The rain

There was an abundant and calm town named Ruhsland naturally.
The mayor named Curtis in the town brought an invitation of enterprise aggressively as the plan to make finance in the town be benefited.
He succeeded in invitation of a major pharmaceutical company named Creek pharmaceutical, and medicine manufacturing facilities worked safely the 3 years later.
But since that medicine manufacturing facilities worked, very acid strong rain started to fall.
The acid very strong rain could melt something various.
And the person who gets wet by rain suffered severe burns.
The residents in Ruhsland thought that the discharged medicine from medicine manufacturing facilities of Creek pharmaceutical is vaporized, and acid strong rain can be showered.
Everyone could say nothing to Creek pharmaceutical, because finance in the town was benefited thanks to Creek pharmaceutical, and many residents in the town were working at medicine manufacturing facilities.
The girl named Marlow who lost her father by acid rain requested the expert named Professor Ashdown of the ecology and a head named Mr. Nash of an institute of a laboratory to investigate.
They had begun to investigate her request, but they finish investigation end immediately, and returned.
The investigation reports have reached her later.
<Causality of acid rain and medicine manufacturing facilities cannot be proved> was written on that reports.
She who was not convincing in the investigation report made the investigation original.
And she knew Professor Ashdown and Mr. Nash to have received cash of a large amount from Creek pharmaceutical.
She has begun a sneaking in investigation as a staff in Creek pharmaceutical.
She tried to curry favor with middle management or manager’s person.
She met president’s son named Lucas by chance, and their relationship became good.
He and she who was investigating while dating found the fact about his mother.
That fact is when he was young, his father gave a new medicine to his mother body selfishly and did a clinical trial.
His mother who became sick by a side effect of the new medicine passed away about 2 weeks later after she was given medication.
Curtis did a clinical trial of a new medicine, but he pretended he did not do that.
She worried whether to tell the fact that she knew down to him, and she told him.
Lucas said “I was making hear that my mother died by sick so far”
“I do not know what may be believed”
She showed him the clinical trial data saved from destruction as evidence.
Marlow said “It is severe, but this is real”
Lucas asked “Why do you know this?”
Marlow said “I lost my father by very strong acid rain because of Creek pharmaceutical, and I requested investigation for famous specialists”
“But they bring benefits from Creek pharmaceutical, it was revealed that it was given, so I have begun to investigate independently”
Lucas asked “Did you find the evidence to prove causality of acid rain and Creek pharmaceutical?”
Marlow said “Not yet”
“Instead the fact about your mother clinical trial was revealed”
Lucas “I see”
“How would you like to do?”
Marlow said “I make the fact clear”
“If causality of Creek pharmaceutical and acid rain are proved , I will charge”
Lucas said “Ok”
Marlow said “I cannot keep dating with you anymore”
Lucas asked “Why?”
Marlow said “Because I am in the position like spying and your father is my enemy”
Lucas said “I do not have a mind to part from you, because I believe you”
Marlow said “Thank you”
They looked for the evidence to relate to acid rain and Creek pharmaceutical together.
They who found evidence sent that to the television station, then the evidence was featured on the news,
Medicine manufacturing facilities suspended operation, and many persons concerned in Curtis and medicine manufacturing facilities were arrested.
And they emigrated together in the countryside where no one knows them.


The necromancer

There were the clan named the Dahl clan with the power to control a corpse from ancient times in the castle town named Sauel of the kingdom named the Kingdom of Felsbach.
They controlled the corpse of the ally and enemy in much war, and they sent them off to the battle front.
The King named Neal found such them to be useful, but one day he and the head of neighboring countries did a peace negotiation, and war reached the end.
Then the Dahl clan were cursed “You are the ominous clan”  by the nation.
And they were exiled from Sauel and they moved to the forest named Ewig where a person in the suburbs of Felsbach did not approach.
And the Dahl clan lived quietly in Ewig.
But the boy named Jamir could not understand the reaction of a kingdom and the nation, and he sneaked into the royal palace as a Household troops.
He killed the captain of Household troops, and he controlled the corpse of the captain, and he gave an interview with a major general with the captain whom he controlled, he killed a major general, and he controlled the corpse of a major general.
And he repeated it many times, and killed a general, then he became the general of the shadow and he killed the person who resisted that he ruled over the kingdom without mercy and handled people as a tool.
The boy named Brad who left his girlfriend named Yvonne in Sauel, and moved to Ewig and he worried about her and came over to Sauel at that time.
When he lived quietly with Yvonne, he heard a strange rumor.
The rumor is energy came out of soldiers of the kingdom forces these days.
Yvonne said “I am anxious about Theo”
Theo is her young brother.
Brad said “Ok, I go to to meet Theo, but do you also go?”
Yvonne said “Of course”
They approached Theo.
Even if she talked to Theo, he reacted to nothing.
Then he noticed that stench of death rose from a body of Theo and knew that the person of his clan killed the soldier and controlled the corpse.
And Brad touched the body of Theo and chanted “Let this person loose by the chain which lets the soul of this person be subordinate”
Then the control of Theo was canceled and allowed that he came to be able to act voluntarily.
Brad explained circumstances to Theo, and he let Theo bring other soldiers and canceled control of soldiers.
He let soldiers check the aim of the person of his clan who controlled soldiers.
And he knew that Jamir was going to rule over the Kingdom of Felsbach.
Brad said “If we could not let King Neal escape from the royal palace as soon as possible, Jamir kills the King, and controls a corpse of the King and rules over Felsbach”
Brad and Yvonne and Theo and several soldiers entered the royal palace, and soldiers guided him and Yvonne to the room of King Neal so that it was not noticed controlled soldiers by Jamir.
Brad said “King Neal, because I aim at your life because Jamir of the Dahl clan influences a kingdom, I take you to the safe place”
King Neal said “I know thou!”
“Because you are a person of the Dahl clan, I am untrustworthy thou”
Yvonne asked “Would you believe King, him?”
“He came for you to here after having understood danger”
King Neal said “But King of this country is me”
Theo said “Because it is our duty to protect the body of the King, please it, please be understood”
King Neal said “Ok”
And when they leave the room of the King with King Neal, soldiers controlled by Jamir emerged before them.
They came back to the room of the King once.
Soldiers who entered the royal palace with them said “King and you wear our armor and pretend to be the soldier, and please escape from the royal palace”
“Because we are already dead, please do not mind”
King Neal said “Ok”
And they wore the armor of soldiers and went out of the room of the King with several soldiers, and they escaped from the royal palace without being noticed soldiers controlled by Jamir and he sheltered King in the house of the district where his clan lived in before.
And he asked Yvonne for care of the King, and he went to the royal palace again with several soldiers.
Jamir killed King and ruled over the Kingdom of Felsbach that he let soldiers go to the room of King Neal at that time.
And he received a report King escaped from the royal palace by soldiers.
Then he let soldiers gather the nations who lived in the castle town to the open space in front of the royal palace.
Jamir said “The King of this country ran away from the royal palace”
“I govern this country than this”
The nations cried “King cannot get rid of us!”
Jamir said “If King does not appear to here within three hours, I murder people who is in this place one by one”
Because there was just Brad near the open space in front of the royal palace, he canceled the control of soldiers who were placed to surround an open space quietly.
And he went to the royal palace with soldiers, then there were Jamir and several soldiers, and King and Yvonne was in the opposite side.
Brad asked “Why are there you and King here, Yvonne?”
Yvonne said “King said that he must protect the nation and went to the royal palace”
“And I ran after him and came to the royal palace”
Brad said “I see”
Jamir said “Die for the nation, King”
“Soldiers, kill King”
Theo and soldiers stood in the way in front of soldiers controlled by Jamir.
And Brad removed control of soldiers controlled by Jamir.
Jamir ordered “Kill King early!” to soldiers.
However, soldiers betrayed the order.
Brad said “King Neal, please give soldiers an order”
King Neal pointed to Jamir and said “Arrest the person”
Then Jamir escaped on the run, but he was arrested immediately by soldiers.
And Jamir was imprisoned.
King Neal said “I thank thou”
“If there is the thing which thou wishes for, try to say anything to me”
Brad said “Well, please give me the land for dead people”
King Neal said “I understood it”
“It may be good that dead people and living people live together”
Brad said “I thank you”
And Felsbach became the country where dead people and living people lived in together.

Signorina Abigail and her butler

There was a mansion of Earl of Macfield family in the northeast in a kingdom named the Kingdom of Granforis. More than 100 employees and Earl of Macfield and his signorina named Abigail lived in the mansion. When Abigail was baby, her mother passed away and because Earl of Macfield does not make her do deserted concern, she could be spoiled, and it was brought up. Therefore she became a selfish signorina. But the butler named Harrison to who serves her exclusively has granted all her selfishness. Harrison gave her all things which she said that she wanted. One day Abigail said “I would like to shop in the downtown area like an ordinary girl” Harrison said “Yes, your highness” “Then I prepare, so will you go tomorrow?” Abigail said “Ok” And next day. Harrison said “Because the clothes you wear will make know that you are an noble, there is a possibility that you can patrol dangerously” “Please wear this” and handed her  the housemaid clothes he made a housemaid named Helena arrange last night. Abigail asked “Do I wear this?” Harrison said “Yes” Abigail said “Ok” and wore the housemaid clothes. And Harrison and Abigail went to the downtown area. They who have arrived at the downtown area bought clothes and changed the clothes. Abigail said “Because I enter this store, please wait a moment outside” and enter a chandler. Harrison said “Yes, your highness” When she was evaluating at a general shop in order to buy a present to Abigail, a strange man spoke to her. The man asked “Are you a signorina of Earl Macfield?” Abigail said “Yes” “Who are you?” The man said “I am a butler named Gardner of Lord Henderson family” Abigail didn’t know, but since Earl Macfield was loved most tenderly by the queen Majesty, Earl Macfield family and Lord Henderson family do not get along very well each other and Lord Henderson family was going to make Earl Macfield family downfall many times. Abigail said “Ok” Gardner said “A shop suitable for the person of high status like you, so if you would not mind, I will guide you” Abigail said “I am thankful for the proposal, but I am making a butler stand by in outside, so I refrain from the proposal” Then Gardner covered her nose and mouth with the handkerchief soaked in chloroform suddenly. When Harrison which felt uneasy foreboding enters the shop, he saw the figure of Gardner who carries her and goes out of the shop from the back entrance. Harrison which saw the figure of Gardner understood that Lord Henderson ordered a butler, and signorina Abigail was abducted. And Harrison boarded a carriage, then he chased Gardner heading to a mansion of Lord Henderson family by carriage. He bumped the carriage he takes against a carriage of Gardner and put a carriage of Gardner in mud, then he saved signorina Abigail from Gardner safely. Abigail recovered her consciousness. Harrison said “I was near signorina Abigail, but I exposed you to danger, and I apologize for that” Abigail said “You are not bad” Harrison said “Thank you so much” And they returned to a mansion. The rumor that Abigail was abducted spread from somewhere and Earl Macfield called him. Earl Macfield asked “Is the rumor that Abigail was abducted at the downtown area fact?” Harrison said “Yes, I am very sorry” Earl Macfield said “You get out of this mansion” Harrison said “Yes, your highness” When he packed a bag and was going to go out of the mansion, Helena came. Harrison said “Do not say to signorina Abigail” Helena said “Ok, take care” When Helena goes to her room to look after signorina Abigail, she seemed lonely. Abigail asked “Where is Harrison?” “No one answers” Helena which pitied signorina Abigail said “He was dismissed and went out” Abigail said “Oh” Helena said “Please exchange clothes with me and go to Harrison to meet” Abigail said “Thank you” She exchanged clothes, then she opposed a town with parents’ home of Harrison by carriage quickly. She met again with   him and they lived together quietly. And Helena lived at a mansion as signorina Abigail.

the animator

The dowdy animator named Dennis lived in the town named Zaxter. He became famous for the animated cartoon of his initial work five years ago at a bound, but because the animated cartoon after his second works was not supported at all, he did not go out except that he went to the cafe named Lantern where he liked him and went to. One day when he drew the picture while he drank coffee at the seat of the corner on the window side of the cafe, one beautiful woman named Roxanne sat down next to the seat where he sat. He did not have interest for her at all first, but she always sat at the seat next to him and when eyes matched him, she smiled at him kindly. And he was in love with her gradually. Roxanne said “Hi, what do you draw?” Dennis said “Hi, it is outside scenery” Roxanne said “Show me your picture”  Dennis said “Ok” and showed her the picture which he drew. Roxanne said “Your picture is very nice” “I like your picture” Dennis said “Thank you” Roxanne said “Please draw my picture” Dennis said “Ok” and drew her picture. He drew her picture, and he showed her the picture. She was pleased very much. And they began dating. The animation which he dealt with attracted attention on the coattails of her again. Then she disappeared from him in few days later. He looked for her desperately and walked, then when he was at a loss and went home, one letter was in the mailbox of his house. “Thank you so far. the days that I was able to spend with you were happy” was written on the letter. And when he looked at the storeroom casually, he entered the storeroom because the storeroom door opened. There was a lot documents of the animation which he dealt with in the past there. There was the work which a character similar to her was drew in there when he saw it well. He thought she is materialization from the picture that he drew it for him, supported him. Dennis said the picture which she was drawn “Thank you” He hid a memory with her, and he dealt with many animations.