The strange taxi

There was a town named Alvenk with the downtown area in a sandbank. There was much witnessing information on a strange taxi around the bridge with which a sandbank with the downtown area and a residential area are tied. That rumour is the person who took the taxi the pale facial man who appears in a bridge named Brephys bridge at late at night 0:00 drives can never return And there were a girl named Louisa who lives as well as my parents in that residential area. But she did not believe rumor about a strange taxi at all. One day when she was around Brephys bridge at late at night 0:00 to make sure of a truth, one taxi stopped and opened a door. The taxi driver asked “Get on?” Louisa said “Yes” and got in that taxi. A taxi driver closed a door and moved a taxi suddenly. Louisa said “I have not talked about the destination yet” “Stop!”. Then a taxi driver with a pale face looked back and said “Your destination is decided already” Louisa asked “Where is that?” A taxi driver floated unsuitable smile. When she saw outside the window casually, creatures of the countless hateful body were wandering outside the window. Louisa asked “What are those?” The taxi driver said “Those are dybbuks” Louisa asked “Eh, dybbuks?” “Where is this?” The taxi driver said “Here is between this world and the dead world” Louisa asked “Am I dead?” The taxi driver said “Yes, you are dead already” “This taxi can take only the dead’s soul on” Louisa asked “Why did I die?” The taxi driver said “You were overridden by a car of driving under the influence of liquor and passed away” Louisa asked “What happens to me?” The taxi driver said “Choose that you go through the tunnel which connects to hereafter or go through the tunnel which connects to the dead’s world or stay here, please” “If you stay here, it’s possible to peep at an affair in this world” Louisa said “If I stay here, will I be the hateful figure like them?” The taxi driver said “It is you to decide that” Louisa said “Ok” “Please go through a tunnel” The taxi driver said “All your memories are reset” “Is it ok?” Louisa said “Yes” When they entered a tunnel, her revolving lantern was reflected in a wall in a tunnel. She watched her life from a revolving lantern objectively. Glaring light has come in from the other side of the tunnel at the same time as a revolving lantern ends and she lost mind. She who recovered her consciousness was a baby and she lost her memories of everything.

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