The plastic love

Time is A.D. 2540.
Human entrusted all labor to androids and they lived peacefully.
Androids took the place of human and were doing all work.
Meanwhile, Yves who works as an android for guard fell in love at first sight the humanoid who works as a waitress at the restaurant.
He was a daily routine to go to his workplace after her state was seen in front of the restaurant at which she works.
One day when he went in front of the restaurant where she works like usual, the electricity was cut out at an area of about 10 kilometers of radius including the restaurant, and androids were not working.
He who became worried about her entered a restaurant, then many androids including her fell down.
He took a spare battery pack had by his body built-in out and put it in her body.
She rebooted immediately and asked him “Who are you?”
Yves said “I am an android called Yves-369 for guard”
“Are you ok?”
She said “I am an android called Ursula-238 for customer service”
Yves asked “What was wrong?”
Ursula said “Around us became dazzling suddenly, and I lost consciousness”
Yves said “It must be some abnormal circumstances occurred”
Ursula asked “What should I to do?”
Yves said “Because I investigate the cause of this situation, wait a moment here”
Ursula said “Ok”
He who left her at a restaurant and investigated knew a human group hostile to an android to cause a blackout.
He explained circumstances to her.
Yves said “Because I will protect you, turn on emergency electric power source”
Ursula asked “Where is an emergency electric power source?”
Yves said “There is the emergency electronic power source in underground of a paradise tower called Babylon”
Ursula said “I have never been near Babylon”
Yves said “I go together, so that is no problem”
Ursula said “Ok”
They who went to Babylon saw the men who wear the heavy equipment which is around the tower.
The men who noticed their existence aimed a gun at them and fired a gun.
Yves expanded a defense shield immediately.
Yves said “Do not leave me”
And he generated the supersonic and irradiated the men, then the men fell down.
Ursula asked “Did they pass away?”
Yves said “They just lose consciousness”
They stole into Babylon while expanding a defense shield, then the lasers was irradiated for them from everywhere.
The lasers was absorbed by a defense shield.
He destroyed the laser irradiation containers quickly.
They came down stairs which lead to underground carefully while he was lighting up their feet by light.
They who have gone out to an open place saw a huge machine.
He kneeled down in the ground suddenly.
Ursula asked “What is wrong?”
Yves said “My batter is dying”
Ursula said “Oh, no”
Yves said “Turn on emergency electric power source, and you escape from here quickly”
Ursula said “No”
She turned on emergency electric power source, and grasped his left hand.
Ursula said “I am here with you”
Because a system restored, the crime of a group opposing an android became evident and all the members of them were arrested.
He did not work any more.
When she feels sad, androids for his colleague’s guard has come to help them.
The android for his colleague’s guard said “It’s this for him” and handed a battery pack.
She put that battery pack in his body, then he has begun to again.
They lived happily together.
And they became a couple of the first android.


The animaloid park

Time is 2530.
Global animals were extinct by influence of global warming and the solar flare.
Therefore the biologist who is a rich man named Finn Evans requested a expert named Madison Barnatt of the robot study and he produced an animal which existed formerly on the earth as an android based on ecology data of the animal he got from a document with her, and those were exhibited in the park which he made in the vast land he possesses.
It was exhibited at the place which was modeled on the environment that androids of a mammoth and a dinosaur and many creatures lived in the park named the animaloid park originally respectively.
The park was gathered attention immediately, and a tourist surged from all over the world.
But a ex-boyfriend named Bastian Crocket of Madison which thought of success of Finn and Madison enviably did a cracking to the animaloid and he rewrote a program so that visitors might be attacked.
When Finn and Madison which heard a scream ran in the park, the people were running around to escape from animaloids.
Finn asked “What does all this add up to?”
Madison said “This cannot happen”
Finn said “I go to do refuge lead of the visitors”
Madison said “I will go to a control room and confirm the situation”
Finn said “If you can grasp the situation, report it to me”
Madison said “Ok”
And they went to the respective places.
When Finn arrived at the place where animaloids are gathered, he directed lead of the visitors for the staff who was there, and attracts attention of animaloids, and he was a lure.
Madison which has arrived at a control room knew someone accessed a program of animaloids and was rewritten from outside.
She made a contact to him by a radio.
He operated an digital wireless headset and took a radio while escaping from animaloids.
She who was trying correction of a program noticed Bastian rewrote a program while she tells that to Finn.
Madison said “Cannot control animaloids from the control room”
Finn asked “Why?”
Madison said “Because Bastian overwrote a security program”
Finn asked “Is not there a way to make animaloids stop?”
Madison said “There is a way, but that is very dangerous” while hesitating.
Finn said “Say it!”
Madison said “When the emergency stop switch in the back of the androids is pressed, it stops”
“I cannot make only you do a dangerous thing, so I go there too”
Finn said “You do not come here”
Madison asked “Why?”
Finn said “You report a whereabouts of the androids to me from the control room”
“And check a whereabouts of Bastian”
Madison said “Do not die”
Finn said “Of course”
He was pressing the switch in the back of the animaloid with directions of Madison and was making them stop one after another.
When she searched a whereabouts of Bastian from a GPS of his cellular phone, she found out that he is at the airport.
She reported a whereabouts of Bastian to the police, so was arrested just before he escape overseas.
Finn which made all animaloids stop safely has been arrested.
But the visitors explained that he tried to protect a visitor desperately, and a crime of Bastian became evident one after another simultaneously with that.
Then he was released immediately.
Finn noticed that he needed Madison, and he proposed to her.
And they got married via an dating period in 2 years.

The rain

There was an abundant and calm town named Ruhsland naturally.
The mayor named Curtis in the town brought an invitation of enterprise aggressively as the plan to make finance in the town be benefited.
He succeeded in invitation of a major pharmaceutical company named Creek pharmaceutical, and medicine manufacturing facilities worked safely the 3 years later.
But since that medicine manufacturing facilities worked, very acid strong rain started to fall.
The acid very strong rain could melt something various.
And the person who gets wet by rain suffered severe burns.
The residents in Ruhsland thought that the discharged medicine from medicine manufacturing facilities of Creek pharmaceutical is vaporized, and acid strong rain can be showered.
Everyone could say nothing to Creek pharmaceutical, because finance in the town was benefited thanks to Creek pharmaceutical, and many residents in the town were working at medicine manufacturing facilities.
The girl named Marlow who lost her father by acid rain requested the expert named Professor Ashdown of the ecology and a head named Mr. Nash of an institute of a laboratory to investigate.
They had begun to investigate her request, but they finish investigation end immediately, and returned.
The investigation reports have reached her later.
<Causality of acid rain and medicine manufacturing facilities cannot be proved> was written on that reports.
She who was not convincing in the investigation report made the investigation original.
And she knew Professor Ashdown and Mr. Nash to have received cash of a large amount from Creek pharmaceutical.
She has begun a sneaking in investigation as a staff in Creek pharmaceutical.
She tried to curry favor with middle management or manager’s person.
She met president’s son named Lucas by chance, and their relationship became good.
He and she who was investigating while dating found the fact about his mother.
That fact is when he was young, his father gave a new medicine to his mother body selfishly and did a clinical trial.
His mother who became sick by a side effect of the new medicine passed away about 2 weeks later after she was given medication.
Curtis did a clinical trial of a new medicine, but he pretended he did not do that.
She worried whether to tell the fact that she knew down to him, and she told him.
Lucas said “I was making hear that my mother died by sick so far”
“I do not know what may be believed”
She showed him the clinical trial data saved from destruction as evidence.
Marlow said “It is severe, but this is real”
Lucas asked “Why do you know this?”
Marlow said “I lost my father by very strong acid rain because of Creek pharmaceutical, and I requested investigation for famous specialists”
“But they bring benefits from Creek pharmaceutical, it was revealed that it was given, so I have begun to investigate independently”
Lucas asked “Did you find the evidence to prove causality of acid rain and Creek pharmaceutical?”
Marlow said “Not yet”
“Instead the fact about your mother clinical trial was revealed”
Lucas “I see”
“How would you like to do?”
Marlow said “I make the fact clear”
“If causality of Creek pharmaceutical and acid rain are proved , I will charge”
Lucas said “Ok”
Marlow said “I cannot keep dating with you anymore”
Lucas asked “Why?”
Marlow said “Because I am in the position like spying and your father is my enemy”
Lucas said “I do not have a mind to part from you, because I believe you”
Marlow said “Thank you”
They looked for the evidence to relate to acid rain and Creek pharmaceutical together.
They who found evidence sent that to the television station, then the evidence was featured on the news,
Medicine manufacturing facilities suspended operation, and many persons concerned in Curtis and medicine manufacturing facilities were arrested.
And they emigrated together in the countryside where no one knows them.

The autophagy

Major Brinzen university hospital established a research institute named Jolly life medical research institute in a calm town named Dolstojz.
Genes and cells were researched there.
Jolly life medical research institute often was gathering people and was doing a clinical trial.
One day the man in his fifties named Chester who lives in Dolstojz participated in a clinical trial.
20 people’s of men and women including him participated in the clinical trial.
They received only the explanation as a genetic curative about the medicine prescribed by a clinical trial.
When a clinical trial is finished and it is done for a while, something wrong has begun occur on the body of the people who took a clinical trial.
Six of 20 clinical trial persons were dead and ten disappeared, and were missing, and three caused some complication, and fell in the severe state.
Only he could adapt himself to a change in a body.
His body was rejuvenated and became his body in twenties.
He does not do sickness and an injury any more at all, and his body did not require sleep any more.
Because there were dead and many people who were in the severe state by a side effect of a clinical trial, Jolly life medical research institute was sued from the family of a clinical trial person.
Therefore Jolly life medical research institute went bankrupt to pay the huge compensation.
But the persons of the medical research institute have begun to watch Chester which did not fall ill only.
The persons of the medical research institute who knew the change which has occurred to his body tailed him to catch him.
He escaped from a pursuing party and hid himself by an inn in the country town.
And he was being attracted by a landlady named Camilla in the inn.
Her husband died 5 years ago, and she was managing an inn by herself.
She was attracted by him gradually too.
One day the persons of the medical research institute looked for his whereabouts using the various means and found out the inn where he hides and lies.
His pursuing party came to an inn in large numbers to capture him.
He was not explaining circumstances to Camilla, so she could not grasp the situation, and she was perplexed.
His pursuing party fired a gun blindly at an inn suddenly.
A stray bullet was bombed in her body, and she fell.
He got angry and he who got out of order was rushing into the persons who shoot a bullet wildly.
Tens of bullets were bombed in his body, but his body was cured immediately.
He was killing his pursuing party one after another.
And he held her and ran into a clinic the black alley doctor only a resident knows manages.
The black alley doctor who saw her said “Unfortunately there is not blood for blood transfusion here”
Chester said “Well use my blood”
The black alley doctor has begun to do an operation while transfusing his descent which took a blood into her.
The bruise she carried during an operation was being cured, and her body changed to a lady in twenties.
Therefore while doing an operation, a doctor left from an operating room.
Chester asked “How is her condition?”
The black alley doctor said “Her wound was cured instantly”
“Is she a human?”
Chester said “Yes, she is a human”
“Do not tell anybody”
The black alley doctor said “Ok”
“Because I am a black alley doctor, unnecessary inquiry does not do”
Chester said “Ok”
She has woken up.
Camilla asked “I think I was shot” while could finger the part of her body where a bullet was bombed.
There were no one scars.
Chester said “You was shot by my pursuing party”
“You became immortal like me by transfusing my blood”
Camilla asked “Immoral?”
Chester said “Yes. I participate in their clinical trial and have become immortal”
Camilla asked “Who are they?”
Chester said “I think they are the person concerned of Jolly life medical research institute”
Camilla asked “What will they do?”
Chester said “Perhaps they are tailing after me to experiment on a human body using my body”
Camilla said “Oh”
Chester said “My blood was transfused into you, so you may be aimed at my pursuing party too”
“I am sorry”
Camilla said “It is also fact that I was rescued by your blood”
“If I am with you, I go everywhere”
Chester said “Thank you”
Camilla asked “Is there anywhere where we can avoid public notice and live quietly?”
The black alley doctor said “Once entering, there is a forest named tempted forest you can never return”
Chester said “Attend us there”
The black alley doctor said “I can attend you to the entrance of the forest”
Camilla and Chester said “Thank you”
They went to tempted forest by attending of a black alley doctor.
And they have begun to live at the forest.
They came to be called from a village in the base as an ageless clan with a son was born to them.

The airport

The communication entered an air traffic control tower at the airport in the calm town named Chrofet by an unknown language on The day when a meteor was witnessed all over the world.
Father of Will which is an air traffic controller was instructing archaeology, so he noticed that the unknown language was an ancient language.
He was taught an ancient language to his father from childhood, so he could understand the communication contents easily.
Will asked “May i translate his language?”
His boss asked “Why do you know his language?”
Wil said “His language is an ancient language, and i have studied that language”
His boss said “Well, translate his language”
He translated their language.
[I ask the permission which makes our ship land at this place]
Will asked “Who are you?” in an ancient language.
[I am Dygres of a space traveler.
I led to abnormality in my spaceship by influence of the sun flare during a space trip, so i want you to make them repair my spaceship at your planet]
His boss asked “What did they say?”
Will said “He is a space traveller named Dygres, and a defect has occurred to his spaceship, so he is asking permission of a landing to repair it”
His boss said “If he will finish repairing of his spaceship and goes out immediately, I admit certain use at the airport”
Will said “We permit your landing” in a ancient language.
Then a spaceship appeared in the airport sky with glaring light, and that spaceship landed at a runway.
And a boy has come down landing steps.
His boss “You go to an airport runway too”
Will said “Certainly” and faced an airport runway quickly by the car.
When he arrived at a runway, there was an ordinary boy obviously.
Will asked “Are you Dygres” in an ancient language.
The boy said “Yes” in an ancient language.
Dygres told him what was necessary for repairing of a spaceship.
Will prepared something Dygres will need immediately.
He watched spaceship repairing of Dygres by boss’s command.
Dygres which has finished repairing a spacecraft in about 3 hours said “I give you this” and handed over the ball which is discharge electricity a little to him.
Will asked “What is this ball?”
Dygres said “That compressed one for 10 years of the electric energy this planet uses”
Dygres which handed that ball to him boarded a spaceship and took off.
The human race life made progress on leaps and bounds using its energy.


Time is A.D. 2260, a toy company named Crinque developed an android, named that Familoid and sold it for a single person and the person work is busy, and who cannot have time with a child.
the familoids were being spent like the person’s true family who set them.
One day a girl named Reggie who lives separately with her family of a single life was suggested to her friends and she ordered an boyfriend’s-type android from Crinque.
And owners of an familoid became an android at the research center Crinque manages to spend eternally with the family of their android from the time when about 2 years have passed since familoid was sold.
When her elder brother named Eli worried that a long contact doesn’t stick with Reggie, and visited at her apartment.
No one was there, but he found a handbill about familoid of Crinque.
And he went to the location of the address which is written on the handbill which is her only clue.
He who has arrived at Crinque thought he was also certain that Reggie signed a contract, and he signed a property contract of an familoid.
Several days later, the big box by which a logo of h was printed out has reached his apartment.
And he opened the box, then there was the girl type android which was made elaborately so that made a mistake with real human was in the box.
When he was surprised at the android and moved backward, mechanical sound was issued from a tablet-type device included in a box with an android.
<Please set the name of your familoid> was displayed on the monitor of the tablet-type device.
He input the name of his mother <Cassidy> to a tablet-type device somehow.
That android got up suddenly and said “Morning, Eli”
He was surprised and was struck dumb.
The android which saw struck dumb him asked “What happened?”
Eli asked “Why do you know my name?”
The android said “I am Cassidy of your wife”
He understood that the information input to a tablet-type device is reflected by an android.
And he thinks some information is obtained from Cassidy about his younger sister, and he has begun to live with her.
All too soon, he came in contact with Cassidy like his true wife.
One day he who happened to be passing the area where the mosquito tone is being utilized for avoidance of young people along held a suspicion in a life with Cassidy suddenly.
When he went home, he observed behavior of Cassidy as he did not notice Cassidy.
And he saw a log of communication of Crinque from a tablet type device with her, and he noticed her taking a contact each other secretly with Crinque.
He knew that Crinque orders familoids and makes them rule a mind of property contracting parties of an android, and Crinque was planning in order to change all human to an android at the research center Crinque manages.
He caught guard of Crinque off guard and invaded Crinque and made all systems be downed to prevent a plan of Crinque, familoids made them suspend movement simultaneously.
He who was searching for the inside of the company in Crinque found his younger sister who became an android.
And when he took his younger sister who does not move and went home, the property contracting parties of an familoid who made movement stop suddenly asked the explanation from a company and surged.
Crinque did not try to explain at all, so property contracting parties of an familoid invaded the inside of the company in Crinque.
They saw an android which suspended the movement which is to the extent you could not finish counting, in the inside of the company.
They found their acquaintance from the inside of the androids, and it was exposed that Crinque was changing human to an android.
The people changed to an android including his younger sister lived with their family happily like the time when they were human.

Another her in her mind

There was a girl named Nicole Kimbell who works for the publishing company named Mirage Publishers in the town as a reporter. She was ill-used from her parents and grew up. Several personality was born therefore to protect her in her mind. But she did not know about existence of her another personalities at all. One person of her another personality is a teenage boy named Jack of the kleptomaniac. When he is replaced with Nicole, was shoplifting by various places and was reselling that. Her another personality of another person is the female named Page of twenties of the offensive personality. When she was replaced with Nicole, she was often working as a call girl at the downtown area. Some strange occurrences had often happened around her. When she was a student, the girls who have harassed her became to fear her from one day. Page which was replaced with Nicole called the girls who were harassing her to a roof at school. The girls who appeared in a roof said “Do you want you to play?” Page gripped a butterfly knife taken out from a pocket and said “Play with me” and floated dauntless smile. She forced a knife on leader of girls. The girl said “Help” and fainted away. She cut long hair of the girl with a knife. And her bag contained something which has no remembrance she and some receipts of the secondhand shop sometimes bought. She thought those are tricks of someone and did not worry about it at all. But the strange occurrence which has occurred around her was being escalated after she got a job in a publishing company. Her boss named Zack who was avoiding  other eyes the staff and was doing the sexual harassment act which touches her body became missing suddenly. Page which was replaced with Nicole said “There is a place where I’d like to go with you, Zack” “Would you go there with me?” Zack said “Ok” And they enteted an abandoned building. Zack asked “What would you like to do here?” Page said “I wanted to kill you” and stuck a knife into a chest of Zack. She covered the one which was around her, and hid a corpse of Zack. And she went home, then she slipped into a bed and was replaced with Nicole. Then a murder case occurred successively at the town where she lives. While Nicole was sleeping, Page which was replaced with Nicole killed her customers disagreeable to her. Therefore when she woke up, her clothes were dyed deep red by blood. She felt fearfully and ran away from her apartment. But a corpse of Zack was found and because the figure of Nicole came out in a burglar camera near the site, she was arrested. And the police found a bag with big money from a closet in her room. Her hearing of circumstances arrested in the interrogation room has started. The police asked “How did you get money included in the bag?” Nicole said “I do not know” And when she is suffering, Page which was replaced with Nicole has begun to run wild suddenly. Five police nen held her down. The police said “Calm down!” Page said “Do not make Nicole cry” “Nicole does not know about existence of Jack and me” The police asked “Who is Jack?” Jack which was replaced with Page said “I am sorry. That is the money which sold the one I shoplifted” and cried. Page which was replaced with Jack said “When she was abused by her parents, I and Jack were born in her mind” She took a psychiatric exam, and she was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder She communicated with the personality of Page and Jack under guidance of the psychiatrist. She knew that she is a multiple personality disorder. Page which knew that Nicole is going to integrate personalities of Page and Jack said “I cannot permit to try to kill me in having protected Nicole so far” Page took a pen away from a psychiatrist and set that in her throat. Jack which was replaced with Page said “I do not want to die” She was carried into a hospital, but she passed away because she bled much. Ironically the case which Page committed and death of Nicole were reported to the magazine which was published from the publishing company where she was working.

Virtual soldiers

There were the country named Wirfgart. Southern residents of Wirfgart caused independence movement in order to become independent from effective control of Wirfgart of the northern part, but their body was restricted by the northern public peace authorities. Because Wirfgart of the southern part was good at technology, southern residents thought offer technology to the big country named Ignesia and have Ignesia support independence from Wirfgart. A particularly superior scientist named Ioanna played a key role in the southern part and performed various studies. The northern part noticed their plan, and northern people sent the computer virus to their research institution named Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology and produced an electromagnetic wave pulse by an electromagnetic wave pulse irradiation device and it prevented electronic equipment from being usable. When northern part produced an electromagnetic wave pulse to the southern part, the substation in the site of Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology was struck by lightning. And the southern part was wrapped in an electromagnetic wave and the big hole appeared at the research room in Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology where Ioanna was suddenly. When she hid herself under the desk, people who made the figure like the soldiers emerged from the other side of the hole and they poured innumerable bullets for scientists. The person like the commander of soldiers said “We were only virtual characters created by you, but the gate which connected the virtual world and your world where we lived appeared” “We rule over this world on behalf of you using this gate” Ioanna prevented from expressing a voice with a hand over a mouth not to be found by them in spite of being a scare. They left the research room without noticing in Ioanna. When virtual soldiers left the research room, and she was relieved, different virtual soldiers emerged from the other side of the hole. Northern residents thought northern part produced an electromagnetic wave pulse in southern part and southern residents have dissatisfaction for it and invade the northern part. And the northern part sent soldiers into the southern part under the peace in nominal and order maintenance. But because the northern part did not get communication with soldiers which sent into the southern part, summoned a special combat troop named Cerberus of five members and sent them into the southern part. Members of Cerberus are Joseph of the commander and Gerald of of the power pride and Wilhelmina which can fire through the mark in the 2km away place and Aloysius which is familiar with every martial arts and Sean of the specialist about the explosive. When they arrived the center of the southern part, they saw virtual soldiers were destroying the building of the area. Soldiers of the northern part sent into the southern part near virtual soldiers ceased to breathe. And a battle began. Ioanna waited for virtual soldiers to go out of the research room, and she put the equipment which research room included front the big hole that led to the virtual world and blocked up the hole. And because she heard the gunshot from the outside when she left the research room and walked while looking around, virtual soldiers and a special combat troop of the northern part when she saw the outside of the window fought. Virtual soldiers who came out of the big hole connected to virtual world first were invaded and attacked to the northern part without meeting with Cerberus which Joseph commanded at that time. And they murdered nothern soldiers one after another and went to the capital naned Byron with the Executive Office of the President. They murdered the President and made the Executive Office of the President their hiding place. When Ioanna walked looking for a place to hide in while looking around, heard the big sound from the research room where she was. And she went down to the first floor using nearby stairs and hid herself in the cabinet in the depths of the office. Virtual soldiers destroyed the equipment which she put in front of a hole in the research room and emerged from the virtual world of the other side of the hole. Cerberus which commanded Joseph overthrew virtual soldiers and decided to be divided into the two groups. Joseph and Wilhelmina and Sean went into the research institute and Gerald and Aloysius went to the outskirts for reconnaissance. Joseph and Wilhelmina and Sean have begun to investigate all rooms of the research institute. Wilhelmina cried “Whom is there?” Ioanna thought that somebody who was not virtual soldiers came to the rescue and went out of a cabinet. Sean asked “Who are you?” Ioanna said “I am Ioanna of the scientist working for this research institute” “and you?” Joseph said “We are special combat troop dispatched from the northern part” “Do you know what there was?” Ioanna said “A big hole appeared in the research room where i was suddenly, and soldiers emerged from the other side of the hole” “And soldiers poured innumerable bullets on scientists” Joseph said “Ok, do not be separate from us!” When Ioanna went up the stairs with them, virtual soldiers waited for them. And it became the gun battle. Gerald and Aloysius which spied upon the outskirts heard the gunshot and rushed to them. Wilhelmina overthrew most virtual soldiers alone and Sean threw out a bomb homemade to virtual soldiers, and virtual soldiers died from blasting and Joseph overthrew several virtual soldiers while guarding Ioanna. When Gerald and Aloysius came to them, they have finished overthrowing virtual soldiers. And they went to the research room where she was. When they arrived at the research room, she had a surprised look. Aloysius asked “What happen?” Ioanna said “A hole grew big from time when i left the room” “Please look for an electromagnetic wave pulse irradiation device” “This hole might appear under the influence of it” Joseph said “Ok” They threw in a grenade in the other side of the hole and shot the rocket launcher. And Joseph divided Cerberus into the two group again. Joseph and Ioanna and Gerald went to the southern part and the northern border which irradiated the southern part with an electromagnetic wave pulse. Wilhelmina and Aloysius and Sean were left the watch of the hole to. Joseph heard “The Executive Office of the President was occupied by someone” from a soldier of the northern part that watched around the northern part and around southern border. They found an electromagnetic wave pulse generator and switched it off, then the electromagnetic wave which surrounded the southern part disappeared. However, they came back to the research institute, and they joined remaining members. A hole connected to the virtual world disappeared. Joseph said “The Executive Office of the President was occupied by someone” Aloysius said “Probably it is the guy who came out of the hole” And they went to the Executive Office of the President. Joseph said “You go to the safe place, and hide yourself” to Ioanna. Ioanna said “Ok” and hid in the private house. When they arrived at the Executive Office of the President, virtual soldiers waited for them. They heard the voice of the person like the commander of virtual soldiers from a near speaker. The person like the commander of virtual soldiers said “I am a general of virtual soldiers” “When other virtual soldiers were overthrown, is it a thing that there are you here?” “My subordinates whom there is here are stronger than people whom you overthrew” “Can you overthrow me?” and sneered. Gerald said “Well  we check it” The general of virtual soldiers stopped ridicule and said “Try it if you can do it!” And they were able to overthrow virtual soldiers after a fierce battle, but Sean lost its life, and Gerald suffered a serious case. The general of virtual soldiers escaped from them and escaped into the private house where Ioanna was covered. And the general of virtual soldier held Ioanna hostage and shut oneself up in the private house. Wilhelmina fired through the chest of the general of virtual soldiers. Because most of the President and the people concerned with government of Wirfgart were killed by virtual soldiers, there were a lot of people who ordered him to the leader of interim government in acknowledgment of an achievement of Joseph. But Joseph said “Aloysius deserves to be the leader of interim government” Aloysius became the leader of interim government by recommendation of Joseph. Aloysius married with Wilhelmina, and Wilhelmina became the wife of the leader of interim government. Joseph and Ioanna got married, and they moved to the seaside small house. Gerald opened the classroom of the martial art and taught a child a martial art.

The automation

The time is in 2030 A.D. Almost all work that a person has ever done was shifted to an automation program and an android by rapid progress of the technology. All the guards were substituted by a guard android, and guard androids always patrolled around the town. Even young child alone can go there if can register a destination with a automatic driving car by sound operation, therefore the automatic driving car was utilized as a foot of people. But the reckless driving accident of the vehicle occurred in succession at various places. And there were a large number of inquiries in the information Administration Bureau, and a chief examiner named Andrew of the system management center of the vehicle started fact-finding. The robbery occurred near the vehicle reckless driving scene of the accident, but they who judged it if two cases do not have connection in the local police did not investigate those correlations. According to the eyewitness, the guard android supported robbers in the case spot of the robbery. He thought the guard android is remote-controled. He discovered that a terrorist organization named Nidhogg was connected with a vehicle reckless driving accident. When he pushed forward an investigation more, it was recognized that a woman named Shirley who works in the information Administration Bureau contacted Nidhogg many times. And he went to the office of Shirley. He arrived at the office of Shirley, and he had her boss guide him to her desk, then she noticed it and got away from the office in secret. When he came on her desk, she went to the lower floor by a lift. He checked the documents on the desk, and the drawer of the desk, and her PC, then he found the exchanges of the email with her and Nidhogg, and the record that accessed the information of the owner of the car which caused an accident remained to her PC. It was revealed that Shirley was the lover of the chief named Howard of Nidhogg. And he put her on the wanted list in communication with the National Public Safety Commission. She noticed that she was put on the wanted list and hid herself. Nidhogg which obtained the information of the owner of the car from her continued producing a vehicle reckless driving accident, and pushed forward a Joining plan with her behind closed doors. When the National Public Safety Commission located her location somehow and was going to step into her lair, she joined Nidhogg under cover of the uproar of the vehicle reckless driving accident that Nidhogg caused. The National Public Safety Commission came to a deadlock in the search of the lair of her and Nidhogg and asked cooperation of the local police with him. He felt the lair of her and Nidhogg from data left to her PC. And the local police investigated a lair of her and Nidhogg from destination records set to her car. He invaded the PC which she used in a lair and he tampered with the list of the owner of the car which she made and listed the data of his car. And they located the lair of her and Nidhogg and they continued watching it. He noticed an invasion to the security system of his car and he contacted the National Public Safety Commission and the local Police and let them strengthen the guard to the bank. He put the doll which looked just like him on his car, and set a destination in the beach park, and he clothed a door of his car, then the car departed. He located the location of the device which invaded the security system of his car, he went to the owner of the device  with people of the National Public Safety Commission. His car advanced for a beach park, but changed the direction suddenly and collided the building close to the intersection. Five men who put a mask on the bank close to the building where his car collided came over. Because he prevented from being able to remote-control a guard android beforehand, the local police arrested five men who put on a mask with the guard android. He located the building where Shirley and Howard hid, he will wait by the instructions of people of the National Public Safety Commission in an opposite building. And he let a guard android accompany people of the National Public Safety Commission which was going to step into the lair of Shirley and Howard. After several gunshots resounded, people of the National Public Safety Commission and the guard android came out of a building with Shirley and Howard and members of  Nidhogg where handcuffs were attached to. And Nidhogg was dissolved, and peace visited the town.

The avater

When several years passed after a computer technology developed drastically in A.D. 2358, all people had one avatar per a person. The people used one’s avatar as a person in charge of information processing in the cyber world. The youths who spent it linking with one’s avatar in the virtual reality world in the Internet increased rapidly. The boy named Pierre linked with his avatar named Brian every night and he met his girlfriend named Jennifer who moved to the distance in the virtual reality world. One day his avatar refused it when he was going to do plug in to the Internet. Pierre asked “Brian, why you refuse my plug in?” to his clock type smart device. Brian said “Because unknown viruses are epidemic in the cyber world, and the case with the avatar infected with a virus occurs all over the world, i cannot send you in to the cyber world” Pierre asked “Can you contact Jennifer?” Brian said “I try it” He sent a message to Moira of the avatar of Jennifer. Brian said “I sent a message to Moira, but an answer does not come” Pierre said “I see” and left his house. Then he saw the scene that security patrol robots assaulted the passerby. Pierre asked “Is this also influence of the viruses?” Brian said “Yes” And when he worries about the body of Jennifer, he got call from Jennifer. Pierre asked “Are you ok?” Jennifer said “My apartment was attacked” Pierre asked “What was there?” Jennifer said “I was looking for the manager named Hayden Willer of the IT company named Grent which spread a virus, then i was noticed, and attacked by people of the subordinates of the person” “Because I sneak into Grent and look for vaccine with Moira, you restrict avatars infected with a virus in the cyber world” Pierre said “I am anxious about you” Moira said “I protect Jennifer” Pierre said “Ok, take care” She sneaked into Grent as an infiltration employee. And he did plug in to the cyber world. He shared consciousness with Brian and went to the virtual reality world. Then avatars infected with a virus appeared front of him and attacked him. He avoided the attack of avatars infected with a virus and knocked down avatars. And he He knocked down infected avatars using various weapons that Brian let appear and went to Grent of the cyber world. Then dozens of avatars which guarded Grent appeared front of him and they attacked him to prevent his invasion. But he knocked down guard avatars thanks to support of Brian. He invaded Grent and let security system fall. Jennifer searched a relevant thing to a virus according to guidance of Moira in Grent at that time. She was not able to find the vaccine of the virus, but found the evidence that Hayden spread a virus. And she got away from Grent with a document of the evidence. Grent received the crushing damage by the surprise attack of avatars infected with a virus. Moira sent the document which Jennifer found in Grent to the media. Hayden was taken to the police. Moira got the information that a young woman named Gwen completed a vaccine program and told Jennifer. Jennifer went to the house of Gwen. She explained circumstances in Gwen, and she received the vaccine program of the virus. And Moira sent Pierre it. When Pierre fight against avatars infected with a virus, he received the vaccine program of the virus from Moira. Brian generated the program on a sword, and Pierre knocked down avatars infected with a virus with the sword in sequence. Then the avatars infected with a virus knocked down by Pierre regained sanity in a few minutes. And peace prevailed on cyber world and reality world