The retaliation

The boy named Jarvis who graduated from a university and became a policeman was assigned to a town named Grevisfait of desire and a chaos, and he was found as a corpse in the next month of the assigned day.
And his mortality was dealt with as suicide.
The girl named Greer who was dating with him from university days thought of his death doubtfully, and she has begun body remodeling for revenge at the same time as she employs a detective and makes them check a truth.
She received information that he has a high possibility involved in some schemes.
And she commissioned a detective to do an investigation continuously.
But she lost contact with a detective shortly.
Therefore she became a policewoman to investigate her originally, and she kept taking out an assignment request to the police station where he was assigned before his death.
Her request was fulfilled and she was assigned to the police station in Grevisfait after half year.
And she worked as a policewoman who protects a citizen in the daytime and checked a dark side in Grevisfait under a dark night in the evening.
She knew that Jarvis was killed by the boss’s son named Crow of Mafia named Dravista family, and the boss named Salem of Dravista family, and the boss of Dravista commissioned the police station chief named Bram constable who adheres for a long time to suppress a murder case.
She promised revenge once more.
She knocked a member of Dravista family flat one after another under a dark night.
The rumor that underling of Salem were killed by Mafia he opposes spread.
Salem called Bram.
Salem said “I have something to tell you”
Bram said “Do not contact me openly!”
Salem said “That it may also influence your retreat”
Bram said “What is that?”
Salem said “The matter by which much my underling was killed by someone”
“It is also a matter of time that he notices our relation”
Bram said “So, What should I do?”
Salem said “When my underling has begun to be killed, check the guy who has come to this town”
Bram said “Ok”
They have disconnected the telephone, and Bram ordered his subordinate, and before members of Dravista was killed, made the person who has come to this town investigate secretly.
Bram received the information that a man and a woman have come to this town with Greer before members of Dravista are killed from his subordinate.
He made them monitoring targets and made them watch over their behavior secretly.
Only she could not prove an alibi in a case, so suspicion was applied more, and she was bound.
Bram asked “Did you kill memmers of Dravista?”
Greer asked “Is there evidence that I killed?”
“Only circumstance evidence?”
Bram said “Ah”
Greer said “Well, release me!”
Bram released her reluctantly, but he strengthened the watch to her.
She killed policemen who were watching her, and assassinated members of Dravista and followers of Bram one after another.
She who made Dravista family be annihilated by herself has assassinated Bram and Salem.
Crow which noticed itself being aimed at hid himself.
But she finds and has killed Crow which hides in the hiding room in a residence in Dravista family.
And she drank a poison by the place where a corpse of Jarvis was found and died.


The hat

There was a lady named Mirena who carries on the hat shop who does manufacturing and sales of a hat in a cheerful town.
She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend named Grayson for more than 5 years.
She has supported him who was an unknown painter.
As his picture became popular with them, he was being a female model named Tabitha and a romantic relationship.
She kept thinking he returns sometime and waiting.
One day he who came to her house after a long time made her wonder.
Grayson said “I regard marriage as the person associating now”
“Would you make her a hat?”
Mirena said “I have devoted myself to you so far”
Grayson said “I am sorry, and thank you very much so far”
She made a hat while bearing a grudge against him and his fiance.
She handed over the hat completed on the engagement show party previous day of Grayson and Tabitha to him.
Mirena invited to their engagement show party confirmed the figure that Glinda puts on the hat by which she included and made a hostility, then she smiled weirdly.
And the hat Glinda put on twined around her hair.
They tried to make them take off a hat, but a hat twined around her hair, and did not come off.
She could take off a hat by cutting her long hair inevitably.
Mirena which saw the pitiful her figure returned hastily.
Mirena which sneaked out of an engagement show party on the way became missing.
And Glinda also became missing.
The people searched strenuously, and a corpse of Mirena of after death for several days found at hatter’s basement, but unfortunately they could not find Glinda.
After that the hat passed through person’s various hands, and it was put in the corner in an antique shop.

The Hannya mask

There was a city named Soephellia which is called a capital of art and has produced many artists to the world.
The married couple named Beda and Nia who are famous mask collectors worldwide carry on a museum live in that city with their son named Jakub.
One day Beda bought a Japanese ogress mask called Hannya mask from the antique arts dealer with whom he is on friendly terms with his family.
Jakub felt the mask was weird and said “Because the mask is creepy, do not put it in the house”
Nia said “Because you are not a young child, do not be horrified by this”
And Beda displayed a mask in the living room.
Jakub witnessed the person who wore a Hannya mask and a kimono many times from night of the day when a Hannya mask was displayed in the living room.
Jakub said “The person who wore a Hannya mask was seeing me”
Beda said “That is the illusion your fear produced”
Nia said “Do not mind that”
The back of Beda and a left arm of Nia were slashed by a Japanese sword of Hannya.
They were slashed by Hannya, but there was nothing for a while.
Several days later, they got a serious injury actually.
Jakub thought that Beda and Nia got a serious injury by a curse of the Hannya mask.
And he took the mask out from his house.
Then Hannya has run after him.
He threw the mask away to a river near his house.
Hannya which was running after him has disappeared, and he took back calm daily life.
It was revealed that the Hannya mask was made based on The mask named a plump mask made with human’s skin later.
The mask was called a mask of a curse.


Dream express

Two close sisters live in the town named Bygret.
Older sister named Aria noticed her little sister named Zoe seems odd.
And Zoe seemed to take vitality away and was pining.
Zoe was murmuring “I have to take Dream express” like nonsense.
Aria researched about Dream express.
Then she knew that there was rumor whispered plausibly in Bygret.
The person who drew the mark by which a hexagram is in the circle by blood in the left back of the hand and slept can take the train written on the black body with [Dream express] in the dream.
The train carries a passenger to the place a passenger desires.
She who thought Dream express took vitality of Zoe away drew a mark by which a hexagram is in the circle by red paint in left back of her hand for her to rescue Zoe.
When she fell asleep, a train of the black body with the plate written with Dream train in her dream appeared.
She saw Zoe which takes a seat, and she took a train.
Zoe who noticed Aria asked “Why are you here?”
Aria said “I have come to help you”
Zoe said “I do not need help”
“Go home!”
The doors closed at the same time as they approached a door in order for Aria to grasp right wrist of Zoe and get off a train.
Zoe said “You cannot get off at any place besides the destination any more”
Karen has sighed with a discouraged expression.
Dream express with them stopped at an inlet in the island where they lived formerly.
Many people including their parents died of a big tidal wave several years ago in the island.
Their parents who should pass away met them in an inlet.
Aria asked “Why are there mum and dad here?”
Zoe said “Because I wished”
Aria was anxious about Zoe, but when Aria saw Zoe who gets off from Dream express, she checked in all cars to every corner.
When she entered an engine room, a monster with an ugly head and a big body was monitoring people’s dream there.
The monster asked “What did you come here to do?”
Aria said “To help my little sister”
“What are you doing?”
The monster said “I am eating their dreams”
She thought through monitoring a monster was breathing the people’s vitality.
And she destroyed monitors, then the body of the monster was shriveled and Dream express became extinct.
When she who has woken up went to a room in Zoe, Zoe which smiles was.


Grandpa’s cane

A girl named Vita lived at a town named Vresia with her grandfather.
Before she attains the age of discretion, her parents were killed by the robber who burgled in her house.
Therefore she was taken in tow by her grandfather, and lived with her grandfather since that.
Her grandfather had a cane from when she has begun to live with her grandfather.
She is interested in a cane of her grandfather, and has touched that only one time.
Then her gentle grandfather was enraged for the first time.
Her grandfather stormed “Do not touch this cane!”
Vita said “I am sorry”
“Is it expensive?”
Her grandfather said “The time when you understand this value would come, but that is not now”
That was the beginning and it was last that her grandfather scolded her.
She did not touch a cane of her grandfather since that.
One day while she who graduated from a junior high school is waiting for entrance of the high school, her grandfather lost consciousness at home suddenly, and was conveyed to a hospital by an ambulance.
When she ran to a hospital where her grandfather was conveyed, doctors were treating him strenuously but her grandfather passed away.
She was informed that her grandfather passed away of subarachnoid hemorrhage from a doctor.
And she was crying all the while during funeral rites.
Her several relatives who saw such her offered her that they like to welcome her to an adopted child.
But she refused the proposal, and she chose to live at the house where she lived with her grandfather.
She was spending after death of her grandfather spiritlessly for about 1 month.
Therefore she has begun to put a momento of her grandfather in order.
And she found a cane of her grandfather.
She remembered the word her grandfather said.
<The time when you understand this value would come>
When she poked a floor once by a cane of her grandfather lightly casually, her grandfather who became an etheric body appeared.
She was happy that even a ghost could meet her grandfather again and she shed tears in the joy.
Her grandfather said “Do not cry!”
Vita asked “Are you a ghost?”
Her grandfather said “Such one”
“Because I could not explain to you about a cane, just before dying, I made my soul fixed in that cane”
Vita asked “What is this all about?”
Her grandfather said “This cane is the special cane with which the Death world and this world are connected”
Vita said “What should I do?”
Her grandfather said “First you hold a ceremony of succession, and you have to be a formal owner of a cane”
“Poke a floor third by a cane, and utter with <I succeed to this cane>”
She did as it was called, then a carved seal with the thorny design was carved in her left hand.
Vita asked “What is this?”
Her grandfather said “That is a evidence of the succeed”
“And others do not see that”
Vita said “Ok”
Her grandfather said “Poke a floor twice by a cane”
She did as it was called again, then a wooden one door appeared on her feet.
Her grandfather said “Open this door and lead the ghost which can be wandered to the Death world”
When her grandfather finished saying, he disappeared to the other side of the door.
She tried to run after her grandfather and go to the other side of the door, then her grandfather said “You are not supposed to come here yet”
“I am always near you”
Vita said “Ok” and endured a tear, and saw her grandfather off.
She was leading the ghost who can wander to the Death world while doing the help which cuts off regret in this world of souls.

The fireworks

There was a long-established fireworks shop named Tachibana fireworks shop has a history of over 300 years in a town named Tatsuhana city.
And there was a boy named Wataru of the next inheritor of a high school second year student at the fireworks shop..
But he was completely having no interest in fireworks, and spent his time in pleasure on the town.
One day when he who has finished school goes to the station, a student of a girls’ high school of the vicinage who was walking in front of him has dropped a book.
He picked the book she has dropped up and handed that over to her.
And he knew that the book she has dropped was a collection of fireworks photography.
The girl said “Thank you. I am Sayuri”
“Are you Wataru of an inheritor in Tachibana fireworks shop?”
Wataru said “Yes”
“Why do you know me?”
Sayuri said “I saw your photograph on the fireworks magazine”
Wataru said “I do not have intention which becomes an inheritor”
Sayuri asked “Why?”
Wataru said “I do not want to live through a prepared life”
“I would like to decide by myself my future”
Sayuri asked “What would you like to do in the future?”
Wataru said “I do not know yet”
Sayuri asked “Well, please assist my research until you can find that you want to send you”
He took the proposal reluctantly.
As they were having time together, he was being attracted by her gradually.
And they had begun to dating, but soon after they were promoted to a high school second year student, she fell sick and visited a doctor.
She was told to need a close examination and have that examination at a university hospital, and she went to a university hospital.
It was revealed that she had leukaemia as a result of the close examination at a university hospital, and she was hospitalized urgently.
When he who knew her to have been hospitalized runs to a hospital, she was behaving herself toughly.
He who got her leave out by her doctor in attendance went to see fireworks with her in that summer.
But it became difficult that she even behaves herself toughly in front of him, because her physical strength declined gradually.
And she refused for him to visit on her.
He who realized her feelings wrote the daily affair which he wanted to share with her in a letter and entrusted to her mother.
He would like to show fireworks to hospitalized her, and he asked earnestly to his father.
His father asked earnestly to each related agent and got permission.
Fireworks are going to be set off near the hospital where she is hospitalized.
He spoke to her mother about the day of setting off fireworks, but her modality was aggravated at the day of setting off previous night of fireworks.
And she passed away so that she might sleep when fireworks were setting off.
When it has passed for about one week since her funeral was finished, her mother has visited him.
Her mother said “When I was putting a momento of Sayuri in order, the notebook which was being drawn until the previous day when she passes away was found”
“This notebook” and she handed him that notebook.
The design of the various fireworks was drawn by the notebook.
Her mother said “Perhaps Sayuri was drawing the design of the fireworks she considered for you”
Wataru said “I did not know that”
Her mother said “I give the notebook to you”
Wataru said “Thank you”
He would like to show the fireworks she designed to she in the heaven, and persevered in study of fireworks above so far.
Then the fireworks she designed via the time of 10 years were completed, and he was set off fireworks her anniversary of death.
He was set off fireworks on her anniversary of death every year after that by a donation of the people who approve his feelings.


A kingdom named the Kingdom of Zabrengit formed peace with the various races formerly and lived together.
But an incumbent king named Fabel Ⅲ ordered a soldier and made them catch much race which was in Zabrengit.
The boy named Veysel who lives in Zabrengit was interested in where persons of the caught race brought, and he followed that group.
Then he saw that Fabel Ⅲ made them begin the experiment which gets the respective races are the ability which had it and was born at the facilities on the back of the palace.
He felt unspeakable fear and bolted to a forest.
The monster which grew with the head to two sharp corners and covered the whole body with the form like the savage beast in a flame appeared suddenly in front of him.
The monster asked “Are you an agent of the kingdom?”
Veysel said “No. I followed them and saw their experiment”
“Who are you?”
The monster said “I am Nuri of the race of the name as Ifrit”
“I do not have a mind to make you feel afraid”
Veysel said “Ok. I am Veysel”
Nuri said “I would like to rescue caught brothers and prevent king’s experiment”
Veysel asked “What should I do?”
Nuri said “Well, call troops here”
Veysel said “When such thing is done, you will be caught by them”
Nuri said “Do not despise me”
Veysel said “Sorry”
And he called 3 troops who were in the neighborhood to stop.
Veysel said “There is a monster in the neighborhood”
One of 3 troops said “Guide us”
He brought 3 troops to Nuri.
Nuri breathed fire in 3 troops and made them burn down.
Then Nuri changed his figure to one of 3 troops.
They rescued elves, dwarves, dragons, and some races.
And they destroyed a palace and banished Fabel Ⅲ from Zabrengit.
Zabrengit was the place where the various races live together again.

The figure

One package of sender obscurity was dropped into an apartment of the college student named Steve who lives in a college town named Darfyntes.
When he opened the package, a right leg and an envelope were included in the package.
<Chosen you receive parts of the figure every week, complete that figure> was written on the letter in that envelope.
He was going to consult with his girlfriend named Tricia about the package which reaches his apartment every week, but he could not get any more a contact at all with her.
He could not make a contact with Tricia for 3 days, so he asked her friend named Carrie which lives she her whereabouts.
Steve asked “I cannot make a contact with Tricia from the front for about 1 week, do you know where she is?”
Carrie said “She returned to her parents’ home for her to attend a funeral of her elder brother”
Steve asked “Why did not tell me that?”
Carrie said “Because she did not want to trouble you”
Steve said “Ok”
But she has not returned.
And the package has reached his apartment every week after the day.
While he waits for her who is not returning, he has begun to construct parts of the doll which reaches his apartment every week.
When 1 month had passed since he began to construct a figure, he received a face of a figure and he learned that the figure was Tricia.
He who thought it was known what Carrie was went to her apartment.
She served him coffee.
Steve showed the figure and asked “Did you know existence of this figure?”
Carrie said “You are dull”
Steve said “I did not notice that a figure was Tricia until I receive facial parts”
“About that?”
Carrie said “The figure is herself”
Steve asked “What does it mean?”
Carrie said “You are really dull”
“I killed her and made it a figure”
Steve asked “I heard you and Tricia are best friends,but why?”
Carrie said “Because I fell in love to you”
“I began to feel Tricia obstructively, and killed her”
“I would like to present a gift to you who like a figure, and I made her a figure”
Steve said “Tell me it is all lie”
Carrie said “No it is all true”
Steve asked “Why did you say that to me?”
Carrie said “I kill you and put it near me as a figure” and smiled weirdly.
Steve said “No”
Carrie said “The medicine should work by and by”
His body had a spasm, and he fell.
Steve asked “What did you do?” during the consciousness fading away.
Carrie said “I cannot be released you”
Because he hid and had his mobile phone done in the call state with his friend just in case, his friend who noticed doubtfully reported to the police.
And she was arrested.
A large number of pictures which sneaked a shot of Steve was found from the room of Carrie.


The vintage clothes

There was a popular vintage clothes shop where vintage clothes which were gathered from domestic and abroad is sold in a town named Tyvris.
One day a girl named Karen who lives in a town visited the shop with her boyfriend named Tristan, and she was bought him a one-piece dress.
Karen said “Thank you, Tris”
Tristan said “You are welcome”
And when she wears the one-piece dress which she was bought him, she treats him as if he is a stranger, and she disappeared from his front suddenly.
He ran after her quickly, but he lost sight of her on the way.
Tristan cried “Where are you, Karen?”
But there were no answers.
He thinks there is cause with which her state became odd in a one-piece dress, and he has returned to a vintage clothes shop.
Tristan asked “Tell me about a one-piece I bought”
The employee of the vintage clothes shop asked “What happened?”
Tristan said “Her state became odd after she put on the one-piece dress I bought here for her, and she disappeared suddenly”
The employee of the vintage clothes shop said “The one-piece dress you bought is the dress a signorina of a impoverished aristocrat who prospered formerly in a neighboring country named Gwent wore habitually”
Tristan asked “What happened to the signorina?”
The employee of the vintage clothes shop said “One day she became missing on reaching”
“Her parents spent private property and searched for her, but they could not find her”
“And her parents went bankrupt for it, and they died of anxiety”
“There is not a person who knows her whereabouts yet”
Tristan asked “What should I to do?”
The employee of the vintage clothes shop said “I will check it about her”
“Beyond the border which is 2 kilometer ahead of here, go to the deserted house which is near it”
Tristan said “Ok”
He went to the residence of a missing signorina.
He who has arrived at a residence found a silhouette in back woods in a residence, and he ran up to the silhouette.
Then Karen lost consciousness and fell there.
And a skeletonized corpse lay down on her side.
He woke her up, then she was surprised at a corpse on her side, and she clung to him.
But when she heard a detailed account from him, she dressed a corpse with a one-piece dress.
And they buried signorina’s corpse politely.
The flowers bloomed around them suddenly.
A signorina seemed to thank them for that.

The airport

The communication entered an air traffic control tower at the airport in the calm town named Chrofet by an unknown language on The day when a meteor was witnessed all over the world.
Father of Will which is an air traffic controller was instructing archaeology, so he noticed that the unknown language was an ancient language.
He was taught an ancient language to his father from childhood, so he could understand the communication contents easily.
Will asked “May i translate his language?”
His boss asked “Why do you know his language?”
Wil said “His language is an ancient language, and i have studied that language”
His boss said “Well, translate his language”
He translated their language.
[I ask the permission which makes our ship land at this place]
Will asked “Who are you?” in an ancient language.
[I am Dygres of a space traveler.
I led to abnormality in my spaceship by influence of the sun flare during a space trip, so i want you to make them repair my spaceship at your planet]
His boss asked “What did they say?”
Will said “He is a space traveller named Dygres, and a defect has occurred to his spaceship, so he is asking permission of a landing to repair it”
His boss said “If he will finish repairing of his spaceship and goes out immediately, I admit certain use at the airport”
Will said “We permit your landing” in a ancient language.
Then a spaceship appeared in the airport sky with glaring light, and that spaceship landed at a runway.
And a boy has come down landing steps.
His boss “You go to an airport runway too”
Will said “Certainly” and faced an airport runway quickly by the car.
When he arrived at a runway, there was an ordinary boy obviously.
Will asked “Are you Dygres” in an ancient language.
The boy said “Yes” in an ancient language.
Dygres told him what was necessary for repairing of a spaceship.
Will prepared something Dygres will need immediately.
He watched spaceship repairing of Dygres by boss’s command.
Dygres which has finished repairing a spacecraft in about 3 hours said “I give you this” and handed over the ball which is discharge electricity a little to him.
Will asked “What is this ball?”
Dygres said “That compressed one for 10 years of the electric energy this planet uses”
Dygres which handed that ball to him boarded a spaceship and took off.
The human race life made progress on leaps and bounds using its energy.