The railroad track

When the girl named Tracy who lives in a town named Gylth was going to the university by train like usual, the train she took deviated.
She which was unconscious conveyed to a hospital with a large number of passengers.
One day when several months have passed from an accident, she recovered her consciousness.
She who recovered her consciousness saw an countless railroad track around the bed by which she is lying down.
Her mother who was visiting her every day tried to go to tell a doctor that she recovered her consciousness.
Tracy pointed to the railroad track which is around her and said “What is this railroad track?”
Her mother said “There is not a railroad track here”
“It may be the one by which you are judging a hallucination by influence of an accident”
She was not convincing, but she received a close examination.
And she also saw a railroad track in front of the person besides herself, but she did not decide to have seen.
But she who has passed for a while since she left a hospital saw a railroad track in front is the man cut off.
She was interested in the man, and she followed after the man.
When the man arrived at the place where a railroad track was cut off, he held his chest and fell suddenly.
She approached a man in order to nurse the man.
And she noticed that the man was not breathing.
Then she saw a railroad track in front is the person cut off again just after it.
When that female puts a foot at the place where a railroad track was cut off, a truck of driving under the influence of liquor crashes in to her and died.
Therefore Tracy understood that a railroad track links with person’s life.
She tried restoration of a railroad track, but she could not prevent the person’s death by which a railroad track was cut off.
Many people avoided a serious injury by her removing an obstacle from the railroad track top.
She removed the obstacle put in the railroad track in front like a daily routine.
One day she meets the boy named Ricky who avoided a serious injury again accidentally by her removing an obstacle from the railroad track top before, and they have begun dating.
She kept hiding existence of the railroad track she sees from him.
She was blessed with a daughter with him, but their daughter named Alice could see a railroad track like her too.
Alice was looking at a railroad track patiently from her badyhood.
She came to walk on the railroad track in infancy.
Tracy made up her mind and spoke to Ricky about the railroad track she sees.
Ricky said “I belive you” while being confused.
They moved to the country town, and they made sure that Alice will not have to see others’ railroad track.
And they lived happily there.


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