The elemental stones

There was the kingdom named the Kingdom of Vegrant where the digging of the jewel was prosperous.
A 15-year-old boy named Kayode lived in the village named Phelis on the back of the waterfall named Valis Falls 50 meters high and 300 meters in widthin the place approximately 800 kilometers away from the nation’s capital named Zyron with his grandparents.
When he was young, his parents were murdered by the robber who broke into his house, and thereafter he lives with his grandparents.
His grandmother talked him about a legend of Vegrant which often came from ancient time.
His grandmother said “There is the stone which can handle each element of the void, the wind, the fire, the water and the earth in this country and the person who obtained those all stones is said to be able to unify the world”
“The land where a stone disappeared is said to go to ruin in an instant”
But many people called the legend that his grandmother recited an idle talk of a old person including him.
Villagers were attacked by mysterious illness and died in sequence after one day.
His grandmother had a bad feeling and called Kayode and told him that she went to the town named Vagrabiza for him and bought medicine.
His grandfather handed a bag him and said “The necessary article is contained in the bag”
And he went from the Phelis to the 50 kilometers away Vagrabiza to save grandparents and villagers.
When he arrived at Vagrabiza for a few days and bought medicine, he heard the conversation with a peddler and the visitor whom there was near the shop where he entered.
The peddler said “The water of Valis Falls dried up, and all villagers of Phelis seemed to die by mysterious illness”
He left the shop and edged up to the peddler and asked “Is it a fact?”
The peddler said “I only heard the soldier of the kingdom forces it”
Kayode asked “The soldier of the kingdom forces is what doing there?”
The peddler said “I do not know, but a lot of soldiers of the kingdom forces went in and out of Phelis”
Kayode said “Ok”
When he is going to leave the place, soldiers of the kingdom forces seemed to be looking for something”
Kayode said “Thank you”
Kayode acted courageously, but when he went to the deserted place, he burst into tears.
When he burst into tears, the contents of the bag which he had rolled off a bag in the ground.
And an uncut stone of the sapphire of the fist size of the fist size rolled front of him.
There was a letter under the sapphire when he picked up the sapphire.
“When you read this letter, I will not be in the world.
I was the holder in an uncut stone of the sapphire which could handle water at will.
Therefore the village was annihilated by the stratagem of the person.
You have a reliable person polish an uncut stone of the sapphire.
You seem to be able to handle water more freely if you polish the sapphire.
Look for the owner of the stone which can handle power of the void, the wind, the fire and the earth.” written on the letter.
And when he picked up the contents of the bag and finished filling the bag with them, one boy who is slightly older than him appeared front of him.
The boy asked “What are you doing?”
Kayode said “Because I dropped the contents of the bag, I only picked it up”
The boy said “I have not seen your faces around here before”
“Where did you come from?”
Kayode said “I came from Phelis to save villagers having a disease”
“But, i heard that all the villagers of Phelis became dead from a peddler in this town”
The boy said “That was terrible”
“I am Gbenga of an abrasion engineer probationer of the jewels”
Kayode said “I am Kayode”
Gbenga said “I also expelled from the town where i lived in”
“Because I am the circumstance that was similar to you, if you have not place to go, come to my roost”
Kayode said “Thank you”
Gbenga said “I invited you to my roost, but come to the workshop with me because I must get its permission to my master”
Kayode said “Ok”
“What kind of person is your master?”
Gbenga said “He is strict with work in the abrasion engineers of the jewel with the abrasion technology at top of the country, but is a gentle person other than the work”
Kayode said “Ok”
And they went to the workshop of Gbenga.
When they arrive at the workshop of Gbenga, he said “Wait here” and left Kayode outside a workshop, and he went into the workshop alone.
Kayode heard a voice in a few minutes from the workshop after Gbenga went into the workshop.
The master of Gbenga asked “Where have you been all this time?”
Gbenga said “I met the boy of circumstances same as me and brought him”
The master of Gbenga asked “Where is the boy”
Gbenga said “He is outside this workshop”
“May I let the boy stay?”
The master of Gbenga said “Bring the boy here, then i begin the talk”
Gbenga said “Ok” and came back outside the workshop which Kayode waited for.
Gbenga said “Follow me”
And Kayode was in the workshop with Gbenga.
There was the man who seems to have a gentle around 40 years old there.
Kayode said “Nice to meet you”
“I am Kayode”
The master of Gbenga said “I am Emeka”
“You explain the process that arrived at this town to me”
Kayode told all the events in Phelis to Master Emeka.
Master Emeka said “Ok, lend the uncut stone of the sapphire”
Kayode handed Master Emeka an uncut stone of the sapphire.
Then Master Emeka began the abrasion of the uncut stone of the sapphire silently without saying anything.
When Master Emeka finishes abrasion of the sapphire, he said “Gbenga, bring the crystal which you own here”
Gbenga said “Ok” and went to his room.
And he came over with the crystal several minutes later.
Then the crystal of Gbenga and the sapphire of Kayode emitted the light that seemed to sympathize with each other.
Kayode asked “What is this?”
Master Emeka said “You own one of five stones controlling an element each”
Gbenga asked “Master Emeka, why did you understand it?”
Master Emeka said “I understand it if I look at the stone”
“Gbenga, tell the village where you lived in to him”
Gbenga said “The village named Borf where I lived in received the surprise attack of the soldier of the kingdom forces and became extinct.
Because I was sheltered in a basement by my parents, I was not murdered.
When I confirmed that an area became quiet, and I went out of the basement, the village became a blood bath.
I put the crystal and a little food in accord with a basement in a bag, and gave prayer to late villagers and came to this town”
“I heard the person owning this crystal handed down to my family from generation to generation can handle weather freely from my grandma”
Master Emeka said “If the element stone passes to the soldier of the kingdom forces, because Queen Chinyere rules over the world, you must find owners of the remaining elemental stone earlier than soldier of the kingdom force”
Gbenga asked “Why does Queen plan such a thing?”
Master Emeka said “I think that the man who took office as the staff officer of the kingdom newly may control Queen”
Kayode asked “Why can you assert that Queen is controlled?”
Master Emeka said “Because she is a woman gentle at heart”
Gbenga asked “What of the Queen do you know?”
Master Emeka said “I was an aide to her”
Kayode asked “Why do you who were an aide to Queen work as the abrasion engineer of the jewel?”
Gbenga said “I also want to know it”
Master Emeka said “People who did not feel relations with me and the Queen pleasant spread it around as if I really schemed assassination of the Queen.
And they brought a tool available for assassination into my room to keep reliability for the rumor.
Then i seemed to be imprisoned, but ran away from the royal palace and came to this town”
Gbenga and Kayode said “Ok”
Kayode asked “How do we find owners of the remaining elemental stone?”
Master Emeka said “Your the elemental stones informs it” and treated them to a dish.
Kayode asked “Why do you have a lot on the elemental stones?”
Master Emeka said “Because I served before in the royal palace, there is some knowledge”
Kayode said “Ok”
Master Emeka said “The elemental stone embodies what you imaged”
“You imagine something, and chant it”
Kayode chanted “Fontain”, then the fountain appeared from the floor suddenly.
Gbenga chanted “A eraser”, then the eraser appeared.
And he grasped an eraser and did the movement that rubbed against the sky for the huge tree which there was outside a window, then the huge tree disappeared.
And they ate dinner together and have gone on the trip to look for owners of the remaining elemental stone on next morning.
After having walked for several hours, they arrived at the village of the foot of the famous mountain named Mount Durin as an active volcano.
But the mountain which soars In front of their eyes did not seem to do volcanic activity.
Gbenga asked “Is it the foot of the Mount Durin here?”
Kayode said “It looks like it on the map” while seeing a map.
The village did not have a signs of life at all.
When Gbenga entered the single house, there were many dishes on the table there, and the steam stood from soup.
Kayode said “Villagers seemed to be kept in the kingdom forces”
Gbenga said “Because the soldier of the kingdom forces have not yet gone far from here, we chase it!”
Kayode said “Ok”
When they searched the outskirts of the village, Kayode found plural human footprints.
Kayode said “Gbenga, I found plural footprints”
Gbenga went to the place where Kayode was.
Gbenga said “We chase this footprint”
And they started the chase of the footprint.
On the other hand at that time, Emeka heard the rumor that he was exiled from the royal palace, and a suspicious man named Tunde took office as a consultant of the Queen immediately, the Queen has changed.
And he went to the castle town to check the truth by the wagon.
When Kayode and Gbenga were quick steps, and one hour passed in pursuit of a footprint, they saw the scene which advanced while a large number of people were treated as the captive in the soldier of the kingdom forces in front of them.
Kayode raised a sound on purpose and lured the soldier of the kingdom forces.
Gbenga chanted “Black hole”, then the black hole appeared, and soldiers of the kingdom forces were breathed in in the hole.
Kayode chanted “Bottomless swamp”, then let the bottomless swamp appear for the step of the soldier of the kingdom forces which there is around villagers.
The soldier of the kingdom forces was depressed, and the bottomless swamp disappeared.
When Kayode neared the row of villagers, his sapphire emitted light.
Gbenga said “You are free”
Then the face of villagers was filled with joy and embraced each other.
When he stepped to the direction that became strong in light of the sapphire, there was one girl of the age that is about the same as Kayode there.
Then the girl took the ruby which light glistened red with out of a pocket.
The girl asked “Are you also an owner of the elemental stones?”
Kayode said “Yes, I have the sapphire which can handle power of the water”
“I am Kayode”
Kayode pointed Gbenga and said “He is Gbenga”
The girl said “I am Alake”
Gbenga came over them.
Gbenga asked “Can you handle power of the fire?”
Alake said “No, i do not know how to handle that”
Gbenga said “Ok” and told her taught a method to handle the power of the stone by Emeka.
Alake chanted “Fire dancer”, then the fairy of the flame appeared and has begun to dance.
Kayode asked “Alake, would you accompany us?”
Alake said “Ok”
And they went through the land which went to ruin sat astride the horse of the soldier of the kingdom forces for several days, and a grassy plain arrived at the place that spread out.
Then Kayode saw Master Emeka carried on a wagon there.
Kayode asked “Emeka, where are you going?”
Master Emeka said “Because I was able to have to check it, I go to the castle town” and went away.
Alake asked “Who is that person?”
Gbenga said “He is my master”
The passing man said “The area of the wasteland was the land which was full of green until several months ago”
“If you came here a little earlier, you were able to see beautiful scenery”
Kayode said “Thank you for information”
Alake said “There seemed to be the owner of the elemental stone of the soil here”
Gbenga said “Probably the owner of the elemental stone would be taken away by the soldier of the kingdom forces”
Then they made night camping and left the place in early morning, the following day.
And approximately three days passed, and when they advanced in a forest, they noticed that there was a whirlpool of the wind under the cliff near the forest.
They went down under a cliff, then they noticed that a whirlpool of the wind blocked up the entrance of the cave.
When several pieces of leaves fell into the whirlpool from a cliff, the leaf was shattered in an instant.
Kayode said “I think there is the owner of the elemental stone of the wind in that cave”
Alake said “I think so too”
Gbenga chanted “Vanish”, then the whirlpool of the wind in front of the cave disappeared instantly.
They entered the cave before a vortex of the wind occurred again in front of a cave.
Then the vortex of the wind occurred immediately.
When they arrived at the place that opened out in the depths of the cave, there was one old woman with the stick there.
The old woman asked “Who are you?”
Gbenga said “We are owners of the elemental stones”
“I am Gbenga of an owner of the elemental stone which handles the void”
Kayode said “I am Kayode of an owner of the elemental stone which handles the water”
Alake said “I am Alake of an owner of the elemental stone which handles the fire”
The old woman said “I see, I am Abaobi of the head of this village”
Kayode said “We came to here looking for the owner of other elemental stones”
Abaobi said “There are only two people of me and my granddaughter named Bukola in this village”
“Because there is little my life, take Bukola”
Abaobi called “Bukola”
The girl of the age that is about the same as Gbenga came over.
Bukola asked “Grandma, who are they?”
Abaobi said “They are owners of the elemental stones”
“Bukola, you go with them”
Bukola asked “To where?”
Kayode said “To Zyron”
Abaobi handed the emerald to Bukola.
Then the emerald emitted dazzling light in consonance with a stone of Kayode and Gbenga and Alake.
Bukola asked “What is this?”
Abaobi said “This is the stone which handles wind”
Bukola asked “Why me?”
Abaobi said “There are only me and you in this village, and there is little my life”
“If my life runs out, the proprietary rights of the elemental stone move to you”
And they left the cave with Bukola and came back to the forest.
Bukola was abnormally cautious of them, but she rode the horse which Kayode grasped the reins in together and while she talked with them, she opened up to them.
When they left the forest, and a few days passed, the emerald of Bukola has begun to shine suddenly.
Bukola asked “What is this?”
Gbenga said “Probably it is signature to tell that your grandmother dies, and the proprietary rights of the elemental stone moved to you”
Then Bukola burst into tears.
Kayode hugged her quietly.
And she regained some presence of mind in a few minutes.
Bukola asked “How can I use the power of the stone?”
Gbenga told her taught a method to handle the power of the stone by Emeka.
Bukola chanted “Air gun”, then a gun appeared in her hand.
When she hit the tree approximately 50 centimeters in diameter, there was a big hole in a tree.
They have begun to advance to the castle town on a horse again.
When they arrived at the suburbs of castle town, there was the soldier of the a large number of kingdoms forces to wait for them.
And Emeka was in the center with a boy of the age that is about the same as Kayode.
A thorn climbed all over a body of Emeka.
Each stone emitted dazzling light and was tainted with all over the area bright color.
Gbenga asked “Why is there Master Emeka there?”
Emeka said “Sorry, i was captured”
Kayode asked “Is the boy whom there is next to you the owner of the stone, Emeka?”
Emeka said “Yes, be careful”
The boy said “No longer talk” and let a thorn cut into a body of Master Emeka more.
Then blood dripped from a body of Master Emeka which suffered.
Gbenga said “Release Master Emeka”
The boy said “If you come to the royal palace with me quietly, i will release this fellow”
Alake asked “Who are you?”
The boy said “I am Adisa of an owner of the elemental stones handling power of the earth”
Gbenga said “Because we do it as you say, release Master Emeka”
Adisa said “It is a wise judgment” and let ivy climb all over their body and blockaded their movement.
Gbenga said “Release Master Emeka”
Master Emeka was released from the restriction due to the thorn.
Master Emeka said “Be careful for Tunde”
Adisa said “Shut up!”
And they left Emeka in the place, and they were carried in the hall of the royal palace by soldiers of the kingdom forces which Adisa led.
Then there was a man past middle age there.
Bukola said “Release us”
Adisa said “Behave yourself for a short while”
Gbenga asked “Are you Tunde?” to a man past middle age.
The man past midle age said “Yes, i am”
Gbenga asked “What did you do in soldiers and Adisa?”
Tunde said “The tool for me to rule over the world as for them”
Gbenga asked “What do you mean?”
Kayode said “Alake, you suppress Adisa by your fire.
Gbenga, you transfer Adisa to the slightly safe place.
Bukola, you let occur the typhoon” in a low voice.
Alake and Gbenga said “Ok, what do you do?”
Kayode said nothing.
Kayode chanted “Water film” in a low voice, then the water film formed to his body.
Tunde said “You understand it directly” and he had a fearless smile.
“On the day of the next full moon the world becomes mine”
Kayode said “We do not let you do such a thing”
Tunde said “I am not stopped to you”
Kayode said “Well, control me!”
Then Tunde pushed a forefinger to the forehead of Kayode.
Tunde said “Adisa, release Kayode”
Bukola asked “What did you do in Kayode?”
Adisa said “Kayode became our comrade”
Adisa turned off the ivy which climbed all over a body of Kayode.
Alake chanted “Hellfire”, then the ivy which climbed all over her body burnt and became the ash.
Gbenga chanted “Vanish”, then the ivy which climbed all over his body disappeared.
Bukola chanted “Typhoon”, then 3 typhoon occurred.
And the typhoon became big while going around the hall.
Gbenga said “Kayode, good luck” and he transferred to the safe place with Adisa which are handled.
Tunde said “Kayode, attack those fellows!”
Kayode chanted “Water sword”, then the water sword appeared.
And he stabbed a chest of Tunde with a water sowrd.
People whom controlled by Tunde were restored by his having died.
Then they were conferred a decoration on by the Queen who recovered.
Peace returned to the kingdom.
Emeka returned to the royal palace.
Because they did not have a place to come back through, they were divided into some villages in the suburbs of Zyron and have begun to live.
Kayode and Bukola got married after the dating for several years, and they have begun to live together.


The adventure of Zart

She was always laid on the bed, because she looks like frail.
She is beloved daughter of the village mayor of the elves.
Her father, who was the village mayor from thought to want to protect a frail daughter together to her called Zart named it.
She has 2 older brothers and 2 sisters.
Her older brothers and sisters go to the various world and they convey her and the villager what they saw and heard in there.
The elves have green eyes and blond hair and regular features and the technique of the bow and everlasting life, as for the height of the women are about 170cm, height of the men are about 180cm. and they can understand the words of every creature.
The family called the elves is known for a very beautiful thing, but she is particularly beautiful in that.
And her singing voice is fascinating so as to make all always creatures a captive.
Men always look into her room from the outside to watch her figure even a little.
She wanted to go to the outside world like her older brothers and sisters freely.
Suddenly, the dwarves attacked the village of the elves and she was taken away by the dwarves.
The dwarves attacked the village of the elves out of the dissatisfaction for the elves.
The dwarves have brown eyes and the red hair which the curled and the mustache which the length to a clavicle and carries the heavy ax which there is always about half of the stature.
The average life expectancy of the dwarves is about 120 years old.
Except for the dwarves cannot distinguish the dwarves of the men and women.
Height is about 140cm.
They wear clothes made of the pelt of the beast.
The offensive and defensive battle of the dwarves and the elves were developed, while the other dwarves leaved to room where Zart was.
She sang to calm an uneasy feeling. Then the dwarves surrounded her.
The dwarves said her “Please more sing” severally.
She sang in response to the demand of the dwarves and got away from the cave which was the dwarves den to caught the dwarves off guard.
When she heard the call of the big bird on a head and looked up when she ran, she understood that it approached her.
The size of the hawk is about 3m, and the hawk exceed well 5m when the hawk open the wing.
She thought that it was attacked, and she closed her eyes, but the hawk hung a head in showed respect for her.
Zart asked “do you know me?”
The hawk said “Yes, you are a daughter of my lord”
Zart asked “Ok, what your name?”
The hawk said “my name is Derb. Where do you want to go?”
Zart said “I want to view the various the world.”
Derb said “Certainly sir, I take you”
Derb said “Please ride on the my back”
She rode on him back, and he flew away.
And they leave for the marsh said that the mermaid and the merman lives.
They arrived at the marsh, but there weren’t the mermaid and the mermen, but there were the nymph.
The nymph is except for the wing which is glittering and bewitching, cannot distinguish with the human and the nymph.
They are always playing a harp at waterside.
Because the nymph played music accidentally was that knew of Zart, Zart has begun to sing.
The nymph have disappeared on the watch for Zart and Derb.
Zart wanted to sing to their musical performance more.
Derb said “I think you can meet them again sometime.”
She smiled at him.
Because the center of the marsh made the sound subtly, many air bubbles rose when she looked.
Then the mermem appeared from the center of the marsh.
The mermen have the human upper body who seems to be robust and the tail and fins.
They are bodyguards of the mermaid and always carry harpoon.
The mermen looked around in the circumference.
Zart and Derb was found in them.
The mermen asked “What are you doing at here?”
Derb said “this lady is…”
Then Zart said “Let me say to me” and shut out his talk.
Zart said “My name is Zart. I am a daughter of the village mayor of the elves.”
The mermen asked “What is this hawk?”
Zart said “He is a subordinate of my father and my guard”
Zart asked “ Can you show me the mermaid?”
The mermen said “Please wait a few minutes” and they disappeared into the marsh.
And they came back in a few minutes with the mermaid.
The mermaid have the upper body like the human woman and the tail and fins and accessories of many shellfish.
The mermen said “ Please do not bring him close to the mermaid.”
Zart said “Ok”
Derb leaved from Zart a little.
The mermaid asked “Shall we eat together?”
Zart asked “Can he also participate in this meal?” and she watched Derb.
The mermaid said “Of course”
The mermaid have already got ready for the meal.
They talked about various things, while ate the meal.
The mermaid said “Thank you for a happy time” and they disappeared into the marsh.
Then Zart rode on Derb’s back, and they flew away.

The chosen people

There was a continent named the Grasspool Continent having a country of big things and small things 22 in a certain place.
22 people with the chosen special power in clues tarot is born one in one country in order to be opposed to a wicked demon waking up once in 100 years from ancient times on the continent and has been handed down that they sealed in the wicked demon.
One day the existence of 15-year-old boy named Marco with the special power in clue to the card of the Death was confirmed in the smallest country named Gasverd on a continent, concurrently with the existence of 15-year-old 21 children with the special power was confirmed in succession in each country of the continent.
Then 3 years later, 22 people who are chosen as by the decision of the country of 22 in the continent which came from ancient times left from each country for the foot of Mount Balgus in the continent center for a signal by the eruption of Mount Balgus.
Marco went for a trip towards Mount Balgus, and he met with a girl surrounded by the devil of the subordinates of the wicked demon in a few minutes.
He let a big sickle appear and swung down a sickle for devils, then the soul came out of the body of devils amd becomes a dust and disappeared.
The girl “Thank you”
“Do you have special power in clue to Death of tarot?”
Marco asked “Who are you?”
The girl said “I am Bianca”
“I have special power in clue to the Sun of tarot”
Marco said “Ok”
When they talked, a boy and a girl approached them.
The boy clapped him.
The boy said “It is excellent”
Bianca asked “Who are you?”
The boy said “We are two of 22 people who are chosen”
Marco said “I see”
Bianca asked “Ok, I am Bianca having special power in clue to the Sun of tarot”
The boy said “I am Kyle having special power in clue to the Hanged Man of tarot”
The girl said “I am Melissa having special power in clue to the Moon of tarot”
Marco said “I am Marco having special power in clue to Death of tarot”
Kyle said “When an enemy appeared front of us next, we show you our special power”
Marco said “Ok”
And they left for Mount Balgus, and they discovered an inn the front of them in a few minutes and they entered
the inn.
There were several boys and girls at the front desk of the inn.
One of several boys and girls talked to them.
The boy asked “Are you people with the chosen special power?”
Marco let a big sickle appear.
The boy said “I am not your enemy”
Kyle asked “Who is it?”
The boy said “I am Charley having special power in clue to the Hermit of tarot”
Charley muttered “Book of the knowledge”, then a thick book appeared.
Charley said “I knew about you by this book”
Marco said “Ok”
They stayed overnight in the inn, and they left the next day for Mount Balgus
When they arrived at Mount Balgus, there were several men and women there.
Then Charley stung Bianca with a knife in sequence suddenly.
Marco let a big sickle appear and cut a body of Charley.
Then the soul of Charley was absorbed by a big sickle .
Bianca said “Help me” to the girl whom there was near her.
Two girls and one boy came them.
And the girl muttered “Rewind”, then it was rewound other than the girl.
Then the girl muttered “Play”, then time rewound before Bianca was stabbed by Charley.
The boy restricted a body of Charley.
One of two girls said “I am Susanna having special power in clue to Wheel of Fortune of tarot”
The boys said “I am Eric having special power in clue to the Strength of tarot”
Susanna pointed to Charley and said “He is not Charley”
Melissa asked “Well, who is he?”
Charley of the impostor said “I am Mia having special power in clue to the High Priestess of tarot”
Bianca said “Thank you Susanna”
Susanna said “Show us your truth figure!” to Mia.
Mia became the girl with the pockmark in a face.
Mia said “Instead of having got this ability, as for me, I became the ugly figure”
“Only that gentleman originally loved me”
Kyle asked “Well, where is Charley?”
Mia said “I murered the guy who has special power in clue to the Hermit of tarot and the guy who has special power in clue to the Empror of tarot”
Melissa said “Oh, cruel”
Susanna said “Come here” to the girl.
“She is Roxanne having special power in clue to the Empress of tarot”
Roxanne asked “What?”
Susanna said “Confine her somewhere”
Roxanne said “Ok”
And she let Mia metastasize to the other space.
While four boys and a girl fought, they approached to Marco.
One boy of several boys said “Do not see the eye of the girl!”
“The person to see her eyes is at the mercy of her”
Marco asked “Who are you?”
One of several boys said “I am Hugo having special power in clue to Justice of tarot”
When Hugo cut the body of the girl with a sword, the boy controlled by a girl stopped movement.
Hugo said “She has special power in clue to the Lovers of tarot”
The boy who was controlled by her said “Thank you”
“I am Austin having special power in clue to the Fool of tarot”
Austin pointed to the boy who takes devils and said “He cannot control his special power”
Marco cut down devils with his big sickle.
Eric dispelled a body of devils.
And Melissa let the boy enter into the fantasy world that she created, then the boy stopped movement.
Because his expression became calm, Melissa took him back from the fantasy world.
The boy said “I am Tony having special power in clue to the Devil of tarot”
“I linked with a wicked demon, and, my body was ruled by him”
Austin asked “Were you freed from the rule of the wicked demon, Tony?”
Tony said “Yes, but she makes it happen”
Austin said “Ok”
Something innumerable shining flew at Marco suddenly.
Bianca stood in the front of him to protect him, and innumerable star was nailed over her body and ceased to breathe.
Marco asked “Can you not save her by your power, Susanna?”
Susanna said “Sorry, My special power is not yet usable now”
Marco kissed her forehead and he let her eyes close kindly.
Austin produced a big shield.
Kyle muttered “Inversion” to the innumerable stars who flew at them.
Then the innumerable stars changed the direction and came back and they heard boys scream.
And when they went to the place where they heard scream, there was the boy who is bloody, and lies in the ground there.
Marco said “Probably that guy has special power in clue to the Star of tarot”
The place where they stood suddenly became like slime, and their body has begun to sink into the ground.
Eric hit the ground which became slime, but his wallop has been absorbed to slime.
And thunder came off to slime and they got shocked and lost mind.
They regained consciousness immediately, but they continued that pretended to have lost mind.
The slime disappeared all too soon, and two boys approached them.
Melissa tempted two boys into the fantasy world.
Hugo and Marco cut down two boys.
Roxanne said “I think they have special power in clue to the Magician and the Temperance of tarot”
They have begun to climb Mount Balgus, then a girl came to them in a few minutes.
The girl said “Judgement, Judgement”
“The time of Judgement”
Susanna said “She is an enemy”
Hugo was going to cut down the girl, but was avoided quickly.
The girl said “Commit suicide!” to Hugo.
Then he stuck a sword into his chest without being able to go against an order.
The girl laughed loudly to see Hugo which stuck a sword into a chest, and fell down.
When the girl noticed that Hugo which fell down was a doll and looked around in the circumference, there was other space.
Eric covered the body of Hugo quickly and Austin produced a marionette and Roxanne let the marionette which modelled on Hugo metastasis to the other space with a girl so that it was not noticed by a girl.
And they have begun to climb Mount Balgus again towards the mountaintop.
When they arrived at the eight eyes of the mountain, there was a big rock to block up their ahead there, and a boy sat down on the rock.
Eric hit the rock and crushed it, but the rock was formed again.
And the rock became the golem.
The boy said “I am Joe having special power in clue to the Chariot of tarot”
The golem lifted a body of Kyle which there was near the golem and crushed it.
Marco stuck the grip of the sickle into golem, then golem contained the soul of the devil whom they cut with a sickle.
Marco said “Employ that golem, Tony!”
Joe said “You cannot employ the golem”
Tony said “I try it”
And Tony succeeded in employment of the golem.
The golem let a body of Joe sink into the ground.
They moved a dead body of Kyle to the safe place and they have begun to advance towards the mountaintop again.
When they arrive near the mountaintop, the body of the golem which went ahead through their top erupted suddenly and broke and was scattered.
When Eric went to the place where golem exploded to check the situation, one boy stood still there.
The boy said “I am Roger having special power in clue to the Tower of tarot”
Eric asked “What did you do?”
Roger said “I touched like this” and touched a body of Eric, then the body of Eric exploded.
The body of Austin which there was near Eric was exploded to successively.
Tony summoned the devil of the number same as the number of them.
Melissa took a black art to let Roger think devils to be themselves.
And Hugo came around behind Roger and cut down Roger.
Then one boy came them from the mountaintop.
The boy said “I am Morgan having special power in clue to the World of tarot”
Morgan let a miniature garden appear suddenly.
All things in a radius of 500 meters range were reproduced from the place where Morgan was by the miniature garden.
Morgan said “I cannot let you go any further than here”
Morgan which saw Hugo grasping a sword, and rushing for Morgan crushed one of the dolls which there was in the miniature garden, then it was in a condition that a body of Hugo was crushed instantly by something huge.
While Susanna stopped the time except them, Tony summoned devils.
Melissa took a black art to let Morgan think devils to be themselves.
They rounded it behind Morgan and Marco cut down Morgan by his big sickle, then the miniature garden disappeared.
And they came to the small shrine of the seal at the mountaintop.
The small shrine inside of the seal was filled with miasmas, and a devil seal stone cracked.
But they endured a miasma and entered the small shrine of the seal.
And hey concentrated each power on the devil seal stone in the small shrine of the seal, then the devil seal stone sank into the underground.
Marco asked “Did the seal succeed?”
Susanna said “Yes”
They hugged each other and were pleased with the success of the seal.
They returned to each hometown, and they told the whole story of the adventure to the King of each country, then they became a noble by order of the King of each country and lived happily.

The Libra

There was an abundant kingdom named the Kingdom of Cefyel at the place where you circled the environment in a forest naturally.
And there was a legend in which the sacred treasure for which God in antiquity left it are enshrined in Cefyel.
But a neighboring country namedthe the Kingdom of Zaros has planned for territory expansion, has invaded Cefyel and has come.
Therefore many people including the person who knows existence of the sacred treasure were killed.
The king named Romulus Ⅲ of Cefyel ordered the Imperial Guards and made a princess named Delia and the people take refuge in a cave.
But Delia has returned to a castle to look for her pet dog named Titta.
The Imperial Guards searched for her immediately, but they could not find her.
She who has returned to a castle went to the place where hear the bellow of Titta, there were stairs which develop to underground at the place where she has not been there so far.
She was coming down stairs with Titta cautiously.
The downstairs was dim, and there was a door you locked.
She remembered the key entrusted from Romulus Ⅲ suddenly.
She entrusted a key with a chain from Romulus Ⅲ on her birthday.
Delia asked “What is this key for?”
Romulus Ⅲ said “Unfortunately I don’t know details, but the key was succeeded from generation to generation”
And she took a key with the chain she hung on a neck in her hand.
She put the key in a keyhole of a door and unlocked a door.
Then the door opened automatically.
There was a balance scale which got on a pedestal on the other side of the door.
When she lifted the balance scale, she felt that her body rose a little
She who grasped a balance scale played and said “Lightly!” to Titta, then the body of Titta rose.
Titta made the movement like dog paddle immediate.
Delia said “Sorry”
The feet of Titta landed the ground.
She thought she could rescue the Kingdom of Cefyel using this balance scale, and went to the building top of a castle.
She imagined it so that shells might become light like a balloon immediate, and the shells were rising in the far sky.
The soldiers of Zaros were going to shoot a big rock again by the catapult.
She uttered “Heavily” to big stones, then the catapult broke by the weight of the big rock, and fell so that a rock might cut troops of Zaros down.
The troop of Zaros which shrunk up was withdrawn.
Delia said “The secret which are I and you about this balance scale”
As if Titta answers, she barked.
She returns a balance to an underground room, she locked a door.
And calm has returned to Cefyel.

With flame

An 8-year-old girl named Stefanie Auerswald lived in the town named Elfenheim where a lot of tradition of the fairy stayed with her parents.
Her parents were world-famous archeologists, and there was the thing which her parents collected all over the world much in her house.
Because her parents were often away from her home, she spent much time with a butler named Erich.
When she slept at midnight of one day her parents came home from an excavation trip after a long absence, Erich shook her suddenly and woke up.
Stefanie asked “What happened?” while rubbing eyes.
Erich said “Fire! This mansion burns”
Stefanie asked “Are mummy and daddy safe?”
Erich said “I do no know”
“I go to look for master and mistress after taking you to the safe place”
Stefanie said “Help daddy and mummy!”
Erich said “Your first”
They avoided the furniture which collapsed from the mansion where flame blazed like a brick and escaped.
Erich said “I am sorry, I cannot help master and mistress”
Stefanie asked “Why?”
Erich said “Sorry”
When she sobbed, the lizard having a body such as the flame which blazed appeared front of her suddenly.
Stefanie said “Do not come here” in spite of being a scare
The salamander said “Do not be afraid!, Stef”
“I am Barthel”
Stefanie asked “Why did you know my name?”
Barthel “Because I am salamander which makes this mansion the headquarters from the childhood of your great grandmother”
“And i contracted with a person in succession to this mansion from generation to generation”
Stefanie said “Ok”
Erich asked “Whom do you talk with?”
Barthel said “This fellow cannot see my figure and cannot hear my voice”
Stefanie said “Do not mind”
When they talk, several fire engines and ambulances came over.
Barthel asked “Do you contract with me, Stef?”
Stefanie asked “Contract?”
When the fireman carried out the corpse of her parents of the mansion, Erich went to the place where the corpse of her parents carried out with her was laid.
When she was going to hug her corpse of parents which was burnt, and festered, it was stopped by a fireman.
And Erich hugged her and took it toward the ambulance.
She was carried to the hospital and the fire of her mansion took five hours from a fire and died down.
Barthel appeared her sickroom suddenly.
Barthel said “This is not a mere fire”
Stefanie asked “What do you mean?”
Barthel said “It was contrived”
Stefanie asked “By whom?”
Barthel said “I do not know details now”
“But it thinks that it is convenient for you to contract with me”
Stefanie said “Ok, i contract with you”
Barthel climbed all over her left arm, then he became a tattoo on her left arm.
Barthel said “You can handle flame at will”
“And If you meet the person who set fire to a mansion, you also can distinguish that fellow”
When she who left the hospital a few days later buried her parents, let the rebuilding construction of the mansion start and they lived in a hotel until a mansion was rebuilt.
One and a half years later, they began the life in the mansion when a mansion was rebuilt.
She became a very beautiful woman ten years later, and she attended the university while she was urged by men attracted everywhere by her good looks.
One day the tattoo of her left arm ached suddenly when she did shopping with her friend.
When she confirmed the neighborhood, there was one unknown man there.
And She told her friend a lie that she was ill-conditioned and went to the man.
Stefanie said him “I have something to tell you” and invited him in the deserted back alley.
The man followed her without her noticing with the daughter of the Auerswalds.
The man attacked her suddenly.
Stefanie let flame appear around him and asked “Did you murder the Auerswalds?”
The man said “Do not murder me”
Stefanie said “Answer a question!”
The man said “Heinrich Trakl commanded me to set fire to a mansion of Professor Auerswald for the position of the professor and i set fire to a mansion”
Heinrich Trakl became a professor taking advantage of the death of her parents.
Stefanie said “Ok”
When she left the back alley, the man came out of the gap of the flame and attacked her.
Then she sounded her finger, then the body of the man was wrapped in flame.
She who came back to the mansion let Erich look for whereabouts of Heinrich.
And she knew that Heinrich teaches at the university where she attend.
When she went to the university the next day, she asked the professor of her acquaintance the place of the laboratory of Heinrich and went to there.
There was one man who sat in the desk there.
Stefanie asked “Are you Professor Trakl?”
Heinrich said “Yes, I am Heinrich Trakl”
Stefanie said “I have something to tell you”
Heinrich asked “What?”
Stefanie asked “Do you concerned in a fire of the Auerswald’s mansion ten years ago?”
Heinrich changed the complexion and said “Because I am busy, go away quickly!”
And she left the laboratory of Heinrich.
Heinrich called the director named Wagner Schmitt of this university.
Heinrich said “The person who said that I concerned in the fire of the mansion of Auerswald appeared”
“And I cannot contact the man concerned with a fire directly”
Wagner said “Well, kill that fellow!”
Heinrich said “Well” and hung up.
When Heinrich followed her who left the laboratory, and she walked the deserted place, Heinrich attacked her.
Heinrich asked “Who are you?”
“I employed a man and let set fire to a mansion of Auerswald”
Stefanie said “It was that after all”
“I am a daughter of Auerswald”
He sat astride her and strangled her with his near rope.
Then she let a body of oneself catch fire.
The flame was absorbed by Heinrich, and the body of he was wrapped in flame.
Stefanie gets up and said “I am immoral”
When she confirmed that he said “I was ordered it by the director of this university” and was burnt to death, she left the place.
And she left for the chief director room leaving a letter.
“Are you concerned to the death of Professor Auerswald?” was written on the letter.
Wagner with the gun invaded her mansion at the night of the day.
When Wagner found her figure, he poured innumerable bullets on her until a bullet disappeared.
When he approached her to confirm her death that fell down to the floor, she got up.
Stefanie said “Die in the same way as my parents” then, the body of Wagner was wrapped in flame.
And it completely disappeared.
It was found in her parents that Wegner misappropriated the money of the university personally, and he asked Heinrich for the killing of her parents to silence her parents.
She hid power of salamander and lived quietly.

Silver coins

There was a country named the Republic of Chervios where untouched nature is left much. The rumor that three silver coin with the distorted sharp by which a portrait of the king in the Irvansk kingdom on the surface and the design like the map on the back were designed. which indicates the place where treasures in an ancient kingdom named the Irvansk  Kingdom which prospered before about two thousand years at the place where Chervios is here at present is hidden was scattered all over the country. The boy named Thomas who lives in the capital named Grevista of Chervios checked it about the the silver coin with the distorted sharp with the distorted sharp he took over from his grandfather, then he knew that one of a silver coin about which the silver coin taken over from his grandfather is scattered all over the country. But he did not believe that. One day when he went home, he came across the robber who stole into his house. Thomas asked “Who are you?” The robber “Where is the silver coin?” and has fired a gun for him. He avoided the bullet a robber shot and escaped from his house. And he understood that the silver coin he took over from his grandfather was the silver coin which indicates the location of treasures where an ancient Irvansk Kingdom was hidden. He who has decided to look for treasures a silver coin indicates fled from the thief who aims at a silver coin and is running after him. And he arrived at the dense forest in the southern extremity in Chervios at the end when he roamed all over the country by making reference to the design like the designed map in the back of the silver coin. Then two people of men and women who look at a silver coin were here there. Two people of men and women who noticed his existence hid a silver coin quickly. Thomas asked “Do you have a silver coin too?” The man said “If you do a strange movement, I shoot you” and aimed a gun at him. Thomas said “Do not shoot me” The woman asked “Who are you?” Thomas said “I am Thomas” “I have looked for the place which was indicated by the silver coin taken over from my grandfather and have come here” The man said “Show me your silver coin” He showed them his silver coin. The man said “This is real” The woman said “I believe you” “I am Heather” Thomas said “Thank you” Heather said “Because it was revealed that he is not an enemy, lower a gun, Allan” Allan said “Ok” and lowered a gun. When they reached around the central part in a dense forest, the army which appeared aimed at a silver coin, and surrounded them. When they which cornered moved back, the ground of their feet fell suddenly, and they fell under dozens of meters. But they were not injured because the place where they fell was a subterranean lake. When they are going up from a subterranean lake and are advancing the aisle, the army which runs after them fell into a subterranean lake. They reached a dead end, and they thought they are all over. Heather noticed that there is a strange fold on a wall. When she dabbed the fold with a silver coin, a silver coin fitted in. Allan and Thomas which noticed  also put the respective silver coins in a fold on a wall, then Traps have started at the same time as a wall opened, and the army which has run after them died of various traps. There were many treasures which beam in the inside on the wall which opened. they divided treasures among three people and brought it home, then they did rich living respectively.

The labyrinth of remains

There was a country named Vagrus having vast desert. Because the boy named Aymen who lived in the village near the desert named the Ahmar Desert, his father and his uncle were guides of the desert, he also became a guide of the desert for a guide of the desert like his father and his uncle. But the rumor that remains in the desert spread out out of nowhere, and many treasure hunters flocked in the desert. One day his father and uncle were killed by treasure hunters who aims the remains in succession. And his mother who worried about his body was going to dismiss a guide of the desert to him, but he did not accept it determinedly. Thereafter he took distance with his mother, and he lived including a single life. The girl named Ines of his childhood friend visited his house worrying about relations with he and his mother every day, but there was not the progress. And when several months passed after his father and his uncle were murdered, 5 men and women like the treasure hunter came over to his house with Ines. Ines said “Aymen, i was captured by them” Aymen asked “Are you ok Ines?” Ines said “I am ok” Aymen asked “Who are you?” “Release her!” The man who seems to be the most robust of 5 men and women said “I am Kenneth of a treasure hunter” “If you lead us to the remains of the desert, we will release this woman” The man who seems to be the frivolous of 5 men and women said “Do not say such a thing, give the woman to me” Kenneth said “Shut up, Boris!” The man who touches it with a gun frequently of 5 men and women sneered at Boris. Then Boris cried “Do not make a fool of me, Walter!” and struckhe man who touches it with a gun frequently of 5 men and women. Kenneth hit one gun for the sky and said “Stop it!” Boris said “Sorry, Kenneth” Aymen said “I guide you to remains of the desert” Kenneth said “Ok, but after we come back from the desert, release her” Aymen asked “Why?” The man of the deaf-mute of 5 men and women said “The woman is a hostage” by sign language. Boris asked “Leroy, did you take the camel?” by sign language to the man of the deaf-mute of 5 men and women. Leroy said “Of course” Kenneth asked “Did I order it from you, Boris?” Boris said “Yes, sorry” Kenneth said “Matilda, take care of this woman” to the woman of 5 men and women. Matilda said “Ok” Kenneth said “Guide us right now to remains of the desert” Aymen said “Ok” He fixed the equipment, then he went to the remains of the desert by the camel with treasure hunters and Ines while being anxious about Ines. When several hours passed after they went to the desert in camels, an oasis appeared front of them. Boris which the thirst of the throat was unbearable to changed the course of the camel for an oasis. Then at his feet became like an ant lion, and his body and his camel have begun to be swallowed to the underground. Kenneth threw a rope to Boris and cried “Catch a rope!” When Kenneth confirmed that Boris caught a rope, he pulled a rope with Walter and Leroy and rescued Boris. At the same time Boris was rescued, his camel was swallowed  to the underground. Kenneth said “If you want water, say!” and handed a water bottle. Boris said “Sorry” and drank water. Boris rode with a camel of Leroy, and they have begun to advance again for remains. When the sun has begun to set , remains appeared front of them. And they got off a camel and entered the remains, then their feet collapsed suddenly, and they dropped to the basement. There was pitch-black space. Kenneth picked up a writer from his pocket and turned on a light, then there are several skeletons which lay in his feet. Ines screamed suddenly. Aymen asked “What happened Ines?” and looked for Ines with the help of the light of the lighter, then they saw several snakes in her feet lighted up by the light of the lighter. Kenneth picked up a bone, and he bound a bone with the clothes which a skeleton wore and sprinkled oil and fired it. Leroy and Walter also did a bone like a torch. And when they ran at the place such as the long passage while sending away a snake using a torch, Boris found anything that light sparkled in the small room beside the corridor, and he entered the small room. When the door of the small room disappeared suddenly, and he looked around, Innumerable harpies from the ceiling and attacked him. When Matilda noticed that there was not Boris and looked back, they heard scream of Boris and several gunshots. Boris beat against the gun for harpies, but the blow was not successful. They arrived at the place where  they heard scream of Boris, but there was a wall there. However, they broke a wall with a gun. Kenneth said “Matilda, Be here with those fellows” When they sink in the hole of the wall and enter inside, there were innumerable harpies devoured a body of Boris there. When harpies gave a shrill call, and soared, harpies made nose dive to Kenneth and his troupe to attack them. They fired away at harpies with a gun. And Harpies won a bullet and dropped in sequence. Boris became a tragic figure. Kenneth covered a body of Boris with his jacket. Then they left the room, then Kenneth which went out of the small room noticed that that the ahead passage where they went to wound. But they went ahead through the passage that wound again. When they went ahead through the passage for a while, they arrived at the place where the passage was divided into two ways. They went ahead through one of the passage divided into two ways, then they arrived at the dead end. When they were going to return to the place where a passage was divided into two ways, a spider line climbed all over a body Aymen and Leroy suddenly. The spider line climbed all over their body like a cocoon. Ines cried “Aymen!” It was prevented that she went to Aymen for Kenneth and Walter. And Kenneth returned to the place where a passage was divided into two ways while shooting a gun to a huge golden-web spider with Matilda and Ines and Walter. Aymen and Leroy were carried in the place where was full of cobwebs by huge golden-web spider. When Aymen stole out of the spider line which climbed all over his body like a cocoon, he saw Leroy was going to be eaten close to him by a huge golden-web spider. He shot a gun to a huge golden-web spider, but the gun did not work at all. The huge golden-web spider which swallowed whole Leroy attacked Aymen. Aymen shot a gun to a huge golden-web spider while getting away from the attack of the huge golden-web spider, but pressed him so that a golden-web spider stepped over his body. He avoided the attack due to the leg of the huge golden-web spider which was going to go through his body, and he stuck a bayonet into the stomach of the huge golden-web spider. Then the huge golden-web spider bled from the abdomen in large quantities and fell down. And he was crushed under the huge golden-web spider, but crawled out from there. When he went out of the place where is full of cobwebs, he has begun to look for Ines. And He found the passage where is full of the cobwebs which a huge golden-web spider used, and he went ahead through the passage. On the other hand at that time, when Kenneth and Matilda and Walter and Ines reached the place where a passage was divided into two ways, a Minotaur with the big ax appeared behind them. They rushed into other passage while shooting a gun to the Minotaur. The foot of Matilda got entangled, and she fell down. Matilda cried “Run!” Kenneth was going to rush up to Matilda, the Minotaur appeared again. Matilda fired all bullets into a body of the Minotaur, then one Minotaur fell down by a bullet of Matilda, but her neck was cut off by remaining Minotaur Kenneth and Walter escaped from Minotaur on the run with Ines while shooting a gun to Minotaur. Two Minotaur chased their trace. And Walter was going to throw a grenade for Minotaur, but Kenneth said “This place may collapse when you use the grenade here!” and prevented it. Walter said “Ok” Ines said ” I cannot agree” “It would be better that I died with guys if I am murdered easily by guys” and took a grenade and threw it for the Minotaur. Then the body of one Minotaur vanished, but remaining Minotaur was approximately unhurt. Aymen which noticed an explosion faced the place where he heard an explosion at that time. The Minotaur approached to them, then Aymen jumped off the overhead of the Minotaur. And he cut a body of Minotaur with a bayonet quickly and fired a bullet into the head of the Minotaur last. Ines said “Aymen” and embraced him. Walter asked “Were you safe?” Aymen said “I knocked down a huge golden-web spider” Kenneth said “I see” And when they went ahead through the complicated passage and passed for a while, they arrived at the space that opened out. There was the treasure which could not count there. When Walter filled his bag with treasure absorbedly, a snake appeared behind him. He noticed to a snake and fired a bullet into a snake. The snake exposed a whole body. And they knew that the snake was the snake of the alation with a head at each end.  Walter asked “What is that monster?” Ines said “That monster named the amphisbaena” Walter shot a gun the amphisbaena again. His bullet hit a amphisbaena, but he was not able to give a amphisbaena damage because the body of the amphisbaena was protected to a thick scale. One head of the amphisbaena faced to Walter, and the amphisbaena breathed poison to him. A part of his left foot and his left arm which poison splashed of the amphisbaena has melted. And he died after suffered and writhed. Kenneth was going to pick a short distance attack with a snake, but Aymen prevented it. Kenneth asked “why did you stop me!” Aymen said “I have a good idea” and handed Ines the torch which Walter had. Kenneth said “Well explain!” Aymen said “While I and you attack each head of the amphisbaena, we avoid the attack of the amphisbaena, and we let a amphisbaena attack other head of the amphisbaena” Kenneth said “Ok” Aymen said “You hide in the safe place, Ines!” Ines said “Ok, good luck” and evacuated. And Aymen and Kenneth have begun to attack each head of the amphisbaena. They put timings together, and they ran to the direction where each other was. Then the amphisbaena breathed poison for each head of oneself according to expectations of Aymen. And the part of each head of the amphisbaena melted by poison of oneself. The amphisbaena got furiously angry and attacked them, but they fired a bullet into the part which melted by poison innumerably, then the amphisbaena did not move. Aymen called Ines. And they put some treasure in a bag, and they advanced to the depths of the room looking for an exit. They found the door of the stone in a few minutes, and they pushed the door with every effort, then a door opened. There were the stairs which spread out to the outside world in the other side of the door. When they ran up the stairs, there was the camel which they rode near. And they returned to the village on a camel. Then Aymen and Ines got married several years later, and they became desert guide together, and they spent it happily both officially and privately.

Seven deadly sins

The story is date back more than 2,000 years before from the present. The human reached a crisis of the life and death by the Satan which covered the whole body with a black mantle, and gave off an abominable aura and devils whom he led emerged from the door which appeared in the country named Geonista suddenly. Satan and six devil whom he led called “Seven deadly sins” Dragon sin; Satan Serpent sin; the devil named Leviathan who did the figure of the huge sea snake. Goat sin; the devil named Asmodeus who has three heads of a cow and a human and the sheep, and feet of the goose, and tail of the poisonous snake, and sat astride a dragon of the hell with the regimental colors and a spear in a hand. Boar sin; the devil named Beelzebub who has the ugly face and the feather with the mark of the skeleton at the back, and has the human body. Fox sin; the black devil named Mammon who has the head of birds and the human body Grizzly sin; the devil named Belphegor who did the ugly figure which grew a mustache to two corners and chins twisted to an oxtail. Lion sin; the devil named Lucifer who has three face and 12 black wings. Seven archangels named Gabriel and Michael and Raphael and Uriel and Raguel and Remiel and Saraqael with white six wings which emitted dazzling light in front of seven men and women appeared. Seven Archangels granted the grimoire to seven men and women and taught the incantation of the seal. Seven men and women were granted sacred weapons. When seven men and women blockaded each devil in seven grimoires, four angels kept those grimoires in the basement of the church of all parts of the world so that nobody touched it. The present. The church of all parts of the world where the grimoire which blockaded the devil was kept became the ruins except one place. And the grimoire were robbed from the church and fell into the hands of thieves. When thieves opened the grimoire, something like black haze came out of a grimoire, and something like black haze gradually changed a figure into the devil. The devil ate the soul of the person who opened the grimoire. And those devils became Leviathan and Asmodeus and Belphegor and Beelzebub and Mammon and, they went to  town in the country named Crevial so that they were drawn to something They appeared in the sky of the town of Crevial, then the town was surrounded in darkness. When the man of a couple noticed some kind of signs and looked up at the sky, he noticed devils who floated in the sky, and he strongly grasped her hand. And the woman of the couple noticed devils and screamed. then the place became the panic. Asmodeus breathed fire to her, then her body and his body were wrapped in flame, and their body became the ash in no time. Then Asmodeus caught the soul of the couple who was going to rise to the sky and ate. And the police whom there was near shot a gun to Asmodeus, but the bullet bounced onto the strong body of Leviathan and sank into the ground. The police asked “Who are you?” Asmodeus was going to breath fire to the man, but Beelzebub prevented it. Asmodeus asked “Why do you stop me, Beelzebub?” Leviathan asked “Did you forget our purpose, Asmodeus?” Asmodeus said “I do not forget it” Beelzebub said “Then do not cause an unnecessary uproar” Asmodeus said “Ok” Leviathan asked “Where is the grimoire, Mammon?” Mammon said “It is near” Beelzebub said “Devils that we are called Seven deadly sins” “The owner of the grimoire which there is here come forward immediately!” Asmodeus controlled the mind of neighborhood people and threw out all the baggage which they possessed. Then the grimoire came out of the bag of the boy. Asmodeus noticed the grimoire and let the boy open the grimoire. And when the boy opened the grimoire, something like black haze came out of a grimoire, and something like black haze gradually changed a figure into Lucifer. Then Lucifer ate the soul of the boy and let 12 black wings flap and rose. A black wing fluttered down in the ground. And devils ate all the human souls that were in the place and disappeared under cover of darkness, then the light returned to the town. The rock band named Your Favorite Enemies visited the town named Neaz of Geonista on a tour at that time. The member of Your Favorite Enamies is Alex of the lead singer and Miss Isabel of the keyboard and Jeff of the rhythm guitar and Sef of the lead guitar and Ben of the base and Moose of the drum. When they performed a live in a concert hall, archangel Michael and Gabriel and Raphael and Uriel which emitted dazzling light in front of Alex and Jeff and Miss Isabel and Sef and Ben and Moose and a crew named Stephanie appeared. Miss Isabel asked “Are you angels?” Michael said “Yes, i am Michael” Michael introduced Gabriel and Raphael and Uriel and Raguel and Remiel and Saraqael to them. Jeff asked “Do you have some business for us?” Raguel said “You were chosen by God” Stephanie asked “Why us?” Raguel said “We have nothing to do with it” “It is the decision that God gave” Alex asked “Why do you not fight against devils?” Uriel said “Because activity in our human world includes a limit, seal the book of seal in the devils by a hand of thou” Seven archangels granted them the sacred weapon and the grimoire. Gabriel said “The incantation of the seal is <Give the devil everlasting spellbinding>” Alex was granted a sword named Claíomh Solais to Gabriel, and Jeff was granted a trident named Brionac to Raphael, and Miss Isabel was granted a bow and arrow named Ukko’s bow and arrow to Michael, and Sef was granted the double bit axe which wore thunder named the Labrys to Uriel, and Ben was granted a sword named Littwu to Raguel, and Moose was granted a sickle sword named Harpe to Remiel, and Stephanie was granted a spear named Gungnir to Saraquel. Gabriel said “Fight against devils using the weapon and the grimoire” “We let you transport to the church where the grimoire which sealed in Satan is kept” Alex said “Ok” And seven archangels wrapped their body by sacred light, and transported them to the church where the grimoire which sealed in Satan is kept. Then they arrived at the church, and devils appeared immediately. Beelzebub summoned vindictive spirits and let vindictive spirits attack them. But when Alex took one swing Claíomh Solais, vindictive spirits were wrapped in flame and became extinct. Asmodeus controlled the mind of the man whom there was near and let the man look for the grimoire kept at a church. The man went to the basement of the church and opened the grimoire, Satan emerged from the grimoire. Satan destroyed a church and surfaced after ate a soul of the man. And they let devils come near each and decentralized the forces of devils, and they have begun to fight against devils. Alex confronted Satan, and Miss Isabel confronted Beelzebub, and Jeff confronted Lucifer, and Sef confronted Leviathan, and Ben confronted Belphegor, and Moose confronted Asmodeus, and Stephanie confronted Mammon. Mammon was going to tempt Stephanie, but it was disturbed by the sacred light that gave her body. And when she was going to throw Gungnir to Mammon, Mammon chanted “Come a spear”, then Gungnir added to force and pierced a body of Mammon and Gungnir returned to her hand again. She throw Gungnir to Mammon again. It was repeated several times. And there were many holes in a body of Mammon. Stephanie chanted “Give the devil everlasting spellbinding” Then the body of Mammon was breathed in a grimoire and sealed. Belphegor let a dark hole appear and entered there, the hole was closed. Belphegor appeared behind Ben and attacked it to him, then Belphegor disappeared into a hole. It was repeated many times. He became able to sense a sign of Belphegor in a few minutes. He swung Littwu on the direction that felt a sign with all his might. The body of wrapped in flame. Ben chanted “Give the devil everlasting spellbinding” Then the body of Belphegor was breathed in a grimoire and sealed. Asmodeus breathed fire Moose and was going to control his mind. But the mind control of Asmodeus was disturbed by the sacred light that gave his body. He cut the tail of the poisonous snake which Asmodeus had with Harpe while keeping off flame of Asmodeus, and he inflicted many wounds on a body of Asmodeus. Because Asmodeus was made to suffer the wound and the wound did not heal at all, Asmodeus was irritated with him. And Asmodeus added to force of the flame and began an attack to him. He let Asmodeus wound severely with Harpe while suffering a burn. Moose chanted “Give the devil everlasting spellbinding” Then the body of Asmodeus was breathed in a grimoire and sealed. Beelzebub summoned vindictive spirits and let Miss Isabel attack vindictive spirits. But she threw arrows for all vindictive spirits with Ukko’s bow and arrow. And arrows shot vindictive spirits on thunder. Beelzebub breathed fire to her. She kept off flame of Beelzebub and put an arrow to a bow and threw an arrow for Beelzebub. And the bow hit Beelzebub on thunder without putting up a bow sound, then the cage of the thunderstorm surrounded it around Beelzebub and she put arrows to a bow and threw arrows for Beelzebub in succession. Beelzebub breathed fire to her, but the fire went out immediately. Miss Isabel chanted “Give the devil everlasting spellbinding” Then the body of Beelzebub was breathed in a grimoire and sealed. Lucifer summoned three devils suddenly. One of three devils is the devil named Bael who has a frog and a cat and a human head, and has the body of the spider. One of remainder two of three devils is the devil named Agares who did the figure of the blond old man who sat astride a crocodile. Remainder one is the devil named Vassago who did the figure of the old man who sat astride a crocodile. Agares produced an earthquake at feet of Jeff, then there was a crack in the ground at his feet. Vassago foresaw his attack and attacked him with Bael which became transparent while avoiding his attack. He threw Brionac for Agares, then Brionac pierced a body of Agares on lightning and came back to his hand. Agares became extinct. He felt a sign of Bael which became transparent and threw Brionac for Bael and Vassago, then Brionac on thunder stuck in a body of Bael and Vassago and Bael and Vassago became ash. And he threw Brionac for Lucifer, then Brionac given lightning pierced a body of Lucifer. And Lucifer was blockaded movement by lightning of Brionac. Jeff chanted “Give the devil everlasting spellbinding” Then the body of Lucifer was breathed in a grimoire and sealed. Leviathan breathed fire for Sef. He swung down Labrys to a body of Leviathan while avoiding an attack of Leviathan. But it was not damaged a body of Leviathan. He nailed Labrys over the body of Leviathan many times while avoiding an attack of Leviathan, then the scale which covers up a body of Leviathan cracked. And he nailed Labrys over the body of Leviathan again, the scale of Leviathan was broken. Sef chanted “Give the devil everlasting spellbinding” Then the body of Leviathan was breathed in a grimoire and sealed. Satan threw flame of the six realms for Alex in succession. He cut all flame in Claíomh Solais and cut a body of Satan successively. Alex chanted “Give the devil everlasting spellbinding” Then the body of Satan was breathed in a grimoire and sealed. When they had finished sealing it in devils, seven archangels appeared to them. And they handed sacred weapons and grimoires which angels were given from seven archangels. Then they were transported to a concert hall of Neaz by seven archangels. And they returned to their daily life.

four divine beasts

There was a large country named the kingdom of Esban in the continent named the Camosian continent. The demon who did the figure of the huge snake who appeared in the continent out of nowhere suddenly 600 years ago swallowed every thing and laid innumerable eggs. Demons of the horrifying figure hatched from an egg let the most of the continent change into the wasteland where the trees and plants did not grow. The kingdom forces let the superior blacksmith of Esban make four swords, and the sword gave off light when they stuck it into the eastern ground, the western ground, the southern ground, northern ground of Esban and the sorcerer advocated an incantation at each place. The kingdom forces were going to pull up a sword, but the sword did not come out of the ground at all. When four boys and girls derived by the divine beast pulled up a sword and raise a sword overhead, the divine beast went down to them from the sky. And four boys and girls were given special power to each divine beast which appeared before them. Divine beasts are Azure dragon, and white tiger, and Vermilion bird which did the figure of Phoenix, and Black tortoise having the tail of the snake and a long leg. Four divine beasts formed the boundary zone from the eastern part, the western part, the southern part, the northern part of Esban and they developed demons and a fierce fight and they knocked down all demons of the horrifying figure and sealed the place that became a wasteland in the demon who did the figure of the huge snake. And when four boys and girls go to the place that pulled up a sword and they stick a sword into the ground, the special power passed away from their body. The world became peaceful, and 600 years passed. Land development advanced, and the place that became a wasteland accomplished a change to asphalt jungle. One day a worker has destroyed a seal with a heavy industrial machine when land development was carried out at the place that became a wasteland. Then the demon who did the figure of the huge snake emerged from the ground. The demon who did the figure of the huge snake acted violently to clear itself from the grudge 600 years ago and swallowed various things and laid innumerable eggs. The boy named Petr who lived in Esban was derived by a divine beast and pulled up a sword from the ground at the west end of Esban. Three boys and girls who lived in Esban were derived by a divine beast, and they pulled up a sword just at that time from the ground at the east end, the south end, the north end of Esban. A divine beast went down them from the sky. Azure dragon appeared in front of Petr. Azure dragon “I was waiting for you, Petr” Petr asked “Who are you?” “Why do you know my name?” Azure dragon said “I am Azure dragon of one of four divine beasts guardian deities of the four cardinal points” Azure dragon and White tiger and Vermilion bird and Black tortoise were able to talk with the boy named Martin who was at the north end with the girl named Marcela who was at the south end with the boy named Roman who was at the east end. Azure dragon “I talk to youths in a mass” White tiger and Vermilion bird and Black tortoise said “Ok” Azure dragon said “We gave the youth with strong spiritual power our power and invited four youth of you to let you blockade a demon to each place, because the seal of the demon whom youths whom we gave power 600 years ago sealed was removed and a demon revived” Roman asked “Why do you not fight against the demon?” White tiger said “Because we must protect many places elsewhere, we cannot protect only one place” Martin asked “What kind of demon is the demon?” Black tortoise said “The demon who did the figure of the huge snake” Marcela asked “What should we do?” Vermilion bird “You make full use of the special power that we give you, and blockade the demon” When Azure dragon, White tiger, Vermilion bird, Black tortoise let a ball of the light appear, the ball of the light was into the body of Petr and Roman and Marcela and Martin. Then the pattern of each divine beast emerged to their arm. Petr asked “What did you do to me?” Azure dragon said “We We just gave you our power” White tiger said “Good luck” The divine beast formed the boundary zone around Esban and disappeared to the sky. The demon of innumerable horrifying figures was hatched from an egg in sequence at the place that ever became a wasteland at that time. And they went to the place that ever became a wasteland without understanding the situation well. The demon who did innumerable horrifying figures loitered around there and attacked the person who survived. Martin rolled the empty can which was under his foot and demons who did a horrifying figure noticed the sound and attacked them. When Petr took down a sword for demons who did the horrifying figure which attacked him, snow crystal was released by the sword which he took down and the body of some demons was frozen hard and broke into pieces. Roman and Marcela and Martin took down a sword for demons who did the horrifying figure which attacked them in sequence. Thunder was hit from the sword which Roman took down by demons, then the body of some demons burnt. Flame was emitted by the sword which Marcela took down, then the body of some demons were wrapped in flame and was destroyed by fire. Green light was emitted by the sword which Martin took down, then some demons were swallowed by the plant which emerged from the step of some demons, and became extinct. And they knocked down demons who did all horrifying figures successively. Then the demon who did the figure of the huge snake appeared before them suddenly. The demon who did the figure of the huge snake did a tail of oneself like a whip and nailed it over the place where they were. But they avoided the attack due to the tail of the demon who did the figure of the huge snake quickly. They put the sword which they had each and raised it, then the body of the demon who did the figure of the huge snake was wrapped in dazzling light and was sealed in crystal. And they made aid for the rebuilding of Esban using the special power that they were given. Because Esban revived and vigor returned to Esban, when they went to the ground which pulled a sword to return the special power that they were given, the divine beast appeared front of them each again. Azure dragon said “The demon subjugation of the on this occasion was admirable” Vermilion bird said “If even thou consents, protect this ground using the power that thou was given from us as it is” Petr and Roman and Marcela and Martin said “Yes, my pleasure” And divine beasts left. They were handled as a noble by the kingdom and their descendant inherited their power, too and continued protecting the ground.

12 bewitched swords

There was the man who lived in the quiet residential area of the town named Izuha alone. He was not going to meet a person since his wife and his 2-year-old daughter were murdered one year ago by a robber. One day he heard a rumor that there was God who granted a wish in anything into the cave near the town where he lived in and went to there. And he said “Let me meet my wife and my daughter once again” towards the depths of the cave. Then the depths of the cave have begun to shine suddenly. He heard “I grant your wish” from the depths of the cave. The man asked “Are you god?” He heard “God is God, but I am a fearful god” from the depths of the cave. He herd “Because you grant your wish, tear off a talisman” from the depths of the cave. He tore off a talisman. The man’s soul was absorbed, and wicked light entered the body of the man from a mirror. And three ogres appeared front of him out of nowhere. The fearful god said “Because I am in the forest ahead, you bring 12 humans there!” Three ogres said “Yes, sir” and left the place. When the Buddhist priest named Kaien that a fearful god managed the sealed cave performed ancestors to the watchman of the cave from generation to generation, the cave has already collapsed. Kaien went to Izuha, and he asked a resident the presence of the missing person. And he knew that plural missing people appeared at Izuha and the outskirts. He started the chase of the fearful god. Ogres arrested 12 humans in Izuha and the neighboring towns and brought them to the forest where a fearful god was. The fearful god said “Bring humans to my front one by one!” One of three ogres brought one man to front of fearful god. The fearful god let the man grasp the sword which that the design of the Rat was engraved into. Then the eyes of the man turned red and kneeled. The man said “I have been a long time no see you, sir” “I’m sorry, my original faculty is not usable because I have not yet awoken” The fearful god “Ok” And the fearful god let other 11 humans grasp the sword which a design of the sexagenary cycle was engraved into equally. They also kneeled. 12 owners of the bewitched sword said “We are entirely at your service” The fearful god said “Because your original power awakes at the night of the full moon five days later, behave yourself till then” 12 owners of the bewitched sword said “Yes, sir” The fearful god pointed to one of three orgres and said “You take care of those fellows” One of three orgres said “Yes, sir ” and left the place with 12 owners of the bewitched sword. The fearful god pointed to other one of three ogres and said “You look for my body sealed somewhere!” Other one of three ogres said “Yes, sir” and left the place. And the fearful god also left the place with remainder one of three ogres. Kaien thought that a fearful god wanted a body of oneself, and he went to the pond where his ancestors sealed with the body of the fearful god. And when he arrived at the pond and ambushed the fearful god, one ogre appeared. He chanted an incantation front of an ogre set an attack and stopped the movement of the ogre and cut an ogre with the sword which extinguished a devil. And the ogre became the dust and disappeared. He camped out near a pond, and he waited for a fearful god to come. Five days later, 12 owners of the bewitched sword who took moonlight became a beast person. Then 12 owners of the bewitched sword have begun to attack the human being. One of three ogres soothed them and went to the fearful god. 12 owners of the bewitched sword kneeled and said “We came to front of you, sir” The fearful god pointed to one of three ogres and said “You and 12 owners of the bewitched sword go to look for my body!” The fearful god “If my body finds a sealed place, you contact me!” One of three ogres and 12 owners of the bewitched sword said “Yes, sir” and left the place. And  one of three ogres returned to the place where a fearful god was several hours later. One of three ogres said “We found the place where is sealed your body” The fearful god said “Ok, Guide me to there” The ogre went to the pond where is sealed the body of the fearful god with a fearful god and remainder one of three ogres. When they arrived at the pond, 12 owners of the bewitched sword made resistance against it with Kaien. Two ogres of three ogres attacked Kaien. But Kaien prevented their attack in his crosier and cut two ogres with the sword which extinguished a devil. Then two ogres became the dust and disappeared. 12 owners of the bewitched sword attacked Kaien in succession. He prevented their attack in his crosier and cut their body one by one with the sword which extinguishes a devil. Then 12 owners of the bewitched sword returned to a human figure, and there was a bewitched sword broken at their feet. Kaien said “Leave this place early!” They left the place on the run. And he cut the fearful god with the sword which extinguishes a devil. Then a fearful god disappeared from the body of the man. Peace returned to the town.