The amnesiac detective

There was a detective named Aljaž Novak requested for cooperation by many cases in the police in the town named Savinort. He was away from his detective office in the quiet residential area to often go for the mountain climbing of his hobby. One day he slipped and dropped in the river of the foot of the cliff when he climbed a mountain named Mount Balzam. When he was drifted into the river, the man who drove a riverside by car jumped into the river and rescued him. And the man did chest compression to him and stopped bleeding of the blood which flowed from his forehead with a towel, then he regained consciousness. When he raised a head, he looked around. The man asked “Are you ok?” “What is your name?” Aljaž said “I do not know” and buried his head in his hands. The man said “Ok” “I am Zoran Horvat of the Patissier” Zoran said “Perhaps you hit your head somewhere and might become the memory loss” Aljaž asked “Where am I?” Zoran said “It is the forest which opens under the cliff of Mount Balzam here” “Because a cell-phone is not usable in this neighborhood, shall we go to the pension which the friend in my high school days when I in the depths of this forest am invited runs?” Aljaž said “Thank you” And they went to the pension on a car of Zoran. When they arrived at the pension, several cars have already stopped there. Zoran said “Because I park my car in the parking lot, you enter the pension first” Aljaž said “Ok” Zoran which has finished parking his car came after Aljaž entered a pension and did for a while. And they saw the man stood at the front desk of the pension. Zoran said “Hi Ivo, How are you?” But the man did not answer it. One man of three men and women who were in the slightly remote place said “We also thought he is Ivo, but he is a wax figure” Zoran said “Oh, unbelievable” Aljaž asked “Are they your friends?” Zoran said “Yes” Zoran looked at the man who talked to him and said “He is Cvetko Tomčič of the president of the IT company” Three men and women came over to them. The woman in eccentric clothes woman of three men and women asked “How are you Zoran?” Zoran hugged with the woman. The man in the suits of three men and women pointed to Aljaž and asked “Who is this?” Zoran said “He hits his head and seems to lose memory” Zoran pointed to one woman in eccentric clothes of three men and women and said “She is Miroslava Koriž of the fashion designer” Zoran pointed to the man in the suits of five men and women and said “He is Bojan Perk of the lawyer” Cvetko pointed to the wax figure stood at the front and said “He is Ivo Loncar of the manager this pension” Miroslava said “That is a doll” Zoran asked “Where is Ivo?” Miroslava asked “Why does not Ivo which invited us appear?” Zoran said “I do not know” Zoran said “I look for a first-aid kit” Aljaž said “I also go” Cvetko said “Because you are hurt, entrust Zoran” Aljaž said “Ok” and sat down on the sofa of the lobby. Zoran opened the door on the side of the front desk and entered an office. And he has returned with a first-aid kit several minutes later. Zoran said “I tried to call an ambulance by telephone in an office, but the call didn’t get through” Bojan said “Oh” Miroslava asked “What should we call you?” to Aljaž. Cvetko pointed to the poster of the actor named Klemen Broz stuck on a wall and said “Well, he is Klemen” Aljaž said “Ok” Cvetko “This doll is really similar to Ivo” and larked leaning on a doll at the front desk and has made it fall by mistake casually. Zoran which approached the doll which fell saw a silhouette of the same form as the wax figure which collapsed under the front desk. When he approached that and checked it, he found out that that is not a wax figure. Zoran said “Ivo is dead” Miroslava screamed. Bojan checked the face of Ivo and said “Oh, no” Miroslava asked “Will you go out of such place quickly” and bolted to outside the pension, and they ran after her. When they arrive at a parking lot of the pension, they saw their cars which could make tires go flat by someone. Cvetko said “Oh my god” Aljaž asked “Will you back to the pension for now?” And they entered a pension again. Then Bojan took a key from the front desk and said “I rest in the room” Miroslava said “I am afraid to spend a night here” Aljaž asked “Well, will you check each room?” And when they checked each room, the wax figure modeled on them were there. The wax figure modeled on Cvetko sat down on a rocking chair. The wax figure modeled on Miroslava was lying down in a bed. The wax figure modeled on Bojan soaked a face in a bathtub. The wax figure modeled on Zoran was lying on his face at the floor. They were surprised at the wax figure, but they had time in the room just as it is. Miroslava said “I think there are some ingredients in a kitchen, so i will cook dinner” Aljaž  said “I support you” Miroslava said “Thank you” Bojan said “I will check the other rooms” Zoran said “I also check the other rooms” Cvetko said “I will sleep in the room until a dish will be completed” When Miroslava was cooking dinner, a long-haired woman crossed outside the window. She who saw the long-haired woman was seized with fear, and ran away at full speed from the room. Miroslava screamed. Aljaž asked “What happend?” Miroslava said “Katica was outside the window” “She tries to revenge itself on us, surely.” Zoran and Bojan which heard her scream came. Zoran asked “What happend?” Miroslava said “I saw Katica” Aljaž asked “Who is she?” Bojan said “She was a friend in college days of I, Ivo, Cvetko and Miroslava, but she died of an unexpected accident at a university second year student” Aljaž asked “What did you make her?” Miroslava, Bojan and Cvetko unanimously shut their mouth tight, and refused to tell about her. Zoran leaned out of the window and saw outside, but there was nothing. Zoran said “There is no one” Miroslava said “There is no such possibility” “I saw Katica certainly” Zoran said “I think you were tired and mistook something” Bojan asked “Is dinner ready?” Miroslava said “Yes, tell Cvetko that dinner is ready” Bojan said “Ok” Bojan knocked at a door of the room of Cvetko, but there were no replies at all. Bojan joined Zoran which was at the lobby and Aljaž and Miroslava who were in a kitchen, and went in front of the room of Cvetko with them. And Bojan and Zoran banged into a door and entered his room with them. Then the wax figure modeled on him stood in front of him who sits down on a rocking chair. When Zoran shook his body which does not react to a call, he fell in from a rocking chair. His chest got stuck by the knife. And the floor was a sea of blood. When Aljaž looked back casually, Miroslava which was behind him has disappeared all too soon. Aljaž  checked that Cvetko is hopeless and around Cvetko and said “I knew criminals” Bojan asked “Who is a crinical?” Aljaž said “the criminal is you, Zoran” “And Ivo” Zoran asked “Where is evidence?” Aljaž said “You avoided the eyes of Bojan, entered a room of Cvetko and stuck his chest, Aljaž asked “Will you go to a room of Miroslava” Bojan and Zoran followed behind him and went to a room of Miroslava. When they arrived at a room of Miroslava, a knife stuck in her chest which lay down in a bed. Aljaž said “I was not in time” Bojan asked “Did Ivo killed Miroslava?” “It’s Zoran that the death of Ivo was confirmed” Aljaž said “I felt doubtful about Ivo and made ink stuck in his putting” “The ink was stuck in a floor of the room of Miroslava” Bojan asked “What did we make you, Zoran?” Zoran said “I don’t make my younger sister say that done treatment was forgot for you” Bojan said “I have never met your younger sister” Zoran said “Her name is Katica” “She is my twin younger sister who became lifelong separation, and She was a boyfriend of Ivo” Bojan asked “Eh?” Ivo appeared suddenly. Ivo said “She was distressed from your bullying and commit suicide” Aljaž said “Even if you do this, i think Katica are not glad” Zoran said “It may be so” “I am sorry to involve you in this event” Ivo said “Please call the police by the walkie-talkie in the cabinet in an office” And Zoran and Ivo were arrested by the police which ran by a report of Aljaž. Aljaž entered a hospital and recovered his memory in the end of treatment in several months.