Bryffentos the town in the sky

There was a calm town named Vrengs field.
The town in the sky named Bryffenyos existed in the sky of Vrengs field from thousands of years ago.
A hard worker’s boy named Jonson and twenty families lived there.
When he is farming like usual, a girl has fallen in his field from Bryffenyos the town in the sky.
He rushed and ran up to her.
Jonson asked “Are you ok?”
She had slight injury because a crop in his field absorbed an impact of her fall, but she lost consciousness, so he shouldered her, brought her to his house and nursed.
And she recovered her consciousness as a result of his strenuous nursing.
As soon as she who has woken up saw his face, covered a blanket to her head.
Jonson said “Because I do nothing, tell me your name”
The girl said “I am Amber”
Jonson asked “You have fallen from the sky, are you a resident of Bryffenyos”
Amber said “Yes”
Jonson said “I have heard that a resident of Bryffenyos have wings, but you’re wingless, right?”
Amber said “I was a princess of Bryffenyos, but Bryffenyos was hit in destroying way by a brutal huge half man half eagle named Cheyser invasion”
“I heard that he does a slaughter and plunder at a village of the various races and he will stay until he gets tired in the land he invaded”
“When I try to open my wings and return to Bryffenyos, I was told <You are not supposed to return.
It is for Bryffenyos> by my mum”
“And I was noticed by Cheyser, then he shot my wings by a bow and arrow, and fell again”
“I lost consciousness by an impact of a fall”
Jonson asked “Can I do something?”
Amber asked “Will you fight against Cheyser with me?”
Jonson said “It is first to make a bruise of your wing completely cured”
“I do not have a weapon”
Amber said “Because the recovery of a bruise is also early, we re all right”
Jonson said “Still it is after your wound is cured to go to Bryffenyos”
Amber said “Ok”
“A sword named Draig taranau of a legend is enshrined in the basement in a palace”
“The slashing attack of the sword will be the lightning out of which the shape of the dragon was formed, and gives torpedoing”
And several days later, she who recovered from a bruise of her wings held him and flew out to Bryffenyos.
They saw a town in destroyed Bryffenyos.
Jonson asked “Where is Cheyser?”
Amber said “He is probably at the king’s room”
“If not making a noise, it is OK”
She endured a tear and guided him to the basement in a palace.
Amber poined to the sword enshrined on the altar and said “Take the sword in your hands”
“When the person who has no right to maintain a sword grasps a sword, the person dies of a shock”
Jonson said “Because I have come here, I take a sword”
He took the sword enshrined in an altar in his hand, then he felt that electricity went through his body.
Jonson said “Electricity went through a body”
“What happend?”
Amber said “You were admitted by a sword as an owner”
Jonson said “Ok”
And they went to the king’s room.
They who have arrived at king’s room saw that a huge half man half eagle sitting down on the throne, and leaned back.
Amber pointed that half man half eagle and said “He is Cheyser” by a low voice.
“Because I will be a lure, and distract his attention, you floor him at Draig taranau, please”
Jonson said “Because you are a princess, be not a lure”
Cheyser noticed then and asked “Who are you?”
And Cheyser clenched a bow and arrow and got its sights on them, and he shot an arrow for them.
When he used one sword, his slashing attack changed the form into a dragon, and that made them burn an arrow away.
And he used a sword continuously, then the body of Cheyser involved an countless dragon, and an intense shock was released.
The wings of Cheyser burned down.
Cheyser which lost power and wings was jailed, and calm has returned to Bryffenyos.
Jonson permitted to live in Bryffenyos especially by a king.
And he nurtured love with Amber and they had king’s leave and got married.

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