The necromancer

There were the clan named the Dahl clan with the power to control a corpse from ancient times in the castle town named Sauel of the kingdom named the Kingdom of Felsbach.
They controlled the corpse of the ally and enemy in much war, and they sent them off to the battle front.
The King named Neal found such them to be useful, but one day he and the head of neighboring countries did a peace negotiation, and war reached the end.
Then the Dahl clan were cursed “You are the ominous clan”  by the nation.
And they were exiled from Sauel and they moved to the forest named Ewig where a person in the suburbs of Felsbach did not approach.
And the Dahl clan lived quietly in Ewig.
But the boy named Jamir could not understand the reaction of a kingdom and the nation, and he sneaked into the royal palace as a Household troops.
He killed the captain of Household troops, and he controlled the corpse of the captain, and he gave an interview with a major general with the captain whom he controlled, he killed a major general, and he controlled the corpse of a major general.
And he repeated it many times, and killed a general, then he became the general of the shadow and he killed the person who resisted that he ruled over the kingdom without mercy and handled people as a tool.
The boy named Brad who left his girlfriend named Yvonne in Sauel, and moved to Ewig and he worried about her and came over to Sauel at that time.
When he lived quietly with Yvonne, he heard a strange rumor.
The rumor is energy came out of soldiers of the kingdom forces these days.
Yvonne said “I am anxious about Theo”
Theo is her young brother.
Brad said “Ok, I go to to meet Theo, but do you also go?”
Yvonne said “Of course”
They approached Theo.
Even if she talked to Theo, he reacted to nothing.
Then he noticed that stench of death rose from a body of Theo and knew that the person of his clan killed the soldier and controlled the corpse.
And Brad touched the body of Theo and chanted “Let this person loose by the chain which lets the soul of this person be subordinate”
Then the control of Theo was canceled and allowed that he came to be able to act voluntarily.
Brad explained circumstances to Theo, and he let Theo bring other soldiers and canceled control of soldiers.
He let soldiers check the aim of the person of his clan who controlled soldiers.
And he knew that Jamir was going to rule over the Kingdom of Felsbach.
Brad said “If we could not let King Neal escape from the royal palace as soon as possible, Jamir kills the King, and controls a corpse of the King and rules over Felsbach”
Brad and Yvonne and Theo and several soldiers entered the royal palace, and soldiers guided him and Yvonne to the room of King Neal so that it was not noticed controlled soldiers by Jamir.
Brad said “King Neal, because I aim at your life because Jamir of the Dahl clan influences a kingdom, I take you to the safe place”
King Neal said “I know thou!”
“Because you are a person of the Dahl clan, I am untrustworthy thou”
Yvonne asked “Would you believe King, him?”
“He came for you to here after having understood danger”
King Neal said “But King of this country is me”
Theo said “Because it is our duty to protect the body of the King, please it, please be understood”
King Neal said “Ok”
And when they leave the room of the King with King Neal, soldiers controlled by Jamir emerged before them.
They came back to the room of the King once.
Soldiers who entered the royal palace with them said “King and you wear our armor and pretend to be the soldier, and please escape from the royal palace”
“Because we are already dead, please do not mind”
King Neal said “Ok”
And they wore the armor of soldiers and went out of the room of the King with several soldiers, and they escaped from the royal palace without being noticed soldiers controlled by Jamir and he sheltered King in the house of the district where his clan lived in before.
And he asked Yvonne for care of the King, and he went to the royal palace again with several soldiers.
Jamir killed King and ruled over the Kingdom of Felsbach that he let soldiers go to the room of King Neal at that time.
And he received a report King escaped from the royal palace by soldiers.
Then he let soldiers gather the nations who lived in the castle town to the open space in front of the royal palace.
Jamir said “The King of this country ran away from the royal palace”
“I govern this country than this”
The nations cried “King cannot get rid of us!”
Jamir said “If King does not appear to here within three hours, I murder people who is in this place one by one”
Because there was just Brad near the open space in front of the royal palace, he canceled the control of soldiers who were placed to surround an open space quietly.
And he went to the royal palace with soldiers, then there were Jamir and several soldiers, and King and Yvonne was in the opposite side.
Brad asked “Why are there you and King here, Yvonne?”
Yvonne said “King said that he must protect the nation and went to the royal palace”
“And I ran after him and came to the royal palace”
Brad said “I see”
Jamir said “Die for the nation, King”
“Soldiers, kill King”
Theo and soldiers stood in the way in front of soldiers controlled by Jamir.
And Brad removed control of soldiers controlled by Jamir.
Jamir ordered “Kill King early!” to soldiers.
However, soldiers betrayed the order.
Brad said “King Neal, please give soldiers an order”
King Neal pointed to Jamir and said “Arrest the person”
Then Jamir escaped on the run, but he was arrested immediately by soldiers.
And Jamir was imprisoned.
King Neal said “I thank thou”
“If there is the thing which thou wishes for, try to say anything to me”
Brad said “Well, please give me the land for dead people”
King Neal said “I understood it”
“It may be good that dead people and living people live together”
Brad said “I thank you”
And Felsbach became the country where dead people and living people lived in together.

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