The matching site

There was a lady named Eliza Wellington working as a 25-year-old elementary school teacher at a small town named Bolm.
The murder case of the brown-haired and longhaired young lady occurred in plenty at the town where she lives and around the town.
But she thought of the news only like a fire on the opposite shore.
She registered with the site urged to her friend before.
Then she has received a message from the man who will introduce himself as Brandon Casey.
[Nice to meet you.
My name is Brandon Casey and am 26 years old.
And I am a architect.
I saw your profile and held interest, and I sent you this message.] was written on the message.
And she sent a reply to Brandon, and they have begun to exchange a message.
When she has begun to have a liking for him, she got the message that [Will you meet me?] was written from him.
She sent him the message that [Your proposal is wonderful, but where do we meet?]  was written.
Then she got the message that [Will you meet in the front of the clock tower of Bolm?] was written from him.
She sent him the message that [Sure] was written.
She went to the clock tower of Bolm and met him.
Brandon asked “Will you go to a coffee shop?”
And they went to a coffee shop together.
When they finish ordering, Brandon said “I pay money and take coffee to a table, so you wait a moment at the table”
Eliza said “Thank you” and sat at the table.
Brandon finished a bill and received coffee from a shop assistant, then he hung several drops of liquid in the half bottle to coffee so that she did not see and handed her coffee from which he hung liquid.
When she drank several mouths of coffee, she lost consciousness.
He held her and went out of the coffee shop, then he forced her into his car he parked near the coffee shop and brought to a closed factory.
When she recovers her consciousness, she was tied to a chair by a rope at a dim factory.
He who noticed her recovering the consciousness came to her.
Brandon asked “Did you wake up?”
Eliza asked “Why did you do this?”
Brandon cried “I do not like the woman who looks like you” and grasped her hair and pulled.
Eliza cried “Help someone”
Brandon said “No one comes to the help” while laughing.
Eliza asked “What would you like to do?”
She has begun to struggle in order to remove her arms from a rope while she distracted his attention.
Brandon said “I brought here to kill you”
Eliza asked “Why me?”
Brandon said “Because you are the same brown-haired long hair as my mother”
When he got away from her, she removed her arms from a rope quickly and took a stun gun out from her bag which was at her feet.
And the moment he entered a puddle, she stuffed a stun gun into a puddle.
Then he fell.
She escaped from a closure factory and called the police.
Brandon was arrested safely and also confessed tens of cases of murder he violated in the past.

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