The singing voice of an angel

There was a female university student named Sanne with clean singing voice who attends the university in the outskirts in a quiet residential area named Blonkt.
One day when she is hurrying the way home from a university, she loaded the throat with a serious injury by a man of her classmate who was running after her for a long time for her.
And it became clear that the girl who was being on good terms with her and was doing by deposition of the man who attacked arrested her envied her and made a man attack her.
Therefore she lost voice by the injury.
She came to absent herself from a university and shut herself off in her house.
The boy named Thor of her childhood friend who attends the same university as her who worried about her came to visit her house.
Thor asked “Will you go to shopping with me?”
She drove a pen on the note book while having a complaining look.
<I do not want to go out> was written on a note book.
Thor said “I want you to choose a present for my younger sister”
Then she drove a pen on a note book again.
<It cannot be helped> was written on the note book.
And they went to a shopping mall together.
When they finished shopping, and they were walking the outskirts at a shopping mall, she stopped in front of one variety store..
Thor asked “Will you enter the store?”
They entered a chandler and while she was seeing displayed goods one by one, he bought a choker by which angel’s picture was drawn
When they left the store, he gave her the choker.
Sanne wrote <Why do you give me the gift?> on a note book.
Thor said “Because you have come to the shopping together, I give you this”
Sanne wrote <Thank you> on a notebook and showed that to him.
And she wore the choker in her neck, and felt happy.
Then her voice has gone out faintly.
She has begun to sing, because she was happy that her voice has gone out.
The beginning was faint singing voice, but that was clear and changed to very beautiful singing voice gradually.
He was surprised at her singing voice and stood for a while.
Thor said “Your voice has come back, Sanne”
She was happy and did not notice her voice having come back until it was talked by him.
And she hugged him.
Her singing voice gathered people’s attention gradually, and she became a celebrity.
Everyone became gentle for the person who heard her singing voice.

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