Grandpa’s cane

A girl named Vita lived at a town named Vresia with her grandfather.
Before she attains the age of discretion, her parents were killed by the robber who burgled in her house.
Therefore she was taken in tow by her grandfather, and lived with her grandfather since that.
Her grandfather had a cane from when she has begun to live with her grandfather.
She is interested in a cane of her grandfather, and has touched that only one time.
Then her gentle grandfather was enraged for the first time.
Her grandfather stormed “Do not touch this cane!”
Vita said “I am sorry”
“Is it expensive?”
Her grandfather said “The time when you understand this value would come, but that is not now”
That was the beginning and it was last that her grandfather scolded her.
She did not touch a cane of her grandfather since that.
One day while she who graduated from a junior high school is waiting for entrance of the high school, her grandfather lost consciousness at home suddenly, and was conveyed to a hospital by an ambulance.
When she ran to a hospital where her grandfather was conveyed, doctors were treating him strenuously but her grandfather passed away.
She was informed that her grandfather passed away of subarachnoid hemorrhage from a doctor.
And she was crying all the while during funeral rites.
Her several relatives who saw such her offered her that they like to welcome her to an adopted child.
But she refused the proposal, and she chose to live at the house where she lived with her grandfather.
She was spending after death of her grandfather spiritlessly for about 1 month.
Therefore she has begun to put a momento of her grandfather in order.
And she found a cane of her grandfather.
She remembered the word her grandfather said.
<The time when you understand this value would come>
When she poked a floor once by a cane of her grandfather lightly casually, her grandfather who became an etheric body appeared.
She was happy that even a ghost could meet her grandfather again and she shed tears in the joy.
Her grandfather said “Do not cry!”
Vita asked “Are you a ghost?”
Her grandfather said “Such one”
“Because I could not explain to you about a cane, just before dying, I made my soul fixed in that cane”
Vita asked “What is this all about?”
Her grandfather said “This cane is the special cane with which the Death world and this world are connected”
Vita said “What should I do?”
Her grandfather said “First you hold a ceremony of succession, and you have to be a formal owner of a cane”
“Poke a floor third by a cane, and utter with <I succeed to this cane>”
She did as it was called, then a carved seal with the thorny design was carved in her left hand.
Vita asked “What is this?”
Her grandfather said “That is a evidence of the succeed”
“And others do not see that”
Vita said “Ok”
Her grandfather said “Poke a floor twice by a cane”
She did as it was called again, then a wooden one door appeared on her feet.
Her grandfather said “Open this door and lead the ghost which can be wandered to the Death world”
When her grandfather finished saying, he disappeared to the other side of the door.
She tried to run after her grandfather and go to the other side of the door, then her grandfather said “You are not supposed to come here yet”
“I am always near you”
Vita said “Ok” and endured a tear, and saw her grandfather off.
She was leading the ghost who can wander to the Death world while doing the help which cuts off regret in this world of souls.

One thought on “Grandpa’s cane

  1. I loved this story! You really build anticipation from the beginning about the mysterious cane! Great storytelling! I had a student named Vita once!?😁


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