The letter

There was a town named Welvant where many universities exist. A boy named Aaron has moved to an apartment near the university to attend a university named University of Welvant in the town. A letter was put in a mailbox in his room on the day when he has moved to an apartment. <I am Mary in the next room. Please be nice to each other.> was written on the letter. When he had move, he came across the girl who lives next to his room, and he thought the girl delivered a letter. And when he went out of the room in the next morning for him, she had just gone out of the room too. Aaron pointed to his room and said “I am Aaron which has moved to a room there” “Are you Mary?” The girl said “I am Nadia” “Your room had a story behind it” Aaron asked “Eh?” Nadia said “Be careful” and went away hastily. He has gone out to shopping. He who went home found a letter in a mailbox. <What did you buy? From Mary> was written on the letter. Aaron said “Who is Mary?” “Though my room is a corner room, where is her room?”, then he heard the sound by which a letter was put in a mailbox. <Thank you for calling my name. My room is your next. From Mary> was written on the letter. He went out of his room, but there was no one. He closed a door of his room, then a letter was put in a mailbox. Then a letter was put in a mailbox. <I am here. From Mary> was written on the letter. But he found a door near the door of his room. When he opened the door, a lukewarm wind blew through from the other side of the door. And he set foot on the other side of the door cautiously, then a door closed suddenly. The girl with a baked and addicted face appeared. The girl said “I am Mary. Thank you for coming” Aaron said “Please take me out from here” Mary said “Be my friend” and has approached him. And he was shut in her room. Mary was the girl burned to death by the fire which occurred before about 50 years in his apartment. There was a rumor that she seems to have been confined to a room.


The miracle at the sacred night

There was the 9-year-old active girl named Rochelle who lived in the town named Rhynburg. Her mother gave birth to her and died immediately and when her father bought a present on the day before of her 1-year-old birthday and was going to come home, her father was attacked on a street by robbery and her father was carried in a hospital for serious condition in a coma and her father escaped death, but did not wake up from a coma. And because she did not have a relative, she was left it at the children’s home. She was left as an adopted daughter a half year later by Mr. and Mrs. Homer and they brought her up like a real child. One day she found one piece of photograph when she did search in the storeroom of the garret. The man who seems to be gentle embraced a baby backed by the Christmas tree near Rhynburg Cathedral appeared in the photograph. And she showed Homer married couple a photograph and asked Mr. and Mrs. Homer “Who is this?” Mrs. Homer said “I am sorry not to say to you so far” “It is your and your true father to appear in the photograph” and cried. Mr. Homer said “Your father was attacked for a case by robbery and fell into a coma” Rochelle asked “Where can I meet my true father?” Mr. Homer said “Sorry, we do not know the further thing” She rushed out of a house suddenly and went to Rhynburg Cathedral. Mrs. Homer went to Rhynburg Cathedral after her. Mrs. Homer said “Sorry” and hugged her. And they came home, but she went to Rhynburg Cathedral every day from the day. When she went to the Cathedral lonelily alone at night of Christmas that people were full of with a smile, the man who appeared in the photograph stood in the front of a Christmas tree. Rochelle cried “Daddy!” and went to him. The man asked “Are you Rochelle?” Rochelle said “Yes, I wanted to meet” and cried. The man said “You grew big” and hugged her. The man said “I woke up one week ago” and patted her head.

The puzzle

There were a girl named Angelica who lives as well as my parents in a town named Gvefort. Her father made them use a barn for an artist named Ryan who does not become popular as an atelier. And the bizarre murder case by which the part of the body is cut off occurred frequently in Gvefort after it had passed for a while. There was a person taken out blood by the bizarre murder case too. One day she who worried about a work of Ryan stole into a barn, then there were many weird works there a portrait of the girl who shudders at fear. There was a puzzle in the depth in a barn, and parts of the body of the human was put in the puzzle. When she was seeing the puzzle, a sound was heard from the entrance neighborhood. Then she was looking for the place which can be in a fluster and close, but she hid herself under the desk. Ryan came into a barn. She was holding her breath and was taking notice of the trend of Ryan. And when 30 minutes passed, he went out of the barn. She who went home spoke to her father about the thing which she saw at a barn. Angelica said “I think that Ryan concerns the murder case which occurs frequently recently” Her father said “Besides there is not such nice young person” “It was somewhat well-founded, and did you say such thing?” Angelica said “There were parts of the body of the human put in a puzzle in a barn” Her father said “If you insist, I will go to a barn, but when nothing was found, think how you do!” Angelica said “I do not have to worry about such thing!” And She entered a barn with her father. But a puzzle was missing. Her father asked “Where is the evidence that k you were talking about concerns a murder case?” “Show me that evidence early!” Ryan came into a barn suddenly. Ryan asked “What happened?” Her father said “Because Angelica was saying that there was evidence that you concern a murder case persistently, I have come to check that” Ryan said “There is no such evidence” Angelica said “I saw that evidence” Ryan asked “Is it what kind of evidence?” He whispered “If you inquire me any more, I will kill you” in her ear. She became compliant for Ryan. But she often visited to a barn, and a hiding room in the barn and found a room. There were a puzzle in which parts of the body of the human was put and many parts of the body of before the human put in a puzzle there. She chose the time when Ryan is leaving a barn, and she threw a smoke bomb into a barn. The people who thought smoke of a smoke bomb was a fire gathered in a barn to put out the fire, and existence in the hiding room and the murder Ryan violated so far were exposed. He was arrested as a cerial killer, but the puzzle by which he put parts of the body of the human in and made was exhibited in an art museum.

The hole

There was a famous town named Revynth as an industrial city. A boy named Jared lived with his parents at a company house of the major electric machinery equipment manufacturing companies named Belz for which his father works. One day a big hole appeared in a sudden Revynth. And since that, resident’s much in the town be missing. His mother was missing too. Suddenly, a dwarf appeared in front of Jared. Jared asked “Who are you?” The dwarf said “I am Dorin” “We are the clan confined to the depths of the earth the time of the antiquity” “And we find freedom, and we have dug a hole and have appeared in the ground” Jared asked “Do you concern that a resident in the town becomes missing?” Dorin said “The persons seem to take him somewhere and leave by the tribe who hates a resident on the ground” Jared asked “Is it known where the persons who became missing brought you?” Dorin said “Perhaps our town” Jared said “Please bring me to your town” He followed after Dorin and entered a hole. He nearly fell down many times because it was a dim place under the hole. Dorin said “Please be caught by my body until we go out to a light place” He grasped left arm of Dorin and walked a dim place. When it has passed for a while, they have gone out to a light place. The residents in the town who became missing stuck to a cave with an iron grille. He got cooperation of Dorin, and he set residents in the town released from a cave with an iron grille. Then dwarves who noticed that have run after them. Dorin said “I will return” “Block a hole up early!” Residents of him and a seized town blocked a hole up together. Calm has returned to a town.

The reserved table

There was a three-star French restaurant in a long-established store beyond foundation for 150 years in a town. One day the boy named Ewan who got a job in the restaurant has begun to work as a hall staff. He was wondering that a plate of a reserved table was always put on the table with a nice view by the window, but he did not hold at intention in particular. A plate of a reserved table was put at even the time of congestion at the restaurant. The customer pointed to the table by the window where a plate of a reserved table is put and said “Let me take that table” He lost the pressure of the customer and directed to a reserved table by the window and he took a plate of a reserved table. His superior who noticed a customer sitting down on a reserved table by the window called him. His superior asked “Did you direct a customer to a reserved table by the window?” Ewan said “I lose the pressure of the customer and have directed to a reserved table by the window” His superior said “Because that table by the window had a story behind it, a plate of a reserved table is put all the while” “Do not you know it?” Ewan said “I am sorry. I did not know it” “Tell me about that” His superior said “That reserved table by the window is cursed, and many people who sat down there so far have died a doubtful death” “How should I do?” His superior said “Direct that customer to a different table” “Do not say details to the customer” He went to a table by the window. Ewan pointed to other table and said “There is a problem with this table a little, and could you move to that table?” The customer asked “What is that problem?” Ewan said “I am sorry, I do not know about that” The customer said “Well, I do not have intention which changes tables” And he told his superior that a customer refused the change of the tables. His superior said “If the customer cannot change tables, you wait on customers as ever” Ewan said “Ok” He wait on customers for the customer who has sat at a table by the window. When the customer finishes a meal and goes out of the restaurant, an intense clash affected the circumference. He which was told check around the restaurant from his superior and he checked, then He was told to check the outside state by his superior and when he goes around the restaurant, the customer who sat down on a reserved table by the window was overridden by a car and lay down on a road. He thought a customer passed away because he attended a reserved table by the window the way. When he seems depressed and returns to a restaurant, his superior asked “Was there something for the customer who sat down on a reserved seat by the window?” Ewan said “The customer who sat down on a reserved table by the window was overridden by a car and was dead” His superior said “It is not your responsibility that a customer passed away” “Do not worry!” Ewan said “I cannot help worrying about it” His superior said “Well, if you get the permission of an owner, look for a solution curse way of a curse of a reserved table by the window” An owner permitted that and he checked the oldest event and accident which have occurred at a restaurant vicinity. He found out that the man who had made a reservation at a restaurant died of an accident before about 80 years at a restaurant vicinity. He who thought there was a man who passed away before about 80 years in a reserved table by the window at the restaurant checked a reservation table at the restaurant 80 years ago, and he found out that the name of the man was Hugo. When he who thought Hugo was waiting for someone by a reserved table by the window checks it about Hugo on the Internet, he knew existence of a fiance named Hanna of Hugo. And he found a granddaughter named Habiba of Hanna and made a contact to her. Then Habiba came to a restaurant. She sat down on a reserved table by the window personally. Then a man appeared across her suddenly. The man said “I was waiting for you, Hanna” Habiba asked “Are you Hugo?” The man said “Yes” Habiba said “I am a granddaughter of Hanna” Hugo said “I see” Habiba said “I have heard a memory with you from Hanna grandma” Hugo said “I am glad that I met you” and became a particle of light, and disappeared.

The six realms

One day the balance of the six realms collapsed, the hole connected to the six realms except the Human realm in each place of the area named Kinki area in Japan was opened. A hole connected to the Naraka realm in Shiga opened, and a hole connected to the Preta realm in Wakayama opened, and a hole connected to the Animal realm in Nara opened, and a hole connected to the Asura realm in Hyogo opened, and a hole connected to the Deva realm in Kyoto opened, but in Osaka, a hole connected to other realm alone in Kinki area did not open. In Shiga, people who committed evildoing during the lifetime in the Human realm, and were given a penalty by the ogre of each prison guard after death in the Eight Greater Hells of the Naraka realm appeared through a hole. Ogres of the prison guard appeared in Shiga in pursuit of them who fell into the Naraka realm through a hole, but were not able to arrest them who were scattered to the various places. And people who fell into the Naraka realm committed an evil deed in each place of Shiga. In Wakayama, people who were jealous for avarice, and were narrow-minded, and did a greedy act, and had a greedy heart transmigrated as a starving ghost which did the figure of the ogre who did the stomach which swelled out in the Preta realm, and they who suffered from starvation and thirst consistently appeared through a hole. Starving ghosts who appeared in Wakayama through a hole snatched food, a noble metal, accessories from inhabitants. In Nara, people who transmigrated to the animate beings including the birds and beasts insect and fish except the human being injuring it without the distinction of parents brothers each other that obstinacy gave life only to an appetite, sexual desire, greed for sleep on instinct posthumously in the Animal realm, and appeared through a hole and they attacked inhabitants in each place of Nara. In Hyogo, people who could not control anger during the lifetime, and caused a fight frequently and were transferred to the Asura realm after death, and repeated a fight appeared through a hole and they caused a fight in each place of Hyogo. In Kyoto, people who acquired virtue during the lifetime, and transmigrated after death as a heavenly being in the Deva realm sensed an abnormal situation of the six realms and appeared through a hole. And when they finished reconnaissance in Kyoto, they were scattered in Shiga, Hyogo, Osaka, Nara, Wakayama and went for reconnaissance. Heavenly beings which flew to Shiga witnessed the scene which struggles so that criminals which appeared from Naraka realm through a hole commits an evil deed in each place and ogres of the prison guard catch them, and they came back to Kyoto once to work out a strategy.  Heavenly beings which flew to Hyogo witnessed the scene where people who appeared from the Asura realm through a hole raised a fight in each place, and they came back to Kyoto once to work out a strategy. Heavenly beings which flew to Wakayama witnessed the scene which starving ghosts which appeared from the Preta realm through a hole coveted various things and ate, and they came back to Kyoto once to work out a strategy. Heavenly beings which flew to Nara witnessed the scene where the birds and beasts insect and fish except the human being who appeared from the Animal realm through a hole attacked people in each place, and they came back to Kyoto once to work out a strategy. Heavenly beings which flew to Osaka saw the figure of the people who sent peaceful daily life and they came back to Kyoto once to work out a strategy. And heavenly beings which returned from Shiga, Nara, Osaka,Wakayama, Hyogo conveyed the fact that they saw and heard to an elder of the heavenly being. The elder of the heavenly being directed them let found out five mediums who were strong in spiritual power in Osaka and does sacred dance in front of each hole. When they found a strong medium of the spiritual power, they let mediums wait in the safe place near the hole of each place, and they drove people who appeared from the hole to the hole . And they granted one patterns based on the accessories and jewels of ancient Indian aristocracy to mediums and took it to in front of each hole. When heavenly beings left, mediums have begun to sacred dance. Then Their spiritual power that patterns based on the accessories and jewels of ancient Indian aristocracy let amplify it blockaded a hole by sacred dance at the same time. Peaceful daily life returned to Kinki area. And they handed down a method to blockade a hole to their children from generation to generation.

The psychometrist

The boy named Samuel lived with his father in the tourist city named Curysfeld where nature was left everywhere. His mother had the ability named psychometry that could see its memory just to touch a thing and the person, but a body was weak at all, and she died at the same time as he was born. And He inherited ability of his mother. He did not have the memory with his mother, but he saw a figure of his mother by the ability that inherited from his mother objectively and was brought up. He was said “Do not use the ability of psychometry in public!”, but he often used the ability of psychometry for his father in a secret. One day a strange man handed him a cake when he went to the school. The strange man handed a cake to children whom there was near him and went to somewhere. Because he saw the scene where a man poured poison into the cake by ability of psychometry, he said to children who were around. Samuel cried “Because the cake is poisoned cake, do not eat!” However, most children ate a cake without listening to his words. And children who ate a cake have begun to suffer immediately. Children were carried to the hospital by an ambulance, but all the members died without being in time. Detective Chief Inspector Warwick came him to hear circumstances Detective Chief Inspector Warwick said “If any you including the characteristic of the strange man have noticed, talk to me it” Samuel said “I had ability of psychometry, and the scene where the man poured poison into a cake when I touched the man was seen” Detective Chief Inspector Warwick did not believe his words, but he touched various things and guessed all the owner of the thing right first. Detective Chief Inspector Warwick was half in doubt, but went to the hiding place of the man whom he looked at with several police, then there was the man who mixed some kind of medicines there. Detective Chief Inspector Warwick stepped into the hiding place of the man and restricted a man. And Detective Chief Inspector Warwick believed him and he was invited to Detective Chief Inspector Warwick who liked ability of psychometry that he had and has begun to work as an assistant of the police. One day he touched it because there was a lighter in the edge of bench of the park where he sat, then he looked at the scene where plural men planned to attack a patrol wagon when the executive named Jeremy Dawson of International terrorist organization Grendel was transferred to the court by a patrol wagon. And he told all the details to Detective Chief Inspector Warwick. Detective Chief Inspector Warwick had the crime laboratory collate the fingerprint of the ex-convict and the fingerprint which a lighter had. The report that it fitted a fingerprint of Gordon Chapma of International terrorist organization Grendel came from the crime laboratory. Samuel sneaked into the apartment where Gordon hid with Detective Chief Inspector Warwick. When he touched the wall of the room, he knew the surprise attack point of the patrol wagon which Gordon planned. Detective Chief Inspector Warwick let an empty patrol wagon go to the court on the day when a trial of Jeremy Dawson was held, and he posted Special Forces in the surprise attack point neighborhood of the patrol wagon. The Special Forces arrested men after they developed gun battle with masked men who were going to attack a patrol wagon. Gordon said “Great disaster occurs somewhere in this town” while having an inappropriate smile in a restricted state. Detective Chief Inspector Warwick asked “What do you mean?” Gordon said “Great disaster happens when you do not make it early!” Detective Chief Inspector Warwick took Gordon and masked men to the police station and he let take off the thing which Gordon wore and let it touch Samuel which waited in another room. Then Samuel understood that Gordon stimulated a patrol wagon surprise attack plan and a blast plan of the subway at the same time. He conveyed the characteristic of the vehicle of the subway which a bomb was attached to to a police inspector, and they went to the station where the vehicle which a bomb was attached to with bomb squad stopped at. And they succeeded in the cancellation of the bomb safely. The case was settled safely.

Mind shuffle

The girl named Leilani who understands a word of an animal lived in a town. She had the ability to understand a word of an animal naturally and often talked with animals, so villagers called her a witch and looked down upon. But she did not quail at treatment of villagers for her and lived there. On day she found the puppy named  Titus which is being spited by a boy and is suffering, and she held Titus in her arms gently and said “Do not spite!” and touched a head of the boy gently. Then a mind of a puppy and a mind of a boy were shuffled. The boy surveyed his whole body and said “I tunred to a man” Leilani asked “Are you Titus?” The boy said “I will not be Titus any more” “Thank you so far, Leilani” and went to somewhere. Leilani asked “Will you go out of the village with me?” Titus said “I would have no options” They have gone out of the village. And she who has gone out of the village has begun to work as a trimmer at a pet salon in the town named Grefel. Titus became a mascot dog in the salon. She heard voice of the pets which visited in her salon everyday. She touched the pets oppressed by their owner and their owners, she shuffled each minds.

The Cannibal

There was a quiet village named Pheynes in the foot of Mount Dwein. The boy named Gustav moved in to the village with his parents on account of the work of his father. He could make a friend immediately in the high school where he changed school and spent it happily every day. He got along well with the hoody boy named Edgar famous at school and the girl named Bridget of the bright person most in a class and the boy named Dwight who excels in all sports, and is popular regardless of man and woman and a younger sister named Susan of Dwight in particular. One day they went on a hike to Mount Dwein by a suggestion of Susan. And they discovered some kind of facilities which became the ruins in the halfway up a mountain area of the mountain. Gustav asked “What are those facilities?” Dwight said “I do not know about those facilities” Bridget said “It is creepy here” “Let’s return!” Edgar said “I will enter!” Dwight said “Wait Ed!” But Edgar went into the facilities. And they entered facilities in pursuit of Edgar. When they who caught up with Edgar advanced to the depths of the facilities with Edgar, there were many cages before them, and several skeletons lay in each cage. Bridget screamed because of too much fear. Gustav asked “Are these human beings?” Dwight said “Perhaps” They realized that a non-humanitarian experiment had been ever conducted there. They had a feeling that they heard the voice of the dim person from the cage in the depths. And they went toward the cage in the depths, then there was the boy who crouched down by the corner of the cage there. Gustav asked “Does he really live?” Susan said “He still lives” Bridget asked “Are you ok?” The boy did not answer. Susan said “Looking for the key to cage!” Dwight said “Sorry” Edgar said “Do not apologize” and looked for the key to cage. Bridget found the bunch of the key used on the wall and opened a cage with the key. When she was in the cage, she noticed that the floor of the cage was dyed with dry blood and she screamed. Bridget said “A floor is bloody!” Gustav cried “Go out of there early!”and got her ability and took you out from a cage. Susan said “I help him” and was in the cage. Edgar which worried about her was in the cage. Edgar said “You have me here Susie!” He clapped the shoulder of the boy lightly and said “You are free”, then the boy bit his scruff suddenly. Blood dripped from his scruff. Gustav took out Susan which stood petrified for fear from a cage. Dwight said “Escape from here early with Susie and Bridy” was in the cage to help Edgar. Susan cried “Dwight!” Dwight separated Edgar from a boy, but Edgar seemed to cease to breathe at any moment. Gustav was going to leave the facilities with Bridget and Susan, but Susan ran toward the cage which needed Edgar and Dwight suddenly. Gustav said “You call for help Bridy” Bridget descended a mountain alone and went to get help. And Gustav hurried toward the cage in pursuit of Susan. Dwight said “Get a hold your self Ed!” Susan knew that Edgar liked her when she arrived front of the cage. Edgar said “Because I cannot move anymore, escape only in you” “I regret that I cannot protect Susie all the time” Dwight said “Do not say such a thing, and live!” “You live, and confess it to Susie!” Susan said “I love you too Ed” When Dwight dragged Edgar  to out of a cage, Gustav said “Escape!” The boy coveted a body of Dwight and ate it. Gustav dragged a body of Edgar to out of a cage to see a chance. Gustav grasped the cosh which rolled near, and he stole up a boy slowly. But the boy noticed him and attacked him. He fought back with a cosh. After a battle, he was made to be wounded severely by a boy, but the boy fell down. And the boy did not move. Gustav dragged a body of Dwight to outside of the cage and locked the cage immediately. Because Dwight suffered a fatal injury, he died but Edgar escaped death somehow by the emergency services which Bridget caused. Edgar and Susan got married after graduation in a high school. And Gustav and Bridget also got married in the next year.

The spirited off

There was a village named Granpton with the high birthrate of the twin. But one of a pair of twins who turned 10 years old was spirited off at the village. There were very close twin siblings named Sinclair and Randy who are impatient for their birthday of 10 years old of the next month in the village. They often went to a forest in the outskirts in a village and were playing there. One day when they had their birthday of 10 years old, their parents forbade their going out so that they were not spirited off. But they who wanted to play outside have avoided eyes of their parents and left the house and went to the forest. When they are playing at a forest like usual, the bear which does the movement which clowned appeared in front of Sinclair. She ran after the bear which was being in the bush, and entered a bush, then the children who were spirited off had with the animals which walk with two legs in the inside in a bush. Sinclair asked “Where am I?” The bear after which she went said “Here is the secret land” Sinclair asked “Who are you?” The bear said “I am Malcolm” “We are different from the animal you know in the race named Anifolada a little, and we are near human relatively” Sinclair asked “Why are 10-year-old children here?” Malcolm said “We did not kidnap them, but they stray into here like you and are enjoying a life here” Sinclair asked “How can I go out of here?” Malcolm said “Call one of a pair of your twins hard in your mind” She called Randy in her mind though she thought doubtfully. When she lost consciousness and fell, she shook a body and was woken up. Then Randy which calls her name was in front of her. And the children which were spirited off were near her. She explained circumstances to Randy, then they often went to a forest to offer a snack.