The star dust island

There was a legend in a small port town named Glariz.
The legend is that an island called Stardust island appears only at night of the full moon in area of sea near Glariz.
There was not a person who confirms that, because the day of the full moon will be a high tide and often become storm surge.
The girl named Amy who was sick and lost her father has moved to her mother side grandparents’ home in Glariz with his mother.
She could not match Glariz easily, and often had time by herself.
Meanwhile she heard rumor that when a wish is included in star dust which lies thick in the island which appears only at night of the day of the full moon and it’s sprinkled, a wish comes true.
She was too strong in the feeling that she would like to meet her father, and she asked a fisherman to take her to the island by his ship.
But there was not a fisherman who thinks he take her on his ship and went to an island.
And there was a person who lends her a boat no one.
Therefore she took several months, and made a boat, then she has sailed to a She has sailed to a sea at the midnight when people were fast asleep by a small boat.
She rowed an oar desperately while was buffeted by the sea, and she arrived at an island.
She who landed in an island said “Daddy, come back!” while sprinkling sand on a clenched beach in her hand.
When she is hanging her head in despair, the island has begun to sink by a rise of the water level.
She thought that if staying here just as it is, she can go to the place her father where her is here.
But her mother crossed her mind suddenly.
She took a boat and returned to Glariz.
When she arrived at her house, the sun has risen, and the sky is brightening.
She opened a door in a front door of her house, her father who should pass away was there.
The fact that her father was dead from people’s memory besides her went off.
She was astonished at the power of the island, but hid the fact and lived happily


The wind bell

A sylph clan lived at a forest in the outskirts in the town named Wendista from antiquity.
They were making a lot of wind bells and were hanging those on the trees in the forest where they live.
The wind bell senses an intruder and has the function out of which a warning sound is given, but various melodies were being usually played.
One day a sylph’s princess named Aria who lives in the forest longed for living outside the forest and went to Wendista secretly.
She was taken by gangsters leading the town which appeared from the back alley suddenly to the back alley.
The Man of the attire like the tourist who came across her taken by gangsters to a back alley worries about her and went to a back alley.
At that time the sylphs who knew that Aria was not there made the sylph’s soldier search for her.
The man asked “What are you doing there?”
The gangsters said “It has no relation for you”
The man said “It may be so, but I cannot overlook”
The gangsters said “I disable that you cannot hold a candle to the sun”
And they attacked the tourist.
But the tourist defeated them.
The man asked “Would you get away from here quickly?”
He grasped her hand, then he took her out to a bustling place.
Aria said “Thank you for helping”
“Who are you?”
The man said “I am just a tourist”
“I am Lennox, and you?”
Aria said “I am Aria”
Lennox said “Because this area is danger, I accompany you”
Aria said “You told me you are a tourist”
Lennox said “Yes, but I know the landscape of this area”
Aria said “I see”
And she toured a town by his guide.
They were surrounded their around by gangsters all too soon.
The gangsters pounced on Aria and Lennox simultaneously.
Aria uttered “Set in the people who form an enemy into me, blade of the wind”
Then something which is not seen went through everywhere of the form of the gangsters.
The gangsters asked “What did you do?”
Aria said “I gave an order in a wind”
The gangsters fell on the ground.
Lennox had an expression including fear and asked “What are you?”
Aria said “I am a Sylph”
Lennox asked “Are you the sylph who lives in a forest really?”
Aria said “Yes”
Lennox asked “Why are you here?”
Aria said “I have longed here”
Aria uttered “Make my body surface, the wings of the wind”
Then her body floated.
Lennox asked “Where are you going?”
Aria said “To Sylph’s forest”
Lennox said “Take me there”
Aria said “I feel time I spent with you very happily, but the world which lives is different in me and you”
The gangster who recovered his consciousness threw a bullet for her who tried to fly out.
He who noticed that was her shield, and a bullet was bombed in his body.
Aria came down to his side and asked “Why did you protect me?”
Lennox said “I think that I have fallen in love for you”
“I am glad that you are safe” and lost consciousness.
The sound of a gun is heard, and gangsters have gathered around them.
The sylph’s soldiers who were searching for her at the time exactly have flown down to her location.
The sylph’s soldiers engaged with gangsters and defeated gangsters.
The sylph’s soldiers said “Princess Aria, you have awareness as sylph’s princess please”
“Would you back to our forest?”
Aria asked “May I take him to our forest?”
The sylph’s soldiers said “It can’t be judged by our personal judgment”
Aria said “Ok, well I will take him”
When she grasped his arm, they flew out high in the sky together.
And they flew out to the sylph’s forest.
She implored sylph’s king and made him live in sylph’s forest.


The rainbow arched bridge

From ancient times, there was a calm town named Buha with a legend where the rainbow arched bridge brilliant in the seven colors appears.
The residents prohibited approaching that rainbow arched bridge because children of Buha and towns around it became missing on the next day of heavy rain successively.
The boy named Otokar which is not afraid of anything  searched his thrill seeking sense with his girlfriend and his 2 friends for the rainbow arched bridge.
His girlfriend named Eliška is an affectionate girl.
One of his 2 friends named Hudak is an easily elated boy.
Remain of his 2 friends named Jiri is a coward, and a boy like a younger brother of Otokar.
One day after a storm had passed, they found the bridge brilliant in the seven colors in grassland.
They who approached the bridge knew that there is a step brilliant in the seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo blue and purple in a bridge.
Eliška asked “What will you do?”
Hudak said “I am first” and put his right leg on the yellow step, then his figure disappeared immediately.
Jiri asked “Where is Hudak?”
Eliška said “I do not know”
Otokar asked “Would you cross the bridge?”
Eliška and Jiri said “Ok”
Otokar put on his left leg on the indigo blue step.
Eliška put on her right leg on the red step.
Jiri put on his right leg on the green step.
Their figure disappeared at the same time mostly.
Then they were transported to the parallel world respectively.
Hudak was transported to the world in which the countless balloon floating in the sky, a clown and funny creatures exist.
Jiri was transported to the world in which various plants grow thickly and many animals exists.
Eliška was transported to the world which brims over with love.
Otokar was transported to the world in which devils were wrapped in the chaos which live.
They encountered the people to whom they were transported before than them first in the transported world respectively.
Hudak was excited at a clown and the funny world, but he who saw the persons transported before than him noticed that they are a person maimed for life.
The clown said “Welcome to the funny world”
Hudak asked “The funny world?”
The clown said “Here is the world which is different from the world which was you, and can live happily strangely”
Hudak said “Ok”
He was being charmed by the funny world.
Jiri saw the scene that the bodies of the people transported before than him are encroaching on by plants.
And he who feared ran from the place and went away.
Eliška saw the figure that persons transported before than her are blinded by false love.
She ignored the men courting her, and looked for an exit.
The body of Otokar was swallowed in a chaos.
And he who swallowed his body in a chaos saw the bodies of the persons transported before than him are gobbled by demons.
A cry in the last moments has been heard from everywhere.
He was stricken with fear, and moves backward, then the devils notice that and have approached him.
He ran away from the devils which has attacked at him
He who was escaping from the devils which are approaching him was in the mysterious world fairies all too soon.
Eliška appeared suddenly at the place away from him a little.
Eliška said “I am glad that I was able to meet you”
Otokar said “Me too”
The fairies who fly around them said “Welcome to the fairy’s land”
Otokar asked “We would like to join our friends transported to the different world”
“How should we do?”
The fairy said “Well, we attend you to the funny world first”
Otokar and Eliška said “Thank you”
They who transported to the funny world saw Hudak which walks with a clown.
Otokar asked “What are you doing?”
Hudak said “I was playing with him”
Eliška said “Let’s go back to home”
Hudak said “No, I stay here”
The clown said “I live with him”
“Get out of the person who disturbs that”
And they were driven by a clown out of the funny world.
Jiri was in the world which was satisfied by the water marine creatures live all too soon.
He surprised that though that place is in the water, can stay like land.
Much merfolks including the mermaid, the merman and the half-man-half-fish lived there.
Jiri asked “Where is here?”
The mermaid said “The merfolks world here”
Jiri asked “Who are you?”
The mermaid said “I am Evka”
“And he is Bohumil of my old brother” and pointed to a merman.
Jiri asked “Is not there the person who is strayed off like me into this world?”
The Bohumil pointed to the half-man-half-fish and said “They are there”
The Evka said “If you stay long time in this world, you will be like them”
His feet and hands became webbed feet and webbed hands all too soon.
Otokar and Eliška appeared in merfolks world with fairies at the time exactly.
Otokar said “Let’s go back to home together”
Jiri said “I cannot go back to home”
Eliška asked “Why?”
Jiri said “I have webbed hands and webbed feet”
The Evka said “You should go back to home”
Otokar said “We do not mind that”

Jiri said “I fell in love to her”
Evka said “Me too, but the world we live is too different.”
Bohumil said “If you go to their world, you can live as a human”
Evka said “Ok. So, I go to their world”
Jiri said “Thank you”
They went back to fairy’s world for the time being.
Jiri asked “Where is Hudak?”
Eliška said “He is in the funny world”
“He said he does not go back to home”
Evka said “The balloon floating in the sky of the world are ruined the person transported before than you”
Otokar said “I have to take back him regardless”
They went to the funny world again, and while fairies were making fun of a clown, they took out Hudak forcibly.
They who joined fairies have returned to the fairy’s world again.
Jiri said “Please nake me go back to the funny world”
Otokar said “No”
Eliška said “Please attribute us to our world”
A big ring of light flapped and formed around them into fairies.
The ring descended over their head slowly.
When a big ring of light reached the location of their head exactly, they lost consciousness.
They who recovered their consciousness noticed that they are in Buha.
Jiri noticed that the body of Evka became a human body.
Evka hugged with him.
Hudak who went back to Buha has returned to usual him
The rainbow arched bridge went off all too soon.
And they have returned to a daily life together.



The spiral stairs

There were a girl named Princess Maylene who lives with her father named Orson Ⅷ who is a king and her mother named Queen Priscilla who is a Queen at a palace in a kingdom named the Kingdom of Srandym.
King Orson was loving Queen Priscilla very much, but she was attacked by the disease an excellent Royal household doctor with medicine cannot cure, and she died.
Therefore because Queen Priscilla was yearned for from the people, the national all the members including King Orson were feeling down.
Meanwhile, a woman who will introduce herself as Marquess Petronilla Brickenden visited a palace.
The king’s attendant met her and asked the purpose which she has come to the palace.
Petronilla said “My father received a title of nobility for incumbent king’s father”
“My father passed away the other day, so I came to a report”
The king’s attendant informed King Orson that she is wishing that granted an audience with the King Orson.
King Orson thought he might cheer to meet a visitor a little, and he decided to meet a visitor.
King Orson who met with Petronilla made her live in a palace by special treatment.
Orson king is stricken in the grief, but he has contacted the people and Maylene gently.
Since Petronilla appears, he only has eye for her.
Maylene which came in front of the room in Petronilla along noticed that a door of Petronilla’s room was half open.
Maylene peeked the room out of curiosity.
Then there was an ugly old woman there.
Maylene asked “Who are you?”
Maylene was brought to an interior.
The old woman said “I am Petronilla”
“Because you have seen this my figure, I cannot release you as it is”
Maylene asked “What will you do?”
Petronilla made a door appear in her room.
Maylene asked “What is this door?”
Petronilla grasped her right arm and went to the other side of the door silently.
Petronilla uttered “Build stairs by this person’s memory!”
Then something like fog went out from her body, and that built the spiral stairs.
Petronilla uttered “Transport this person to a frontier place”
And her body was shallowed in her shadow instantly.
She was swallowed and also lost consciousness in the shadow.
She was transported by magic of Petronilla to wetlands near the border.
Petronilla kept staying at a palace after Maylene became missing, and she was tempting King Orson skillfully.
King Orson lamented for her becoming missing, but he was casting a spell so as not to consider her by Petronilla.
Maylene which was wandering wetlands was found by the group a commissioned officer named Archibald of a kingdom army leads accidentally.
They are really close from when they were children, so he noticed something unusual immediately.
Archibald said “I am glad that you are safe”
Maylene asked “Who are you?”
Archibald said “I am your supporter, and a friend”
He ordered his subordinates not to report that they found Maylene.
He made her enter in the palace as his subordinate, and he took care of her secretly.
King Orson who lost a temptation of Petronilla announced an engagement with her.
King Orson announced “I announce that Orson Fawcet and Marquess Petronilla Brickenden got engaged here”
Without having passed half year since an empress passed away, King Orson announced an engagement.
Therefore the people were holding anxiety.
Archibald expected that her memory returns even a little, and he avoids public notice night after night, and took a walk in the palace with her.
One day in evening when 1 month has passed from king’s engagement announcement, they were taking a walk like usual, but she stopped suddenly in front of a certain room.
Archibald asked “What is the matter?”
Maylene said “I do not know, I am feeling that I was attracted to this room”
Archibald said “Ok”
They confirmed around them and entered that room.
There was the spiral stairs which continue interminably in the room.
When she was going up the spiral stairs, fog occurred so that her body and the spiral stairs might be wrapped.
Archibald which worried about her tried to run after her and go up the stairs, but he could not go up because a step in stairs had begun to go off.
Therefore Archibald cried out for her name.
But she showed no reaction.
A little while, the spiral stairs disappeared perfectly and she fell at the place where the spiral stairs were.
He ran up to her and asked “Are you ok?”
Maylene said “Yes”
“Where is here, Archy?”
Archibald said “Here is in the palace”
“Has your memory returned?”
Maylene asked “Where is Petronilla?”
Archibald said “Sorry, I do not know”
“King Orson announced an engagement with Marquess Brickenden”
Maylene said “My memory was taken away by her magic”
“She is an ugly witch”
Archibald asked “How do you make King Orson and the people know Marquess Brickenden’s true character?”
Maylene said “Her thought as well as my memory you were sealing up flowed in me, so I knew that she returns to the original figure that only 1 hour at night of the full moon”
Archibald said “The full moon will be tomorrow”
Maylene said “Ok”
Archibald asked “Do you have any strategies?”
Maylene said “Yes”
Archibald said “Well, I will follow you”
And she went to king’s room with him in the next morning.
King Orson forgot her so far, but when he saw her face, tears flowed along his cheeks.
King Orson asked “Are you Maylene really?”
Maylene said “Yes, daddy”
King Orson asked “Did you take Maylene, Archibald?”
Archibald said “Yes”
King Orson asked “How have you been doing?”
Archibald said “I found the place Princess Maylene was wandering at wetlands”
“I took care of princess Maylene”
King Orson asked “Is that true, May?”
Maylene said “Yes”
King Orson asked “Why did not you report me it immediately and did you take care of May personally, Archy?”
Maylene said “He looked for my memory while taking care of me”
“Because I was taken my memory away by magic”
King Orson asked “Was the person who took the memory of May away revealed?”
Maylene said “It will be to become clear soon”
King Orson asked “How will you make that clear?”
Maylene said “Could you hold the party which will celebrate my return tonight all night?”
“Invite Marquess Brickenden to that party”
King Orson said “Ok”
And the party which celebrates return of Maylene was held from 8:00pm.
When it will be before 10 o’clock p.m., a change has begun to show a little in Petronilla.
Petronilla changed the figure to an ugly witch in front of many people.
People screamed and backed away from around her.
Maylene said “She took my memory away by magic”
Petronilla said “I should kill you, as I killed your mother” to Maylene.
Petronilla attacked at her, so Archibald cut and knocked down Petronilla to protect her.
Calm returned to Srandym again, and Maylene and Archibald were a married couple later.

The Libra

There was an abundant kingdom named the Kingdom of Cefyel at the place where you circled the environment in a forest naturally.
And there was a legend in which the sacred treasure for which God in antiquity left it are enshrined in Cefyel.
But a neighboring country namedthe the Kingdom of Zaros has planned for territory expansion, has invaded Cefyel and has come.
Therefore many people including the person who knows existence of the sacred treasure were killed.
The king named Romulus Ⅲ of Cefyel ordered the Imperial Guards and made a princess named Delia and the people take refuge in a cave.
But Delia has returned to a castle to look for her pet dog named Titta.
The Imperial Guards searched for her immediately, but they could not find her.
She who has returned to a castle went to the place where hear the bellow of Titta, there were stairs which develop to underground at the place where she has not been there so far.
She was coming down stairs with Titta cautiously.
The downstairs was dim, and there was a door you locked.
She remembered the key entrusted from Romulus Ⅲ suddenly.
She entrusted a key with a chain from Romulus Ⅲ on her birthday.
Delia asked “What is this key for?”
Romulus Ⅲ said “Unfortunately I don’t know details, but the key was succeeded from generation to generation”
And she took a key with the chain she hung on a neck in her hand.
She put the key in a keyhole of a door and unlocked a door.
Then the door opened automatically.
There was a balance scale which got on a pedestal on the other side of the door.
When she lifted the balance scale, she felt that her body rose a little
She who grasped a balance scale played and said “Lightly!” to Titta, then the body of Titta rose.
Titta made the movement like dog paddle immediate.
Delia said “Sorry”
The feet of Titta landed the ground.
She thought she could rescue the Kingdom of Cefyel using this balance scale, and went to the building top of a castle.
She imagined it so that shells might become light like a balloon immediate, and the shells were rising in the far sky.
The soldiers of Zaros were going to shoot a big rock again by the catapult.
She uttered “Heavily” to big stones, then the catapult broke by the weight of the big rock, and fell so that a rock might cut troops of Zaros down.
The troop of Zaros which shrunk up was withdrawn.
Delia said “The secret which are I and you about this balance scale”
As if Titta answers, she barked.
She returns a balance to an underground room, she locked a door.
And calm has returned to Cefyel.

Dream express

Two close sisters live in the town named Bygret.
Older sister named Aria noticed her little sister named Zoe seems odd.
And Zoe seemed to take vitality away and was pining.
Zoe was murmuring “I have to take Dream express” like nonsense.
Aria researched about Dream express.
Then she knew that there was rumor whispered plausibly in Bygret.
The person who drew the mark by which a hexagram is in the circle by blood in the left back of the hand and slept can take the train written on the black body with [Dream express] in the dream.
The train carries a passenger to the place a passenger desires.
She who thought Dream express took vitality of Zoe away drew a mark by which a hexagram is in the circle by red paint in left back of her hand for her to rescue Zoe.
When she fell asleep, a train of the black body with the plate written with Dream train in her dream appeared.
She saw Zoe which takes a seat, and she took a train.
Zoe who noticed Aria asked “Why are you here?”
Aria said “I have come to help you”
Zoe said “I do not need help”
“Go home!”
The doors closed at the same time as they approached a door in order for Aria to grasp right wrist of Zoe and get off a train.
Zoe said “You cannot get off at any place besides the destination any more”
Karen has sighed with a discouraged expression.
Dream express with them stopped at an inlet in the island where they lived formerly.
Many people including their parents died of a big tidal wave several years ago in the island.
Their parents who should pass away met them in an inlet.
Aria asked “Why are there mum and dad here?”
Zoe said “Because I wished”
Aria was anxious about Zoe, but when Aria saw Zoe who gets off from Dream express, she checked in all cars to every corner.
When she entered an engine room, a monster with an ugly head and a big body was monitoring people’s dream there.
The monster asked “What did you come here to do?”
Aria said “To help my little sister”
“What are you doing?”
The monster said “I am eating their dreams”
She thought through monitoring a monster was breathing the people’s vitality.
And she destroyed monitors, then the body of the monster was shriveled and Dream express became extinct.
When she who has woken up went to a room in Zoe, Zoe which smiles was.


Grandpa’s cane

A girl named Vita lived at a town named Vresia with her grandfather.
Before she attains the age of discretion, her parents were killed by the robber who burgled in her house.
Therefore she was taken in tow by her grandfather, and lived with her grandfather since that.
Her grandfather had a cane from when she has begun to live with her grandfather.
She is interested in a cane of her grandfather, and has touched that only one time.
Then her gentle grandfather was enraged for the first time.
Her grandfather stormed “Do not touch this cane!”
Vita said “I am sorry”
“Is it expensive?”
Her grandfather said “The time when you understand this value would come, but that is not now”
That was the beginning and it was last that her grandfather scolded her.
She did not touch a cane of her grandfather since that.
One day while she who graduated from a junior high school is waiting for entrance of the high school, her grandfather lost consciousness at home suddenly, and was conveyed to a hospital by an ambulance.
When she ran to a hospital where her grandfather was conveyed, doctors were treating him strenuously but her grandfather passed away.
She was informed that her grandfather passed away of subarachnoid hemorrhage from a doctor.
And she was crying all the while during funeral rites.
Her several relatives who saw such her offered her that they like to welcome her to an adopted child.
But she refused the proposal, and she chose to live at the house where she lived with her grandfather.
She was spending after death of her grandfather spiritlessly for about 1 month.
Therefore she has begun to put a momento of her grandfather in order.
And she found a cane of her grandfather.
She remembered the word her grandfather said.
<The time when you understand this value would come>
When she poked a floor once by a cane of her grandfather lightly casually, her grandfather who became an etheric body appeared.
She was happy that even a ghost could meet her grandfather again and she shed tears in the joy.
Her grandfather said “Do not cry!”
Vita asked “Are you a ghost?”
Her grandfather said “Such one”
“Because I could not explain to you about a cane, just before dying, I made my soul fixed in that cane”
Vita asked “What is this all about?”
Her grandfather said “This cane is the special cane with which the Death world and this world are connected”
Vita said “What should I do?”
Her grandfather said “First you hold a ceremony of succession, and you have to be a formal owner of a cane”
“Poke a floor third by a cane, and utter with <I succeed to this cane>”
She did as it was called, then a carved seal with the thorny design was carved in her left hand.
Vita asked “What is this?”
Her grandfather said “That is a evidence of the succeed”
“And others do not see that”
Vita said “Ok”
Her grandfather said “Poke a floor twice by a cane”
She did as it was called again, then a wooden one door appeared on her feet.
Her grandfather said “Open this door and lead the ghost which can be wandered to the Death world”
When her grandfather finished saying, he disappeared to the other side of the door.
She tried to run after her grandfather and go to the other side of the door, then her grandfather said “You are not supposed to come here yet”
“I am always near you”
Vita said “Ok” and endured a tear, and saw her grandfather off.
She was leading the ghost who can wander to the Death world while doing the help which cuts off regret in this world of souls.

The fireworks

There was a long-established fireworks shop named Tachibana fireworks shop has a history of over 300 years in a town named Tatsuhana city.
And there was a boy named Wataru of the next inheritor of a high school second year student at the fireworks shop..
But he was completely having no interest in fireworks, and spent his time in pleasure on the town.
One day when he who has finished school goes to the station, a student of a girls’ high school of the vicinage who was walking in front of him has dropped a book.
He picked the book she has dropped up and handed that over to her.
And he knew that the book she has dropped was a collection of fireworks photography.
The girl said “Thank you. I am Sayuri”
“Are you Wataru of an inheritor in Tachibana fireworks shop?”
Wataru said “Yes”
“Why do you know me?”
Sayuri said “I saw your photograph on the fireworks magazine”
Wataru said “I do not have intention which becomes an inheritor”
Sayuri asked “Why?”
Wataru said “I do not want to live through a prepared life”
“I would like to decide by myself my future”
Sayuri asked “What would you like to do in the future?”
Wataru said “I do not know yet”
Sayuri asked “Well, please assist my research until you can find that you want to send you”
He took the proposal reluctantly.
As they were having time together, he was being attracted by her gradually.
And they had begun to dating, but soon after they were promoted to a high school second year student, she fell sick and visited a doctor.
She was told to need a close examination and have that examination at a university hospital, and she went to a university hospital.
It was revealed that she had leukaemia as a result of the close examination at a university hospital, and she was hospitalized urgently.
When he who knew her to have been hospitalized runs to a hospital, she was behaving herself toughly.
He who got her leave out by her doctor in attendance went to see fireworks with her in that summer.
But it became difficult that she even behaves herself toughly in front of him, because her physical strength declined gradually.
And she refused for him to visit on her.
He who realized her feelings wrote the daily affair which he wanted to share with her in a letter and entrusted to her mother.
He would like to show fireworks to hospitalized her, and he asked earnestly to his father.
His father asked earnestly to each related agent and got permission.
Fireworks are going to be set off near the hospital where she is hospitalized.
He spoke to her mother about the day of setting off fireworks, but her modality was aggravated at the day of setting off previous night of fireworks.
And she passed away so that she might sleep when fireworks were setting off.
When it has passed for about one week since her funeral was finished, her mother has visited him.
Her mother said “When I was putting a momento of Sayuri in order, the notebook which was being drawn until the previous day when she passes away was found”
“This notebook” and she handed him that notebook.
The design of the various fireworks was drawn by the notebook.
Her mother said “Perhaps Sayuri was drawing the design of the fireworks she considered for you”
Wataru said “I did not know that”
Her mother said “I give the notebook to you”
Wataru said “Thank you”
He would like to show the fireworks she designed to she in the heaven, and persevered in study of fireworks above so far.
Then the fireworks she designed via the time of 10 years were completed, and he was set off fireworks her anniversary of death.
He was set off fireworks on her anniversary of death every year after that by a donation of the people who approve his feelings.


A kingdom named the Kingdom of Zabrengit formed peace with the various races formerly and lived together.
But an incumbent king named Fabel Ⅲ ordered a soldier and made them catch much race which was in Zabrengit.
The boy named Veysel who lives in Zabrengit was interested in where persons of the caught race brought, and he followed that group.
Then he saw that Fabel Ⅲ made them begin the experiment which gets the respective races are the ability which had it and was born at the facilities on the back of the palace.
He felt unspeakable fear and bolted to a forest.
The monster which grew with the head to two sharp corners and covered the whole body with the form like the savage beast in a flame appeared suddenly in front of him.
The monster asked “Are you an agent of the kingdom?”
Veysel said “No. I followed them and saw their experiment”
“Who are you?”
The monster said “I am Nuri of the race of the name as Ifrit”
“I do not have a mind to make you feel afraid”
Veysel said “Ok. I am Veysel”
Nuri said “I would like to rescue caught brothers and prevent king’s experiment”
Veysel asked “What should I do?”
Nuri said “Well, call troops here”
Veysel said “When such thing is done, you will be caught by them”
Nuri said “Do not despise me”
Veysel said “Sorry”
And he called 3 troops who were in the neighborhood to stop.
Veysel said “There is a monster in the neighborhood”
One of 3 troops said “Guide us”
He brought 3 troops to Nuri.
Nuri breathed fire in 3 troops and made them burn down.
Then Nuri changed his figure to one of 3 troops.
They rescued elves, dwarves, dragons, and some races.
And they destroyed a palace and banished Fabel Ⅲ from Zabrengit.
Zabrengit was the place where the various races live together again.

The Kindergarten

The girl named Evelyn Clerk who lives in a town was held all responsible of the disgraceful affair which has occurred at the kindergarten where she was working, and retired the kindergarten.
She could not place her at the place by the child education where it was felt that it was a calling since that.
One day she received a letter from the kindergarten named Astoria kindergarten of the name she did not get used to hearing.
The letter was getting a job request to her.
She held distrust, but went to the kindergarten.
One elderly lady who seems gentle met her who has arrived at a kindergarten.
Evelyn said “I am Clerk”
“Are you the person concerned of this kindergarten?”
The lady said “Yes, I am Quincy of a director of this kindergarten”
“We were waiting for you, Ms. Clerk”
Evelyn asked “Why me?”
Quincy said “Because I heard that you were a good teacher from Mr. H”
Evelyn asked “Why do you know his name?”
“He is a former director of the kindergarten where I was working”
Quincy said “I established this kindergarten with him”
Evelyn asked “Where is he?”
Quincy said “He passed away suddenly two months ago”
“I heard about you from him already, so I wanted you to work for this kindergarten as a teacher, and I invited you”
Evelyn said “Though I wanted to meet him again, it is regrettable”
Quincy said “Well I produce our kindergarten”
“All persons concerned of this kindergarten are from the other world, and kindergarten children are person’s child from the other world”
Evelyn asked “Are you from the other world too?”
Quincy said “Yes” and showed Evelyn her 4 arms from the inside in her coat.
Evelyn was surprised and moved backward.
Quincy said “Please do not be afraid”
Evelyn said “Sorry”
Quincy asked “There are various types of children, but could you work here?”
Evelyn said “Yes, If I can work as a kindergarten teacher, I do not mind other things”
Quincy said “I am very grateful”
“Well, children react to the attitude of the adult sensitively, so please be careful”
Evelyn said “No problem for that”
Quincy said “Ok”
“Then will you go to the classroom where children are?”
Evelyn said “Yes”
She followed after Quincy and went to a classroom.
There were 20 children there.
The girl with wings has flown to her, and the liquid near her feet changed into the figure of the boy suddenly.
The girl with wings in her back asked “Who are you?”
Quincy said “Ms. Hawks and Mr. Bingham will greet, right?”
Hawlks said “I am sorry to surprise you”
“My name is Ria”
Bingham said “I am Veil”
Evelyn said “Nice to meet you”
“I am Evelyn which will become your teacher now”
Evelyn has begun to work in the kindergarten.
She was on good terms with children gradually.