The application

There was a prestigious university named University of Avfeld which produced many celebrities in a port town named Avfeld.
A second year student named Simon lived in a dormitory on campus there.
The strange rumor that if the application which has reached suddenly from the friend is downloaded and that is opened, the woman appears suddenly in a screen of a cellular phone, and the person who saw the woman dies a tragic death within several days spread at a university.
But he did not believe the rumor at all.
One day when he had lunch at a restaurant with his senior named Theodore at the university who lives in the dormitory and left of the restaurant, an outer wall of the building hit directly in Theodore, and Theodore died.
The two days later, he attended the funeral of Theodore with his friends named Paul and Edward who lives in the dormitory who got along well with Theodore, with his girlfriend named Jane.
Death of Theodore was reported as an error of a proprietary company in a building.
They who have finished making a call of condolence have begun to talk at a parking lot.
Edward said “When I downloaded and opened the application sent from Theodore, a creepy woman appeared suddenly in a screen of my cellular phone”
Simon asked “When has the application been sent?”
Edward said “It is noon on two days before”
Simon said “He was here with me at that time, but he did not touch his cellular phone”
Paul asked “Who sent the application to Ed?”
Simon said “Cracker or Ghost”
Jane said “Stop the talk about this topic”
Edward asked “I think we should not stand here talking, so will you go to my favorite coffee shop?”
They said “Ok”
Then when they drove the respective cars and went out of the parking lot, a great deal of earth and sand flowed from a load-carrying platform in a track in front in Edward, and he was being buried alive.
And they dug earth and sand by their bare hands and drew Edward buried in earth and sand out from a car of Edward.
Edward drawn out from his car had smothered.
Jane screamed.
Simon hugged her gently.
A cellular phone of Paul rang suddenly.
They explained circumstances to the police from which they came as the first finder.
When Paul which has finished explaining circumstances to the police saw his cellular phone he noticed the application named Cynthia’s room having been sent from Edward who passed away in front of them.
And he thought doubtfully, but downloaded the application.
Paul said “I noticed a short while ago that application was being sent to my cellular phone from Edward”
Simon said “Do not open it!”
But Paul opened the application.
Then the screen of his cellular phone became utterly dark suddenly.
The woman with a pale face who put on a white dress who floats weird smile appeared, and disappeared into the moment screen.
And when Paul and Simon looked back somehow, the woman floated weird smile at their back.
They saw the woman and stood in the place by surprise and fear.
Jane asked “What happened?”
Paul pointed to a woman and asked “Do not you see that woman?”
The woman looked at them and disappeared.
Jane said “Please stop a strange joke”
Simon said “It is not joke”
“I think that Paul has opened the application about which Ed was taking”
Jane asked “Eh?”
Simon said “I think that we opened application of a curse”
Paul asked “Do we die?”
Simon said “We curse and would be killed by Cynthia”
Paul said “I do not want to die yet”
Jane asked “Is she a ghost?”
Paul said “Maybe”
Simon said “the information about her is needed to release a curse”
Paul asked “What will you do, Simon?”
Simon said “The application is opened and checked again”
“Please be away from me a little, Jane”
When Jane was away from them, he opened application.
And he noticed the old schoolhouse where a place reflected on a moment screen of the cellular phone is in the site in their university.
Paul asked “Was anything found?”
Simon said “Yes, an old schoolhouse was reflected”
Jane said “I go to an old schoolhouse too”
Simon said “You ask about a girl named Cynthia who was enrolled when an old schoolhouse was used at the student affairs section”
Jane said “Ok”
Jane went to the student affairs section, and Simon  and Paul went to an old schoolhouse.
Jane who has arrived at the student affairs section asked the student affairs section staff about Cynthia.
The student affairs section staff said “The girl named Cynthia Spade lost contact at an old schoolhouse ten years ago was written on the record”
“But the rumor that she was killed was diffused all too soon, and a university side rubbed the rumor that a girl was killed out”
Jane asked “Was not she found?”
The student affairs section staff said “The chief director refused, so it is not done”
Jane said “Thank you” and went out of the student affairs section, then she called Simon.
When  Simon arrived at an old schoolhouse with Paul, Simon got the telephone from Jane.
Jane said “Her name is Cynthia Spade”
“She loses contact at an old schoolhouse ten years before, and the corpse isn’t found”
“I think that a university side concealed her disappearance”
Simon said “Thank you, we go to find her”
Jane said “Be careful”
Simon which has disconnected the telephone entered an old schoolhouse with Paul and looked for Cynthia.
They spent and checked it from the first floor of the old schoolhouse to the third floor for one hour and a half, but nothing was found.
Paul asked “Will you check the first floor again?”
Simon said “Ok”
When they were checking the first floor again, they found stairs which lead to underground.
And they came down to underground, but a door under the stairs was locked.
Simon banged into a locked door.
Paul who saw that banged into a door with him, then a door opened.
The skeleton corpse in a white dress lay down on a floor.
And he carried a skeleton corpse with Paul from a basement and held a service.
He checked Cynthia’s mortal truth, then it was revealed that the chief director’s daughter named Pamela Gibson and congressman named Kenneth Ford of a university participate in that.
He reported that to police, then the chief director of the university, Pamela and Kenneth were arrested by the police.
And their curse was released.

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