Time is A.D. 2260, a toy company named Crinque developed an android, named that Familoid and sold it for a single person and the person work is busy, and who cannot have time with a child.
the familoids were being spent like the person’s true family who set them.
One day a girl named Reggie who lives separately with her family of a single life was suggested to her friends and she ordered an boyfriend’s-type android from Crinque.
And owners of an familoid became an android at the research center Crinque manages to spend eternally with the family of their android from the time when about 2 years have passed since familoid was sold.
When her elder brother named Eli worried that a long contact doesn’t stick with Reggie, and visited at her apartment.
No one was there, but he found a handbill about familoid of Crinque.
And he went to the location of the address which is written on the handbill which is her only clue.
He who has arrived at Crinque thought he was also certain that Reggie signed a contract, and he signed a property contract of an familoid.
Several days later, the big box by which a logo of h was printed out has reached his apartment.
And he opened the box, then there was the girl type android which was made elaborately so that made a mistake with real human was in the box.
When he was surprised at the android and moved backward, mechanical sound was issued from a tablet-type device included in a box with an android.
<Please set the name of your familoid> was displayed on the monitor of the tablet-type device.
He input the name of his mother <Cassidy> to a tablet-type device somehow.
That android got up suddenly and said “Morning, Eli”
He was surprised and was struck dumb.
The android which saw struck dumb him asked “What happened?”
Eli asked “Why do you know my name?”
The android said “I am Cassidy of your wife”
He understood that the information input to a tablet-type device is reflected by an android.
And he thinks some information is obtained from Cassidy about his younger sister, and he has begun to live with her.
All too soon, he came in contact with Cassidy like his true wife.
One day he who happened to be passing the area where the mosquito tone is being utilized for avoidance of young people along held a suspicion in a life with Cassidy suddenly.
When he went home, he observed behavior of Cassidy as he did not notice Cassidy.
And he saw a log of communication of Crinque from a tablet type device with her, and he noticed her taking a contact each other secretly with Crinque.
He knew that Crinque orders familoids and makes them rule a mind of property contracting parties of an android, and Crinque was planning in order to change all human to an android at the research center Crinque manages.
He caught guard of Crinque off guard and invaded Crinque and made all systems be downed to prevent a plan of Crinque, familoids made them suspend movement simultaneously.
He who was searching for the inside of the company in Crinque found his younger sister who became an android.
And when he took his younger sister who does not move and went home, the property contracting parties of an familoid who made movement stop suddenly asked the explanation from a company and surged.
Crinque did not try to explain at all, so property contracting parties of an familoid invaded the inside of the company in Crinque.
They saw an android which suspended the movement which is to the extent you could not finish counting, in the inside of the company.
They found their acquaintance from the inside of the androids, and it was exposed that Crinque was changing human to an android.
The people changed to an android including his younger sister lived with their family happily like the time when they were human.

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