The mountain

The professor named Chris Rinford which is declared the expert of the geology was teaching in a university in the calm town named Veahlych.
He often left the class to his assistant named Bennett and went to a volcanic investigation of all over the world.
One day he received the notification that the mountain named Mount Braffent which seemed an extinct volcano so far has begun a volcanic activity suddenly went to Mount Braffent quickly.
He has begun to change into fire suit and investigate a volcano.
When he is taking a picture of an eruptive picture as a record picture at the end of an investigation, the crack in the ground occurred to his feet suddenly, and he fell into the crack.
Therefore he lost consciousness by an impact of a fall.
He recovered his consciousness after several hours had passed since he fell in a crack in the ground.
He who honored on the suddenness notice that it is not possible to go up without help there.
Chris said “I fell pretty from the crack in the ground”
Therefore he surveyed the neighborhood, then he found a cave.
He tried to ask Bennett for rescue by a satellite phone, but he was entering the inside in the cave because a satellite phone was damaged by an impact of a fall.
the voice like the bellow of the animal has been heard from the inside in a cave suddenly.
Chris asked “Is there anyone・
But a response was not returning to his question.
He set more foot on the inside in a cave cautiously, then he arrived at the open space.
The weird voice has been heard from everywhere.
The weird voice asked “Who are you?”
The front of him became light suddenly.
He noticed that there is a devil which grew old in the side of the baby dragon which breathed a flame in front of him.
The devil said “I am Barzas”
“And from a fossil of the dragon by which existed in this place formerly, I reincarnated this dragon using my magic power”
Chris asked “What will you do by this dragon?”
Barzas said “Control of this world”
The baby dragon breathed a flame in Barzas suddenly, then Barzas changed to ash.
And the baby dragon was wrapped in light like a deep red flame, then that dragon turned to the figure of the human girl.
He took the girl and returned to his house, and he called her Flare and brought up her.


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