The miracle at the sacred night

There was the 9-year-old active girl named Rochelle who lived in the town named Rhynburg. Her mother gave birth to her and died immediately and when her father bought a present on the day before of her 1-year-old birthday and was going to come home, her father was attacked on a street by robbery and her father was carried in a hospital for serious condition in a coma and her father escaped death, but did not wake up from a coma. And because she did not have a relative, she was left it at the children’s home. She was left as an adopted daughter a half year later by Mr. and Mrs. Homer and they brought her up like a real child. One day she found one piece of photograph when she did search in the storeroom of the garret. The man who seems to be gentle embraced a baby backed by the Christmas tree near Rhynburg Cathedral appeared in the photograph. And she showed Homer married couple a photograph and asked Mr. and Mrs. Homer “Who is this?” Mrs. Homer said “I am sorry not to say to you so far” “It is your and your true father to appear in the photograph” and cried. Mr. Homer said “Your father was attacked for a case by robbery and fell into a coma” Rochelle asked “Where can I meet my true father?” Mr. Homer said “Sorry, we do not know the further thing” She rushed out of a house suddenly and went to Rhynburg Cathedral. Mrs. Homer went to Rhynburg Cathedral after her. Mrs. Homer said “Sorry” and hugged her. And they came home, but she went to Rhynburg Cathedral every day from the day. When she went to the Cathedral lonelily alone at night of Christmas that people were full of with a smile, the man who appeared in the photograph stood in the front of a Christmas tree. Rochelle cried “Daddy!” and went to him. The man asked “Are you Rochelle?” Rochelle said “Yes, I wanted to meet” and cried. The man said “You grew big” and hugged her. The man said “I woke up one week ago” and patted her head.

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