The airport

The communication entered an air traffic control tower at the airport in the calm town named Chrofet by an unknown language on The day when a meteor was witnessed all over the world.
Father of Will which is an air traffic controller was instructing archaeology, so he noticed that the unknown language was an ancient language.
He was taught an ancient language to his father from childhood, so he could understand the communication contents easily.
Will asked “May i translate his language?”
His boss asked “Why do you know his language?”
Wil said “His language is an ancient language, and i have studied that language”
His boss said “Well, translate his language”
He translated their language.
[I ask the permission which makes our ship land at this place]
Will asked “Who are you?” in an ancient language.
[I am Dygres of a space traveler.
I led to abnormality in my spaceship by influence of the sun flare during a space trip, so i want you to make them repair my spaceship at your planet]
His boss asked “What did they say?”
Will said “He is a space traveller named Dygres, and a defect has occurred to his spaceship, so he is asking permission of a landing to repair it”
His boss said “If he will finish repairing of his spaceship and goes out immediately, I admit certain use at the airport”
Will said “We permit your landing” in a ancient language.
Then a spaceship appeared in the airport sky with glaring light, and that spaceship landed at a runway.
And a boy has come down landing steps.
His boss “You go to an airport runway too”
Will said “Certainly” and faced an airport runway quickly by the car.
When he arrived at a runway, there was an ordinary boy obviously.
Will asked “Are you Dygres” in an ancient language.
The boy said “Yes” in an ancient language.
Dygres told him what was necessary for repairing of a spaceship.
Will prepared something Dygres will need immediately.
He watched spaceship repairing of Dygres by boss’s command.
Dygres which has finished repairing a spacecraft in about 3 hours said “I give you this” and handed over the ball which is discharge electricity a little to him.
Will asked “What is this ball?”
Dygres said “That compressed one for 10 years of the electric energy this planet uses”
Dygres which handed that ball to him boarded a spaceship and took off.
The human race life made progress on leaps and bounds using its energy.


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