the revolt of toys

There was the toyland where toys forgotten by the human being lived in. One witch named Esmeralda came there. She stirred up toys for the revenge that she was robbed of her man whom she felt kindly toward by a human girl and planned the retaliation to the human being. And she cast a spell on toys and was able to be replaced with the person whom toys touched. But because the robot of the tin plate of the clockwork named Rodney which was the head of the toyland regarded her with hostility, he was ousted from the toyland. He was a toy of the girl named Margaret until one day 70 years ago. The boy who saw the figure which she got him who was tattered of the cast-off from her older brother and was careful with made fun of her well. He thought that she was not made fun of by boys if he was separated from her and left her. And he made the Utopia where forgotten toys could live in in peace from the human being. He was called “Daddy” from toys in the toyland. Her son and grandchild were careful with toys like her, too, but some toys came their toys. The unknown toys seduced the toy of the dinosaur named Giovanni and the toy of the airplane named Laslo of her son and the toy of the dog named Karl of her grandchild, and unknown toys took them to the toyland with them. Karl and Laslo and Giovanni who loved Rodney followed him and left the toyland. The toys who were stirred up by Esmeralda stole into the house where people lived under cover of a dark night. The toys touched the human being who slept and were replaced to the human being in sequence. The friends of Rodney and him tried to persuade toys, but toys replaced with a human being did not mind them at all. Laslo said “Because can deceive it as if it was all just a dream, stop such a thing” at the sky. When there was Rodney near the house of Margaret, she noticed him, and came for him while hitting a stick. The toys to see her figure came to her and the toys were going to be replaced with her, but Rodney stood in the way first. However, she covered him to protect him. Karl ran around in the neighborhood while barking. The toys which heard a cry of Karl came to them. The toys to see the scene stopped. Rodney said “I wanted to see you Maggy” to Margaret. Margaret said “I also wanted to see you” Rodney said “Things aren’t as bad as you think!” to the toys. Giovanni came to them to protect Rodney and Margaret. The toys replaced with a human being touched each original body and were replaced again and the toys returned to the toyland without saying anything. The human being except Margaret thought the night event to be the event in the dream, but the person who treated a toy roughly decreased. Rodney lived with Margaret. And Laslo became the head of the toyland, and Giovanni and Karl supported him.