A kingdom named the Kingdom of Zabrengit formed peace with the various races formerly and lived together.
But an incumbent king named Fabel Ⅲ ordered a soldier and made them catch much race which was in Zabrengit.
The boy named Veysel who lives in Zabrengit was interested in where persons of the caught race brought, and he followed that group.
Then he saw that Fabel Ⅲ made them begin the experiment which gets the respective races are the ability which had it and was born at the facilities on the back of the palace.
He felt unspeakable fear and bolted to a forest.
The monster which grew with the head to two sharp corners and covered the whole body with the form like the savage beast in a flame appeared suddenly in front of him.
The monster asked “Are you an agent of the kingdom?”
Veysel said “No. I followed them and saw their experiment”
“Who are you?”
The monster said “I am Nuri of the race of the name as Ifrit”
“I do not have a mind to make you feel afraid”
Veysel said “Ok. I am Veysel”
Nuri said “I would like to rescue caught brothers and prevent king’s experiment”
Veysel asked “What should I do?”
Nuri said “Well, call troops here”
Veysel said “When such thing is done, you will be caught by them”
Nuri said “Do not despise me”
Veysel said “Sorry”
And he called 3 troops who were in the neighborhood to stop.
Veysel said “There is a monster in the neighborhood”
One of 3 troops said “Guide us”
He brought 3 troops to Nuri.
Nuri breathed fire in 3 troops and made them burn down.
Then Nuri changed his figure to one of 3 troops.
They rescued elves, dwarves, dragons, and some races.
And they destroyed a palace and banished Fabel Ⅲ from Zabrengit.
Zabrengit was the place where the various races live together again.


The figure

One package of sender obscurity was dropped into an apartment of the college student named Steve who lives in a college town named Darfyntes.
When he opened the package, a right leg and an envelope were included in the package.
<Chosen you receive parts of the figure every week, complete that figure> was written on the letter in that envelope.
He was going to consult with his girlfriend named Tricia about the package which reaches his apartment every week, but he could not get any more a contact at all with her.
He could not make a contact with Tricia for 3 days, so he asked her friend named Carrie which lives she her whereabouts.
Steve asked “I cannot make a contact with Tricia from the front for about 1 week, do you know where she is?”
Carrie said “She returned to her parents’ home for her to attend a funeral of her elder brother”
Steve asked “Why did not tell me that?”
Carrie said “Because she did not want to trouble you”
Steve said “Ok”
But she has not returned.
And the package has reached his apartment every week after the day.
While he waits for her who is not returning, he has begun to construct parts of the doll which reaches his apartment every week.
When 1 month had passed since he began to construct a figure, he received a face of a figure and he learned that the figure was Tricia.
He who thought it was known what Carrie was went to her apartment.
She served him coffee.
Steve showed the figure and asked “Did you know existence of this figure?”
Carrie said “You are dull”
Steve said “I did not notice that a figure was Tricia until I receive facial parts”
“About that?”
Carrie said “The figure is herself”
Steve asked “What does it mean?”
Carrie said “You are really dull”
“I killed her and made it a figure”
Steve asked “I heard you and Tricia are best friends,but why?”
Carrie said “Because I fell in love to you”
“I began to feel Tricia obstructively, and killed her”
“I would like to present a gift to you who like a figure, and I made her a figure”
Steve said “Tell me it is all lie”
Carrie said “No it is all true”
Steve asked “Why did you say that to me?”
Carrie said “I kill you and put it near me as a figure” and smiled weirdly.
Steve said “No”
Carrie said “The medicine should work by and by”
His body had a spasm, and he fell.
Steve asked “What did you do?” during the consciousness fading away.
Carrie said “I cannot be released you”
Because he hid and had his mobile phone done in the call state with his friend just in case, his friend who noticed doubtfully reported to the police.
And she was arrested.
A large number of pictures which sneaked a shot of Steve was found from the room of Carrie.


The vintage clothes

There was a popular vintage clothes shop where vintage clothes which were gathered from domestic and abroad is sold in a town named Tyvris.
One day a girl named Karen who lives in a town visited the shop with her boyfriend named Tristan, and she was bought him a one-piece dress.
Karen said “Thank you, Tris”
Tristan said “You are welcome”
And when she wears the one-piece dress which she was bought him, she treats him as if he is a stranger, and she disappeared from his front suddenly.
He ran after her quickly, but he lost sight of her on the way.
Tristan cried “Where are you, Karen?”
But there were no answers.
He thinks there is cause with which her state became odd in a one-piece dress, and he has returned to a vintage clothes shop.
Tristan asked “Tell me about a one-piece I bought”
The employee of the vintage clothes shop asked “What happened?”
Tristan said “Her state became odd after she put on the one-piece dress I bought here for her, and she disappeared suddenly”
The employee of the vintage clothes shop said “The one-piece dress you bought is the dress a signorina of a impoverished aristocrat who prospered formerly in a neighboring country named Gwent wore habitually”
Tristan asked “What happened to the signorina?”
The employee of the vintage clothes shop said “One day she became missing on reaching”
“Her parents spent private property and searched for her, but they could not find her”
“And her parents went bankrupt for it, and they died of anxiety”
“There is not a person who knows her whereabouts yet”
Tristan asked “What should I to do?”
The employee of the vintage clothes shop said “I will check it about her”
“Beyond the border which is 2 kilometer ahead of here, go to the deserted house which is near it”
Tristan said “Ok”
He went to the residence of a missing signorina.
He who has arrived at a residence found a silhouette in back woods in a residence, and he ran up to the silhouette.
Then Karen lost consciousness and fell there.
And a skeletonized corpse lay down on her side.
He woke her up, then she was surprised at a corpse on her side, and she clung to him.
But when she heard a detailed account from him, she dressed a corpse with a one-piece dress.
And they buried signorina’s corpse politely.
The flowers bloomed around them suddenly.
A signorina seemed to thank them for that.