The singing voice of an angel

There was a female university student named Sanne with clean singing voice who attends the university in the outskirts in a quiet residential area named Blonkt.
One day when she is hurrying the way home from a university, she loaded the throat with a serious injury by a man of her classmate who was running after her for a long time for her.
And it became clear that the girl who was being on good terms with her and was doing by deposition of the man who attacked arrested her envied her and made a man attack her.
Therefore she lost voice by the injury.
She came to absent herself from a university and shut herself off in her house.
The boy named Thor of her childhood friend who attends the same university as her who worried about her came to visit her house.
Thor asked “Will you go to shopping with me?”
She drove a pen on the note book while having a complaining look.
<I do not want to go out> was written on a note book.
Thor said “I want you to choose a present for my younger sister”
Then she drove a pen on a note book again.
<It cannot be helped> was written on the note book.
And they went to a shopping mall together.
When they finished shopping, and they were walking the outskirts at a shopping mall, she stopped in front of one variety store..
Thor asked “Will you enter the store?”
They entered a chandler and while she was seeing displayed goods one by one, he bought a choker by which angel’s picture was drawn
When they left the store, he gave her the choker.
Sanne wrote <Why do you give me the gift?> on a note book.
Thor said “Because you have come to the shopping together, I give you this”
Sanne wrote <Thank you> on a notebook and showed that to him.
And she wore the choker in her neck, and felt happy.
Then her voice has gone out faintly.
She has begun to sing, because she was happy that her voice has gone out.
The beginning was faint singing voice, but that was clear and changed to very beautiful singing voice gradually.
He was surprised at her singing voice and stood for a while.
Thor said “Your voice has come back, Sanne”
She was happy and did not notice her voice having come back until it was talked by him.
And she hugged him.
Her singing voice gathered people’s attention gradually, and she became a celebrity.
Everyone became gentle for the person who heard her singing voice.


The matching site

There was a lady named Eliza Wellington working as a 25-year-old elementary school teacher at a small town named Bolm.
The murder case of the brown-haired and longhaired young lady occurred in plenty at the town where she lives and around the town.
But she thought of the news only like a fire on the opposite shore.
She registered with the site urged to her friend before.
Then she has received a message from the man who will introduce himself as Brandon Casey.
[Nice to meet you.
My name is Brandon Casey and am 26 years old.
And I am a architect.
I saw your profile and held interest, and I sent you this message.] was written on the message.
And she sent a reply to Brandon, and they have begun to exchange a message.
When she has begun to have a liking for him, she got the message that [Will you meet me?] was written from him.
She sent him the message that [Your proposal is wonderful, but where do we meet?]  was written.
Then she got the message that [Will you meet in the front of the clock tower of Bolm?] was written from him.
She sent him the message that [Sure] was written.
She went to the clock tower of Bolm and met him.
Brandon asked “Will you go to a coffee shop?”
And they went to a coffee shop together.
When they finish ordering, Brandon said “I pay money and take coffee to a table, so you wait a moment at the table”
Eliza said “Thank you” and sat at the table.
Brandon finished a bill and received coffee from a shop assistant, then he hung several drops of liquid in the half bottle to coffee so that she did not see and handed her coffee from which he hung liquid.
When she drank several mouths of coffee, she lost consciousness.
He held her and went out of the coffee shop, then he forced her into his car he parked near the coffee shop and brought to a closed factory.
When she recovers her consciousness, she was tied to a chair by a rope at a dim factory.
He who noticed her recovering the consciousness came to her.
Brandon asked “Did you wake up?”
Eliza asked “Why did you do this?”
Brandon cried “I do not like the woman who looks like you” and grasped her hair and pulled.
Eliza cried “Help someone”
Brandon said “No one comes to the help” while laughing.
Eliza asked “What would you like to do?”
She has begun to struggle in order to remove her arms from a rope while she distracted his attention.
Brandon said “I brought here to kill you”
Eliza asked “Why me?”
Brandon said “Because you are the same brown-haired long hair as my mother”
When he got away from her, she removed her arms from a rope quickly and took a stun gun out from her bag which was at her feet.
And the moment he entered a puddle, she stuffed a stun gun into a puddle.
Then he fell.
She escaped from a closure factory and called the police.
Brandon was arrested safely and also confessed tens of cases of murder he violated in the past.

Bryffentos the town in the sky

There was a calm town named Vrengs field.
The town in the sky named Bryffenyos existed in the sky of Vrengs field from thousands of years ago.
A hard worker’s boy named Jonson and twenty families lived there.
When he is farming like usual, a girl has fallen in his field from Bryffenyos the town in the sky.
He rushed and ran up to her.
Jonson asked “Are you ok?”
She had slight injury because a crop in his field absorbed an impact of her fall, but she lost consciousness, so he shouldered her, brought her to his house and nursed.
And she recovered her consciousness as a result of his strenuous nursing.
As soon as she who has woken up saw his face, covered a blanket to her head.
Jonson said “Because I do nothing, tell me your name”
The girl said “I am Amber”
Jonson asked “You have fallen from the sky, are you a resident of Bryffenyos”
Amber said “Yes”
Jonson said “I have heard that a resident of Bryffenyos have wings, but you’re wingless, right?”
Amber said “I was a princess of Bryffenyos, but Bryffenyos was hit in destroying way by a brutal huge half man half eagle named Cheyser invasion”
“I heard that he does a slaughter and plunder at a village of the various races and he will stay until he gets tired in the land he invaded”
“When I try to open my wings and return to Bryffenyos, I was told <You are not supposed to return.
It is for Bryffenyos> by my mum”
“And I was noticed by Cheyser, then he shot my wings by a bow and arrow, and fell again”
“I lost consciousness by an impact of a fall”
Jonson asked “Can I do something?”
Amber asked “Will you fight against Cheyser with me?”
Jonson said “It is first to make a bruise of your wing completely cured”
“I do not have a weapon”
Amber said “Because the recovery of a bruise is also early, we re all right”
Jonson said “Still it is after your wound is cured to go to Bryffenyos”
Amber said “Ok”
“A sword named Draig taranau of a legend is enshrined in the basement in a palace”
“The slashing attack of the sword will be the lightning out of which the shape of the dragon was formed, and gives torpedoing”
And several days later, she who recovered from a bruise of her wings held him and flew out to Bryffenyos.
They saw a town in destroyed Bryffenyos.
Jonson asked “Where is Cheyser?”
Amber said “He is probably at the king’s room”
“If not making a noise, it is OK”
She endured a tear and guided him to the basement in a palace.
Amber poined to the sword enshrined on the altar and said “Take the sword in your hands”
“When the person who has no right to maintain a sword grasps a sword, the person dies of a shock”
Jonson said “Because I have come here, I take a sword”
He took the sword enshrined in an altar in his hand, then he felt that electricity went through his body.
Jonson said “Electricity went through a body”
“What happend?”
Amber said “You were admitted by a sword as an owner”
Jonson said “Ok”
And they went to the king’s room.
They who have arrived at king’s room saw that a huge half man half eagle sitting down on the throne, and leaned back.
Amber pointed that half man half eagle and said “He is Cheyser” by a low voice.
“Because I will be a lure, and distract his attention, you floor him at Draig taranau, please”
Jonson said “Because you are a princess, be not a lure”
Cheyser noticed then and asked “Who are you?”
And Cheyser clenched a bow and arrow and got its sights on them, and he shot an arrow for them.
When he used one sword, his slashing attack changed the form into a dragon, and that made them burn an arrow away.
And he used a sword continuously, then the body of Cheyser involved an countless dragon, and an intense shock was released.
The wings of Cheyser burned down.
Cheyser which lost power and wings was jailed, and calm has returned to Bryffenyos.
Jonson permitted to live in Bryffenyos especially by a king.
And he nurtured love with Amber and they had king’s leave and got married.

the Cave

There was a cave called the cave where a wish comes true in a calm town named Brenwal.
Many people were praying at the cave.
There was a boy named Kieran who works as a waiter at a coffee shop near the cave in the town.
He lost his parents several years ago, and he lived with his younger sister named Devlin of a university student since that.
The people who have finished praying at a cave visited his coffee shop.
Therefore he who saw many visitors to a cave thought the people who visited a cave might lose something in exchange for the respective wishes.
One day Devlin said “I go to the cave”
He opposed that, but she went to the cave.
He who worried about her shadowed her and entered the cave.
And she soaks her feet in a pond in the cave and recited a wish, then that light wrapped her body suddenly and she fell.
He rushed and ran up to her.
Kieran shook her body and asked “Are you ok Dev?”
Devlin who could open her eyes asked “Who are you?”
Kieran seemed worried and looked at her, and said “You are my younger sister”
Devlin said “I cannot believe that”
Kieran showed her the picture in which he is in with her and said “We are just the two of us family”
She turned the eye which seems doubtful to him, but they went home together.
When they arrived at their apartment, there was a boy in front of an apartment.
Devlin asked “Why are you here, Wyatt?”
Wyatt was a brilliant person and a sport was all-around, so he was a popular very much at a university.
Kieran asked “Is he your acquaintance, Dev?”
Wyatt said “I would like to meet you, and I have come here”
Kieran asked “Who are you?”
Wyatt said “I am a classmate of Dev”
“Would you go on a date with me?”
Devlin murmured “I will think that I produced the good result I am wishing at a cave right away” and smiled.
They ignored restraining of Kieran and went somewhere.
He thought the way to return Devlin to the beginning at a cave might be found, and went to the cave.
Then the devil by which facial right half and left half are different person appeared from a pond in the cave.
Kieran asked “Who are you?”
The devil said “I am Gronvel”
Kieran asked “What are you doing here?”
Gronvel said “I live here”
“And I am exchanging something they have for people’s wish equivalently”
Gronvel asked “What is your hope?”
Kieran said “I do not have wishes I want you to grant”
Gronvel said “There is not unselfish man”
“Do you have any wishes actually?”
Kieran said “I wish nothing to you”
Gronvel said “There cannot be such human”
Kieran said “The human is here”
Gronvel said “It is a lie”
Kieran said “No, It is a truth”
Then Gronvel has begun to run wild suddenly.
And he who felt danger has gone out of the cave.
A cave fell at the same time as he had gone out of the cave.
When he is interested in the state of the town and went back quickly, people in the town had returned in the previous state, and no one was besides him for the person who remembers about an affair at a cave.
And Brenwal gets quiet.


There was a dressmaking shop named Maxwell dressmaking shop a old man named Zylen managed in the town named Bryes.
His daughter and her husband died of a traffic accident, so he took charge of his three granddaughters and was bringing them up.
The three sisters are the good 7-year-old eldest daughter named Realyn of taking care of, and a little violent 5-year-old second daughter named Nadia, and the 3-year-old of youngest daughter named Layla of crybaby.
One day when Layla reached her birthday of 19 years old, Zylen has caused a heart attack and has died a sudden death.
It has passed for about three weeks since a funeral was finished, then they who cooled down a little have begun to put a momento of their grandfather in order.
Then they found a spinning wheel, a tape measure and dressmaking scissors from the lower drawer at a desk in the room of their grandfather.
And there was an envelop in the corner of the drawer.
When Realyn opened the envelope, letter paper was inside.
Nadia asked “What is written there, Rae?”
Realyn read the letter.
[When you read this letter, I  would be dead.
Three things included to draw it out with this letter has the special power respectively.
I give a spinning wheel to Layla which is a crybaby, but very kind.
I give a dressmaking scissors to a little rough but Nadia full of sense of justice.
I give a tape measure to Realyn which can pay careful attention.
These have the power with which form a connection.
Use these right!] was written on the letter.
When they took each one in their hands, each one they are having in their hand was wrapped in light light suddenly.
Nadia asked “What is this light?”
Realyn and Layla said “I do not know”
And when Layla turned a spinning wheel, though no cotton and hemp were set, thread which beams was spun.
Nadia pulled the thread, but did not break.
And she cut the thread with dressmaking scissors.
Then thread disappeared.
Realyn said “Do not play with those, Dia, Lay”
Nadia and Layla said “Sorry”
And they inherited a dressmaking shop of their grandfather, and they made the clothes which form a connection.
Then their store will be a popular shop, and a long queue has formed in front of the shop.