The door that does not open

There was a couple of Levi and Hanna live in the small apartment in the town named Vlgan.
They have begun to look for the new address where they live together taking their marriage as an opportunity.
And they found an wonderful apartment corresponding to their budget.
But the real estate agent who took charge of them told them “Please never open the door which is inside the closet”
Hanna asked “Why?”
The real estate agent said “Because the door does not open and shut smoothly, has a possibility of the fall”
They could not be satisfied with the explanation, but it was the exceptional price, so they decided to live there in the apartment.
They have heard a mysterious sound every night from night of the day when they came to their new residence.
Hanna asked “What is this sound?”
Levi said “I do not know”
They who worried about sound went to the place where they hear mysterious sound clearly.
Then that place was in front of a closet.
When she opened a closet, a mysterious sound became louder.
Hanna said “I will open the door inside the closet ”
Levi asked “Were we tell an real estate agent “Do not to open a door”?”
Hanna said “But I am concerned about this sound”
“Are not you interested in this sound?”
Levi said “I am concerned about this sound”
“But because it is dangerous when a door collapses, do not get close to a door”
Hanna said “But because you are here, it is OK” and opened the door.
Then black smoke sprouted from a gap of the door.
The other side of the door was wrapped in darkness, and volcanic smoke was scattered and there was a mountain where a magma is flowing.
And a devil of the hateful figure appeared from the inside of a magma suddenly.
They were drew by the special power of the devil to the other side of the door.
The devil said “I am Tempest the devil of ruin”
“Did you open the annoying door which was sealing me up?”
Levi and Hanna said “Yes” while suffering.
Tempest said “Well, I will grant your hope everything in return”
Levi said “This place may be a familiar place for a devil like you, but the place where fear is given to us”
She poked him.
Tempest asked “What would you like to do?”
Levi said “I would like to talk at a different place”
Hanna asked “Is it useless to speak from the other side of the door?”
Tempest said “Ok”
They passed a door while keeping up appearances, and came back to the inside of a closet.
And he closed a door quickly.
They have moved to a small isolated house from the apartment immediately after that, and they lived together by a small isolated house.

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