Tork the small friend

One day a boy who named Leighton which attends to a university in the city has had the telephone call from his mother.
He was told his mother come to home, because his father is in critical condition.
And he rushed and came home to his parents’ home where his father is in the upper part in the garden designing company which runs the business.
When he went home, his mother has run up to him.
His mother said “Your father died a short while ago”
Leighton asked “Where is daddy?”
His mother said “He is in his room”
He went to a room of his father where with his mother a corpse of his father lies.
A palm size girl appeared in front of him who sees a corpse of his father and is struck dumb.
Leighton asked “Who are you?”
The palm size girl said “The plant fairy named Tork by which I was signing a contract with your father”
“A contract with me was transferred for you by a death of your father”
Tork said “When you was child, we have met”
“Put the left hand out”
When Tork touched his left hand he took out, the figure of Tork was wrapped in light green light with him.
His mother asked “Is there anyone, Leigh?” and has come to the room of his father.
Tork said “She does not see my figure”
His mother does not notice her and has gone out of the room as Tork said.
Leighton asked “What did you do?”
Tork said “I made a contract with you formally”
Leighton asked “What is the contract?”
Tork said “I will make you use my power instead of your becoming object representative of a divine spirit”
Leighton asked “Is not there a burden in my body by becoming object representative of a divine spirit?”
Tork said “I want to sunbathe once a week”
Leighton said “Ok”
He used the power of Tork and became a landscape architect.


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