The sound magician

A boy named Duncan lived with his musical family in a town named Brefys.
His grandfather is a famous conductor worldwide, his mother is a pianist, his father is a composer, his older sister is an opera singer.
But he was not blessed with the ability of the performance and the composition.
One day he was invited to his friend and went to watch a film.
And he took that opportunity and came to like a film.
He was being charmed by a sound effect of a film gradually.
He who knew occupation as a sound effect artist through a film told his family that he would like to do the work.
Duncan said “I want to be a sound effect artist”
His grandmother asked “What is that?”
Duncan said “That is the work to make a sound effect of a film”
His older sister said “It seems interesting”
His grandfather said “I do not permit such thing”
His father said “If you would like to do the work at any cost, get out of this house!”
Duncan said “Ok”
His older sister said “That is going too far”
His father said “If you are dissatisfied for my judgment, you get out of this house too”
And when he is going to pack and leave the house, his mother said “Take this!” and handed the memo on which the phone number of the movie person concerned of her acquaintance was written to him.
Duncan said “Thank you”
He who left the house has landed on his friend’s room.
Then he went to the memorandum he got from his mother to meet a film director named Shawn Miller.
When he showed the memo he got from his mother to Shawn, Shawn said “You resemble your mother”
After Shawn did a reminiscence with his mother for a while, Shawn said “introduce a sound effect artist of my acquaintance to you, but he is an odd fellow a little”
“His name is Magnus ”
Duncan said “No problem”
Shawn said “He lives in a studio combined with home near Mountain Dympton”
Duncan said “Thank you” and went to Mountain Dympton hastily.
Because Mount Dympton was the severe mountain where it s beyond his imagination, he lost his way, but he arrived at a studio of Magnus.
When he knocks at a door of the studio, an old man has come out from a studio.
Duncan asked “Is this a studio of Mr. Magnus?”
The old man “Yes, I am Magnus”
“But who are you?”
Duncan said “I am Duncan”
“Please make me your pupil”
Magnus asked “Why do you know the location of the studio?”
Duncan said “I heard that from director Shawn Miller”
Magnus said “I see, He is my old friend”
“If you are his introduction, I cannot do that bluntly”
Duncan asked “What should I do?”
Magnus seemed dissatisfied and said “Well, clean a studio and prepare a meal!”
Duncan said “Certainly” and cleaned a dirty studio silently and cooked dishes.
He who saw the place where Magnus is recording a sound effect studied sound every time he finds time.
While he was spending such every day, he could be admitted by Magnus as a pupil and could receive guidance of acoustics formally from Magnus.
He could produce all sound gradually.
And since some time ago, people came to call him the sound magician.
Therefore his family admits him, and they have begun to live together again.


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