This is a story in the antiquity when the human coexisted with the dragon. The human built a partner relation with dragons in the world, and they cooperated each other and lived together by the pledge tied between a king named Leonidas of the dragon and a king named Seamas Ⅵ of the Kingdom of Ruves of the human representative. But when Leonidas died of a disease, the son named Adolfus of Leonidas who succeeded to a regality broke pledge with the human one-sidedly. Adolfus destroyed something various and killed people at the place different from dragons of his subordinate respectively. The swordsman named Jeris who is poor and does not have respectable arms which is going to make the abandoned church an inn of a night, then the voice has been heard from the sky. [Do you fight against dragons?] Jeris said “I am feeling that I would like to fight, but I have no respectable accessories” [Well, arms and a sword are given to you] When he looked back, arms and a sword were put in his back. [Good luck] People asked a god for help and hoped, then Jeris was cutting and knocked down in succession the dragons doing a destruction act at world all part. And he appeared in front of Adolfus. When the offensive of Adolfus was avoided quickly, Jeris minced the body of Adolfus. And Jeris cut a neck of Adolfus off. Then the body of Adolfus changed the figure to Dracena. Dragons of the subordinate of Adolfus changed the figure to Agave and Yucca. Jeris became a monk and the arms and the sword he used were kept at a monastery importantly.


The amnesiac detective

There was a detective named Aljaž Novak requested for cooperation by many cases in the police in the town named Savinort. He was away from his detective office in the quiet residential area to often go for the mountain climbing of his hobby. One day he slipped and dropped in the river of the foot of the cliff when he climbed a mountain named Mount Balzam. When he was drifted into the river, the man who drove a riverside by car jumped into the river and rescued him. And the man did chest compression to him and stopped bleeding of the blood which flowed from his forehead with a towel, then he regained consciousness. When he raised a head, he looked around. The man asked “Are you ok?” “What is your name?” Aljaž said “I do not know” and buried his head in his hands. The man said “Ok” “I am Zoran Horvat of the Patissier” Zoran said “Perhaps you hit your head somewhere and might become the memory loss” Aljaž asked “Where am I?” Zoran said “It is the forest which opens under the cliff of Mount Balzam here” “Because a cell-phone is not usable in this neighborhood, shall we go to the pension which the friend in my high school days when I in the depths of this forest am invited runs?” Aljaž said “Thank you” And they went to the pension on a car of Zoran. When they arrived at the pension, several cars have already stopped there. Zoran said “Because I park my car in the parking lot, you enter the pension first” Aljaž said “Ok” Zoran which has finished parking his car came after Aljaž entered a pension and did for a while. And they saw the man stood at the front desk of the pension. Zoran said “Hi Ivo, How are you?” But the man did not answer it. One man of three men and women who were in the slightly remote place said “We also thought he is Ivo, but he is a wax figure” Zoran said “Oh, unbelievable” Aljaž asked “Are they your friends?” Zoran said “Yes” Zoran looked at the man who talked to him and said “He is Cvetko Tomčič of the president of the IT company” Three men and women came over to them. The woman in eccentric clothes woman of three men and women asked “How are you Zoran?” Zoran hugged with the woman. The man in the suits of three men and women pointed to Aljaž and asked “Who is this?” Zoran said “He hits his head and seems to lose memory” Zoran pointed to one woman in eccentric clothes of three men and women and said “She is Miroslava Koriž of the fashion designer” Zoran pointed to the man in the suits of five men and women and said “He is Bojan Perk of the lawyer” Cvetko pointed to the wax figure stood at the front and said “He is Ivo Loncar of the manager this pension” Miroslava said “That is a doll” Zoran asked “Where is Ivo?” Miroslava asked “Why does not Ivo which invited us appear?” Zoran said “I do not know” Zoran said “I look for a first-aid kit” Aljaž said “I also go” Cvetko said “Because you are hurt, entrust Zoran” Aljaž said “Ok” and sat down on the sofa of the lobby. Zoran opened the door on the side of the front desk and entered an office. And he has returned with a first-aid kit several minutes later. Zoran said “I tried to call an ambulance by telephone in an office, but the call didn’t get through” Bojan said “Oh” Miroslava asked “What should we call you?” to Aljaž. Cvetko pointed to the poster of the actor named Klemen Broz stuck on a wall and said “Well, he is Klemen” Aljaž said “Ok” Cvetko “This doll is really similar to Ivo” and larked leaning on a doll at the front desk and has made it fall by mistake casually. Zoran which approached the doll which fell saw a silhouette of the same form as the wax figure which collapsed under the front desk. When he approached that and checked it, he found out that that is not a wax figure. Zoran said “Ivo is dead” Miroslava screamed. Bojan checked the face of Ivo and said “Oh, no” Miroslava asked “Will you go out of such place quickly” and bolted to outside the pension, and they ran after her. When they arrive at a parking lot of the pension, they saw their cars which could make tires go flat by someone. Cvetko said “Oh my god” Aljaž asked “Will you back to the pension for now?” And they entered a pension again. Then Bojan took a key from the front desk and said “I rest in the room” Miroslava said “I am afraid to spend a night here” Aljaž asked “Well, will you check each room?” And when they checked each room, the wax figure modeled on them were there. The wax figure modeled on Cvetko sat down on a rocking chair. The wax figure modeled on Miroslava was lying down in a bed. The wax figure modeled on Bojan soaked a face in a bathtub. The wax figure modeled on Zoran was lying on his face at the floor. They were surprised at the wax figure, but they had time in the room just as it is. Miroslava said “I think there are some ingredients in a kitchen, so i will cook dinner” Aljaž  said “I support you” Miroslava said “Thank you” Bojan said “I will check the other rooms” Zoran said “I also check the other rooms” Cvetko said “I will sleep in the room until a dish will be completed” When Miroslava was cooking dinner, a long-haired woman crossed outside the window. She who saw the long-haired woman was seized with fear, and ran away at full speed from the room. Miroslava screamed. Aljaž asked “What happend?” Miroslava said “Katica was outside the window” “She tries to revenge itself on us, surely.” Zoran and Bojan which heard her scream came. Zoran asked “What happend?” Miroslava said “I saw Katica” Aljaž asked “Who is she?” Bojan said “She was a friend in college days of I, Ivo, Cvetko and Miroslava, but she died of an unexpected accident at a university second year student” Aljaž asked “What did you make her?” Miroslava, Bojan and Cvetko unanimously shut their mouth tight, and refused to tell about her. Zoran leaned out of the window and saw outside, but there was nothing. Zoran said “There is no one” Miroslava said “There is no such possibility” “I saw Katica certainly” Zoran said “I think you were tired and mistook something” Bojan asked “Is dinner ready?” Miroslava said “Yes, tell Cvetko that dinner is ready” Bojan said “Ok” Bojan knocked at a door of the room of Cvetko, but there were no replies at all. Bojan joined Zoran which was at the lobby and Aljaž and Miroslava who were in a kitchen, and went in front of the room of Cvetko with them. And Bojan and Zoran banged into a door and entered his room with them. Then the wax figure modeled on him stood in front of him who sits down on a rocking chair. When Zoran shook his body which does not react to a call, he fell in from a rocking chair. His chest got stuck by the knife. And the floor was a sea of blood. When Aljaž looked back casually, Miroslava which was behind him has disappeared all too soon. Aljaž  checked that Cvetko is hopeless and around Cvetko and said “I knew criminals” Bojan asked “Who is a crinical?” Aljaž said “the criminal is you, Zoran” “And Ivo” Zoran asked “Where is evidence?” Aljaž said “You avoided the eyes of Bojan, entered a room of Cvetko and stuck his chest, Aljaž asked “Will you go to a room of Miroslava” Bojan and Zoran followed behind him and went to a room of Miroslava. When they arrived at a room of Miroslava, a knife stuck in her chest which lay down in a bed. Aljaž said “I was not in time” Bojan asked “Did Ivo killed Miroslava?” “It’s Zoran that the death of Ivo was confirmed” Aljaž said “I felt doubtful about Ivo and made ink stuck in his putting” “The ink was stuck in a floor of the room of Miroslava” Bojan asked “What did we make you, Zoran?” Zoran said “I don’t make my younger sister say that done treatment was forgot for you” Bojan said “I have never met your younger sister” Zoran said “Her name is Katica” “She is my twin younger sister who became lifelong separation, and She was a boyfriend of Ivo” Bojan asked “Eh?” Ivo appeared suddenly. Ivo said “She was distressed from your bullying and commit suicide” Aljaž said “Even if you do this, i think Katica are not glad” Zoran said “It may be so” “I am sorry to involve you in this event” Ivo said “Please call the police by the walkie-talkie in the cabinet in an office” And Zoran and Ivo were arrested by the police which ran by a report of Aljaž. Aljaž entered a hospital and recovered his memory in the end of treatment in several months.


There was the animal loving boy named Ram in the rich natural island named Cyphekt where a lot of animals lives. One day when he went to a beach, he saw the scene which penguins are attacked by a killer whale. He sent a killer whale away in order to be desperate and defend penguins but the one he could help safely was only one egg which is not hatched out. And he brought the egg his house, and he heated up the egg in his room secretly for his parents. It was reported by news that a great deal of penguins were dead at a beach. When he woke up in a morning at Christmas, the egg hatched. The male penguin which saw his figure looked up at him, and cried. Ram said the penguin “Wait a  moment” and has bought milk for pets and a srynge by a pet shop in neighborhood and he has returned to his room quickly.  When he returns to his room, a penguin has nestled close to him. He gave milk to a penguin. One name occurred to him suddenly Ram said “Your name is Noel” Then the penguin seemed cried as glad about that name. Ram said “I have to go to work” Noel cried sorrowfully. Ram said “Wait a moment by a good child” “When work ends, I will return immediately” and was worried about Noel, but he went to work. His mother who entered his room in order to clean while he was going to work thought of Noel which was in his room as a doll, but Noel moved suddenly, so she was surprised and cried. Noel was surprised at a cry of his mother, and he cried too. But his mother has begun to look after Noel. When he finished work and went home quickly, his mother was holding Noel in her arms. His mother asked “Why did that you have this penguin in your room, Ram?” Ram said “He hatched from safe egg only by the group of the penguin which was attacked by the killer whale I brought home” His mother said “Ok” Ram asked “May I bring up Noel?” His mother said “In this country the person who touched a wild penguin is accused, but growing up of the penguin is arrested” Ram asked “So, how should I do Noel?” His mother said “You have to obtain a permit in this country” Ram asked “How can I obtain a permit?” His mother said “I will contact the government” Ram said “Thank you mum” His mother made a contact to a government and explained circumstances. And his mother succeeded to obtain a permit somehow. He kept looking after Noel with his mother. Noel always followed after him in several weeks. Then Noel was becoming an idol in the town gradually.


Men of a calm village named Fevranz aged day by day from several years ago. The professor named Marcelo Cavaco doing demonology heard the rumor and came to the village. And he who interviewed men of the town understood that men are absorbing vigor by succubus. Men said “Make Larissa meet!” severally. He who stayed in the house village mayor named Tiago Silva prepares a trap in the room and has gone to bed. Then a few minutes later, something got on it on his body. A fascinating woman appeared in his dream. Marcelo asked “Are you Larissa?” The woman said “Why do you know my name?” Marcelo said “Because you are a celebrity in the village” Larissa asked “Who are you?” Marcelo said “Before asking me, tell about yourself” Larissa asked “What do you know about me?” He chuckled. Larissa asked “What is funny?” and pounced him. But he woke up, so he did not get the offensive of Larissa. And he jumped off from a bed and went to a corner in the room quickly. He saw the ugly elderly woman who is on the bed. Marcelo said “A boundary zone is formed beforehand in this room” He gave Larissa a thrust by a holy dagger named Santa luz. Then Succubus which was introducing itself as Larissa became extinct. Vigor has returned to the men who absorbed vigor for Succubus at the same time as Succubus became extinct. Fevranz took back peaceful every day like before.

The labyrinth of remains

There was a country named Vagrus having vast desert. Because the boy named Aymen who lived in the village near the desert named the Ahmar Desert, his father and his uncle were guides of the desert, he also became a guide of the desert for a guide of the desert like his father and his uncle. But the rumor that remains in the desert spread out out of nowhere, and many treasure hunters flocked in the desert. One day his father and uncle were killed by treasure hunters who aims the remains in succession. And his mother who worried about his body was going to dismiss a guide of the desert to him, but he did not accept it determinedly. Thereafter he took distance with his mother, and he lived including a single life. The girl named Ines of his childhood friend visited his house worrying about relations with he and his mother every day, but there was not the progress. And when several months passed after his father and his uncle were murdered, 5 men and women like the treasure hunter came over to his house with Ines. Ines said “Aymen, i was captured by them” Aymen asked “Are you ok Ines?” Ines said “I am ok” Aymen asked “Who are you?” “Release her!” The man who seems to be the most robust of 5 men and women said “I am Kenneth of a treasure hunter” “If you lead us to the remains of the desert, we will release this woman” The man who seems to be the frivolous of 5 men and women said “Do not say such a thing, give the woman to me” Kenneth said “Shut up, Boris!” The man who touches it with a gun frequently of 5 men and women sneered at Boris. Then Boris cried “Do not make a fool of me, Walter!” and struckhe man who touches it with a gun frequently of 5 men and women. Kenneth hit one gun for the sky and said “Stop it!” Boris said “Sorry, Kenneth” Aymen said “I guide you to remains of the desert” Kenneth said “Ok, but after we come back from the desert, release her” Aymen asked “Why?” The man of the deaf-mute of 5 men and women said “The woman is a hostage” by sign language. Boris asked “Leroy, did you take the camel?” by sign language to the man of the deaf-mute of 5 men and women. Leroy said “Of course” Kenneth asked “Did I order it from you, Boris?” Boris said “Yes, sorry” Kenneth said “Matilda, take care of this woman” to the woman of 5 men and women. Matilda said “Ok” Kenneth said “Guide us right now to remains of the desert” Aymen said “Ok” He fixed the equipment, then he went to the remains of the desert by the camel with treasure hunters and Ines while being anxious about Ines. When several hours passed after they went to the desert in camels, an oasis appeared front of them. Boris which the thirst of the throat was unbearable to changed the course of the camel for an oasis. Then at his feet became like an ant lion, and his body and his camel have begun to be swallowed to the underground. Kenneth threw a rope to Boris and cried “Catch a rope!” When Kenneth confirmed that Boris caught a rope, he pulled a rope with Walter and Leroy and rescued Boris. At the same time Boris was rescued, his camel was swallowed  to the underground. Kenneth said “If you want water, say!” and handed a water bottle. Boris said “Sorry” and drank water. Boris rode with a camel of Leroy, and they have begun to advance again for remains. When the sun has begun to set , remains appeared front of them. And they got off a camel and entered the remains, then their feet collapsed suddenly, and they dropped to the basement. There was pitch-black space. Kenneth picked up a writer from his pocket and turned on a light, then there are several skeletons which lay in his feet. Ines screamed suddenly. Aymen asked “What happened Ines?” and looked for Ines with the help of the light of the lighter, then they saw several snakes in her feet lighted up by the light of the lighter. Kenneth picked up a bone, and he bound a bone with the clothes which a skeleton wore and sprinkled oil and fired it. Leroy and Walter also did a bone like a torch. And when they ran at the place such as the long passage while sending away a snake using a torch, Boris found anything that light sparkled in the small room beside the corridor, and he entered the small room. When the door of the small room disappeared suddenly, and he looked around, Innumerable harpies from the ceiling and attacked him. When Matilda noticed that there was not Boris and looked back, they heard scream of Boris and several gunshots. Boris beat against the gun for harpies, but the blow was not successful. They arrived at the place where  they heard scream of Boris, but there was a wall there. However, they broke a wall with a gun. Kenneth said “Matilda, Be here with those fellows” When they sink in the hole of the wall and enter inside, there were innumerable harpies devoured a body of Boris there. When harpies gave a shrill call, and soared, harpies made nose dive to Kenneth and his troupe to attack them. They fired away at harpies with a gun. And Harpies won a bullet and dropped in sequence. Boris became a tragic figure. Kenneth covered a body of Boris with his jacket. Then they left the room, then Kenneth which went out of the small room noticed that that the ahead passage where they went to wound. But they went ahead through the passage that wound again. When they went ahead through the passage for a while, they arrived at the place where the passage was divided into two ways. They went ahead through one of the passage divided into two ways, then they arrived at the dead end. When they were going to return to the place where a passage was divided into two ways, a spider line climbed all over a body Aymen and Leroy suddenly. The spider line climbed all over their body like a cocoon. Ines cried “Aymen!” It was prevented that she went to Aymen for Kenneth and Walter. And Kenneth returned to the place where a passage was divided into two ways while shooting a gun to a huge golden-web spider with Matilda and Ines and Walter. Aymen and Leroy were carried in the place where was full of cobwebs by huge golden-web spider. When Aymen stole out of the spider line which climbed all over his body like a cocoon, he saw Leroy was going to be eaten close to him by a huge golden-web spider. He shot a gun to a huge golden-web spider, but the gun did not work at all. The huge golden-web spider which swallowed whole Leroy attacked Aymen. Aymen shot a gun to a huge golden-web spider while getting away from the attack of the huge golden-web spider, but pressed him so that a golden-web spider stepped over his body. He avoided the attack due to the leg of the huge golden-web spider which was going to go through his body, and he stuck a bayonet into the stomach of the huge golden-web spider. Then the huge golden-web spider bled from the abdomen in large quantities and fell down. And he was crushed under the huge golden-web spider, but crawled out from there. When he went out of the place where is full of cobwebs, he has begun to look for Ines. And He found the passage where is full of the cobwebs which a huge golden-web spider used, and he went ahead through the passage. On the other hand at that time, when Kenneth and Matilda and Walter and Ines reached the place where a passage was divided into two ways, a Minotaur with the big ax appeared behind them. They rushed into other passage while shooting a gun to the Minotaur. The foot of Matilda got entangled, and she fell down. Matilda cried “Run!” Kenneth was going to rush up to Matilda, the Minotaur appeared again. Matilda fired all bullets into a body of the Minotaur, then one Minotaur fell down by a bullet of Matilda, but her neck was cut off by remaining Minotaur Kenneth and Walter escaped from Minotaur on the run with Ines while shooting a gun to Minotaur. Two Minotaur chased their trace. And Walter was going to throw a grenade for Minotaur, but Kenneth said “This place may collapse when you use the grenade here!” and prevented it. Walter said “Ok” Ines said ” I cannot agree” “It would be better that I died with guys if I am murdered easily by guys” and took a grenade and threw it for the Minotaur. Then the body of one Minotaur vanished, but remaining Minotaur was approximately unhurt. Aymen which noticed an explosion faced the place where he heard an explosion at that time. The Minotaur approached to them, then Aymen jumped off the overhead of the Minotaur. And he cut a body of Minotaur with a bayonet quickly and fired a bullet into the head of the Minotaur last. Ines said “Aymen” and embraced him. Walter asked “Were you safe?” Aymen said “I knocked down a huge golden-web spider” Kenneth said “I see” And when they went ahead through the complicated passage and passed for a while, they arrived at the space that opened out. There was the treasure which could not count there. When Walter filled his bag with treasure absorbedly, a snake appeared behind him. He noticed to a snake and fired a bullet into a snake. The snake exposed a whole body. And they knew that the snake was the snake of the alation with a head at each end.  Walter asked “What is that monster?” Ines said “That monster named the amphisbaena” Walter shot a gun the amphisbaena again. His bullet hit a amphisbaena, but he was not able to give a amphisbaena damage because the body of the amphisbaena was protected to a thick scale. One head of the amphisbaena faced to Walter, and the amphisbaena breathed poison to him. A part of his left foot and his left arm which poison splashed of the amphisbaena has melted. And he died after suffered and writhed. Kenneth was going to pick a short distance attack with a snake, but Aymen prevented it. Kenneth asked “why did you stop me!” Aymen said “I have a good idea” and handed Ines the torch which Walter had. Kenneth said “Well explain!” Aymen said “While I and you attack each head of the amphisbaena, we avoid the attack of the amphisbaena, and we let a amphisbaena attack other head of the amphisbaena” Kenneth said “Ok” Aymen said “You hide in the safe place, Ines!” Ines said “Ok, good luck” and evacuated. And Aymen and Kenneth have begun to attack each head of the amphisbaena. They put timings together, and they ran to the direction where each other was. Then the amphisbaena breathed poison for each head of oneself according to expectations of Aymen. And the part of each head of the amphisbaena melted by poison of oneself. The amphisbaena got furiously angry and attacked them, but they fired a bullet into the part which melted by poison innumerably, then the amphisbaena did not move. Aymen called Ines. And they put some treasure in a bag, and they advanced to the depths of the room looking for an exit. They found the door of the stone in a few minutes, and they pushed the door with every effort, then a door opened. There were the stairs which spread out to the outside world in the other side of the door. When they ran up the stairs, there was the camel which they rode near. And they returned to the village on a camel. Then Aymen and Ines got married several years later, and they became desert guide together, and they spent it happily both officially and privately.

The circus

A newborn baby made it left in front of the tent of the circus troupe named Boyd Circus which was touring at a certain town. The baby was named Rodney and was brought up as a member of a circus troupe. And he was making them do chores. The members despised him, and he was isolated. When he goes to the tent by which it has animals to feed animals, voice has been heard from everywhere. <Who is that fellow?> He surveyed the vicinity, but there was no one. Rodney asked “Is there anyone?” <Is our voice heard?> <There would be no such possibility> He noticed that the one he heard was voice of animals. Rodney saw a bear in the cage with Luke was written on the name plate, and he said “I hear your voice, Luke” to the bear. Luke was surprised and fell. Rodney asked “Are you ok?” Voice has been heard from his back. <Because his body is strong, it is not all right to worry> When he looked back, a lion in the cage with Fred was written on the name plate was there. Rodney said “I have come to feed you” Fred asked “Are not you afraid of us?” Rodney said “Yes” Fred asked “Why?” Rodney said “I speak the same language with you, so I do not fear you” Fred said “You are fascinating” “I liked you” Rodney said “Thank you” And he visited a tent of animals next day. Luke asked “Did you also come today?” Rodney asked “Is it troublesome?” Fred said “It is not troublesome, but why did you also come here?” Rodney said “Because I which do not have a friend and was lonely found and the partner who can communicate equally are you” Fred said “Ok” Rodney spoke to Fred about his growth. And the head of a circus troupe who knew him frequently to visit in a tent of animals made him savage beast usage. Then he was being watched gradually.

The mad chemist

A large number of laboratories stood in a row the town named Velfow. There was a laboratory named Parkes Genetic laboratory the expert named Herman Parkes of the genetic research founded in the town, and the researcher named Dame Spacey doing a research as a subordinate of an excellent head researcher named Douglas Burley in the field of the genetic research of an animal had there. And Douglas was called mad chemist by researchers. One day he took several ova which scheduled disposal by a annual club due nonpayment from an ovum bank in a laboratory out by an order of Douglas. Douglas made a spermatozoon of the animal which is being breed at a laboratory to the ovum does in vitro fertilization. Douglas made him put a fertilized egg in the interior of the body of the gorilla named Nora and Tabatha and Miranda which is on good terms with him. And Nora and Tabatha and Miranda gave birth 8 months later. Nora gave birth to a baby with the small white beautiful wings of half human and half swan. Tabatha gave birth to a baby of the figure like the centaur of half human and half horse by a Caesarean section. Miranda gave birth a baby with a head and a tail of the dog of half human and half dog. When Dame has the care of born babies, Douglas made a spermatozoon of the animal which is being breed to the ovum does in vitro fertilization. And Douglas put a fertilized egg in the interior of the body of Nora and Tabatha and Miranda again. Researchers besides Dame have known too that the research with a problem ethically Douglas did. The researcher said “I think there is a problem with this research ethically” Douglas said “If you think so, get out from this laboratory” The researcher said “Ok” and left the laboratory. Douglas said “If you have a complaint to my research too, get out” to him. Dame said “I am worried about animals, so I stay” The researchers reported on a research of Douglas to Herman, then Douglas relieved of the post. Dame lived quietly with the children of half human and half animal Nora and Tabatha and Miranda bore.


There were an 18-year old girl named Piroska György lived with her father named Nimród of the brilliant system engineer in a country named Harbysta. One day when she went to the workplace of her father to meet her father, her father was abducted by men who wore a suit in front of her. She entreated the police station for a dash, rescue of her father. When she came home all alone at the night of the day, the man who abducted her father waited for her. And when she was almost taken away by men, her boyfriend named László János visited her worrying about her. He rescued her from men, and they went to his house. She knew that there was her father by positional information of the GPS of the cell-phone of her father in the warehouse of the wharf. And she went to the warehouse of the wharf with László, but the tire trace of the car and a cell-phone of her father were left there. When she comes back to the house of László, she accessed the databases of the police of each country, and she looked for the information of men who abducted her father. Then the birth and parentage of two men became clear. One of two men is the man named Steve Banks who does fraud or blackmail, and leaves the prison, and enters. Remainder of two men is the man named Jeremy Passmore who commits a robbery, and is escaping. She researched them more, then she knew they owe a large amount of money from a man named Melville Macgregor. And she researched the birth and parentage of Melville Macgregor, then knew the man was the chief of the terrorist organization named Gvalt. She researched about Gvalt in succession, then she knew Gvalt has dozens of  association facilities in the world. Nimród was gathered in the warehouse of the wharf with engineers who had been abducted elsewhere by men of the suit at that time. And Nimród and abducted engineers were made to get on a ship, and they were carried in the solitary island named Wyoth approximately 1,000 kilometers away from Harbysta for a few days. They were taken down by a ship, then they were made to board the helicopter without putting interval hair and was carried in the heart of a mountain. When the helicopter which they got into arrived at the heart of a mountain, they entered facilities under the ground according to the instructions of men in a suit. When Nimród and engineers were carried by a helicopter for facilities under the ground, their children were kept in a warehouse of the distinction near the warehouse of the wharf where they were. There were innumerable PCs there. And the stout man emerged from the depths of facilities under the ground, then men in a suit faced to the man and stood straight. The stout man said “I am Melville Macgregor” “Learn it!” Nimród asked “Do you intend to let us do what?” Melville said “I have you make a certain program” “A certain program is a program named Typhon to put all mediums connecting with the Internet under the control” One of engineers said “I do not make such a program” The picture of their children was projected by the monitor of the PC . Because Piroska was not reflected in the picture projected by the monitor of the PC, Nimród was convinced of her safety. Melville said “Well, I have you and your children die” “Children of everybody dies if I defy us” Engineers who have been abducted “ Because you do it as you say, do not murder my child” Melville said “Ok, you sit down before each PC, and program it!” Nimród and engineers who have been abducted sat down before a PC according to instructions and has begun to program it. Nimród stole the eyes of the man in a suit, and he sent Piroska the picture of the place where children of engineers were captured and the coordinate of the place where they were. Piroska researched one place of dozens of associated facilities which Gvalt owned for one week at that time. And she narrowed down the place that the possibility that there was her father was the highest in to five places. She researched five places to see a satellite photo, but all points were not able to find a doubt point. She obtained the email that attached the coordinate of the place where her father was captured, and the picture of the place where children of engineers were captured. And she went to the place where children of engineers were captured with László. Then They won the fight with men of the suit which watched children, and they restricted the body of men in a suit. They went from her father to the place of the coordinate which had been sent. It was found Jeremy that the engineer whom there was near him was going to call for help outside, and the engineer was shot dead at that time. Jeremy said “Do not intend to escape” She confirmed a coordinate with a satellite photo with a PC while going to the place of the coordinate, but she was not able to find a doubt point. When they arrived at Wyoth, they noticed that a helicopter covered in the net which had dead twigs stopped. She found a transformer substation near the helicopter. Piroska said “I must destroy a transformer substation” László said “Because you are dangerous, do not go” But she entered the transformer substation, and she did the work that a transformer substation exploded. She came back, and the transformer substation exploded in a few minutes. And they went to the place where her father was captured. Then completion of Typhon was imminent in the facilities where engineers were captured under the ground, but all the data disappeared because a transformer substation exploded suddenly. Melville which got furiously angry fired a gun blindly. Several men in an engineer and a suit were hit in their body by a bullet of Melville. They went to the place where they heard a gunshot to hear a gunshot. A man in a suit was bleeding near the title page which led to facilities under the ground and fell down. They entered the facilities under the ground, then Melville rushed wildly there. László  restricted a body of Jeremy and restricted the body of men in a suit which there was near. Piroska looked for a figure of her father while letting engineers go outside from facilities under the ground. When she met Nimród again, and they were going to escape from facilities under the ground, Melville pointed the muzzle to them and approached. László which noticed it took the gun of the man in a suit, and he shot Melville. They got away from the facilities under the ground and called the police. The details of the case became clear by the testimony of engineers. And they came back to Harbysta and lived life that they did not change before.

The catacombs

There was a circled town named Febronsica in the land made desolate. The building built in around 17th century was found in plenty at the town in recent years, and it was watched by the world. There were his mother and a very active boy named Alberto living in the town. One day when he went to the hill where he can look a town around with his girlfriend named Francesca and his friend named Giovanni, they found a cave there. Giovanni asked “Would you like to enter this cave?” Alberto said “The light is needed” They go home, have taken a torch and returned in the front of the cave. Francesca said “There seems to be something and I am afraid” Alberto said “It seems fascinating” “You may stay here, Cesca” Francesca said “I go too” They entered a cave to depend on the light of a flashlight and went down to underground, then they saw an countless mummy lay there. Francesca screamed. Alberto grasped hand of Francesca and said “I am next to you” Giovanni said “Here seems the Catacombs” Francesca asked “Will you go home?” A sound has been heard from the inside in a cave. Alberto asked “Is there anyone?” It was irresponsive. A girl appeared ahead of the light of a torch of Francesca  suddenly. Francesca was surprised and screamed. Giovanni asked “What are you doing here?” The girl said “I was exploring here” Alberto asked “What is your name?” The girl said “I am Rosalba” Rosalba asked “And you?” Alberto said “I am Alberto” Alberto pointed to Francesca and said “She is Francesca”, and pointed to Giovanni and said “He is Giovanni” Giovanni said “We have come here to explore” Alberto asked “Did you find anything fascinating?” Rosalba said “No” Alberto said “Ok” Francesca said “I am sorry to scream” Rosalba said “I  am sorry to make you feel afraid” Alberto asked “Will you explore here with us, Rose?” Rosalba said “If you do not dislike that” They advanced towards the depth of the cave together  while doing a word-chain game because Francesca is not afraid. Then they saw several mummies which wear medieval dresses. Rosalba had disappeared all too soon. When they looked around, she lay with mummies. And they understood that the one they met was an eidolon. When they went out of the cave, voice was heard from their back. [Thank you] They often visited the Catacombs and offered a toy and a snack for Rosalba and the other dead people.