore named Herwegh bookstore along the main street adjacent to the cathedral named Lufthauch Münster which was the symbol of the town. He lost his father one year ago and then he succeeded his father and ran the bookstore, and the person visiting Lufthauch Münster was not cut off every day, because the article about the cathedral appeared in a guidebook. However, the person who visited his bookstore was around several people per day. One young woman named Hermine was hit by a sudden thunderstorm in an early afternoon of one day, and she who became dripping wet protected herself from rain, and took shelter with the eaves of his bookstore. When he noticed her existence, he opened the store door quietly and said “If you would not mind, use this umbrella” and offered her one umbrella. The young woman said “Thank you” “I come to return this umbrella by all means” and she bowed and disappeared in rain. He felt her like his acquaintance and he opened the album and looked for her figure. He found the photo which he appeared in with her. And he remembered her. He and a girl named Hermine always spent it together, but she moved on account of the work of her father far when they turned 13 years old. And she visited his bookstore again on Tuesday one week after that. Hermine said “Thank you Mr. Herwegh” and returned him an umbrella. Alejandro said “Thank you for coming to return an umbrella expressly” He offered tea to her. Hermine said “Thank you” Alejandro asked “Are you Hermy?” Hermine said “Yes. I am Hermine, but why did you know my name?”  Alejandro said “I am Alejandro. We are childhood friends”  Hermine said “Sorry, i do not have old memory” “But though only twice has come here, I somewhat feel nostalgia” He showed her the photo which he appeared in with her. Hermine pointed the photo and asked “Is it you to appear in this photo Alex?” Alejandro said “I and you” A middle-aged woman came over to his bookstore suddenly. The middle-aged woman said “I looked for you Hermy” Alejandro asked “Who are you?” The middle-aged woman said “I am her stepmother of Theresia” “She has suffered from disease of mind after her father died in front of her several years ago” Alejandro said “Ok” Theresia left the shop with her. Hermine visited his bookstore again on Tuesday of the next week. He recommended her the book which she liked in old days. While she read the book, she remembered memory with him. When she was young, she remembered that she said “Would you marry me if we become an adult?” to him. And Hermine asked him “Would you marry me?” Alejandro said “Yes, but I am sorry not to be able to answer properly when I am young” And they lived happily together.

the last romance

There was the 84-year-old old man named Cameron who lived alone in the town named Lingston since lost a wife 20 years ago. He had two sons and two daughters. The 53-year-old second son named Wilfred lived in the neighboring town of the town where he lived in, but the 58-year-old eldest son named Denton and the 56-year-old eldest daughter named Caroline and the 55-year-old second daughter named Nellie lived in a far-off town. Denton and Caroline and Nellie pushed all the care of Cameron to Wilfred by the reason of living in the far-off town. Wilfred often visited the house where Cameron lived in alone, with his wife and his children. One day when Cameron sits on the park bench and describes a painting, one modest old woman approached the bench where he sat. The old woman asked “May I sit down next to you?” Cameron said “Wait a second” and took out a handkerchief from a pocket and spread it on the bench and said “Please sit down” The old woman said “Thank you” “I am Hanna” Cameron said “I am Cameron” Hanna asked “Because i also like pictures, if you would not mind, would you show me your picture?” Cameron said “I like to paint pictures, though i am not very good at it” Hanna said “Do not say such a thing”  and showed his pictue. Hanna said “I like this pictue” Cameron asked “Are you also paint pictures?” Hanna said “I appreciate paitings exclusively” Cameron said “Ok” And they were congenial spirits and after that they spent together in a park on that day. He invited her to the art museum few days later and went out in two people. Then They did each other’s life stories, and they noticed that each other’s circumstances were similar. Their having been a widow and widower with the similarity. And they were attracted each other gradually, and their relations turned from friend relations into love relations. When Wilfred visited the house of Cameron, Cameron told Wilfred that he is dating with Hanna. Cameron said “I am dating with her” Hanna said “Nice to meet you” “I am Hanna” Wilfred asked “Do you have the child?” Hanna said “I live alone since I lose an exhusband 15 years ago because I do not have a child” Wilfred said “If dad is happy, I do not make any complaint” Cameron said “Thank you” “We intend to get married” Wilfred said “I bless marriage of dad, but Denton and Caroline and Nellie may to marriage of dad” Cameron said “Ok” “I tell them from me” Hanna asked “Can I make friends with your other children?” with the look that seemed to be uneasy. Cameron said “I do not know, but i hope it” He introduced that he dating with Hanna into Denton on the telephone after Wilfred left his house. And Denton came over to his house with Caroline and Nellie and Wilfred on the next day. Denton asked “Dad, are you going to really marry again?” Cameron said “Exactly” “I think about marriage with her” and introduced Hanna. Hanna said “Nice to meet you” “I am Hanna” Nellie said “She want an inheritance of dad absolutely” Cameron said “It is rude to her!” Nellie ignored it. Wilfred said “She was the person who seemed to be gentle, and was good” Caroline asked “Did you meet her, Will?” Wilfred said “Yes” Denton threatened Wilfred asked “When did you meet her, Will? ” Wilfred said “Yesterday” in spite of being a scare. Caroline asked “Well, why did you not tell it to us?” Wilfred said “Because dad told me that he introduced it into Denton and Caroline and Nellie” Denton asked “You live for what near the house of dad?” Wilfred said “To take care of dad” Nellie asked “Do you live near the house of dad to report it to us if there is some it to dad?” Wilfred said “Sorry” Cameron said “Stop blaming Will” Caroline said “Dad remains silent” Cameron said “Stop it!” “I do not intend to have you admit my marriage” Denton asked “Well, what did you say it to us for?” Cameron said “It us mere report” Caroline asked “Does dad intend to give an inheritance of dad to her?” Cameron said “It is you to aim at my inheritance!” “I do not give my inheritance to you who think only about money” Denton said “Do not say such a thing” Hanna left of the house of Cameron. Cameron rolled a carry case and left the house. They grasped the airline ticket which they obtained by arrangement of Wilfred, and they went to the airport by taxi. And they got married at the place where none of them knew them and lived peacefully.

the wondering alchemist

There was an young alchemist named Ahmed in Gyzl known as a town of the alchemists. He could use alchemy from 5 years old and was a famous genius alchemist in Gyzl. If most of the inhabitants stayed in Gyzl of the alchemist, he thought that he could not improve a technique of the further alchemy, and he went for a trip. When he walked while entering the desert in a few minutes, and feeling dizzy by heat after leaving Gyzl, the thieves appeared from the front. The thief said “Give the valuables!” He push the sand of the desert with a hand and constructed golem by the alchemy and sent away the thief. He solved construction of the going golem on a shoulder of the golem to this side of the town. And he arrived the deserted county town named Srenz on foot. He entered the worn-out inn where the town had only one and took a room. When he entered the room of the number written down to the room key handed by an innkeeper, because a room was too worn-out, he put a hand on the floor of the room and reformed a room by the alchemy. The town was deserted after a thief made the church of the town the hiding place and settled down. The town was deserted after the thieves made the church of the town the hiding place and settled down. He push a hand on the ground near the church and constructed the ball of the sand and shot it into a church the next day. The thieves fought back with a gun first, but they escaped and ran. The old woman who lost the left foot by the barbaric act of thieves appeared to him. He push the near wood with a hand and constructed an artificial leg and held it out to her. The old woman clechend his hand and said “I have no words to express my gratitude” while crying. “Let me cost some reward” Ahmed said “I do not need the thanks” and smiled. And he went to the next town.

My girlfriend who came over from the foraway

There was Paxton high school in the slightly deserted town named Paxton. The man named Jordan who has just finished graduating from a university started for his new post as a math teacher in the high school. One day when he was used to the life in the high school, when he finished outfit and was going to come home, saw something such as the shooting star having crashed in the mountain behind of the high school. He went to the mountain behind hastily. The woman alien named Ficel of planet Kepler-10c which took a trip to the planet of the solar system with a small spaceship fell by engine trouble. She hid her spaceship in the bush and made it hard to be found her spaceship using the stealth function. The characteristic of alien Kepler-10c is the figure similar to the earthian and the desire to learn is elegant very highly. When he arrive at the mountain behind of the high school, he found her which sat in the ground and looked at the star. He fell in love with her beauty at first sight. Jordan asked “Did you see it what or having fallen in this neighborhood? She turned the look that seemed to be suspicious to him. Jordan said “I am not a doubtful person. I am Jordan working as an math teacher at the high school close by” Ficel said “Ok” Jordan asked “May I ask you about your name?” Ficel said “I am Ficel” Jordan said “the starlit sky is beautiful” Ficel said “Well” And when two people looked at starlit sky for a while, her stomach sounded. Two people laughed. Jordan said “I am hungry too” “Shall we go to eat something with me?” Ficel asked “To where?” Jordan asked “Would you go to the restaurant which a delicious dish can eat and i found recently?” Ficel said “I entrust you” Jordan said “Ok” He went to the restaurant with her and they ate together. Jordan asked “Did you enjoy your meal?” Ficel said “It was very delicious” Jordan said “It was good” “Would you meet me again?” Ficel said “Well” Jordan said “Thank you” And he parted from her and came home. He went to the mountain behind of the high school before coming home from the high school almost every day from the next day. Then they were attracted each other and began dating, and the relation between them deepened more as they repeated the number of the dating. And one day Jordan asked “Would you live with me?” Ficel said “I have hidden it from you so far” Jordan asked “What?” Ficel said “I came from planet Kepler-10c outside the solar system” Jordan said “Even if you are an alien, my love to you does not change” Ficel said “Thank you” And they embaraced each other. Then they began cohabitation. When she looked at starlit sky nearby he slept at his toom, she saw that a spaceship went down in the mountain behind of the high school, and she went to the mountain behind of the high school. Then there were her older brother named Varos and father named Erakis there. They discovered her spaceship which was hidden. When she arrived at mountain behind of the high school, she saw they investigated a crash cause of her spaceship. Varos said “We did an urgent signal emitted from your spaceship later” Erakis asked “Are you Ok?” Ficel said “I’m sorry for worry” He noticed that there was not her and went to the mountain behind of the high school which encountered her for the first time. Varos said “Let’s go home with us” Ficel said “Sorry, I am glad to be able to meet daddy and Varos, but i cannot go home with you” Erakis asked “Why?” Ficel said “Because I want to be with a favorite person” Jordan came over when she was going to finish saying. Erakis said “I do not admit dating you with the earthian” Jordan said “I worried about you Ficel” Varos asked “Is this fellow your acquaintance?” Ficel said “Sorry Jordan” Ficel pointed to Jordan and said “He is Jordan” “My favorite person” Erakis said “I do not admit” Ficel said “Please do not say such a thing” “They are my older brother and my daddy” Jordan said “Nice to meet you” “I am earnest dating with your a daughter”  Erakis said “I cannot believe that” Ficel said “Go home!” “I do not back to planet Kepler-10c” Erakis said “Ok” Varos asked “Do you permit dating of Ficel with the earthian easily?” Erakis said “I do not want to be disliked in Ficel” “Well, we will go home Varos” Varos said “Ok” They took the spaceship and went to planet Kepler-10c. And Jordan and Ficel lived happily together on the earth.

Hotel Mondlicht

There was the young man named Johnny who attends Verflone University. Though he was a senior in the university, but he was not got a job and always looked for a job. One day two month before the graduation ceremony, he got a notice of adoption from Hotel Mondlicht. He graduated with a bright feeling and went to Hotel Mondlicht built on the small hill of neighboring town named Fyrn on the next day of the graduation ceremony. When he arrived at the hotel, the middle-aged manager named Conrad who seemed to be gentle of the mind that was at the front desk came to him. Johnny said “Thank you for your kind of in the job interview” Conrad said “Well, let’s go to the office” And when they arrived at office, there were two men and one woman and some ghosts there. He let out a yell because of too much surprise. The ghost was about to smile at him, but looked uneasy to hear his cry. Conrad said “Sorry to surprise you, but they are your colleagues” Johnny asked “Oh, really?” Conrad said “Yes” Johnny asked “Why do you work with the ghost?” Conrad said “Here was the gate which connected the world of the dead person and the human being world since before this hotel was built several hundred years ago” “But because an owner at the time built a hotel without knowing it, various psychic phenomena were generated, and all employees ran away ahead of the opening of the hotel and became the business closing” “And my ancestor bought this hotel and started business with the ghost afterwards” Johnny said “Ok” Conrad said “Well, i introduce you the staff” “Come on Dora, Larry, Bruce” Then 3 people came over to them. Conrad pointed to a woman and said “She is a room clerk named Doris” and pointed to a man and said “He is a receptionist named Lawrence” and pointed to a man and said “He is a porter named Bruce” successively. Johnny said “I am Johny” and shook hands with them. Conrad handed the uniform of the hotel to him and said “Change into this” When he changes into his uniform handed to Conrad and goes to the front desk again. Conrad said “Guide him to the locker room Larry” Lawrence said “Ok” And they went to the locker room and he changed into his uniform of the hotel. When he finished change and came back to the office with Lawrence, the number of ghosts increased from a little while ago. Doris said “Welcome  back” And he had eyes with the ghost of one beautiful woman. Bruce noticed that he found one woman ghost  and said “She is a daughter named Valerie of the ghost named Gordon who is at this hotel from old days” Valerie asked “Are you a new employee?” Johny said “Yes, i am Johny” Valerie said “I am Valerie” “If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask someone whom there is near you then” The ghost said “Do not thwart our work a new employee!” Valerie said “It is rude to him!” “Apologize to him!” The ghost said “We joked a little” “Sorry” Valerie said “Good luck” and  passed through a wall and went somewhere. Johny said “Thank you” Bruce said “You seemed to be in favor with Valerie” “Because most of the ghosts whom there is here feel kindly toward her, be careful!” Johny said “Ok, thank you” Conrad said “You work at the front desk under Lawrence” And he started work of the receptionist. When Lawrence does the correspondence of the hotel guest, the couple of the ghost came to the front desk where he was to check in and he hurry-scurried. Johnny said “Welcome to Hotel Mondlicht” Then the hotel staff of the ghost appeared out of nowhere and supported him casually. And the ghost went somewhere immediately. The couple of the ghost whom he corresponded to came over again in a few minutes. The couple of the ghost said “Change the room!” Johnny said “What’s the matter?” The couple of the ghost said “Bed-making and supplement of the amenity were not done in the room” “I heard that the correspondence for the hotel guest was splendid, but i was disappointed” Johnny said “I am very sorry” Lawrence asked “What happened Johnny?” Johnny said “I handed the room key which was not set to the hotel guest” Lawrence said “Ok” “I am very sorry to trouble you because of this clumsiness” “I change the room immediately” The couple of the ghost said “Let me apologize to the ghost of the young man of the surname same as you” Johnny handed the couple other room key. The couple of the ghost controlled anger and went to the room. Valerie happened to pass by the front of the front desk where they were and she noticed him and came to the front desk. Lawrence said “Probably it is harassment by the hotel staff of the ghost” Valerie said “I report it to daddy” and left. Valerie returned in a few minutes. Valerie said “It was my older brother named Nathan to have been going to entrap you” “I am sorry” Johnny said “Do not apologize” It was an opportunity, and Nathan which was the leader of group which regarded him with hostility became quietand and he made friends with Valerie.

Piece of the memory

A hunter named Andrew lived in the country town named Kolt. He was a family of the Hunter who followed from generation to generation and when he was young, his mother died and his father was attacked three years ago by a beast and died, and he lived alone. One day he found the girl who was dressed like the noble fell down when he made hunting in a mountain. Even if he shook her body as for her many times, she did not wake up. And he dragged the deer which he caught by hunting while carrying her body and returned to his house and he nursed her overnight. And she woke up the next morning. When he carried the breakfast to the room where she sleeping, she just woke up. She was surprised at him who and screamed and she went to the wall that she covered her body with a quilt and escaped from him. Andrew said “I am sorry to be able to threaten you” “I found you who fell down in a mountain and brought it to my home” She removed only of the head of the quilt which covered up her body and watched his state. The girl said “I do not know” Andrew said “Because I do nothing, do not be afraid” “I brought you breakfast” and put breakfast to the horizontal side table of the bed where she slept. She ate the breakfast which he brought immediately whether she was hungry very much. Andrew said “I am Andrew of the hunter living in this house” “And you?” The girl said “I do not know who am i” Andrew pointed to her jacket which is hung on the hanger and said “There may be something in the pocket of your jacket” When he put a hand in the pocket of her jacket and confirmed the inside, the puzzle of the crystal on piece and notebook one were in the pocket of her jacket. Something like name of the person was written on the notebook. And a map was inserted between the page of the notebook. It was marked on several places of towns in the map. Andrew said “Your name is Kimberley until you remember your true name” Kimberley is the name of his mother. Kimberley said “Ok” They went to the town named Heim in the distance for approximately three hours on foot from Kolt where they were. It was marked on Heim in her map. Heim is famous as the town where many merchants come and go and always the town is full of life. When they arrived Heim, she was at her wits end and crouched down suddenly. Andrew asked “Are you ok?” Kimberley said “I have a pain in the head intensely” and mind lost. She watched “When she let a butler send the puzzle of the crystal which wrote down the whereabouts of the vast inheritance that her grandfather left to the people that she was reliable, the assassinator whom her older sister-in-law employed appeared” in her dream. Kimberley woke up and said “I remembered it a little” And they visited the antique shop which an old man named Humphrey said to be the most knowledgeable in a town ran. The name of Humphrey was written to the notebook. Kimberley remembered when she escaped from the assassinator whom her older sister-in-law employed, she fell from the cliff. Andrew showed one piece of the puzzle of the crystal in Humphrey and asked “Have you seen the peace of the puzzle same as this?” Humphrey had a surprised look and asked “Where did you get it?” Andrew pointed to her and said “Her belonging” Humphrey asked “Were you safe?” Kimberley said “Sorry, i do not know” Andrew said ” She lost the memory” Humphrey said “She is a daughter of the famous earl family. Her older sister-in-law aims at her life to take the vast inheritance that her grandfather left” and handed her one piece of the puzzle of the crystal. Kimberley said “Thank you” Humphrey said “I think whether you may meet the assassinator whom your older sister-in-law employed when collect the piece of the puzzle, but take care” When they left the shop of Humphrey and were going to come back to Kolt, they heard the rumor that a shop of Humphrey was attacked. They went to the next town without coming back in Kolt.

the other side of the tunnel

There was Twain college in the town named Kirth, and many children went to school by the school bus which a 24-year-old female driver named Elizabeth ran. Twain college is unified elementary through junior high school. When she goes to the school carrying 6 children on a school bus, she knew that she was not able to pass the road which she always used by a landslide on a radio June 19, 2015. The 6-year-old boy named Richard of the spoilt child and a 7-year-old fearless girl named Cheryl and an 12-year-old unfussy girl named Bonnie and the 14-year-old boy named Mark who always hangs headphones to a neck and the 14-year-old girl named Vanessa of the person of steady and the 9-year-old boy named Rodney who always eats something got on a bus. When she went along another way where she found a bus while driving, an old long tunnel appeared front of her bus. She just ran a bus and passed through the tunnel, then the sound of the radio turned into a noise. Cheryl cried “Look, a tunnel disappeared!” When they looked at the outside from the rear of the bus, a tunnel disappeared. And all scenery to show from there was an unfamiliar scenery. Richard had look that seemed to cry and asked “Where are we?” “Can we not back to home?”” Mark said “I do not know” while being irritated. Vanessa said “Do not hard on Dick” Mark has begun to hear music in headphones in defiance of Vanessa. When she got off a bus and looked around, one old woman approached her bus. Elizabeth said “Excuse me, We seemed to lose our way” “Where are we?” The old woman said “Here is Gymre” Elizabeth was familiar in the place name. She remembered her grandmother lived at a village named Gymre. The old woman said “Come to my home if you lose your way” Elizabeth said “It is the proposal that I am thankful for, but because I must not trouble you because I am with children, I decline your proposal” The old woman said “Do not worry” “Because my house is big, all are secure to come” Elizabeth said “Thank you very much for your kind invitation, i will come” “I am Elizabeth of the school bus driver” The old woman said “I am Janet” And Elizabeth followed the old woman with children and went to her house. Janet led them to the living room. A lot of furniture of the antique was given glory to in a house of Janet. Janet said “I serve tea” “Please sit at the seat” and left the place. Elizabeth said “Thank you” Cheryl looked around in a house. Elizabeth said “You must not stare very much” Rodney asked “Is there potato chips?” Janet said “Sorry, there is not potato chips” and displayed teacups in front of the seat where they sat and poured tea into it. Vanessa said “Thank you, do not mind” Rodney took the biscuit out of a pocket and has begun to eat it. Elizabeth found the photograph which Janet appeared in with her grandmother and asked “Is she your sister?” Janet said “Yes, she is my little sister” Elizabeth asked “Is her name Fiona?” Janet asked “Yes, but why do you know the name of my little sister?” Elizabeth said “Because Fiona is the name of my mother and she looks just like my mother” Cheryl asked “Is Aunt Janet an aunt of Ellie?” Elizabeth said “I heard that my aunt died in the war 60 years ago” “Where is Fiona?” Janet said “She is on the second floor” She called Fiona then a girl went down from the second floor. Janet said “Fiona, come here” Fiona asked “Who are they?” Janet said “Because they lost their way, I invited it to the house” Bonnie asked “What date is it today?” Janet said “It is March 15, 1955 today” Vanessa said “We seemed to do time travel 60 years ago” Elizabeth asked “Are you Grandma Fiona?” Fiona said “I am still 15 years old” Broadcast to tell an outbreak of the war was done by a radio. Janet said “You evacuate somewhere early” Richard asked “Do we die?” Elizabeth said “We do not die” Mark said “It is groundless” “Because I do not want to die in such a place, I escape alone” Janet said “It is dangerous” “Because there is an shelter near, I guide you” But Mark left the place. When Elizabeth going to follow Mark, Janet said “Because you will not know this land, I run after it”. Elizabeth said “Ok” Janet said “Fiona, If there is anything, take them to the refuge” Fiona said “Ok” Janet ran after Mark. Fiona asked “Why did you call me Grandma?” Elizabeth said “We seemed to do time travel from 60 years ago” “I am Elizabeth of the school bus driver” Fiona said “I cannot believe it” Vanessa said “It is true” “We passed through the tunnel and came here by a bus, but the tunnel disappeared” Fiona said “So” “Am I 60 years later fine?” Elizabeth said “Yes, but there is not this town 60 years later” Fiona said “Ok” Janet caught up with Mark at that time. Janet said “Wait!” Mark said “Do not come!” Janet said “If you may feel it dissatisfiedly, I hear your talk” and hugged him kindly. Mark said “Liberate me” and struggled. Janet banged a body on the rock which there was behind her in the reaction that Mark struggled, and she was injured seriously. And he was surprised at it and was upset. Janet said “I am all right” and lost consciousness. He cut his clothes and stopped bleeding of her wound and carried her on his back and went to her house. Meanwhile at house of Janet. Richard said “I am hungry” But Rodney picked up chocolate bar from a bag while seeing t in looking askance at and has begun to eat. Vanessa said “Rod, Divide it into Dick a little” Rodney said “They are mine” Elizabeth said “Because I will buy the sweets if we come back in the times when there were us” Rodney said “Ok” and handed Richard the chocolate bar. Mark which carried Janet on his back when Richard ate chocolate bar returned. Mark said “She banged a body on a rock and lost consciousness” Fiona said “Pull yourself together!” But Janet did not react. Elizabeth said “Must treat Janet early” Fiona said “There is not a medical office here, and the treatment that is enough because war just began is impossible” Bonnie asked “How about that look for a tunnel connected to the times when there were us by bus, sink or swim?” Fiona said “Ok, do not die” They left the house of Janet and got in a bus. When a bus began to work, Fiona waved its hand while crying. Elizabeth ran a bus, and a tunnel appeared before them in a few minutes. And when they went through the tunnel, they came back in the times when there were them. Elizabeth took Janet to the hospital with it. She made Janet her adopted daughter and lived with Fiona and Janet. Children returned to everyday life immediately. Then Mark proposed to Janet several years later, and they got married several months later.

the clairvoyant

There were the 10-year-old boy named Moath who lived with father and mother at the home of Jordanian middle class people. Because he said he wanted to always go to Egypt, his parents planned a trip to Egypt behind the back of him on his birthday. Her parents said him “Pack!” suddenly on his birthday. Moath asked “Where do we go?” His mother said “To Egypt” Moath asked “really?” His father said “Yes” Moath said “Thank you” and danced with joy. And he packed and they went to Egypt. They put their baggage in the room of the hotel and went to the Cairo museum immediately. Moath observed the showpiece of the museum with parents. He found the sarcophagus which was in the showcase and stared into it. And he touched the picture of Udjat eye drawn on the sarcophagus over the glass of the showcase, then he lost mind and fell down suddenly. His mother called an ambulance, and he was carried in a hospital. He woke up in a sickbed. Moath asked “Where am i?” His father said “You fell down at a museum and were carried in a hospital by an ambulance” His mother asked “Are you ok? Moath” Moath said “Yes, i am ok” “Let’s come back to the hotel” His father said “After inspecting it for sense” His body was inspected for sense, but they came back to the hotel because there was not abnormality. His father asked “Are you not hungry?” Moath said “Because I have no appetite, go to the restaurant with my father with mother” His father said “Ok” and his parents went to the restaurent. And when his parents finished a meal at a restaurant and were going to come back to the hotel, they were attacked by robbers and lost their life. Moath was waiting for his parents in a hotel, but because his parents did not readily come back, he went to look for his parents, then he became bloody on a street and discovered his parents who fell down in an alley and rushed up and burst into tears. He saw the scene that his parents reflected in his left eye were attacked by robbers. And he cried again. The police which heard his cry did it to his cause. The police officer hugged him who sobbed. He told the characteristic of robbers who murdered his parents while crying to a police officer and because he did not have a relative other than his parents, he was taken to the orphanage to a police officer. And all robbers who murdered his parents because of his testimony were arrested the next day. He saw various truth with his left eye and could not believe a person and he left the orphanage 5 years later and he used the scene which his left eye showed, and he has begun to make living by fortune-telling using power of his left eye. Because his fortune-telling was too accurate, people flocked to have him tell it from the country whole land while he began fortune-telling and did not pass for half a year either. One day a servant of the famous noble named Daher came to him. The servant said “I came here by order of the Lord Daher” Moath asked “May I ask the purpose of your visit?” The servant said “A daughter of the Lord Daher was abducted by someone” “Would you not search a daughter of the Lord Daher?” Moath said “Ok” “Well, guide me to a mansion of the Lord Daher” And they took half day and went to the mansion of the Lord Daher. When they arrived at the mansion, Lord Daher met them. The Lord Daher said “Please find out A’ishah” Moath said “Please call the person who contacted your a daughter before that she was abducted” One hour later, people who contacted A’ishah before that A’ishah was abducted were assembled in the large hall. He saw people assembled in the large hall in the next to Lord Daher using power of his left eye. Moath pointed to the butler named Farhat whom there was near them most and said “That fellow assembled a daughter of the Lord Daher” The Lord Daher asked “Why did you do such a thing?” “Where is A’ishah?” Farhat said “I am sorry” and approached them. Then the husband named Halim of the younger sister named Bisar of the Lord Daher fired through the heart of Farhat with a gun suddenly. Farhat was hit a bullet in the heart and dead. The Lord Daher asked “What’s your intent?” Halim said “I worried about your body and shot it” The Lord Daher said “Do not do an unnecessary thing” “You return to one’s mansion!” Halim returned to one’s mansion. Moath said “I saw all” Halim played tricks to a car of Farhat to kill Bisar with the right to secondly succeed to vast property of the Lord Daher and Halim was going to let Farhat run over and Kill Bisar. However, she suffered from lower part of the body paralysis, but escaped death. Halim erased all the traces of the accident hastily and threatened Farhat and let abducted A’ishah. The Lord Daher asked “About the place where A’ishah is?” Moath said “It is not only it” The Lord Daher asked “What?” Moath said “Farhat was only used” The Lord Daher asked “Who is the ringleader?” Moath said “It is Halim” The Lord Daher asked “Is A’ishah in the mansion of Halim?” Moath said “Yes, your a daughter is made to lie in the basement of the mansion of Halim” The Lord Daher said “Call a car” to the butler. Moath said “It is too dangerous” “I rescue your a daughter” Moath went to the mansion of Halim with soldiers. When they entered the mansion of Halim, one gunshot resounded at the mansion of Halim. And he rescued A’ishah imprisoned by a basement with soldiers. When soldiers went to the room of Halim, he fired through the temple with a gun and was dead. Moath came back to the mansion of the Lord Daher with a daughter of the Lord Daher The Lord Daher liked him very much, and A’ishah also liked him, too, and they began dating. The Lord Daher let him live in one’s mansion, and he supported Lord Daher using power of the left eye. And they lived happily for a long time.