The fire

A boy named Blake and his father lived in a town named Lyvrea.
His father named Tony was the excellent firefighter which got many prizes until 5 years before.
He longed for such Tony, and he was aiming at a firefighter.
Their house burned down by suspicious fire on a day in 5 years ago, and his mother who drew in smoke passed away.
Tony grieved that he was a firefighter, but he could not rescue his wife from a fire.
He quit his job and gave himself over to drink.
Blake was not endured any more that Tony which corrupted is being seen.
He entered fire fighting school, and has begun to leave the house and live alone.
When half year has passed since he left the house, Tony died of acute alcoholism.
Blake in the fire fighting school got a contact, and he went home quickly.
He who was behaving himself toughly during funeral rites heard that fire by the same trick 5 years before is and is increasing recently.
He crossed his mind that revenge for the arsonist who took away the life of his mother and made his father be transformed into a disabled person.
Blake said “Mum does not wish for revenge”
“I will catch that criminal by myself”
He who has finished a funeral and has returned to fire fighting school graduated several months later safely.
When he was reading the report a fire investigator gathered about the fire of which his mother died, the information suspicious fire generated around his parents’ home in his assigned fire station entered.
He who has arrived at a fire site also noticed a girl being left in a house where he noticed a point similar to the feature recorded on a report of the fire investigator being many and also blazes.
And he rejected his superior’s restraining, and he entered a house where he blazes to rescue a girl.
The people are wishing for his safety, then he which covered soot holds a girl and has come out from a house which blazes.
He found a doubtful man in the rubberneck.
When his eyes is following the trend of the man, the man noticed him and went away from the place.
He found tobacco ash of a cigarette at the place where a man went away.
And he checked with tobacco ash of the cigarette and an article left behind in a fire site.
Then the DNA detected in an article left behind in a fire site and a DNA of a male cigarette were identical.
He found out arsonist’s background.
The man was the man in fifties who lives in a back house in his house.
The man was arrested by the evidence that he gathered them, and his achievements was praised and he got a prize.


2 thoughts on “The fire

  1. Wow! Watashi wa samishii desu! 😢 I’m glad the story had some resolution at the end, at least! So many sad things happened! It reminds me of a Fire that occurred next door to my daughter’s apartment in Oakland, CA. I was there when it happened. It was very scary and sad!


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