The Hannya mask

There was a city named Soephellia which is called a capital of art and has produced many artists to the world.
The married couple named Beda and Nia who are famous mask collectors worldwide carry on a museum live in that city with their son named Jakub.
One day Beda bought a Japanese ogress mask called Hannya mask from the antique arts dealer with whom he is on friendly terms with his family.
Jakub felt the mask was weird and said “Because the mask is creepy, do not put it in the house”
Nia said “Because you are not a young child, do not be horrified by this”
And Beda displayed a mask in the living room.
Jakub witnessed the person who wore a Hannya mask and a kimono many times from night of the day when a Hannya mask was displayed in the living room.
Jakub said “The person who wore a Hannya mask was seeing me”
Beda said “That is the illusion your fear produced”
Nia said “Do not mind that”
The back of Beda and a left arm of Nia were slashed by a Japanese sword of Hannya.
They were slashed by Hannya, but there was nothing for a while.
Several days later, they got a serious injury actually.
Jakub thought that Beda and Nia got a serious injury by a curse of the Hannya mask.
And he took the mask out from his house.
Then Hannya has run after him.
He threw the mask away to a river near his house.
Hannya which was running after him has disappeared, and he took back calm daily life.
It was revealed that the Hannya mask was made based on The mask named a plump mask made with human’s skin later.
The mask was called a mask of a curse.


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