Signorina Abigail and her butler

There was a mansion of Earl of Macfield family in the northeast in a kingdom named the Kingdom of Granforis. More than 100 employees and Earl of Macfield and his signorina named Abigail lived in the mansion. When Abigail was baby, her mother passed away and because Earl of Macfield does not make her do deserted concern, she could be spoiled, and it was brought up. Therefore she became a selfish signorina. But the butler named Harrison to who serves her exclusively has granted all her selfishness. Harrison gave her all things which she said that she wanted. One day Abigail said “I would like to shop in the downtown area like an ordinary girl” Harrison said “Yes, your highness” “Then I prepare, so will you go tomorrow?” Abigail said “Ok” And next day. Harrison said “Because the clothes you wear will make know that you are an noble, there is a possibility that you can patrol dangerously” “Please wear this” and handed her  the housemaid clothes he made a housemaid named Helena arrange last night. Abigail asked “Do I wear this?” Harrison said “Yes” Abigail said “Ok” and wore the housemaid clothes. And Harrison and Abigail went to the downtown area. They who have arrived at the downtown area bought clothes and changed the clothes. Abigail said “Because I enter this store, please wait a moment outside” and enter a chandler. Harrison said “Yes, your highness” When she was evaluating at a general shop in order to buy a present to Abigail, a strange man spoke to her. The man asked “Are you a signorina of Earl Macfield?” Abigail said “Yes” “Who are you?” The man said “I am a butler named Gardner of Lord Henderson family” Abigail didn’t know, but since Earl Macfield was loved most tenderly by the queen Majesty, Earl Macfield family and Lord Henderson family do not get along very well each other and Lord Henderson family was going to make Earl Macfield family downfall many times. Abigail said “Ok” Gardner said “A shop suitable for the person of high status like you, so if you would not mind, I will guide you” Abigail said “I am thankful for the proposal, but I am making a butler stand by in outside, so I refrain from the proposal” Then Gardner covered her nose and mouth with the handkerchief soaked in chloroform suddenly. When Harrison which felt uneasy foreboding enters the shop, he saw the figure of Gardner who carries her and goes out of the shop from the back entrance. Harrison which saw the figure of Gardner understood that Lord Henderson ordered a butler, and signorina Abigail was abducted. And Harrison boarded a carriage, then he chased Gardner heading to a mansion of Lord Henderson family by carriage. He bumped the carriage he takes against a carriage of Gardner and put a carriage of Gardner in mud, then he saved signorina Abigail from Gardner safely. Abigail recovered her consciousness. Harrison said “I was near signorina Abigail, but I exposed you to danger, and I apologize for that” Abigail said “You are not bad” Harrison said “Thank you so much” And they returned to a mansion. The rumor that Abigail was abducted spread from somewhere and Earl Macfield called him. Earl Macfield asked “Is the rumor that Abigail was abducted at the downtown area fact?” Harrison said “Yes, I am very sorry” Earl Macfield said “You get out of this mansion” Harrison said “Yes, your highness” When he packed a bag and was going to go out of the mansion, Helena came. Harrison said “Do not say to signorina Abigail” Helena said “Ok, take care” When Helena goes to her room to look after signorina Abigail, she seemed lonely. Abigail asked “Where is Harrison?” “No one answers” Helena which pitied signorina Abigail said “He was dismissed and went out” Abigail said “Oh” Helena said “Please exchange clothes with me and go to Harrison to meet” Abigail said “Thank you” She exchanged clothes, then she opposed a town with parents’ home of Harrison by carriage quickly. She met again with   him and they lived together quietly. And Helena lived at a mansion as signorina Abigail.

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