The key

There was a witch named Cordelia who appears ubiquitously in a continent named Thydera.
Every time Cordelia appeared, she had played a trick and had disappeared to somewhere.
Therefore people did not like her.
One day when the girl named Susan who lives in a town named Fronderia returned from shopping, she found something to flash.
She checked that and found out that that was a gold key.
A devil with a scythe was designed in a part of the handle of the key.
And she lifted the key up into the sky somehow, then a door appeared in front of her suddenly.
She inserted a key in a keyhole of the door and opened a door, then the other side of the door was her room.
And she noticed forgetting to buy egg suddenly, and she opened a door while considering a supermarket, then the other side of the door was a supermarket.
She thought that when the door opens while considering the place where she would like to go, can go there.
She removed a key from a keyhole of a door, then a door disappeared.
When she finished shopping, she went home using a door.
The witnessing information on Cordelia was reported a lot in Fronderia where she lives since the day.
She who did not know such a thing had often went to some places in the world using a door.
When she lifts a key into the sky and makes a door appear, Cordelia has flown down from the sky.
Susan asked “Are you Cordelia?”
Cordelia said “Yes, I am Cordelia”
“And you?”
Susan said “I am Susan”
“Is this your key?”
“You had my key, right?” and has approached her.
Susan said “I am sorry to use it selfishly” and handed a key to Cordelia.
When Cordelia inserted a key in a keyhole of a door and opens a door, the mysterious world which has not been seen felt the other side of the door was wide there.
Cordelia said “Follow me” and went to the other side of the door.
She held worrying feeling, but she made up her mind and went to the other side of the door.
Susan asked “Where am i?”
Cordelia said “My country where I produced here”
Monsters have gathered around them suddenly.
When she is suffering, Cordelia said “They are the monster I produced, so worry is not necessary” and stroked the head of monsters gently.
One monster has rubbed a body into her.
And she screamed.
Cordelia said “I think that the monster took to you”
She stroked the monster.
Cordelia said “Because I could return here, I will not need this key any more”
“I give you this key”
She has received a key.
When she goes to the one of a door, the monster which took to her.
Cordelia said “The monster seems to want to go with you” and changed the monster to a dog.
She opens a door, and she has returned to her house with a dog.
Then she named the dog Theo and they were on good terms and lived together.

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