There was a dressmaking shop named Maxwell dressmaking shop a old man named Zylen managed in the town named Bryes.
His daughter and her husband died of a traffic accident, so he took charge of his three granddaughters and was bringing them up.
The three sisters are the good 7-year-old eldest daughter named Realyn of taking care of, and a little violent 5-year-old second daughter named Nadia, and the 3-year-old of youngest daughter named Layla of crybaby.
One day when Layla reached her birthday of 19 years old, Zylen has caused a heart attack and has died a sudden death.
It has passed for about three weeks since a funeral was finished, then they who cooled down a little have begun to put a momento of their grandfather in order.
Then they found a spinning wheel, a tape measure and dressmaking scissors from the lower drawer at a desk in the room of their grandfather.
And there was an envelop in the corner of the drawer.
When Realyn opened the envelope, letter paper was inside.
Nadia asked “What is written there, Rae?”
Realyn read the letter.
[When you read this letter, I  would be dead.
Three things included to draw it out with this letter has the special power respectively.
I give a spinning wheel to Layla which is a crybaby, but very kind.
I give a dressmaking scissors to a little rough but Nadia full of sense of justice.
I give a tape measure to Realyn which can pay careful attention.
These have the power with which form a connection.
Use these right!] was written on the letter.
When they took each one in their hands, each one they are having in their hand was wrapped in light light suddenly.
Nadia asked “What is this light?”
Realyn and Layla said “I do not know”
And when Layla turned a spinning wheel, though no cotton and hemp were set, thread which beams was spun.
Nadia pulled the thread, but did not break.
And she cut the thread with dressmaking scissors.
Then thread disappeared.
Realyn said “Do not play with those, Dia, Lay”
Nadia and Layla said “Sorry”
And they inherited a dressmaking shop of their grandfather, and they made the clothes which form a connection.
Then their store will be a popular shop, and a long queue has formed in front of the shop.


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