the bounty hunter

A woman named Shanina Ropez lived with her honest husband named Henrique happily. When she conceived her eldest son named Agustin, Henrique was tempted by his a colleague and began gambling. And when she delivered her eldest daughter named Yolanda, Henrique was absorbed in gambling, and he went almost every day in a casino. Henrique made a large amount of debt with gambling, but he continued hiding a debt in Shanina. Henrique thought to pay a debt for the money which he overcame by gambling, and  continued gamble, but the sums of the debt have increased more. When Agustin became 5 years old, the debts that Henrique made with gambling exceeded €350,000. A bill collector of the debt named Garcia came to their house. Garcia asked “Is your husband at home?” Shanina said “My husband is working” Garcia said “Ok. I came for collection by the debt that your husband made with gambling” Shanina asked “Did my husband make a debt with gambling?” “I am not believed that my honest husband does such a thing” Garcia said “It is true” “Well confirm it” Shanina said “Ok” Garcia said “I come again later” and left. When she prepared for the dinner at the night of the day and was waiting for Enrique comes home, she had one telephone from Hasford hospital. A staff of Hasford hospital said “This is Hasford hospital” “Is this phone number reliable with the phone number of the home of Enrique Lopez?” Shanina said “Yes, Enrique Ropez is my husband” A staff of Hasford hospital said “Your husband fell down by myocardial infarction and was carried in Hasford hospital by an ambulance” Shanina asked “Is it really my husband?” A staff of Hasford hospital said “Yes, come as soon as possible” Shanina said “Ok” She hung up and went to Hasford hospital with her children hastily. When she was guided by a nurse and just arrived with her children in front of an intensive care unit, Enrique died. She burst into tears while hugging children at the place. And a funeral service of Enrique was held quietly and sorrowfully. When ended a funeral service of Enrique, and she was going to come home with children, Garcia came over. Garcia said “I have you pay a debt in place of your husband because your husband died” “Because the insurance money of your husband is €7,000, how will you repay me €343,000 of the remainder?” Shanina said “I cannot pay such a large sum of money” Garcia said “I have you pay it back somehow” “When the insurance money was paid, I go to your house” and left. She found the poster of the search for a wanted man put on the wall when she walked with her children while she was at a loss. The man named Haward Drake with a bounty written to the search for a wanted man book who worked at a restaurant stabbed the owner of the restaurant to death and escaped. Have a €20,000 bounty on the man with a bounty’s head. The place where Haward Drake caused a case was a place within the range of a radius of 2km from the place where she lived in. And she leaned her children on Rebecca of the old friend and started a search of Haward Drake from the next day. When she discovered the apartment where Haward lay hidden in, Haward Drake noticed her who investigated movement of oneself. Haward discovered her house, and he took her children away when Rebecca was not looking. Rebecca who noticed that children disappeared called her immediately. Rebecca said “I am sorry, your children disappeared, when i was a little not looking for your children” and cried. Shanina said “Because I go there immediately, talk all if i back to home” and hung up. When she backed to home, and Rebecca talked to her, her house had a telephone from Haward Drake. Haward Drake said “You seem to snooping into my outskirts” “I kidnapped your children” Shanina asked “Are you Haward Drake?” Haward Drake said “Yes” Shanina said “Release my children” Haward Drake asked “Are you the situation that can give me directions?” Shanina said “Sorry, please let me hear my children’s voice” Agustin and Yolanda said “Mammy, we are waiting for you” Haward Drake said “Unfortunately, you can never meet your liveing children, because i kill your children” “If you did not inquire into my outskirts, this would not happen” and hung up. She went to the apartment where Haward Drake lay hidden in, but there were not Haward Drake and her children in an apartment. She found the photograph which people like father of a boy and the boy lined up at the entrance of the bookbinding company in a room of Haward Drake. His father ran the bookbinding company, but when he was 15 years old, the bookbinding company went bankrupt and became the ruins. She went to the bookbinding company which became the ruins. And she went into the bookbinding company while being careful not to raise a sound. She discovered Haward and  sneaked around to the rear and made a surprise attack. And she tied up a unity band on a wrist of Haward Drake and restricted it and embraced each other with her children, then she made a call to the police with a cell-phone and delivered a body of Haward to a police officer. She received bounty a few days later. Garcia came to her house again in the afternoon on that day. She handed Garcia the insurance money of her husband and a part of bounty. Garcia left without saying anything. She repeated experience as a bounty hunter and paid back the debt that her husband left little by little.



The times when balance of the celestial world and the human world and the world of Satan was kept. One day the army of the devil went to the attack in the celestial world. And when angels developed an army and the battle of the devil, the army which led Lucifer invaded and attacked to the human world. Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Michael called four Archangels who knew that Lucifer invaded and attacked to the terrestrial world went to the human world. After the fierce fight with the army of the devil whom four archangels and Lucifer and Lucifer led, the Lucifer lost. And remnants of the devil dispersed to the world of Satan. Raphael noticed that Lucifer separated a physical part of oneself just before Lucifer received the attack of archangels and chased it, but lost sight. Lucifer did satanophany to the body of the baby with a birth interval named Noah who was sleeping peacefully in the living room of the shack. And Lucifer decided to pretend to be a common baby until regained a magical power. The parents of Noah poured the love that overflowed almost into Noah without knowing that Lucifer did satanophany to a body of Noah. Four archangels fell in the church with each name and borrowed the body of strong human beings of the faith and archangels looked for Lucifer while living a life as the human being. A half year of the decisive battle with Lucifer and archangels later. Beelzebub, Belial, Mastema, Azazel of the aides to Lucifer went down in the human world and murdered the human being while looking for Lucifer and the scream got out of many places. Mother of Noah carried Noah, and she hugged it with father of Noah, then aides to Lucifer appeared in the house where Lucifer lived in with parents of Noah and were going to murder parents of Noah, then Lucifer slipped from an arm of mother of Noah and said “Stop you!” in a deep voice and blew off Beelzebub and Belial and Mastema and Azazel. And because Noah who could not talk talked, the parents of Noah were surprised. Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Michael to hear an uproar and got out from the body which they borrowed from the human being and were wrapped in divine light and went down in the house where Lucifer lived in with parents of Noah. And the battle of archangels and aides to Lucifer was developed. Raphael saved parents of Noah to catch aides to Lucifer off guard and carried them to the safe place. Aides to Lucifer were defeated by archangels after a fierce battle. Lucifer said “Murder me if you want to murder me” Raphael asked “Do you not have the power in conflict with us?” Lucifer said “Oh, yes” Then parents of Noah jumped into a house. Mother of Noah said “Angels, Thank you for having you help us” “However, please do not take a son away from us” Gabriel said “Lucifer does satanophany to your son” Father of Noah said “He is our son” Raphael said “Because we are Son of God, we do not do that we injure a lovely baby” Lucifer said “Can you drag me out of the body of this baby?” Raphael said “We do not do anything such, because even if we can separate you from the body of this baby, we cannot guarantee the life of the baby” Parents of Noah said “Thank you so much” while cried. Lucifer asked “If you overlook me, are you not blamed by God?” Raphael said “Maybe” “You live as a human being” And archangels came back to the celestial world, and they were given the title of the seraph by having subdued aides to Lucifer and Lucifer. Lucifer lived as Noah in the human world.