The new home

A single mother named Jayda has moved to a house with a garden in the town named Murvdel for her 5-year-old son named Tobias using the compensation of the divorce.
Jayda noticed Tobias was often talking to the place no one in after they moved to the new home.
Jayda asked “Whom are you talking with, Toby?”
Tobias said “With Katy”
Jayda asked “Who is Katy?”
Tobias pointed to inside the half opened closet and said “Katy is there”
Jayda asked “Eh?”
Tobias asked “Cannot you see Katy, mummy?”
She opened the door of a closet opening, but no one was there.
Jayda said “There is no one”
A door of the closet closed suddenly.
Jayda asked “What happened?”
Tobias said “Because you made Katy afraid, she shut herself in the closet”
Katy accepts her and their strange living life has started.
Katy sometimes threw things like a poltergeist, but that was not a malicious one at all, so they did not worry about it in particular.
When Jayda and Tobias are leaving her house, the gossipy old woman named Mrs. Molly who lives in the neighborhood of her house was always peeping into her house.
Katy noticed Mrs. Molly and closed a curtain.
But Mrs. Molly did not give up and stole in the house from the window you do not lock.
Katy  threw something of the degree which is not injured.
Mrs. Molly feared that, and went out from a house.
Jayda checked it about her house at a library and knew Katy to have died of neglect.
When Jayda went home, the rumor that her house is a haunted house spread.
The people who heard a rumor in a haunted house came in front of her house.
Jayda said “My house is not haunted house, get away”
People were overwhelmed by her force, and went away.
Jayda loved Katy which does not see the figure as sister of Tobias.
Then she came to see the figure of Katy gradually.
And they lived all the while at the house without moving.

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