The vintage clothes

There was a popular vintage clothes shop where vintage clothes which were gathered from domestic and abroad is sold in a town named Tyvris.
One day a girl named Karen who lives in a town visited the shop with her boyfriend named Tristan, and she was bought him a one-piece dress.
Karen said “Thank you, Tris”
Tristan said “You are welcome”
And when she wears the one-piece dress which she was bought him, she treats him as if he is a stranger, and she disappeared from his front suddenly.
He ran after her quickly, but he lost sight of her on the way.
Tristan cried “Where are you, Karen?”
But there were no answers.
He thinks there is cause with which her state became odd in a one-piece dress, and he has returned to a vintage clothes shop.
Tristan asked “Tell me about a one-piece I bought”
The employee of the vintage clothes shop asked “What happened?”
Tristan said “Her state became odd after she put on the one-piece dress I bought here for her, and she disappeared suddenly”
The employee of the vintage clothes shop said “The one-piece dress you bought is the dress a signorina of a impoverished aristocrat who prospered formerly in a neighboring country named Gwent wore habitually”
Tristan asked “What happened to the signorina?”
The employee of the vintage clothes shop said “One day she became missing on reaching”
“Her parents spent private property and searched for her, but they could not find her”
“And her parents went bankrupt for it, and they died of anxiety”
“There is not a person who knows her whereabouts yet”
Tristan asked “What should I to do?”
The employee of the vintage clothes shop said “I will check it about her”
“Beyond the border which is 2 kilometer ahead of here, go to the deserted house which is near it”
Tristan said “Ok”
He went to the residence of a missing signorina.
He who has arrived at a residence found a silhouette in back woods in a residence, and he ran up to the silhouette.
Then Karen lost consciousness and fell there.
And a skeletonized corpse lay down on her side.
He woke her up, then she was surprised at a corpse on her side, and she clung to him.
But when she heard a detailed account from him, she dressed a corpse with a one-piece dress.
And they buried signorina’s corpse politely.
The flowers bloomed around them suddenly.
A signorina seemed to thank them for that.


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