The fountain pen

There was a weird residence in a slightly elevated hill in the town named Vengraford.
Residents in the town detested calling the residence witch’s residence and approaching there.
The boy named Zenon who lives in Vengraford went to the weird residence to seek the thrill with his friend named Chaise.
They who entered a residence cautiously found a fountain pen in the room which seems a study.
And Zenon gripped the fountain pen and they have gone out of the residence.
As soon as the fountain pen he grasps was seen, Chaise said “Give that!”.
Zenon said “Ok” and gave him that fountain pen.
When Chaise went home, his father who has the bad drinking habit got drunk and was acting violently.
He who went home did write as a tester by a fountain pen at his room.
He wrote <Get out dad from my life!> on a note pad by write as a tester.
A red bruise appeared on his right hand.
The character could be written readily.
When he confirmed the ink remaining amount, there was enough ink.
He had a red bruise on his hand which grasped a fountain pen.
Therefore he thought a fountain pen made his blood as ink by some ways.
He put a fountain pen in a drawer at a desk and has gone to bed.
When he woke up in the next morning, his father was not at his home.
Even if it will be in the evening, his father did not come home.
He thought that the fountain pen to which Zenon has returned from a residence has the power which changes the written sentence to fact.
When he went to school on the next day, he informed that there is a examination of his weak point subject.
He wrote <The examination is cancelled> on a note pad by the fountain pen put in a drawer.
Then a red bruise of his right hand became big.
But he was possessed by the mysterious power of the fountain pen and wrote various hope by a fountain pen.
Therefore the red bruise of his right hand even spread over his whole body.
His body was covered with bruises so that it seemed whether was sick.
Even a stranger tried to see his figure and be anxious about him, but he does not mind that at all.
Zenon thought Chaise has not been well because of the fountain pen he found, and he took a fountain pen away and destroyed secretly.
Therefore the red bruise with which covered the whole body of Chaise disappeared.


The hat

There was a lady named Mirena who carries on the hat shop who does manufacturing and sales of a hat in a cheerful town.
She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend named Grayson for more than 5 years.
She has supported him who was an unknown painter.
As his picture became popular with them, he was being a female model named Tabitha and a romantic relationship.
She kept thinking he returns sometime and waiting.
One day he who came to her house after a long time made her wonder.
Grayson said “I regard marriage as the person associating now”
“Would you make her a hat?”
Mirena said “I have devoted myself to you so far”
Grayson said “I am sorry, and thank you very much so far”
She made a hat while bearing a grudge against him and his fiance.
She handed over the hat completed on the engagement show party previous day of Grayson and Tabitha to him.
Mirena invited to their engagement show party confirmed the figure that Glinda puts on the hat by which she included and made a hostility, then she smiled weirdly.
And the hat Glinda put on twined around her hair.
They tried to make them take off a hat, but a hat twined around her hair, and did not come off.
She could take off a hat by cutting her long hair inevitably.
Mirena which saw the pitiful her figure returned hastily.
Mirena which sneaked out of an engagement show party on the way became missing.
And Glinda also became missing.
The people searched strenuously, and a corpse of Mirena of after death for several days found at hatter’s basement, but unfortunately they could not find Glinda.
After that the hat passed through person’s various hands, and it was put in the corner in an antique shop.

The figure

One package of sender obscurity was dropped into an apartment of the college student named Steve who lives in a college town named Darfyntes.
When he opened the package, a right leg and an envelope were included in the package.
<Chosen you receive parts of the figure every week, complete that figure> was written on the letter in that envelope.
He was going to consult with his girlfriend named Tricia about the package which reaches his apartment every week, but he could not get any more a contact at all with her.
He could not make a contact with Tricia for 3 days, so he asked her friend named Carrie which lives she her whereabouts.
Steve asked “I cannot make a contact with Tricia from the front for about 1 week, do you know where she is?”
Carrie said “She returned to her parents’ home for her to attend a funeral of her elder brother”
Steve asked “Why did not tell me that?”
Carrie said “Because she did not want to trouble you”
Steve said “Ok”
But she has not returned.
And the package has reached his apartment every week after the day.
While he waits for her who is not returning, he has begun to construct parts of the doll which reaches his apartment every week.
When 1 month had passed since he began to construct a figure, he received a face of a figure and he learned that the figure was Tricia.
He who thought it was known what Carrie was went to her apartment.
She served him coffee.
Steve showed the figure and asked “Did you know existence of this figure?”
Carrie said “You are dull”
Steve said “I did not notice that a figure was Tricia until I receive facial parts”
“About that?”
Carrie said “The figure is herself”
Steve asked “What does it mean?”
Carrie said “You are really dull”
“I killed her and made it a figure”
Steve asked “I heard you and Tricia are best friends,but why?”
Carrie said “Because I fell in love to you”
“I began to feel Tricia obstructively, and killed her”
“I would like to present a gift to you who like a figure, and I made her a figure”
Steve said “Tell me it is all lie”
Carrie said “No it is all true”
Steve asked “Why did you say that to me?”
Carrie said “I kill you and put it near me as a figure” and smiled weirdly.
Steve said “No”
Carrie said “The medicine should work by and by”
His body had a spasm, and he fell.
Steve asked “What did you do?” during the consciousness fading away.
Carrie said “I cannot be released you”
Because he hid and had his mobile phone done in the call state with his friend just in case, his friend who noticed doubtfully reported to the police.
And she was arrested.
A large number of pictures which sneaked a shot of Steve was found from the room of Carrie.


The vintage clothes

There was a popular vintage clothes shop where vintage clothes which were gathered from domestic and abroad is sold in a town named Tyvris.
One day a girl named Karen who lives in a town visited the shop with her boyfriend named Tristan, and she was bought him a one-piece dress.
Karen said “Thank you, Tris”
Tristan said “You are welcome”
And when she wears the one-piece dress which she was bought him, she treats him as if he is a stranger, and she disappeared from his front suddenly.
He ran after her quickly, but he lost sight of her on the way.
Tristan cried “Where are you, Karen?”
But there were no answers.
He thinks there is cause with which her state became odd in a one-piece dress, and he has returned to a vintage clothes shop.
Tristan asked “Tell me about a one-piece I bought”
The employee of the vintage clothes shop asked “What happened?”
Tristan said “Her state became odd after she put on the one-piece dress I bought here for her, and she disappeared suddenly”
The employee of the vintage clothes shop said “The one-piece dress you bought is the dress a signorina of a impoverished aristocrat who prospered formerly in a neighboring country named Gwent wore habitually”
Tristan asked “What happened to the signorina?”
The employee of the vintage clothes shop said “One day she became missing on reaching”
“Her parents spent private property and searched for her, but they could not find her”
“And her parents went bankrupt for it, and they died of anxiety”
“There is not a person who knows her whereabouts yet”
Tristan asked “What should I to do?”
The employee of the vintage clothes shop said “I will check it about her”
“Beyond the border which is 2 kilometer ahead of here, go to the deserted house which is near it”
Tristan said “Ok”
He went to the residence of a missing signorina.
He who has arrived at a residence found a silhouette in back woods in a residence, and he ran up to the silhouette.
Then Karen lost consciousness and fell there.
And a skeletonized corpse lay down on her side.
He woke her up, then she was surprised at a corpse on her side, and she clung to him.
But when she heard a detailed account from him, she dressed a corpse with a one-piece dress.
And they buried signorina’s corpse politely.
The flowers bloomed around them suddenly.
A signorina seemed to thank them for that.

The application

There was a prestigious university named University of Avfeld which produced many celebrities in a port town named Avfeld.
A second year student named Simon lived in a dormitory on campus there.
The strange rumor that if the application which has reached suddenly from the friend is downloaded and that is opened, the woman appears suddenly in a screen of a cellular phone, and the person who saw the woman dies a tragic death within several days spread at a university.
But he did not believe the rumor at all.
One day when he had lunch at a restaurant with his senior named Theodore at the university who lives in the dormitory and left of the restaurant, an outer wall of the building hit directly in Theodore, and Theodore died.
The two days later, he attended the funeral of Theodore with his friends named Paul and Edward who lives in the dormitory who got along well with Theodore, with his girlfriend named Jane.
Death of Theodore was reported as an error of a proprietary company in a building.
They who have finished making a call of condolence have begun to talk at a parking lot.
Edward said “When I downloaded and opened the application sent from Theodore, a creepy woman appeared suddenly in a screen of my cellular phone”
Simon asked “When has the application been sent?”
Edward said “It is noon on two days before”
Simon said “He was here with me at that time, but he did not touch his cellular phone”
Paul asked “Who sent the application to Ed?”
Simon said “Cracker or Ghost”
Jane said “Stop the talk about this topic”
Edward asked “I think we should not stand here talking, so will you go to my favorite coffee shop?”
They said “Ok”
Then when they drove the respective cars and went out of the parking lot, a great deal of earth and sand flowed from a load-carrying platform in a track in front in Edward, and he was being buried alive.
And they dug earth and sand by their bare hands and drew Edward buried in earth and sand out from a car of Edward.
Edward drawn out from his car had smothered.
Jane screamed.
Simon hugged her gently.
A cellular phone of Paul rang suddenly.
They explained circumstances to the police from which they came as the first finder.
When Paul which has finished explaining circumstances to the police saw his cellular phone he noticed the application named Cynthia’s room having been sent from Edward who passed away in front of them.
And he thought doubtfully, but downloaded the application.
Paul said “I noticed a short while ago that application was being sent to my cellular phone from Edward”
Simon said “Do not open it!”
But Paul opened the application.
Then the screen of his cellular phone became utterly dark suddenly.
The woman with a pale face who put on a white dress who floats weird smile appeared, and disappeared into the moment screen.
And when Paul and Simon looked back somehow, the woman floated weird smile at their back.
They saw the woman and stood in the place by surprise and fear.
Jane asked “What happened?”
Paul pointed to a woman and asked “Do not you see that woman?”
The woman looked at them and disappeared.
Jane said “Please stop a strange joke”
Simon said “It is not joke”
“I think that Paul has opened the application about which Ed was taking”
Jane asked “Eh?”
Simon said “I think that we opened application of a curse”
Paul asked “Do we die?”
Simon said “We curse and would be killed by Cynthia”
Paul said “I do not want to die yet”
Jane asked “Is she a ghost?”
Paul said “Maybe”
Simon said “the information about her is needed to release a curse”
Paul asked “What will you do, Simon?”
Simon said “The application is opened and checked again”
“Please be away from me a little, Jane”
When Jane was away from them, he opened application.
And he noticed the old schoolhouse where a place reflected on a moment screen of the cellular phone is in the site in their university.
Paul asked “Was anything found?”
Simon said “Yes, an old schoolhouse was reflected”
Jane said “I go to an old schoolhouse too”
Simon said “You ask about a girl named Cynthia who was enrolled when an old schoolhouse was used at the student affairs section”
Jane said “Ok”
Jane went to the student affairs section, and Simon  and Paul went to an old schoolhouse.
Jane who has arrived at the student affairs section asked the student affairs section staff about Cynthia.
The student affairs section staff said “The girl named Cynthia Spade lost contact at an old schoolhouse ten years ago was written on the record”
“But the rumor that she was killed was diffused all too soon, and a university side rubbed the rumor that a girl was killed out”
Jane asked “Was not she found?”
The student affairs section staff said “The chief director refused, so it is not done”
Jane said “Thank you” and went out of the student affairs section, then she called Simon.
When  Simon arrived at an old schoolhouse with Paul, Simon got the telephone from Jane.
Jane said “Her name is Cynthia Spade”
“She loses contact at an old schoolhouse ten years before, and the corpse isn’t found”
“I think that a university side concealed her disappearance”
Simon said “Thank you, we go to find her”
Jane said “Be careful”
Simon which has disconnected the telephone entered an old schoolhouse with Paul and looked for Cynthia.
They spent and checked it from the first floor of the old schoolhouse to the third floor for one hour and a half, but nothing was found.
Paul asked “Will you check the first floor again?”
Simon said “Ok”
When they were checking the first floor again, they found stairs which lead to underground.
And they came down to underground, but a door under the stairs was locked.
Simon banged into a locked door.
Paul who saw that banged into a door with him, then a door opened.
The skeleton corpse in a white dress lay down on a floor.
And he carried a skeleton corpse with Paul from a basement and held a service.
He checked Cynthia’s mortal truth, then it was revealed that the chief director’s daughter named Pamela Gibson and congressman named Kenneth Ford of a university participate in that.
He reported that to police, then the chief director of the university, Pamela and Kenneth were arrested by the police.
And their curse was released.

The letter

There was a town named Welvant where many universities exist. A boy named Aaron has moved to an apartment near the university to attend a university named University of Welvant in the town. A letter was put in a mailbox in his room on the day when he has moved to an apartment. <I am Mary in the next room. Please be nice to each other.> was written on the letter. When he had move, he came across the girl who lives next to his room, and he thought the girl delivered a letter. And when he went out of the room in the next morning for him, she had just gone out of the room too. Aaron pointed to his room and said “I am Aaron which has moved to a room there” “Are you Mary?” The girl said “I am Nadia” “Your room had a story behind it” Aaron asked “Eh?” Nadia said “Be careful” and went away hastily. He has gone out to shopping. He who went home found a letter in a mailbox. <What did you buy? From Mary> was written on the letter. Aaron said “Who is Mary?” “Though my room is a corner room, where is her room?”, then he heard the sound by which a letter was put in a mailbox. <Thank you for calling my name. My room is your next. From Mary> was written on the letter. He went out of his room, but there was no one. He closed a door of his room, then a letter was put in a mailbox. Then a letter was put in a mailbox. <I am here. From Mary> was written on the letter. But he found a door near the door of his room. When he opened the door, a lukewarm wind blew through from the other side of the door. And he set foot on the other side of the door cautiously, then a door closed suddenly. The girl with a baked and addicted face appeared. The girl said “I am Mary. Thank you for coming” Aaron said “Please take me out from here” Mary said “Be my friend” and has approached him. And he was shut in her room. Mary was the girl burned to death by the fire which occurred before about 50 years in his apartment. There was a rumor that she seems to have been confined to a room.

The Cannibal

There was a quiet village named Pheynes in the foot of Mount Dwein. The boy named Gustav moved in to the village with his parents on account of the work of his father. He could make a friend immediately in the high school where he changed school and spent it happily every day. He got along well with the hoody boy named Edgar famous at school and the girl named Bridget of the bright person most in a class and the boy named Dwight who excels in all sports, and is popular regardless of man and woman and a younger sister named Susan of Dwight in particular. One day they went on a hike to Mount Dwein by a suggestion of Susan. And they discovered some kind of facilities which became the ruins in the halfway up a mountain area of the mountain. Gustav asked “What are those facilities?” Dwight said “I do not know about those facilities” Bridget said “It is creepy here” “Let’s return!” Edgar said “I will enter!” Dwight said “Wait Ed!” But Edgar went into the facilities. And they entered facilities in pursuit of Edgar. When they who caught up with Edgar advanced to the depths of the facilities with Edgar, there were many cages before them, and several skeletons lay in each cage. Bridget screamed because of too much fear. Gustav asked “Are these human beings?” Dwight said “Perhaps” They realized that a non-humanitarian experiment had been ever conducted there. They had a feeling that they heard the voice of the dim person from the cage in the depths. And they went toward the cage in the depths, then there was the boy who crouched down by the corner of the cage there. Gustav asked “Does he really live?” Susan said “He still lives” Bridget asked “Are you ok?” The boy did not answer. Susan said “Looking for the key to cage!” Dwight said “Sorry” Edgar said “Do not apologize” and looked for the key to cage. Bridget found the bunch of the key used on the wall and opened a cage with the key. When she was in the cage, she noticed that the floor of the cage was dyed with dry blood and she screamed. Bridget said “A floor is bloody!” Gustav cried “Go out of there early!”and got her ability and took you out from a cage. Susan said “I help him” and was in the cage. Edgar which worried about her was in the cage. Edgar said “You have me here Susie!” He clapped the shoulder of the boy lightly and said “You are free”, then the boy bit his scruff suddenly. Blood dripped from his scruff. Gustav took out Susan which stood petrified for fear from a cage. Dwight said “Escape from here early with Susie and Bridy” was in the cage to help Edgar. Susan cried “Dwight!” Dwight separated Edgar from a boy, but Edgar seemed to cease to breathe at any moment. Gustav was going to leave the facilities with Bridget and Susan, but Susan ran toward the cage which needed Edgar and Dwight suddenly. Gustav said “You call for help Bridy” Bridget descended a mountain alone and went to get help. And Gustav hurried toward the cage in pursuit of Susan. Dwight said “Get a hold your self Ed!” Susan knew that Edgar liked her when she arrived front of the cage. Edgar said “Because I cannot move anymore, escape only in you” “I regret that I cannot protect Susie all the time” Dwight said “Do not say such a thing, and live!” “You live, and confess it to Susie!” Susan said “I love you too Ed” When Dwight dragged Edgar  to out of a cage, Gustav said “Escape!” The boy coveted a body of Dwight and ate it. Gustav dragged a body of Edgar to out of a cage to see a chance. Gustav grasped the cosh which rolled near, and he stole up a boy slowly. But the boy noticed him and attacked him. He fought back with a cosh. After a battle, he was made to be wounded severely by a boy, but the boy fell down. And the boy did not move. Gustav dragged a body of Dwight to outside of the cage and locked the cage immediately. Because Dwight suffered a fatal injury, he died but Edgar escaped death somehow by the emergency services which Bridget caused. Edgar and Susan got married after graduation in a high school. And Gustav and Bridget also got married in the next year.

The hypnotic musical box

There was the boy named Damian in the calm country town named Raumont. He had hearing impairment naturally, but was playing actively with children in neighborhood. One day the itinerant entertainer came to Raumont. And the itinerant entertainer was manipulating a marionette and did marionette show in the public square of the town, then residents in the town gathered. He watched the marionette show of the itinerant entertainer with his friends The residents of Raumont were gentle, but a quarrel occurred at the various locations of the town at night of that day. But only Damian was as usual. A quarrel was continuing and was being escalated every night. And the residents have begun to scuffle. The daytime was gentle, but residents in the town became violent at night. Damian which thought doubtfully in residents becoming violent has begun to check the cause. And he saw the figure of the itinerant entertainer playing a melody from a big musical box. He thought that residents in the town became violent because of a melody of a musical box. He stole into a shed of the itinerant entertainer in order to destroy a musical box for him to return residents in the town in the previous state. But he was found by an itinerant entertainer and his body was tied by a rope, and was shut in a basement. He cut a rope using a stone which was at his feet and escaped from a basement, then he moved inside the shed and destroyed a musical box so as not to be found by the itinerant entertainer The itinerant entertainer who saw a broken musical box was disappearing into somewhere unsteadily. Calm like former days has returned to Raumont by breaking the musical box.

The puppeteer

There was Landor doll shop in the main thoroughfare of the town named Fols. The late storekeeper named Fabian of the doll shop was a doll craftsman with the superior technique, but he did not accept a technique of his son named Graham. And Fabian died 3 years ago and Graham became heir storekeeper and he was alone and managed it. There was the person to talk about Graham killed Fabian. And there was the person who was missing in the town of Fols and the neighborhood immediately after Fabian died. People who became missing were killed by Graham, and they were hung like a marionette in the basement of the doll shop and Fabian also was hung like a marionette near people. He went to the basement occasionally, and looked at the corpse which were hung like a marionette and he had an inappropriate smile. And he burnt the corpse which decayed in an incinerator behind the doll shop at midnight. When it was the night of the full moon, Graham killed several people, and he dragged a corpse while avoiding the public eye and carried it in the basement of the doll shop and did a corpse for a marionette. One day he went to the bookstore which opened is across the main throughfare of Fols from his doll shop, and he fell in love with the beautiful woman storekeeper named Monica of the bookstore at first sight and always saw states of her bookstore from his doll shop. He made up his mind and invited Monica to a meal. Graham asked “Would you eat dinner with me?” Monica said “Ok” and they ate dinner at the restaurant. Then they have begun to dating. When he was the night of the full moon even after beginning to dating with Monica, he killed several people. Monica which thought of his action questioningly for a long time and, when she looks in his doll shop from the window of the second-floor bedroom of her bookstore at the night of a certain full moon, she looked at him who went out to avoid the public eye. And she began his chase but, lost sight of him immediately. When she wandered looking for his figure, she saw he stole up one woman from the rear, and he strangled a woman to death by the rope which he pocketed of his coat. He who noticed her and walked to her slowly. Graham said “I did not want to be known to you” When he was going to tighten her neck with a rope, she stuck his chest with the knife which she carried for self-protection and he died. When, after his death, the police entered his doll shop, the police detected the innumerable corpses which were able to hang like a marionette  in a basement of his doll shop.

The necrophilia

There was the port town named Wythmelk where a lot of various sea foods were unloaded The girl named Carla who lost mother early, and was a motherless family moved in to the town on account of the work of her father who worked in a food processing company. When she carried baggage to the house with her father, and they put it, an old woman came over to her. Carla asked “Who is this?” The old woman said “Monique where I live in the neighboring house” Monique asked “Do you know the case to be taking place around this town?” Carla asked “What kind of case is it?” Monique said “It is the disappearance case of the girl” Carla asked “Is it true?” Monique said “Yes, it is frequent from three years” Carla asked “Is there the person who came home?” Monique said “No, take care” Carla said “Thank you for being able to tell me it” And because Monique went home, she carried baggage to the house again and put it. When she made friends with the classmate of the high school of the transfer and got a boyfriend named Eliot, and she forgot to have been said in Monique, an announcement to tell about a thing when a girl disappearance case occurred again sounded through the downtown. According to the announcement, the girl who disappeared was one of the friends of Carla. Eliot which worried about her commuted to and from the high school with her every day from the day. And she who came home told it to her father. Her farther said “I am not left this town on account of the work, but you go out of this town” Carla said “I stay in this town with daddy” Her farther “Ok, but be careful” Carla said “Of course” One day there was one cafe there when she went to the hill which could look around the town. When she entered the cafe, a storekeeper sat on the counter and drank beer. And she took her place at the table and ordered coffee. Then when she looked around casually, the customer was only her in a shop and she noticed that there was the door which gave off a strange atmosphere in the depths of the counter. hen she felt fear, and coffee was carried, she drank it up immediately and was going to go out of the shop. But she lost mind suddenly and fell down. And she was carried in a dusky basement by the man of the storekeeper, and handcuffs were worn, and she could be connected with a fixed firm chair, and packing tape was put on the mouth. When she regained consciousness, she looked at the big freezer of her front, and the floor was dark red, and was dyed on the left side, and the body was in agony with fear. The corpse of her friend who disappeared on her right side lay. The man cut the corpse of her friend in front of her and has begun to eat. When she shed tears in fear, she heard a voice of Eliot which called her name from somewhere. Eliot where she saw the figure which went to the hill alone worried about her, and he ran after her and did it to a cafe. She made a sound by her feet desperately to have her existence notice Eliot. Eliot which noticed a sound went down the stairs and came over. Eliot asked “Are you ok, Carla?” Then the man who emerged from his rear suddenly struck him. He counterattacked a man while staggering and knocked down a man. They appeared from a cafe immediately and called the police. According to the investigation by police, the man was a manager named Cedric of the common cafe until three years ago, after having spent a few days with the corpse of his wife who became dead three years ago, as for him, he ate the corpse of his wife. And he abducted the woman similar to his wife and killed it, and he ate it after having spent a few days with the corpse.