the Cave

There was a cave called the cave where a wish comes true in a calm town named Brenwal.
Many people were praying at the cave.
There was a boy named Kieran who works as a waiter at a coffee shop near the cave in the town.
He lost his parents several years ago, and he lived with his younger sister named Devlin of a university student since that.
The people who have finished praying at a cave visited his coffee shop.
Therefore he who saw many visitors to a cave thought the people who visited a cave might lose something in exchange for the respective wishes.
One day Devlin said “I go to the cave”
He opposed that, but she went to the cave.
He who worried about her shadowed her and entered the cave.
And she soaks her feet in a pond in the cave and recited a wish, then that light wrapped her body suddenly and she fell.
He rushed and ran up to her.
Kieran shook her body and asked “Are you ok Dev?”
Devlin who could open her eyes asked “Who are you?”
Kieran seemed worried and looked at her, and said “You are my younger sister”
Devlin said “I cannot believe that”
Kieran showed her the picture in which he is in with her and said “We are just the two of us family”
She turned the eye which seems doubtful to him, but they went home together.
When they arrived at their apartment, there was a boy in front of an apartment.
Devlin asked “Why are you here, Wyatt?”
Wyatt was a brilliant person and a sport was all-around, so he was a popular very much at a university.
Kieran asked “Is he your acquaintance, Dev?”
Wyatt said “I would like to meet you, and I have come here”
Kieran asked “Who are you?”
Wyatt said “I am a classmate of Dev”
“Would you go on a date with me?”
Devlin murmured “I will think that I produced the good result I am wishing at a cave right away” and smiled.
They ignored restraining of Kieran and went somewhere.
He thought the way to return Devlin to the beginning at a cave might be found, and went to the cave.
Then the devil by which facial right half and left half are different person appeared from a pond in the cave.
Kieran asked “Who are you?”
The devil said “I am Gronvel”
Kieran asked “What are you doing here?”
Gronvel said “I live here”
“And I am exchanging something they have for people’s wish equivalently”
Gronvel asked “What is your hope?”
Kieran said “I do not have wishes I want you to grant”
Gronvel said “There is not unselfish man”
“Do you have any wishes actually?”
Kieran said “I wish nothing to you”
Gronvel said “There cannot be such human”
Kieran said “The human is here”
Gronvel said “It is a lie”
Kieran said “No, It is a truth”
Then Gronvel has begun to run wild suddenly.
And he who felt danger has gone out of the cave.
A cave fell at the same time as he had gone out of the cave.
When he is interested in the state of the town and went back quickly, people in the town had returned in the previous state, and no one was besides him for the person who remembers about an affair at a cave.
And Brenwal gets quiet.


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